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Junk Yard Dog


It was during Harold Robinson's sophomore year of high school that his parents purchased the "Roanoke Salvage Yard." The family moved from Lynchburg to Roanoke to reside in the house on the Salvage Yard property. Harold transferred to the Clay High school.

Harold was a tall, quiet, studious, honest kid, who was a good basketball player. Some new students try to get attention by cutting up, or other disruptive behavior. Not Harold. To the contrary, he was self assured. He preferred to watch, listen, and gauge the character of the various students before committing himself to any of the cliques.

As is customary in most high schools, the girl that he found to be the most attractive in his sophomore class, one Sandra Simpson, was dating a senior boy by the name of Fred Martel. Fred's father let him drive the family thunderbird, gave him lots of money, and even purchased a case a beer for Fred and his friends to drink when the father and mother went away for the weekend.

To Sandra, it was cool to be offered a cigarette, a beer, and be driven around in a thunderbird. Fred was racy too. Though she would not let him do anything, it made her feel grown up when he tried to paw her tits, or more.

Fred graduated and went away to junior college in Greensboro. As the junior year started, Harold phoned Sandra for a date. They went to a movie, and then to Friendly's for a coke and sundae. Harold was soft spoken, attentive, had a nice sense of humor. His pants were just plain kaki, and he had on a plaid shirt. His car was one that he had purchased with money he had earned himself. Sure, it was ten years old, but it ran well. Alas, he offered no cigarettes, no beer, and did not once try to paw her tits.

They had two more dates. Sandra's parents became a little dismayed. She was a top student, and now was president of her class. Certainly she could do better then this Harold guy. They both begin calling Harold, "A Junk Yard Dog."

Sandra dropped Harold. She begin dating Billy Johnson, who was driving his dad's Corvette. Another cool guy, with money, beer, cigarettes, who was trying to get into Sandra's pants at every opportunity.

Sandra had planned on going to college. After graduating from high school, In July, she missed her period. Billy's and Sandra's parents pushed them both to get married right away before the baby arrived. Billy went to work for his father's bank. A second child was born a year later.

Sorrowfully, Harold watched these events unfold. He realized that when she grew up that Sandra would be more, much more then these events portrayed her to be. She was off the table, as his father would say, so he moved on with his life. He got a two year degree in computer programming from Roanoke Junior College.

His father took him in as a partner in the Salvage Yard Business. To this point, it had been a local business. Harold categorized every part in their possession, and contracted with the Southeast Salvage yard Association to go on-line,with his computerized inventory so that the members had access to his inventory, and he had access to theirs. From then on, Roanoke Salvage Yard was the place to find parts in Western Virginia.

At age twenty-five, Harold met Mary Jane Pitts who had moved the fifty-five miles from Lynchburg to Roanoke. Harold had known her in grade school, when she was an innocent kid. One of the reasons that she had moved was she had begin dating Bart Gatling right after high school. She did not know it, but the Gatling boys were a tough bunch that, along with their kin, made their money making some of the best moonshine in Virginia.

On every date, Bart would produce that jug of moonshine. On the second date, Bart took her to a remote cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They walked in the dark cabin. Bart steered her to the back bed room. "Baby, I love you. You make me so hot. I've got to be with you." He reached under her sun dress, grabbed her panties, sliding them to the floor. "Bart, we should." Bart interrupted her with a kiss on the lips. As she tried to speak, his tongue went into her mouth. He lowered her to her back. Bart dropped his pants. Lifting her ankles, he removed the panties, then he held her legs apart and he lay on the bed between them.

"Bart, Bart, I'm not ready. I don't know you that well." As she was saying "Well," Bart pulled her cunt lips apart. A hard push. Mary Jane's virgin days were over.

"Bart. Bart." Bart took her head in both of his hands. He gave her a deep kiss preventing her from saying anything else while his ass was swinging in and out, as well as side to side, giving Mary Jane a good fuck.

Soon, the pleasure grew in his cock. He pumped hard. With a long, "Ooohhhoooo," he cum in Mary Jane.

He stayed on her. "Bart, I'm only eighteen. What will people think?"

Bart recited an old poem, "When roses are red, they're ready for plucking, when girls are sixteen, they're ready for fucking." Bart kept Mary Jane on her back, with him on her for five hours.

Mary Jane thought long and hard about if she should date Bart again. She knew that if she went out with him that he would fuck her. Bart called. "Hey Mary Jane, I've got tickets to a "Billy Ray Cyprus" concert in Roanoke. Pick you up at seven."

Bart was cool. He had a lot of money and a fancy pick-up truck. "I'll be ready at seven."

Knowing that the cabin awaited her after the concert, Mary Jane drank a lot of Bart's moonshine. Bart fucked her for another five hours. From then on, she made sure that she had a lot of "shine" in her when he was going to fuck her. Bart treated her like shit, but he was the only game in town, because other boys were afraid to date her. She was his to fuck, sometimes six or seven times a week, for seven years.

Bart's family became aware that Mary Jane was Bart's fuck. One night she was naked laying on the bed. Bart had gone into the bathroom to take a piss. He had taken another long swig of moonshine. He slumped down in a chair, out of it.

In walked Jake, Mack, and Pappy Gatling. The Gatlings had made it a custom of fucking each other's woman, so naturally upon seeing a naked Mary Jane, with her young tits, and small waists above a fanny that was just right to hang on to as a man buried his cock into her cunt, they took off their clothes, spread her legs, and without comment begin to relieve themselves in her.

It make no difference what she said. They used her at will. The next day she moved away from Lynchburg to Roanoke to get away from the Gatlings.

Harold dated her. Six months later, they were married.

Harold's parents, who had him when they were in their late thirties, and who were both heavy smokers, both died within a month of each other. Harold and Mary Jane were now alone in that big old home which was part of the Salvage Yard property.

Life was good for Mary Jane. Whether Harold was in the yard, or in one of his trucks in town, she could reach him at any time with the two-way radio. Harold was considerate, shared his hopes and dreams with her, and make sure that she had plenty of money.

Seven more years passed.

What Harold was not; was cool, or exciting, in May Jane's eyes. He was not into rough sex. He was, well, he was Harold.

Harold make it a practice of traveling for three days every other week to pick up needed parts, in nearby cities.

Mary Jane had put on fifteen pounds. It had all settled in her breasts. Men could not keep their eyes off those melons. She unknowingly made it worst by not wearing a bra, due to the hot weather. She and Harold were trying to have a child, so she was off the pill.

Bart Gatling dropped by the Salvage Yard to purchase an engine for a moonshine truck. He was surprised to find Mary Jane there.

"Hey Mary Jane, I wondered where it was that you ran off to. Sure do miss you Baby. You are the best sex that I've ever had. Sure would like to give you a beef injection."

Bart had taken her virginity. It had been a very exciting time for her. She had put out of mind the night when the brothers and father fucked her.

"I'm married to a very nice man now Bart, she said with a smile. What can I do for you?"

"Need a 1997, Ford F150, V8 engine."

"Follow me to the pole barn. They are in there."

After picking out the engine, paying Mary Jane, and using the hoist to load it on the truck, Bart tuned to Mary Jane. "Where is you hubby now?"

"He just left for three days."

"He the one that they call the Junk Yard Dog?"

Flustered, Mary Jane answered, "Well, yes."

"Big doings tonight at the auditorium. "Alabama" in in town. C'mon and join me."

Eyeing Bart suspiciously, Mary Jane paused. It had been seven years since he had virtually owned her. She was excited to see him, to see what he looked like. She rationalized going with him to herself by thinking that she now could control Bart, and it would not hurt for her to just go to one show. "A l a b a m a!" Whoo!

"Okay, we should be back by eleven-thirty."

"Ya, Sure, No problem."

Mary Jane had not had moonshine for seven years. She had forgotten that just four ounces was enough to put you completely out. She had that, and more, at the concert. Bart carried her to his truck. Forty minutes later he undressed her on the bed at camp. Before he started fucking her, he phoned his brothers and father.

Bart was just cumming in Mary Jane for the second time, and she was beginning to regain her senses when the others walked in.

"Oh, it is too bad you let this one get away son. She has a really fine set of jugs."

It was shortly before ten AM the next day, when the last Gatling pumped his cum in her.

A friend of Harold's saw her drunk, with Bart pawing her tits, at the concert. He told Harold. When she announced the next month that she was pregnant, it was too much of a coincidence for Harold not to be suspicious. When she delivered the child that resulted from that evening, Harold had a DNA check which revealed that he was not the father. He divorced Mary Jane.

She sought support payments from the Gatlings. Got them assigned by the court. All the Gatlings have been fucking her ever since.

In the meantime, Billy Johnson's father passed away, leaving him as president of the Johnson Bank. Federal auditors did an audit. It was discovered that Billy had made fraudulent loans to himself to cover his home and gambling debts. Billy was sentenced to six years in prison. His and Sandra's home was confiscated. Sandra and her two children, a boy and a girl, were out on the street with little more then the clothes on their backs. This was the last straw. The things that Sandra once thought were cool, weren't so cool, when her husband drank too much, chased every skirt in town, and gambled away what money he earned. Now sent to prison, she divorced the bum.

Sandra rented a cheap apartment. She applied for state welfare payments. Those and her wages from Home Depot were just enough to get by on.

Standing in line to check out some merchandise, Harold realized that the woman who would wait on him was Sandra Johnson, who he had once dated, and thought so much of. He had read in the paper about her husband being sent to prison.

"Hi, remember me?"

"Oh, yes. Hi Harold. How are you?"

"Fair to middling."

Thinking quickly, Sandra wanted to let him know that she would like to see him later. "Harold, I'm single again. Here is my phone number."

"Thank you. I'll call you tonight at…"

"Nine-thirty would be a good time."

Saturday night, Harold took Sandra out to a movie. Then they spent an hour just walking through the mall. Sandra studied Harold. His six foot five frame, which when she knew him weight just one hundred and eighty pounds, had now filled out to a solid two hundred and forty pounds, due to his lifting and moving of heavy parts every day.

He spoke very quietly. There was none of the phony boasting that was part of every conversation with Billy. He listened, really listened to what she said. God, he had done that when they were in high school. Why had she not paid more attention to this man?

Sandra had been "Run hard and put away wet," as the horsemen like to say. A smart woman, she knew that there was a better life out there. Would Harold consider her damaged goods? She had baggage. Two teen age kids were part of who she was now.

"Harold, I would like you to have dinner with me and my kids Sunday afternoon." That would put the fat on the fire. I don't want to get my hopes up, if he has no interest in my kids, she thought.

"Sandra, I would love to meet your kids." Harold said softly, with a warm smile. On impulse, Sandra reached up with her hand. Gently turning his face toward hers, she kissed him lightly on the lips.

They walked hand in hand to his car. He did not try to grab her ass like Billy would have, nor paw her breasts.

As he drove her home, Sandra smiled to herself. She was exposed to a new kind of cool. The classy, gentlemen's cool. Now, she understood, for the first time in her life, just what it was.

Sunday dinner was fun and most informative for Sandra. Billy's interaction with their children had been shallow. Not Harold. He put both teens at ease immediately. He got them to talk about what in school and in their life they were interested in. Teens talking? The man was magic.

Wednesday night, she went with him to his home. It was a large old farm house with four bed rooms, a large living room, and a completely finished off basement.

After a meal that he had cooked, they were sitting on the couch talking. They had been talking about a subject of local interest, when Harold said, matter-of-factly, "Do you think that your kids, Molly and John, will enjoy living here?"

Sandra froze. Her eyes were locked on Harold's. He was not kidding. He was dead serious. Slowly, evenly, with her eyes locked on his, she said, "The greatest thing that could happen to Molly, John, and their mother would be to be given the privilege of sharing this home with you, Harold Robinson."

"Sandra, I fell in love with you when we were both sophomores at Clay. I knew that there would never be another you, but I could not hold on to you, so I went on with my life, but you were always in the back roads of my mind. I'll do the best I can to give y'all a good life, if you give me a chance?"

Tears flooded Sandra's eyes. He took out his handkerchief to dab her eyes with. She blew her nose. He hugged her. Gently, slowly, softly, he kissed her on the mouth. They were both thirty-seven years old. For Harold, his greatest dream was unfolding.

The next weekend was very busy. Each of the kids got to pick out the paint , carpet, and furniture for their rooms. Two weeks later, they all moved in. The next Saturday, Harold and Sandra flew with the kids to Las Vegas to be married, with Molly and John standing as witnesses for their mother, and step-father.

Harold kept them hopping. He introduced Sandra to the company books. She would be the office person. She was amazed, no, astounded, when she observed that Harold had paid taxes on over two hundred, and seventy-five thousand dollars last year. In contrast to Billy, he kept no secrets from her, and they consulted each other before any family purchase.

"Sandra, as I recall, you wanted to go to college?"

"Yes, very much. I wanted to get my teaching degree."

"Now's a goods time."

"Oh, Harold, the kids education is far more important."

"No, it's not. I'm planning on putting all three of you through college. We can afford it. Oh, hey, Molly and John, come here."

They and Sandra gathered around. Molly, who enjoyed teasing her step-father said, "Well?"

Harold laughed. "Well yourself, Miss Smarty Britches. Clean up, and we will go get some lunch at McDonald's."

"Big Whoop," Molly said.

"Oh, I think that it will be a pretty big whoop. After we eat, we will go to the Volkswagen dealer and buy two new Beetles for you cherubs to motor around in."

Both Molly and John said at once, "Cool!"

Sandra thought to herself, Yes, Cool indeed. Thank you Lord.

There is a serene peace in a trusting, true love. Sandra, and Harold made love that night. There was no charade, nor was one the taker. With his cock in her they would move as the fancy suited them, then stop to stroke the other, or whisper, "I love you."

Both the kids asked to be adopted by Harold before they turned eighteen. Proudly, they changed their last name to Robinson. The next fall Sandra and the kids all became freshman at the University of Virginia, Roanoke campus. Four years later, an extremely proud Harold watched as each received their degree.

Sandra was standing behind the counter at the Salvage yard one day when in walked her ex-husband, Billy Johnson.

"Bud, over at the car dealer, said that I would find you here. I have a job selling cars. Pretty shabby around here. Thought that you might want to go out on the town?"

"Billy, I'm happily married to Harold Robinson now. Molly and John wanted to be adopted by him, and to have nothing further to do with you."

"You mean that you married the Junk Yard Dog?"

"Yes, Billy, but he is my Junk Yard Dog." As she said that she looked over Billy's shoulder and smiled at her Junk Yard Dog.

Harold grabbed Billy by the scuff of the neck. He got right in his face as he said, "Y'all will see just what a Junk Yard Dog can do to your ass, if I ever see you around here again." With that he dragged him to his car, opened the door and shoved him inside.

As he drove off, Sandra put her arms around Harold's neck. "Kiss me Doggie."

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