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Just a Christmas Party


I suppose after 15 years of marriage you could say we were in a sort of sexual rut, a happy rut, but a rut nevertheless. Janice and I married young, she was 18 and I was 19, both of us went to the marriage bed as innocent virgins with no practical experience or knowledge to guide our first amorous fumblings. Sex became a joy in our lives, once we had the hang of the mechanics of the act, however, it was five years before we realised that there were other ways of doing it than in the missionary position and that discovery was a fortuitous one. Not being social animals we tended to hire videos to watch at home and on this occasion a porn video had been put in the case for Blazing Saddles, it was a surprise to find ourselves watching hard core sex action and an eye opener. After that we sort of explored sex by borrowing books from the library and hiring porn films, it certainly broadened our horizons and added excitement to our lives. We tried all the positions that were physically possible, oral and anal sex, experimented with bondage and SM, we even tried exhibitionism and outdoor sex.

Over the years things we had tried became part of our regular routine with some of the more ‘unusual’ things being done on special occasions. Fantasy games were also part of our sex life, once we found out about them, but they were more of the Slave Girl and master type of game until just after our fifteenth anniversary we had never thought about other people in our fantasies. Goodness knows why, but one evening after we had watched a gang-bang style porn video and were fucking in bed Janice asked the question.

“Do you ever fantasise about me being fucked by another man or men like that girl in the film?”

Of course my answer was ‘No’, but her question did start me thinking about it and as I slowly moved in and out of her I looked down at Janice. My wife is not Miss World, but she is beautiful in my eyes, her slender 5’ tall body, small breasts and impish blue eyes gave her a little teen girl look despite her actually years. Her blonde shoulder length hair bounced as we moved together.

“Have you ever had that fantasy?” I asked softly.

“Not until now.” She breathed up at me. “Would it excite you to see another man fucking me Paul?”

In my mind I remember picturing my lovely 34 year old wife being fucked by another man and my cock got harder at the thought.

“Yes!” I gasped out as I began to pound into pussy heavily.

That night we hit a new peak of rapture and after that the fantasy of Janice being fucked by men other than myself became a regular part of our lovemaking. As we fucked she would describe what her fantasy lover would do to her, how he would touch her and how he felt, but it was all fantasy, neither of us truly desired such a thing in reality. Strangely when I asked Janice if the fantasy of me fucking another woman turned her on the way I got turned on by thinking of her with another man her answer was a decisive and very positive ‘No’. She seemed to become seriously upset at the mere suggestion of me with another woman and that was the one and only time the question was ever raised between us, though I did sporadically think about it in the silence of my own mind while I was fucking Janice, though not very often.

So there you had our sex lives, exciting, but not audacious, which was pretty much the description of our lives. We worked, went to the occasional family gathering and the even more occasional party, everything regular and routine. That was until Janice’s younger sister Ann invited us to a Christmas party being held at the home of her latest boyfriend. Ann was the black sheep of my wife’s family, a true party animal, never without a boyfriend and no virgin from the age of 14, or so Janice told me. We had little contact with Ann so it was a surprise to receive the invitation, in fact Janice was tempted to turn it down at first, but her sister eventually persuaded her to agree to go since it was ‘Just a Christmas Party’.

On the night of the party Janice dressed up in a black evening gown that she had bought and never worn outside the house thinking it a bit too daring. The dress was short , coming to just above her knees and since I thought her legs one of her best features I liked the idea of her showing them off; it clung tightly to her slender figure highlighting her curves, the neckline was deep and plunging and although she did not have large breasts the dress clung tightly to them which emphasised them, that and the thin shoulder straps meant she could not wear a bra with it. Which was another point in the dresses favour in my opinion. With her hair loose around her shoulders and light make-up she looked young and oh so desirable.

“I’d love to Paul,” Janice laughed when I suggested we skip the party and stay home to fool around. “but we promised Ann we would go. We needn’t stay long though.”

So we called a taxi and went to the party fully intending to leave it after an hour or so.

Ken’s home turned out to be a three bedroom detached house which we learnt he shared with two other guys. Ann greeted us at the door, she was very much like Janice in looks only more filled out and not wearing as well as my darling wife. She ushered us in, showed us where to put our coats then led us to the living room which was large and spacious, the lighting had been dimmed I supposed to set an intimate party mood. Pointing me in the direction of the bar Ann drew Janice aside and while I was bringing the drinks back I saw them in close conversation. As I rejoined them Ann gave me a grin and an airy wave then flitted off to mingle with the other guests, Janice watched her go with an annoyed look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked handing Janice her drink.

“God knows how I let her talk me into it,” she frowned as she took a sip of her drink. “but I’ve agreed that we’ll stay to the end of the party to help clean up.”

I sighed both aloud and mentally as our plans of leaving early to spend the night fucking went out the window. Looking around the I saw Ann laughing with a couple of men and the thought of strangling her flitted across my mind. In all there seemed to be ten other couples there, including Ann and Ken, all of them were strangers to us and I was not looking forward to a long night of socialising with people I didn’t know. Music was playing fairly loudly and a few couples were hopping about to the racy strains, neither Janice or myself really enjoyed fast dancing so we drifted off into a corner to while away the time.

The next couple of hours were boring, it was clear to us that the rest of the partygoers were good friends and their lively chatter competed with the noise of the fast music. Not that we were ignored, people came and joined us in our corner to chat and joke, somehow our glasses always seemed to be topped up even though I never went to the bar and by eleven we were both very slightly drunk. The drinks added to the feeling of frustration we both felt from having our plans dashed, but after a while we sort of gave a mental shrug and started kissing and doing a little light petting in the dimness of our private little corner. I guess we were just drunk enough to be more daring than usual because a few times when people joined us to chat I would secretly stroke my wife's buttocks quite firmly and rather than being annoyed she would give me an impish grin each time this happened.

“Someone’s feeling fruity.” Janice commented to me with a broad grin after the latest of those situations.

“I had the feeling you were.” I grinned back.

“Not me!” she laughed. “Well, yes me too, but you are being more than a little daring. I’m sure Ken saw what you were doing to me.”

We laughed and went back to our kissing and cuddling only stopping when Ken and Ann rejoined us a few minutes later.

“Not dancing?” Ken asked as he handed us full glasses.

“They don’t like fast stuff.” Ann answered before we could respond.

“Is that all?” Ken laughed. “We’ll have to do something about that. I can’t have my guests standing around bored. If I go change the music will you dance?”

“Sure.” Janice answered after a glance at me.

Grinning Ken went off, a few moments later the tempo of the music changed to slow and smoochy. Ken returned to collect Ann and looked at Janice.

“No excuse not to dance now.” He said as he escorted Ann away.

“I suppose there isn’t.” Janice commented to his departing back.

She looked at me and grinned wryly, I grinned back and led her out into the room to join the other couples who were now dancing close together. Janice cuddled up to me and as we drifted around to the slow music I took the opportunity to stroke her back and bum with a few discreet squeezes of her boobs for fun. Laughing Janice snuggled even closer, looked up and pursed her lips, I quickly accepted her invitation to kiss her luscious lips. Time passed and both of us grew more than a little aroused, my cock was rising gradually which Janice quickly noticed and responded to by rubbing her lower body on my hardness. Some time later we took a break both to grab a drink and to calm down a little.

“This is almost fun.” I commented as we sipped at our drinks.

“Pity I can’t do what I really want to do,” Janice said with a devilish chuckle. “and that’s rip your clothes off and fuck you!”

I was all for that and was about to suggest we slip away quietly when we were joined by Ken and Ann.

“Mind if I steal Janice for a dance.” Ken asked even as he was taking Janice’s hand to lead her away.

Before I could reply they were gone, I watched as Ken took my wife in his arms and danced slowly around, I had to hide a grin at the distance Janice was keeping between them. Ann glanced at the two of them then looked at me with a raised eyebrow, reluctantly I took the hint and took her into the centre of the room where she moved tight to me even as I put my arms around her waist. As I danced with my sister-in-law I could see Janice and Ken drifting around the room, the gap between them had closed to the point that their bodies were rubbing against each other as they moved, much as Ann’s body was rubbing and pressing against mine as we danced. When the song ended I saw Janice move away from Ken and head back to our little corner with Ken following along behind her, I wanted to join her but Ann snuggled against me tightly as I made a move to part us. Mentally sighing I carried on dancing with Ann while half watching Janice and Ken chatting, somewhere along the way Ken had grabbed a bottle of vodka and was constantly filling her glass as they talked.

At long last the record ended, moving away from Ann I made my way back to my wife, seeing me coming Ken raised his glass as though in toast, passed the vodka bottle to me and took Ann away to dance. Filling my glass I offered the bottle to Janice, though I could see that she was starting to get really drunk, much to my surprise she let me fill her glass. We drank quickly with the intention of getting back to dancing together, but barely had her glass emptied than one of the other men came over and asked her to dance leaving me standing there on my own. Idly I glanced around the room before letting my eyes follow the sensuous movements of my wife’s body as she danced close to her new partner. As I watched her pressing against her partner I found myself strangely thinking of our fantasy of her having sex with another man, my cock grew a little harder at the thought and to distract myself I looked around the room again. There were five couples dancing, including Janice and her partner, which should have left another five couples standing around the room, but I could only see three couples and two men on their own. At first I guessed the other women were in the bathroom, but then I noticed one of the women kiss her partner and head to the room where the coats were, a few seconds later she came out with her coat on and headed towards the front door.

“Odd.” I muttered to myself as my eyes drifted back to Janice.

My eyebrows raised as I noticed that her partners hands had slipped from her waist to the top of her shapely buttocks, my cock gave a twitch at the thought that this guy was perhaps going to try to cop a quick feel, but then they parted as the record ended. Taking a step into the room to join Janice for a dance I suddenly paused when one of the men on their own intercepted her journey towards where I stood, a moment later she was in his arms dancing. Moving back into our corner I poured myself another drink and let my eyes follow Janice and her partner as they danced. Right from the outset their bodies had been touching and as they moved around I saw the guy sliding his hands around her slim waist to the small of her back, I could see him gently pulling Janice tighter to him, but she didn’t seem put out by this. A few moments later his hands slid down onto the upper curve of her buttocks, again Janice seemed comfortable with what was happening so I contented myself to simply watch and sip at my drink. The guys hands gradually slid lower until they were almost cupping Janice’s bottom, as I watched his movements our fantasy drifted in and out of my thoughts.

“Hey Ken,” Ann’s voice distracted me from watching Janice. “you forgot to put up the mistletoe!”

“I’ll soon fix that.” Ken’s voice replied from somewhere near the kitchen as the record drew to an end.

As I turned my attention back to my wife I saw Ken go into the kitchen then come back out with a handful of mistletoe sprigs. In the few seconds my eyes had been away from her Janice had gained a new dance partner, this man was not slow in sliding his hands around her waist and down to her bum and as they danced I watched him slowly rubbing her buttocks. Strangely I didn’t feel jealous, though I did feel a little put out that I was not getting the chance to dance with Janice. Ken crossed my cone of vision, paused, stuck a sprig of mistletoe to the ceiling with some tape then moved on. Glancing up I saw mistletoe sprouting at half a dozen points around the ceiling and he hadn’t finished putting it up. Thinking that this was a bit like overkill I went back to watching Janice and her partner just in time to see the guy give her bottom a squeeze. Janice leant back and said something to him to which he shrugged and grinned, though I noted his hands didn’t move away from her.

Just then the record ended, I saw Janice make a quick move out of the room and guessing she was heading for the toilet I followed her out. The toilet door was closed when I got there, but it opened a few moments later as Janice stepped out.

“Hi honey.” I grinned at her. “You okay?”

“Hi honey yourself.” She replied leaning up to kiss me. “Yes, I’m fine. A little drunk and light-headed, but fine.”

Well I had to kiss her back and one thing led to another, before long we were kissing heavily and doing some serious petting. By the time we came up for air my cock was almost fully hard and Janice had that gleam in her eye that meant ‘fuck me’.

“Go to the loo,” she grinned at me. “then we can go back downstairs and dance.”

“I was wondering when I was going to get to dance with you.” I grinned as I headed into the toilet.

“I do suddenly seem to be a popular dancing partner.” Janice chuckled through the door as I struggled to get my hard member to point at the toilet bowl.

“You seem to be enjoying the attention.” I called back to her still struggling to pee.

“It’s just some harmless flirting, but I’d rather it was you doing it.” She replied.

“There you are.” Came Ann’s voice. “I thought you and Paul had snuck away.”

“I said we’d stay to help out at the end didn’t I.” Janice said sounding a little annoyed at her sister.

“Yes you did.” Ann laughed. “Anyway, come on downstairs and join the fun.”

“In a minute,” Janice answered. “I’m just waiting for Paul.”

“Paul’s a big boy, I’m sure he can find his own way back to the living room.” Ann said. “Come on.”

It took me another few minutes to finally pee, by the time I got back downstairs Janice had just finished another drink and was being taken into the arms of yet another of the men there. Sighing I went to make my way towards what had been our intimate corner, I had barely taken a step when Ann was in front of me, she looked up at the ceiling and grinned. Looking up I saw a sprig of mistletoe, looking down I gave her a little smile then had to catch my balance as Ann threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I heard a few chuckles as she drew out the kiss and then it was over, grinning at her I shook my head and turned to look at the centre of the room. There were only three couples dancing now, including Janice, when I looked around the room I saw seven guys lounging around chatting and joking with no sign of their partners. Ann stood with her arm around my waist as I looked back towards Janice and wondered where the other women had gone. Janice was dancing tightly pressed to her partner, his hands were on her buttocks gently squeezing and kneading them which made me think of our fantasy again.

A short while later Janice and her partner drifted under one of the many sprigs of mistletoe Ken had stuck up on the ceiling, there were so many sprigs on the ceiling above the centre of the room that it was almost impossible to miss them. Her partner looked up then grinned down at Janice, I saw her look up then shake her head while smiling, a moment later the man was kissing her. My cock went hard once again as I watched this guy kissing my wife while squeezing her buttocks, he drew the kiss out for quite some time then parted their lips just as the song that was playing ended. He moved away from her and Janice took a quick step away from under the mistletoe glancing up to make sure she wasn’t under another sprig before looking around for me. Just as she spotted me another of the guys joined her and asked her to dance, Janice made some reply then looked my way, the guy looked my way too then said something that looked like ‘I’m sure he won’t mind’.

Reluctantly Janice turned to the guy and let him take her in his arms, I barely noticed Ann moving away from me as I watched the guys hands move straight to my wife’s buttocks. The pair drifted around for a few seconds with his hands already kneading Janice’s buttocks, then the inevitable happened they moved under another sprig of mistletoe. Once again I watched as another man kissed my wife firmly, as the moments passed and the kiss went on my cock grew harder. Someone handed me a drink which I drank in one gulp without taking my eyes off what was happening at the centre of the room. When at last their lips parted Janice looked a little flushed and breathless, but she seemed to calm down as they continued dancing until the end of the record. Instead of a new partner the man drew her over to a couple of other guys, she was handed a drink, a very large one which she drank in big gulps while the guys chatted to her and each other. I decided to join them so that I could get a dance with Janice, but I’d forgotten that damned mistletoe.

I was half way to where Janice was standing when one of the other women stepped in front of me with a grin on her face. Glancing up I gave a mental sigh, looking down at the woman I leant forward to give her a quick peck then move on my way, but she was having none of that. With a little jump this woman threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, and I mean kissed me! Her lips pressed against mine with almost bruising pressure, her tongue flicking across my lips sensuously while her body rubbed against me, dimly I was aware of a record starting and by the time the woman finished kissing me the record was half over. Breathing heavily I stepped away from her and the mistletoe then looked over to where Janice had been, she wasn’t there so I looked towards the centre of the room to see her kissing with yet another man under some mistletoe. I had no idea how long the man had been kissing Janice, but his hands were busy pressing on her buttocks then sliding up and down her back. The record ended and another guy immediately moved in to take Janice in his arms before she could move away from the mistletoe, he didn’t even draw her attention to the green sprig above them, he just leant in and kissed her intimately.

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