tagLoving WivesJury Duty Ch. 01

Jury Duty Ch. 01


The letter was from the state and when I opened it, it read Dear Lisa Brown, you have Jury Duty (JD). UGH! I had heard from everyone who ever had it that it was a real pain in the ass unless you got a hot case. But here was the letter telling me I had a month of it.

Damn it! It couldn't have come at a more inappropriate time for me. Work was already making me late getting home almost every night and my husband was becoming upset since he had to fen for himself and no one likes to eat alone. Tommy was eating out two or three times a week and when he wasn't he was bring home carry out most of the time. Oh he left me something or brought it home for me. But, I wouldn't get in until around 7 or sometimes 9 PM and then had to heat it up. That was my life almost every day since January.

And on the weekends, shit what weekends? They found me hidden away in the PC room we used for work as I was writing and working. Now I had to prepare a damn report my boss Mary wanted before I went to JD. Mary my boss told me Friday morning she wanted something by Monday, which would guide her with what my plan was to move the project alone over the month that I would be out of the office.

While my company asked for a change in my JD service, it was turned down and I had to attend or be held in contempt of court and fined. I had no choice I had to go.

GOD!! It was bad and it seemed like I had no time for anything including my husband. When I finally went to bed at night Tom was sound asleep or I was just too tired to begin to fool around. I was so busy and so tired I didn't even masturbate, let alone have sex with Tom. Hell I wasn't even horny, much.

When I complained to my boss a little asking if she could pick someone else, she told she had hand picked me to chair this brand new expensive project. Then before I could even respond to that, she told me she didn't want me to let her down, JD or no JD.

She told me she would sit in the various meetings for me while I was out and bring me up to date on what took place at the meetings at night by calling me at home. Then she said I would still be responsible for moving the task along. We would talk in the evenings on the phone and if I needed to see something she would drop it off for me before I went to court. That didn't please my husband or me. It also meant I had to work late into the night many evenings when I got home from JD and there was something due back to Mary. I would fax it or send it by e-mail in the morning before I left for JD.

Each day I went to court I just sat there as they picked people to service on this jury or that jury. I worked at the tasks Mary had given me while I waited but it was hard to concentrate since it was loud and noisy and I had trouble concentrating.

Finally after 3 days they pick my name and I got to sit in on a trial that lasted a little less than a week. That meant no work to get finished so then I work at night. Again I had no time for anything including sex with Tommy that entire week. The trial lasted 4 days.

Then the second week went by and while I wasn't picked for any trial, I was still told I to make a phone call every night after 6 PM to see if my group was told to show up the next day. And each night I called my group was told to report to the court meeting room by 8:30 AM. So I worked on the project when I was sitting there for hours and hours waiting for the members of the court to pick a group of people for a trial and hopefully me again.

It was boring and the chairs were hard and it wasn't a place conducive to working on anything except crosswords and other games. But since I didn't get selected, I was released around 1 PM each day. I went in to work and never got home until 7 PM at the earliest for that entire week. Tom had dinner waiting but he had already eaten since he wasn't sure when I would get there.

I should have known. I mean it had been like that for me this entire year since Mary had become the new Division head. I knew after the office party in December that Mary didn't really like me but she liked Tom very much and hung on him most of the night. Actually Mary didn't like any of the women that worked for her. She flirted shamelessly with the men and I was sure she was having sex with as many as three of them. Each was in his early twenties while she was every bit of 35 or 40. And I had heard she was a real slut in bed from a woman who had a friend who used to work for us. Of course I had no real proof and only listened to the gossip from the others in the office and around the company. Mary had a real bad reputation with the women, but the men loved her.

It was now the month of May and I bet I had worked 60 hours a week if not more since January 2. I was hoping I would get a promotion and get out of this office and out from under the bitch. I wanted to work for anyone but her. Maybe if I got this project in on time and under budget I'd even get a department and moving into another division of my own.

I went to work on Sunday morning and left around 1 PM leaving the finished report on Mary's desk. I got home around 2 PM. I went home and saw Mary's car going down the street where we lived. I honked the horn but she just drove past me.

I entered the house and asked my husband if she had been there. He told me, "She stopped by thinking you would be here Lisa but you weren't. So she asked me for a cup of coffee and then she left."

He looked funny as he said; "You just missed her babe."

I told him I saw her driving down the street and honked my horn but she ignored me. Then I asked if she left anything for me and he told me no. He asked about the report I dropped off at work and I told him I was done for the night.

Then I got a brainstorm and asked him if he would like to go out to dinner and then come home and play. You should have seen the smile on his face. Sex always made Tommy smiled but I guess it does for any man. But it had been three weeks now maybe longer since we had any. I knew he was so damn ready and......well hell so was I!

We went just down the road to our favorite Italian place and ate until we were both ready to bust. The food was great as usual and all during dinner I teased Tommy rubbing his leg just at or under the tip of his soft cock head and as I did I felt it begin to grow. As it got harder and pressed against the fabric of his slacks I moved my hand down his leg a little away from it, teasing him. I only touched the swelling cock head as it grew more and I felt it push against my little finger again. I would lightly touch it circling the head with my finger for a second or two, and ran my hand up the shaft feeling how hard and big it was getting.

I loved the feeling of making my husband's cock hard it excited me thinking I was doing that to him. So I would then move my hand down just below the lump in his slacks again and begin to rub his thigh again. As it got bigger and bigger I moved my hand further and further down so I wouldn't touch it on purpose. It was fun and I knew Tommy was about to bust. I had him almost moaning by the time we finished dinner and ordered one desert to share.

Finally he took my hand and placed it directly on the hard shaft as it pushed up making a tent in his slack leg. He kissed my neck by my ear and whispered, "Squeeze it! Jesus! Squeeze it baby! Squeeze! Oh God that feels so good. Keep your hand on it please!"

I smiled at him and he kissed me and I felt his tongue probing into my mouth. I took it happily. I knew I had teased him badly and I squeezed his hard on and now I slowly stroked it as his tongue entered my mouth again! I knew he would fuck me on the table right there if I told him to do it. And I was so hot I was tempted.

The desert came and it was made especially by the owner for us, we knew him very well. As we ate Tommy looked at me and I looked at him and he said, "When we get home I want to fuck you on the stairs because I won't make it up the steps to the bedroom."

I kissed him and said, "Do it on the bottom two steps baby because I couldn't wait to get any higher." I cupped his face in both of my hands and said, "I want you bad tonight too Tommy!"

He told me that he loved me and wanted me very badly too. My vagina and panties were so wet from just touching him all during dinner they stuck to my pussy lips. I wanted to take them off and hand them to him. I wanted him to know how ready I really was. I smiled as I told myself I would do just that!

I excused myself and went into the lady's room. I wiggled then down my legs feeling the sticky wetness holding the small piece of cloth, which covered my ass and pussy holes. I was so wet. I let the panties hang on my pussy sticking to it. Then I smiled thinking how I would enjoy Tom's cock in me tonight! I moaned softly. And for those men out reading this story who may think that women don't all think like that, well all I can say is we do.

I slid the bikini panties down my legs and stepped out of them removing them and putting them in my purse. They were wet and had that musky odor any woman has when they as ready as I was to be made love to. I needed fucking badly and I knew Tom did too. No matter what tonight I would give and get sexual relief.

As I opened the door to the lady's room I felt a cool breeze going up my skirt. My very wet pussy felt very naked and as the air began to cool it I shivered with delight and a chill thinking of what was waiting ahead for my husband and me. I smiled as I straighten my skirt and blouse and closed my purse. I then walked out heading towards the table.

When I rounded the corner I saw my boss Mary standing in front of our table talking with Tom. He was smiling and so was she. She was dressed very erotic and bending like she was, I knew Tommy was getting an eye full of her big D cup tits. I knew she was most likely out with some young stud and was going to fuck his brains out later if she didn't already do it.

She always made it a point to tell me or whoever was around about her sexual weekends and how she had fucked some young guy dry and that she was use to wearing them out. Sometimes she would take on two of them. From what I heard and the way she talked about it, the rumors were all around the office. I knew her sexual appetite was very strong. Hell there was even a time when a couple of people talked about seeing her coming out of the men's room of a local bar wiping her mouth as the guy standing behind her was zipping up. I wondered how she had any time to work.

As I walked up to the table she said, "Oh, hi Lisa. I see you guys like this place too. Isn't the food great?"

We both told her it was and then she told me she had just dropped off a document at my house putting between the storm door and the main door. She told me that she needed it to be reviewed tonight so it could be picked up in the morning. She told me she would have one of the guys' pick it up before 8:30 AM even if it was Sunday. She apologized and said she hoped she didn't spoil our evening out but it was critical that I review the work as soon as I got home.

As Mary stood there, I slid past her and back into the booth next to Tom again. I was right as she bent resting her hands on our table I could see all the way down her dress. Both of Mary'' nipples were showing. She saw me look and then smiled at Tommy seeing him looking too. She stood back up slowly as she said, "Oh sorry, I keep forgetting that I shouldn't bend over like that in this outfit."

I was thinking, "Yea sure bitch. You know damn well your fat old tits were showing off to Tommy al the while."

She said, "Guess when you have smaller breasts like you Lisa, you don't have that problem."

She smiled and I smiled back saying, "I guess not."

She again told me she needed the report turned around tonight. I said we would manage and I would check the work and it would be available by 8:30 AM tomorrow. She told me she would call me later on tonight and check on my progress. I told her no I would call her. She looked at me and then Tommy and said, "Well.....OK. As long as it's before 11PM."

When I asked why, she told me she needed time to check the changes I would make if there were any. It was now 8 PM. Then she said goodnight and smiled at my husband as she walked away. I saw Tommy watching her ass wiggled just like most of the men in the place that were under 90 years old and could see. Mary was a very beautiful woman on the outside but she was such a whore inside.

As she walked to her table she wiggled that ass like a bitch in heat. I then saw she was with a much younger guy as he stood up when she came back to the table. I didn't know him. But she walked like she had been fucked already tonight and was now stocking up on food so she would have more energy for more sexual exercise. She sat so she could see me and smiled. "Whore! You're such a fucking whore Mary", I said to myself.

Then I turned and smiled at Tom and said, "Here take these and tell me what you think."

He held out his hand and I handed him my small black still damp bikini panties. He knew immediately what they were and he smiled at me as he put his two hands to his face. He hid the panties from anyone and inhaled almost obscenely. Then he smiled as he said, "Umm baby! I think you are ready to go home now?"

I laughed and it came out husky and deep. He smiled as we kissed and he felt my hand cover his semi-hard cock. He had definitely deflated some since I had left to go to the lady's room and then talked with my boss. Yea, she had that same effect on me too.

So I moved Tommy's hand to my inner leg and he moved it up between them as he went along and under my skirt. I felt him slid it higher and higher under my skirt and up my inner thigh. Slowly and higher he stroked me gently until his fingers came to my wet slit. As he cupped my entire pussy I spread my thighs open giving him access. He whispered, "God Lisa you are wet. I want to make love to you so bad baby! Come on let's get the fuck out of here."

I said, "In a minute baby! Touch me Tommy touch my pussy."

He moaned as he used his fingers to separate my swollen pussy lips. As he cupped and squeezed my pussy with his hand, I stroked his hard on and felt it growing bad to its hardness as it began to make another tent in his slacks. We finished the desert and played with each other's sex for a few minutes until he told me if I didn't want him to fuck me in the booth or on the table we leave. My wet pussy was gushing now. He smiled and we got up to leave.

I saw my boss look up at us. Tommy walked back to the kitchen and said goodbye to the owner and thanked him for another great meal. Then as we started to leave and walked towards the front door, Tommy had to use his coat to cover his hardon. I was smiling at him knowing he was going to almost rape me when we got home. As we passed Mary's table she said, "Before 11 PM Lisa! OK?"

I didn't answer her and smiled as I walked away. Once in the SUV Tommy was all over me. I giggled and fought him off just a little. Then he began to kiss my neck as he felt me up in the parking lot. With his hand under my skirt again I opened my legs allowing him full access to my body. "Oh Tommy! Oh God baby I have missed you so much", I moaned in his ear.

It had been so damn long for both of us. Then he told me he had really missed me too. He slowly ran his fingers up and down my slit and I could fell my pussy lips opening again for him. I whispered in his ear to finger fuck me. He moved his hand down a little further and I felt the middle finger on his hand slid in as deep as he could get it. I moaned and kissed him as I arched up giving him better access to my hole. . As the people came and went Tommy worked on my wet and aching pussy. It only took a few minutes before I moaned loudly and arched my hips and ass up off the seat and humped and humped and humped my sex on Tommy magical two fingers now buried in my body.

Moaning and moaning in his ear as I kissed his neck and he got me off nicely in the bucket seat of our SUV. I watched as he removed his fingers and licked them clean. I moaned.

As he pulled out of the restaurant parking lot I stroked his right leg rubbing his hard cock. He drove like a racecar driver that night and it reminded me of the night he had asked me to marry him. I had said yes and that he should take me home and make love to me all night.

We had sex that night long and soft and lovingly. But he drove as fast as he could to get us to his apartment. Then in the morning he drove me back to my dorm slowly and carefully. I had told him yes about getting married immediately. It was our senior year in college and we knew we were going to be together forever. I held him then and tonight I would hold him again as if I was afraid he would disappear if I let him good.

As I hugged his arm now I began to slowly recover from the finger fucking and sweet orgasm he gave me. At the red light I kissed his neck and told him to hurry I wanted him inside me as soon as he could get it in. God I think I had humped his hand for 2 or 3 full minutes cumming and climaxing. He still had his hand on my pussy, from time to time but he needed both hands to drive like he was doing most of the time. I kept my skirt up around my stomach and I held my thighs open for him to enjoy when he could. The odor of my sex filled the SUV and he told me his mouth was watering for me. My body screamed for his mouth down there first and then his cock. I had to have his cock soon or I was going to scream.

I told him he had given me a glorious orgasm and I sucked his neck knowing I was leaving a mark. I hoped his shirt covered it and then I smiled thinking I hoped it didn't and everyone would know his wife fucked him good over the weekend. God I was so damn hot and needed fucking badly. I squeezed his hard cock as I remembered the climaxed again and how I had wet the seat I was now sitting on.

I knew we were going to have sex before I even touched that damn document. "Fuck Mary", I said, and Tommy smiled and looked at me.

When we finally pulled into the driveway of our house we were both so sexually excited the doors to the SUV opened and we both almost ran to the front door. He teased me by fumbling with his key. I said, "Jesus baby! Give me the damn things! GIVE ME THEM!"

He laughed and handed them to me. I opened the door and pulled him into the house. As I pushed the door closed with my foot, I pulled my top and bra off at the same time. I heard the bra snap and knew I had bent the catches.

Tommy had removed his shoes and socks and was now puling down his slacks. Damn that was fast! I saw his cock sticking out of his shorts. It was shinning with pre-cum and hard as a rock as it stood straight out at a 90-drgree angle at attention. I moved to the stairs and sat on the second one. I spread my thighs as I smiled evilly and wantonly like some whore myself now and said, "Hurry baby! Hurry!"

He moved in front of me and as his cock slowly moved into my wet pussy lips parted and I felt the fat cock head move into it. I moaned and he pushed! I simply moaned again as I tried to tell him, "Oh Yes baby! Oh God yes fuck me Tommy!"

He pushed more and in seconds he was all the way inside me. I was that wet. Usually Tommy has to push it in slowly since he is sort of thick. He's about 7 inches long and firmly around that fills me up so nice. I don't know exactly how thick he is for sure but once when we played in bed I used a measuring tape and it read 8 inches around. So how thick is that? Who cares? It filled me and was giving me such a wonderful feeling now.

As our bodies began to meet each other's thrusts, the phone rang. We let it ring. As it switched over to the machine I heard Mary's voice say rather abruptly, "Lisa. I hope you heard me when you left the restaurant a little while ago. I need you to contact me by no later than 11 PM tonight! Make sure you do. It's very important. Where are you? I was sure you guys were going home since I saw you playing with your husband's cock under the table and he looked like he was fingering you. I guess you're fucking each other right now. Ummm so am! Oh Benny fuck me fuck me harder baby!" She almost yelled it in the phone.

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