Just 18


I never knew who Amanda Bynes was before this story happened. As a matter of fact, after the events here occurred I went into a panic, hoping she was old enough. I was obviously very thankful when I checked on the internet and discovered that she had turned eighteen a couple of months before I met her.

I was in a bookstore when I spotted her. She was wearing a pair of low-cut jeans that accentuated her curvy hips, and a white t-shirt under a jean jacket. I didn't know she was a celebrity, all I knew was that she was sexy as hell, and that I would do anything to get her into bed with me. I approached her and initiated a bit of small talk, chatting about the books she was looking at. Since the conversation was going well, and I was having a hard time hiding my throbbing erection as I looked into this beautiful girl's face, I decided not to beat around the bush.

"Listen," I said, "I know this is going to sound very forward, but I was wondering if you'd be interested in coming back to my place." I knew full well that this tactic was likely going to blow up in my face. You can imagine my excitement, then, when it didn't.

"You think that just because I've been talking to you for a few minutes that I want to sleep with you?" While the words she used make it sound like she was offended, the look on her face confirmed that she was definitely not.

"Well," I replied, "it's not every day I get a chance to meet a woman as gorgeous as you, so I figured I'd take a chance.

"Really," she said, "and what would you have done if I got pissed off and smacked you?"

"Gone home dejected and spend the next two weeks living in a dark room trying to find a reason to go on living."

She laughed. "Where do you live?" she asked. Jackpot.

"About twenty minutes from here," I replied.

"Okay, let's go."

I walked her down the street to my car, then about five minutes after we left she broke up our small talk with a more serious question.

"You don't know who I am, do you?"

"What do you mean?" I asked. "You told me your name was Amanda."

"That's right," she said, "Amanda Bynes." My face was still blank, so she explained further. "You know, "What a Girl Wants," "Big Fat Liar"?"

Then it clicked in. I had seen the previews for "What a Girl Wants," but I barely knew the name or face.

"Really?" I said, "That was you?"



"Aren't you going to tell me you're a big fan?" she replied, sarcastically.

"I think we both know I've never seen your movies. I must admit, though, I'm a big fan of your body!"

She smiled as I ran my hand up her thigh and began to rub her pussy through her jeans. By the time we pulled into my garage, my hand was down her pants, fingering her pussy. We got out of the car and I led her into the house, then upstairs and into the guest bedroom, knowing that my own room was a mess. Without a word, we each took off our own clothes. As soon as we were naked she laid back down on the bed and pulled me down after her. She guided my face between her legs, and I wasted no time licking and sucking on her clit and pussy lips.

"Oh my god!" she said. "You're making me so wet! That feels amazing!" It was only a minute later before she was screaming out in orgasm. "Yes baby!" she said after her orgasm had subsided. "Lick it!" I did as she asked, licking her clit furiously as I pushed a couple of fingers inside her. "Holy shit!" she yelled. "I'm cumming again!"

When she finished cumming, she pushed me off of her and onto my back, then bent down and started running her tongue up and down the length of my cock.

"You look so beautiful," I said as she looked up at me and took my cock into her mouth. For the next few minutes she worked about half of my eight-inch cock into her mouth, using her hand to rub my balls and the rest of my shaft.

"Do you want to fuck me?" she asked, taking my cock out of her mouth.

I responded by putting her on her hands and knees, facing the mirrored closet, then positioning myself behind her. I slid my entire cock into her in one smooth motion, eliciting a moan from her lips as she closed her eyes. I watched her face and body in the mirror as I fucked her from behind, starting slow and gradually building up speed.

No words were passed between us, just moans as we basked in the ecstasy of each other's hard bodies. Just as I felt myself getting dangerously close to orgasm, Amanda pulled away. She stood up off the bed, then bent over the dresser. I stood behind her and entered her from behind once again, delighted to find that we could still see each other in the mirror, although the view had changed from a frontal one to the side.

"You feel fucking amazing, Amanda!" I said as I fucked her. "Feel that cock, baby!" I fucked her for a few minutes until I could tell she was close to cumming then, returning the tease she had done to me, I pulled out. I turned her around, guiding her down to her knees, then pulled her face to me, feeding her my cock. She sucked her pussy juices off of it for a couple of minutes.

"Does that feel good?" she asked, stopping for a moment. I responded by pushing her head back towards my cock. She continued to suck it for a few more minutes, then I pulled her to her feet. I pushed her back onto the bed and onto her side, then knelt over her and pushed my cock into her pussy once again.

"You feel so fucking good!" I said as I fucked her, watching her firm tits jiggle from the force of each thrust. Less than two minutes after I started fucking her that way, she moaned loudly in orgasm. I stayed inside of her and rolled her face down, burying her head in the pillow as I continued to fuck her.

"Yeah, take that cock, Amanda!" I said, listening to her muffled moans. I fucked her just like that for a few more minutes, then she pushed me off of her and onto my back. I stayed still as she straddled my hips, facing away, and lowered her pussy onto my throbbing cock.

"Yes!" she screamed as she watched herself in the mirror. "Stuff my cunt, baby! It's so wet!" I could tell she was nearing orgasm, but I stopped her.

"Turn around," I said. "I want to see your face while you cum." Keeping mycock inside of her the whole time, she turned to face me and resumed riding my cock. "That's it baby!" I said after her orgasm started approaching once again. "Cum for me!" She moaned loudly as her final orgasm hit, and I unloaded my cum inside her tight little eighteen-year-old pussy at the exact same time. Our orgasms seemed to last forever, then she collapsed on top of me. She kept me inside her for several minutes before she climbed off of me.

"Can I use your shower?" she said, standing beside the bed naked. I showed her where the towels were and then got dressed as she cleaned herself up. She returned to the room naked, then began putting her clothes back on. "That felt so amazing!" she said.

Once she was dressed, I gave her a ride back to the hotel she was staying at. She asked for my phone number, promising to give me a call next time she was in town. I don't know if she will, but I'm just fine knowing that I got to fuck that sweet little pussy once already.

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