tagLoving WivesJury Duty Ch. 02

Jury Duty Ch. 02


Mary dressed for Tommy's enjoyment that first day she went to his house after instructing his wife to go to the office and work on the project. She almost had her breasts hanging out of her low cut off the shoulder blouse. With no bra on, her nipples showed against the white blouse as they pointed against the material and the dark circles surrounding the fat nipple also showed as dark images against the thin material.

Her skirt was tight and very short, almost 10 inches above her knee when she stood. The back just covered her spectacular ass. And when Mary bent over she was sure she would be showing him her ass covered only by a small almost see through thong. She saw his eyes look at her and she was sure she saw his pants in the front jump. She smiled knowing he enjoyed her apparent exhibition. She had her plan set and then she called Lisa again telling her what she wanted done. She instructed her to do all the work in the in the office where they both worked.

Mary had waited until Lisa left that day for the office. Then she went to the front door and asked Tommy if Lisa was home. But she knew Lisa wasn't home since she was the one who had sent her away having her work on the project report changes. Tommy told her Lisa wasn't there and that she was under the impression she was planning to meet Mary in the office.

Mary invited herself into the house asking if she could use the phone. Then she asked Tom for a drink of water and finally to use the bathroom. Tommy couldn't refuse her since Mary was his wife's boss. He let her walk past him as she let herself into the kitchen.

They talked for a short while as they sat at the table. Then Mary bent forward to take a sip of her drink. As she did so, she offered him a long look down her blouse. Tommy could see the fullness and shapeliness of her large lovely beasts. He had to admit they were some of the best if not the best tits he had ever seen

Mary was a bitch everyone knew that, especially the men, and women who worked for her. But the men and a couple of the women also knew she was stunning and a great lover who actually loved fucking more than any woman they had ever met. Mary was the type of woman that lived for it.

But, the only things she loved better that sex was sexual dominating and controlling of people, bending them to her will. She would manipulate people and get them into situations where she could control them physical and emotionally. She loved blackmailing people and making them do what she wanted. It was her favorite past time and she was very good at it.

Unfortunately for Lisa and Tommy they were her next targets. Actually she had begun to work on Tommy for about two months now. She had now been alone with him in his house three times so fare looking for Lisa so she said. And each time she flirted more shamelessly and showed him parts of her body.

Once when she was in their house she asked to go to the bathroom, Tom showed her where it was located and then went back to the living room. When he looked back at the bathroom door, he saw that's she had left the door half opened. He could see her in there doing whatever she was doing as she sat on the toilet. Then as she stood up and slowly wiped her self and started to pull up the thong, he saw she was completely shaved, or at least it sure looked that way. Tommy could see no hair between her legs.

As Mary turned part way towards the bathroom door, she saw Tom looking. She smiled and then turned fully so he could see the roundness and shapeliness of her ass as she showed off her lower body to him. She even bent over so she could make sure Tom saw both of her holes. Then she turned her head so she looked at his face and smiled as she pulled up her thong and skirt slowly.

She began to adjust her blouse putting it in her skirt. Tommy saw the bottom front of the pale blue almost see through thong she had on. As she pulled up the skirt before adjusting it back down in place she looked up at him and smiled again. She saw Tommy blush a little but he didn't look away.

So since she knew Tom liked what he was seeing, before leaving the bath room, she lowered her blouse down off her shoulders a little and adjusted it so that her full round breasts hung down with her nipples pointing over the top of the blouse and towards the floor. She looked up to see Tommy standing there in the door way now watching her. When she had her breasts back in her blouse, she smiled and shook her finger as she closed the door fully.

Tommy turned and walked away since the show was over for now. Her nipples were huge and pressed against her blouse. She smiled knowing he would like that look. She opened the door and she saw Tommy turn his head back towards the bathroom. He was now sitting in the chair but watching her. She adjusted the shoulders to her blouse again rubbing her breasts with her hands sort of lifting them and positioning them in her blouse. She wanted her nipples to be hard and point out against the front of the blouse when she came into the same room as Tom. Then she walked into the living room.

She came up beside him and put her hands on his shoulders. He looked up into her face and at her breasts. She said, "You look very tense Tommy. I think you would feel better if I rubbed your shoulders a little. And with that, she actually began to provide him with a shoulder rubdown. She said again that he felt so tense. He didn't stop her. She had her breasts pushing into the back of his neck and head as she was running her hands over his shoulders and down his chest telling him how ripped she felt he was.

That day she flirted hard and made very sure Tommy knew she was available if he wanted her.

She did it again the follow Thursday when she knew Lisa would be at court since she had been picked for jury case. That was the last time she was in his house. It was also the day she actually told him she would love to fuck him. That was just before she walked to the front door and while standing in his doorway she said, "Any time Tom. Anytime your little Lisa doesn't give you what you want or need you call me. You understand? You're a very handsome man Tom and I think we could have an excellent time enjoying each other's bodies. No one would be hurt because I would make sure Lisa was working so you won't get caught baby. And you know I sure as hell don't want to be caught either. It would be bad for my reputation and my job, fucking a husband of a co-worker. But the offer stands Tom. Any time and anywhere baby. "

He didn't reply as she turned and walked to her car.

The closest Lisa had come to actually finding her in her home with Tommy was the day she drove past her on her street. Mary had just left the house and was going the other way. Lisa tooted the horn but Mary didn't acknowledge her.

While Tommy told Lisa each time Mary was there he didn't tell her all of what Mary said or did or how she offered herself to him.

Each time Mary met Tommy at his home she was dressed more and more erotically. Her body was almost perfect. She was tall and very shapely. Actually Mary could have been model except for her large breasts. Oh they were fake, but the job the doctor did on her was the best she or anyone had ever seen. With at least 36D breasts that stood up firm and round with a deep cleavage between them made her look simply lustful. They were very large mounds and no man she knew cared if they weren't the real things. They just want to squeeze them and kiss them and suck on them, and that's what Mary wanted too.

Mary had nipples that pointed out in the middle of those big soft yet firm globes that were almost always hard and long and looked as if she was excited or stimulated. Mary absolutely loved her breasts and showed them off every chance. She was stunning and dressed like she knew it, she did. Her hips were round and full and held her shapely ass cheeks high as they sat on very long shapely legs. Her face didn't have a mark on it, and with green/blue eyes and long styled natural blonde hair she turned many heads wherever she went.

Mary worked hard to keep her figure too. When she wasn't working or fucking she was working out. She made enough money to have a personal trainer who from time to time was also her live in lover. Mary stayed in shaped all the time. Her stomach was flat and smooth and her body was hairless except for a one-inch runway at the top of her pussy. Actually it was a shapely one inch wide and two inches long patch of hair.

But now, she had now decided to shave that strip off too in an attempt to snag Tommy. Her pussy was fat and puffy. It always looked swollen with her inner lips looking very apparent and protruding out against her large outer pussy lips. The shape of her vagina enhanced that snake like slit, which curved down the center of her pussy. Between her legs was a piece of heaven as many men called it. Her slit was about 5 inches long in length. Her pussy was dark pinkish/brown and the clit was large and hidden under a long hood. When she became sexually excited it stuck way out and was round and red and very sensitive.

But while Mary was a great credit to her gender, what the men who knew her so well loved about her so much was her skill in fucking. She worked hard to keep her vagina muscles tight and she could climb the ladder of the alphabet with her body movements. Her trainer and she worked together always in the nude and he took ample time each day to make sure her pussy was as tight as it was when she was a very young teen. He also had a very nice size cock to please her when there was those times when she didn't have a man in her bed at night.

But now she had her eye on Tom and she wanted to fuck him or have him fuck her, or both. As usual she wanted just one night and then she would see how it was. If it was good, she might want him again. After he sampled her Tommy would call her to do it again she was sure of it. After all, her body made Lisa's look like a boy's. She was a temptress and a willing slut when she found the right man. Tommy was now in her sights and she knew before this was all over she would seduce him. She knew he liked what he saw each time she came to the house or saw him with his wife someplace.

The last day that Mary came to his house while Lisa was working on the project at the office was when it happened. Mary knew Lisa would be in the office for at least a few hours and that would give Mary time to start and she was sure finish her seduction.

As Tom opened the door Mary was standing there with her sexiest smile. He said, "Mary.....what are you doing here? Lisa's at work and I figured you were with her."

Mary said, "Oh I'll get there eventually Tom. But, I actually dropped by to see you."

That was a few days after she had used the old bathroom trick. This time Mary planned to achieve her plan to fuck Tommy in his house maybe even in his bed that he shared with Lisa.

When she approached the house, she noticed a strange car parked in the driveway. "Who could that be?" she wondered.

Mary felt a little disappointed that she might not be able to enact her seductive plan since there could be another person there with Tom. As Mary pulled to the curb she was thinking, "Damn it!! The little wife is away and now someone else is in there with Tommy. Shit! Well as long as I'm here I might as well see what's going on."

She walked right up the walkway and rang the doorbell. When Tommy opened the door he was dressed in gym shorts and a tank top. She looked him up and down and said, "Damn you look good in that outfit Tommy. Is Lisa around?"

He told her no and that in fact no one was around. She asked about the car in the driveway and he told her it belonged to a friend who was on vacation for the week. "May I come in?" she said sexually.

He stepped to the side and Mary walked in. She was dressed in a very short skirt and a blouse that showed she wasn't wearing any bra under it. He said, "Well Lisa isn't here Mary. What can I do for you?"

She smiled as she walked to the big chair and sat down. She said, "Well maybe we can do something for each other. You see I know Lisa isn't here and I also know she will be away for at least three hours. Plus baby, I know she will call me before she leaves asking where I am. We're supposed to meet in my office at 4 PM today. When I don't show up she'll call me and ask where I am. She wouldn't dare leave without checking to see if I was on my way there. When she calls, I'll tell her then to just leave the work she is doing on my desk and I'll pick it up later, after you and I are finished here. I mean damn you look good in those short!"

He stood there and told her he didn't think it was a good idea and he felt she should leave. When Mary heard him say that, she smiled and said, "Well why don't you at least hear what I'm offering first?"

She sat there swinging her foot as she crossed one leg over the other one. With her skirt 10 inches about her knees Tommy had a great view up her leg. He was almost sure she was nude under that skirt. He didn't feel comfortable.

She saw him look a couple of times when she changed legs and crossed the other one. She wondered if he could see she was nude under that skirt? She smiled very erotically and said, "Sit down Tommy. Let's talk a little."

Tom sat on the sofa across from her and waited for her to tell him what she wanted. He was sure he already knew. He had planned on it actually but Mary didn't know that! He was sure she was here today to fuck him and she wouldn't take no for an answer. He watched her as she side her one long leg off her other one and sat with both feet on the floor now. He had to admit Mary was a very beautiful woman. He felt his cock twitch in his short.

He realized he better be very careful or she might get what she wished for. She smiled and bent forward showing her full breasts, which were almost hanging out of her low cut blouse. Her hard nipples sticking against the material and the dark circles around they were plainly visible against the white thin cloth. She smiled again and said, "Tommy! Lisa has worked for me now for over two years and ever since the first time I saw you with her at one of the office's functions I have been wanting to tell you how I feel. You are a hunk and she is a very lucky woman to have you all to herself. She does have you all to herself doesn't she? I mean you don't normally play around on her do you?"

Tommy said, "No of course not. I never cheated on her."

She smiled and Tommy saw her knees open a little showing more of her inner thighs. With that short skirt another inch and he would know for sure if she had any panties on. Hell if she had any pussy hair it would be showing now, that's how high the skirt was. He was almost ready to bet the house she didn't have any panties on.

She said, "I didn't think you did. But that's all about to change baby! Look I won't spend any more time fooling around here today I'm just to damn hot for you. God damn it Tommy seeing you in those shorts is driving me wild with desire for you to fuck me."

Tommy knew it but was still shocked to hear her say it so bluntly. He said, "Well I think you better leave Mary because that's not going to happen."

As he said those words back to her Tommy saw Mary lift her legs up and placed one leg over each arm of the chair. She was wide open now and she had nothing on under her skirt, which was now up around her stomach. He could see all of her sex as well as her ass. She had he legs wide open and her feet hung off the other end of the arms of the chair.

Tommy's first reaction was to look away and stand up to leave. But she was so beautiful as a man he just had to look. Her pussy was full and shaved completely. In fact it looked wet and was open a little. He saw the pinkness of her inner lips as Mary open her puffy fat outer ones with her fingers for him. He could plainly see the clit just starting to stick out from under its hood. He saw Mary take a finger and insert it deep into her hole. She moaned and pulled it out. He saw it was completely wet. His cock was growing and throbbing in his shorts now.

She smiled at him. Damn she was so beautiful. Tommy's cock was harder and the head was almost sticking out the left leg opening. He sat there. He watched as Mary began to finger fuck herself. She had no modesty at all. She pulled her blouse down off her shoulders and there were those magnificent tits he had seen in the restaurant the other day completely there offered to him. All he had to do was walk across the room and she was his. No effort no resistance she would melt into his arms and they could fuck right on the rug in the living room. It was that easy!

He couldn't help but check her out. Nipples hard as rocks and the fullness of her breasts made his cock grow even more. She licked her lips and said, "What do you think baby? You want to see some more? You want me Tommy. I want you. Why not come over here and feel my breasts. I know you want to don't you. All men want to touch them. Come over here and kneel between my legs and feel my pussy. It's so wet and so ready for you Tommy, only for you baby!"

He didn't speak, he shook his head and without speaking he watched as she began to masturbate for him. Squeezing her breasts one moment and then finger fucking her pussy wildly and hard the next. Tommy rubbed his cock and Mary laughed as she saw him touch himself. "Yes Tommy rub it get it hard and them put it in me. Replace my fingers baby! Fuck me Tommy" she hissed the words at him.

Mary went on and on working her body up and moving her hips now as she fucked her pussy with three fingers. Tommy licked his lips now as he sat there watching her like he was in a daze or hypnotized. He didn't move but she did. She was humping her fingers now as she rubbed the clit with her other hand. "Oh Tommy! Do you know what I am thinking of right now baby? You! I'm thinking how good it would feel if I had that fat hard cock of yours inside my pussy doing what my fingers can only try to do. I didn't.......didn't know you were....so big! God Tommy no wonder little Lisa is so happy all the time! Jesus your cock is huge."

Tommy looked down at where Mary was looking as she rammed her fingers in and out of her pussy. He was a little shocked to see his big hardon sticking out the leg of his shorts. He was making a tent in he shorts and the head and two or three inches were showing. He reached down and tried to adjust his shorts. They were too small just to damn shot.

She smiled and with a very husky voice now told him, "NO!! Please don't put it back under the shortsts Tommy. I love looking at your big dick. Oh Jesus Tommy I'm going to cum! Do you want to see me cum for you baby! I'm going to.....cum right here on your chair. Then I'm going to crawl over there and...and suck your big cock! OH yes! Oh fuck yes!"

And with that Mary went off. She thrust her hips up and squeezed her clit with her thumb and index fingers as she buried her three fingers as deep into her as she could get them. Pumping fast he saw her ass lifting up off the chair. He sat there and watched as Mary climaxed hard. He saw her breasts bouncing up and down and he marveled at the size of her nipples grew too. They were as long and as fat as he had ever seemed on a woman.

She was so beautiful and sexy and she was there sitting in a chair masturbating for him trying to get him worked up enough to cheat on his wife. He cleared his throat he was excited.

Mary was still in the throws of her orgasm but looked up at his face. She smiled and told him she was thinking of him fucking her when she climaxed. She said, "Tommy, Oh God! My.....my...WOW!! WOW.....I really came didn't I? I'm so wet right now Tom I bet you could put that big dick in my pussy without even working hard to do it. Why not just come over here and do it! I mean I'm here, I'm open already for you. Look! And you and I both know I want something bigger than these three fingers inside me Tommy. Come on baby! Come over here and fuck Mary. I won't tell Lisa. In fact I'll keep this our secret and come visit you some more. And you know Lisa won't know, because she'll be working on a project I assign her. It's the best of both worlds a win-win proposition for us both baby."

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