Jury Duty Ch. 02


He was perspiring now and his cock felt huge and it was still sticking out the leg of his gym short. He felt it jump with his excitement. His balls almost felt like small eggs they were that swollen with his lust from this woman. Even if Mary was a full-blown slut, she was one of the best if not the best looking women he had ever seen.

He looked at her again. Jesus! She still had her legs thrown over the arms of the chair and her pussy looked like it was almost dripping wet. Tommy moaned to himself saying, "Damn it! Why did she look so fucking sexual.

Mary then saw his hesitation and she started to tell him about Lisa's future and what might happen if he didn't do what she wanted. She held out her hand to Tommy and said, "Your bedroom. I want to fuck you in your bed you share with Lisa. Do it with me in there on your bed and I promise it will be the best sex you'll ever have baby!"


As Lisa drove home she was wondering what the hell happened to her boss. Mary never showed up at work to check the report Lisa had finished. Lisa tried to call her but there was no answer at her house and her cell phone seemed like it was turned off. She tried a few times and then decided to leave the work on her boss's desk. It would be up to Mary to come in and get it. Lisa had finished what she was told to do and now wanted to get home to have some time with her husband so they could have dinner out and then come home and maybe a little sex before holding him and falling asleep. That would be a great way to end what was a long tiring weekend.

She pulled into the driveway of her home and as she swung into it she wondered whose car was in her parking place. She parked behind it. Then as she was getting out of the car she happened to look across the street and saw what she was sure was Mary's sports car. Lisa felt her blood begin to boil.

She opened the front door, which was unlocked and stood in the living room. She saw a skirt and blouse and knew it was Mary's, she got even madder. She listened and waited to see if she could hear them. After all if Tommy had a buddy over or a neighbor she didn't want to bust in and accuse her husband of having an affair with Mary. But what was Mary's car doing out there. She said to herself, "Well, maybe it's not Mary's car."

She didn't want to go nuts accusing her husband if nothing was going on. No Tommy wouldn't like that and neither would she. But.........if Mary was there and she was doing what Lisa was sure she was doing with her husband there was going to be real trouble. She would beat the shit out of Mary that she knew for sure. And Tommy? Well she didn't know how she felt if she saw him fucking another woman, especially Mary her boss and the biggest slut she knew.

She picked up the broom she used in the kitchen and said, "I'll brain that bitch!"

Quietly, she opened the door to the to the garage to see if Tom's car was there, it was. She listened again to see if she could tell who was there. Nothing, there wasn't a sound. So not hearing anything she walked into the living room again and picked up the clothes. She could smell Mary's perfume. The clothes were Mary's that was for sure now. But where were they. Oh God not the bedroom, not her bedroom! Tommy wouldn't do that to her. He wouldn't fuck another woman in their bed, would he? She shuttered with fear and anger.

She was hoping and preying she wasn't going to see what she was sure she was going to. She walked across the living room and stood in the hallway, sill she didn't hear anything there were no voices or sounds. Then she turned and headed towards the bedroom carrying the broom like a weapon.

She pulled the door open quickly and saw nothing, there was on one in the room. The bed was made just like she had left it this morning. Nothing looked disturbed. She wondered if Mary and Tom were out together? She whispered to herself, "A motel! That bitch! She took him to a damn motel or maybe her house! He'll come home showered and clean and I won't know for sure what he did! No! That's not right, Tom's car was there in the garage she saw it. And Mary's car was parked across the street".

Where were they? As she approached the other bedrooms in the back of the house, she began hearing the unmistakable sounds of people having sex. But it was coming from the air duck on the floor. "The basement" she said, "Damn it!"

Carefully but more in a hurry now, she walked back into the kitchen and as quiet as she could she opened the door to the club basement. She knew there was a sofa that opened to a queen size bed down there and it would be the perfect place for Tom to take Mary. She was becoming more sad more and more upset, and especially more mad as she peeked down the steps trying to see something. All she heard was the sounds. The sounds of fucking. The sofa was squeaking and there were moans. She wanted to run down the steps and start to swing the broom in her hands killing then both.

Then she realized it was very bright down there. Not by the steps but over by the TV and the sofa it looked like every light was on. "Every damn light in the room must be on. So much for any fucking modesty for their first time!", she said to herself. "Wait!! Was this there first time? God damn it!" Her face was red as a beet and she was shaking.

Lisa knew Mary was always an exhibitionist and liked to show off her body every damn chance she got. But Tom wasn't like that; at least she didn't think he was. She knew that when he made love to her they only had candles or a soft light lit. But sure!!! With that fucking whore, that beautiful fucking whore, Tommy would want to see every fucking inch of that bitch's body as he fucked her.

She took a deep breath let it out. Then she took another one and walked down the steps holding her breath and hoping, preying she could get down to the bottom and shock then shit out of both of them before they knew she was there. Then the shit would hit the fan. She stepped off the last step and turned and stood in the room.

There in the middle of their king-sized sofa bed was her brother-in-law John. He was standing behind Mary and between her wipe open legs pumping his cock into her like some mad man. She saw another man pushing his cock into Mary's mouth. There were three more men standing there. Two were all full nude and her husband who was fully clothed. And......"My God", she said to herself, "My God Tommy has a camera in his hand and he's.........filming Mary being gang banged!!

Mary was sucking on one man's cock and reaching for the other two so she could hold them. The men stepped forwards and stood around her as Mary began stroking the other two. One man was kneeling on the end of the bed and Lisa saw Mary sucking his soft cock. She guessed this guy had already cum in her boss's mouth.

She saw him just standing there moving the camera back and forth filming it all. Mary was on her back with her long shapely legs over John's shoulders and Lisa watched as she saw her brother-in-law's cock buried deep Mary's pussy. Then Lisa saw some white fluid coming out around the swollen shaft and Lisa realized it was John's cum or the other man's or maybe both.

As John thrust into her one last time he grunted and held his cock deep inside Mary's body. Lisa heard Mary cried out telling him to fill her up again. She arched her back and Lisa felt Mary was now cumming too as she felt John's cock thumping inside her pussy tunnel as he spewing his seed emptying it deep into her whoring body.

Lisa didn't move she just stood there watching as John finally pulled out and moved off the bed. He stood up and Lisa saw her husband handed John a towel. She said, "Shit!! It was one of her new and better towels she had just purchased."

Then as quickly as John got out of the way, one of the men who Mary was jerking off moved around and stood between Mary's legs. The man positioned his body so his cock was against the gapping opening of Mary's pussy hole where the cum was still leaking out of. With one thrust the man buried his big cock all the way into Mary's pussy.

Lisa heard Mary moan loudly as the man went balls deep. She stood there, she didn't know for how long but she watched as all the men took turns fucking or having Mary suck them off. They looked as if they had already been at it for a very long time. Tom must have filmed two cassettes or more.

Lisa was shocked. She was more than surprised but she didn't move. She and Tommy enjoyed a very loving marriage and she felt a little bad now wondering if he too had fucked Mary before he got the camera. Then he herd John said, "You sure you don't want some of this Tom. She's is one great fuck and look at her. She's hungry for more! Jesus we have been at this for two hours all four of us has fuck her and she is still wanting more. Maybe we should have brought more guys."

Tommy laughed and told him, "No thanks! And John, four guys will be more than enough to achieve what I want.

At first Lisa was just going to walk up and demand to know what was going on. She would have to trash that sofa that was for sure. But she didn't, she just sat down on the steps and watched. Then she had a better idea.

Lisa's pussy was wetter than ever as she watched then last man finish Mary off cumming in her one last time. When they were done Mary was covered with cum. Her beautiful face was all wet, as were her tits, which were also red and had suck marks all over them.

As Mary sat up she was the first to notice Lisa sitting on the steps on the other side of the room. She screamed, "You fucking bitch! Your husband is going to be arrested for rape. You all are going to be arrested! Look! Fucking look at me! Look at what they did to me! You're fired! "

All the men had now turned to see who was standing there on the steps. Lisa couldn't help but look from Tommy to the other men standing there. She was scared. All of their cocks were deflated now and Lisa put her hand over her mouth! What had her husband done? Jesus had he raped her boss? Had they gang banged her against her will? Lisa didn't know. Her face showed her question and Tommy said, "Lisa you're not suppose to be home. Look, don't worry about this whore. We have it all on film baby! She came here today to try and get me to cheat on you again. We have recorded everything she said from the second she got in the living room. So she won't have a case or a leg to stand on. She wanted this and she asked me for it. She just didn't know I had some friends here. But she never said no. When she came down into the basement she acted sexy and sluty as usual and actually asked if these men were there for her. She was teasing of course but I told her yes. John asked her for a lap dance and she did it. From then on it was one thing after the other. Once John was in her the rest was easy. We filmed it and if she ever opens her moth about this or tries to fire you or comes to our house again, I promise she regret it."

Tommy looked at Mary and smiled saying, "I wonder how your boss would like to see you in action baby! Wonder if he knows how you manipulate your people. I think once I talk to him about a lawsuit Lisa is going to file against you and he sees what a shut whoring bitch you are, you'll be done. So Mary if you want to keep your job and your life style you'll keep your fucking mouth shut. Or we'll see you and your boss and the CEO in court. Now get dress and get the fuck out of my house bitch."

Mary was crying as she walked past the men and around Lisa and went upstairs to find her clothes. As she passed Lisa she took a swing at her. That was a big mistake, Lisa hit her in the eye wit the broom and she knew Mary would have a black eye for days. Mary grabbed her eye and ran up the steps.

Entering the living room with everyone behind her Mary began to dress. Since she only had two pieces of clothing on when she came into the house, it took seconds to dress. Then she left without saying another word.

When Mary left Tom closed the door and he and Lisa went back down the basement where the other men were in the act of dressed too. As they all shook hands with Tom and started to walk up the steps Mary said, "Hold it! You guys aren't done yet."

Each man looked at the other wondering what she meant. Certainly she didn't want them to fuck her like they had fucked Mary, did she? She smiled at their reaction and said, "Oh wait I didn't mean it like that guys! I just.......want you guys to take that sofa out to the trash. I mean no one would ever want to sit or sleep on that thing again. And Tommy, take the towel out to the trash too. Why did you use my newest towel to clean yourselves. Men!!

And with that Mary watched the men carry out the sofa. Tom moved Lisa's car out of the way. Then walked back inside and stood with his arm around Lisa as the four men got into the other car and drove off. Tom closed the front door and Mary slid into his arms. He saw her lips move up and he bent down and kissed her.

He picked her up and took her into the bedroom. Then he undressed her and began to lick her breasts and suck on her nipples. Tom and Lisa had sex three times that night and again on Monday morning before he went to work. She dragged her tired sexy body out of bed and went into the shower. She just stood there and wondered if she would be picked for another trial today. Oh well one week to go and jury duty would be over.

She wasn't and in fact she wasn't picked for anything the rest of the week. She was home every night before her husband who didn't get in until around 5:30PM. She had dinner waiting for him and then they spent the rest of the night having sex, wonderful warm and loving sex.

They did it 5 times that weekend it was glorious. She couldn't remember how long it had been since they both were OK and awake enough that they were having sex every night during the week. But Tommy confessed that seeing Mary's body and her offering him the pleasure of it, along with seeing her getting gang banged still got him horny as hell. Lisa told him that as long as he looked and only looked she was Ok with it. She knew Mary was a super looking woman. Then Tommy took her in his arms and told her he loved her and she made him horny too. Then he asked to do it again. Lisa was stunned, they were actually going to have sex twice on a weeknight. Wonderful!

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