tagIncest/TabooJust A Cumrag Ch. 05

Just A Cumrag Ch. 05


My life flashed before my eyes. What had I done? How was I going to explain this? I wouldn't be able to; I mean, my nephew had his cock balls deep lodged in my slut ass and I was moaning like a bitch in heat. Not with twenty of the best lawyers would I be able to talk myself out of this one. In the blink of an eye I could see this incident ruining my entire life; being branded a pervert and an incestual slut, my family and friends would turn away, if word got out I could lose my job. I tried to get up, causing Malcolm's cock to slip out of my ass briefly. He seemed to be unaware of her presence or he just didn't give a fuck, because he put his hand on my torso, pushed me back down and reinserted his dick back into my ass and started fucking me with renewed vigor. I wasn't planning on just letting him fuck me with my sister watching us - and probably about to kill me - but once he started slamming his hard cock into my ass again, there was little else I could do but lay there, moan and brace for the next impact.

"Malcolm, what the fuck?" Casey shouted. Malcolm, who had his back to her, now turned his head in surprise, confirming my suspicion that he simply hadn't heard her the first time. Once he laid eyes on her, I could actually feel his dick getting even harder in my ass, stretching me, even though he wasn't moving anymore. Casey, who was wearing a very short, red skirt and a black top - revealing several inches of her tummy - kept looking for a few seconds, glancing at her son and me alternately before turning away in disgust and storming out of the room. Malcolm turned to follow her and pulled his dick out of my slut ass in the process; with his fat, throbbing cock leading the way, he headed for the living room, leaving me there, with my ass spread lewdly open. I quickly closed my legs and hopped off the table as I watched Malcolm disappear; once he was out of sight, I heard some minor struggling and some angry whispering coming from my sister, followed by some whispering coming from Malcolm. I looked around for my clothes, remembering that Malcolm had taken them off into the living room. Realizing I was as much to blame as Malcolm, I wanted to go after him. I didn't want him taking the fall for this alone.

So, with nothing to cover myself up with, I tiptoed towards the living, finding it somewhat odd that I couldn't hear any more struggling or whispering. Imagine my surprise, as I peeked around the corner, when I saw Casey leaning with her back against a wall, her skirt pushed up and her panties down and Malcolm's index and middle finger lodged knuckle deep into her sopping cunt. They had been out of sight for less than twenty seconds, she couldn't have put up much of a fight!

"Oh my god!" I uttered out of shock and surprise, immediately feeling uncomfortable for having caught them in the act. But to my even greater astonishment, they didn't seem to be impressed, worried and distracted in any way by my presence. I could actually hear the sopping sounds of my sister's cunt being worked over by her son's fingers. Neither of them seemed to have any reservations about what they were doing.

I just stood there, butt naked, watching Malcolm finger fuck the shit out of my sister - his mom! - in my own living room. Apparently I wasn't the only incestual slut in the family. Realizing I was in less trouble than I had imagined, I relaxed a little bit, taking a small step closer to the spectacle. If they had no trouble doing that in front of me, then I figured I shouldn't be ashamed for taking a closer look either. I watched as Casey moaned and slithered against the wall, holding onto her son's shoulders with both hands. Her screams were getting louder and sluttier with every passing moment; she wasn't going to last much longer.

"Oh Malcolm... oh, yes... oh fuck... oh... OOOOOOOHHH!" she screamed as she clenched her eyes shut and her body convulsed several times. After fingering her through her orgasm, he pulled his fingers out of her, rather rough, causing Casey to gasp.

Without missing a beat - while Casey was sinking to her knees - Malcolm asked her, "Mind if I finish her?" referring to me with a hand gesture. Casey didn't reply - it was clear to all that it had been a rhetorical question.

As Malcolm turned to face me and started walking up to me, I backed away and whispered, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Finishing what I started," he replied insolently, grabbing his cock and wanking it, getting it fully erect again in just a few strokes.

"Wait a minute..." I whispered, still backing away into the dining room.

" ... you can't just pick up where you left off, after doing... her."

"Sure I can," Malcolm said, still following me.

"We should probably talk about this," I said as I bumped into the table with my ass, finding myself right where back where we started.

"Yeah, we probably should," Malcolm said, his voice dripping with sarcasm, as he lifted me up and sat me down on the table, pushing me onto my back as he placed the tip of his cock against my cunt. Somewhat relieved that he wasn't going after my ass again, I suddenly didn't feel the need any more to complain or whine, so I reclined a little bit and looked down as he pushed his dick into me. Very quickly my raging lust crushed whatever misgivings I had and allowed me to start enjoying the shafting I was receiving, again. After about thirty seconds of fucking me up my slutty cunt, he pulled out and positioned the tip of his cock against my asshole.

Startled I looked down and whispered, "You're not seriously thinking off putting it back up my aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... oh my god."

It was too late, he had already shoved it in; I closed my eyes and grunted.

After fucking my ass for about half a minute, he pulled out again and rammed it back up my cunt; he alternated at least six or seven more times, before I had had enough. Not that I didn't enjoy getting fucked in either hole, but his constant switching prevented me from getting off, or even coming anywhere near an orgasm.

With my eyes closed, I made a desperate gesture with both hands and grunted, "Malcolm, will you please make up your mind and pick a hole already!"

"Yes Malcolm," I heard my sister whisper, "Pick a hole and fuck your aunt Erin like the whore she so desperately wants to be."

Startled, I opened my eyes and looked at my sister - fully dressed again - who walked up next to Malcolm, smiling down at me. Although I knew she was around, I hadn't expected her to come in into the room to watch me get fucked. Then again, I did see her get fingered in the hallway too.

"Hey sis," she whispered, smiling down at me.

"Hey [grunt]," I replied.

"Enjoying yourself, you little slut?" she asked as she walked up to the table, standing next to me.

"You're one to [grunt] talk, he's your son [grunt]!"

"You're right, It would be a tad hypocritical to hold that against you, now wouldn't it," she whispered as she began caressing my arm with her fingers. I smiled at her and as Malcolm kept pounding into me, I realized he had apparently made up his mind as he had been fucking my cunt for more than a minute now. As I finally began to feel an orgasm brewing deep inside of me, Casey's fingers wandered off to my chest and began playing with my nipples, gently caressing and tweaking them. As time passed she became bolder and started rolling them between her fingers, even tugging them a little bit. By the time I actually orgasmed, she was really yanking them, wonderfully hurting me and thus providing me with some extra pleasure.

When Malcolm came about half a minute later, he took a step back and pumped the goo out of his big dick as he groaned loudly and remarkably calm. I looked up and joined Casey in staring at the young stud who was shooting fat ribbons of cum onto the carpet underneath the table. When it was empty, he wiped his cock disrespectfully on my inner thigh and left. Now that everyone had had a chance to get his/her rocks off and with Malcolm gone from the room, I expected things to get awkward real fast again between my sister and me. But, while I hopped off the table and gathered my thoughts for a moment, Casey walked into the living room and came back with my clothes. As she handed them to me, she smiled and whispered, "I think we need to have a little talk, don't you agree?"

"Thank you," I said as I took my clothes, "That's probably a good idea."

As I got dressed, Casey sat down at the dining room table; apparently she had no problem sitting and talking where her son had pounded my cunt and asshole only minutes before... coincidently, neither did I. After getting us both a soda from the kitchen, I sat down across from her.

We were both completely open and frank with each other; she told me how things between her and Malcolm had started, how she became a cumslut and how he had humiliated her to her very core on multiple occasions, how he had given her all sorts of disgusting facials, how he had fucked her in every hole and finally, how he had destroyed her in the video store. The revelation about his sperm and erection pills cleared up a lot of questions as well; that's why he was always hard and cumming like a fucking horse. Then it was my turn; I told her how Malcolm had lured me into his trap, how he had ignored my futile attempts at resistance and how I had finally given into his arrogance and how he had used me as his fuck toy ever since. Our stories were pretty similar and I could only imagine how Malcolm would have degraded and abused me further if Casey hadn't intervened. After we were both done talking, a silence ensued, which quickly became more awkward than the whole past conversation put together.

"Do you still put out for Jason?" I asked, desperate to break the silence.

"Are you kidding me? Even if I wanted to, I don't think I 'd have the time, with Malcolm sticking his thing in me several times a day and cumming on me every chance he gets," she replied.

"You're bad," I smiled, "Ignoring your husband like that."

"I know," she smiled as she sipped from her soda.

"So, what now? Where do we go from here?" I asked, addressing the elephant in the room.

"Hey, don't look at me, I am just a fucktoy," she replied with an evil grin.

"... just a dumb, willing cunt..." she added as she took another sip.

"... something to cum on and..." she continued.

"Ok, I got it!" I interrupted her as her nasty talk was starting to make me wet again.

"Sorry," she smiled, realizing her words were probably having the same effect on me as they were having on her. "I guess I'll go and talk to Malcolm, see what he has in mind for us," Casey said as she finished her soda and got up, walking out and heading upstairs.

While I waited for her to return, I flipped through a few nearby magazines and finished my soda. About seven minutes later - a lot sooner than I expected - Casey came back down.

"He wasn't in a very talkative mood," she whispered as I noticed her left cheek was covered in slimy goo and her skirt was ripped to pieces; whatever was left of it, she was holding in her right hand. In her black top and white panties, she walked straight into the kitchen to wash her son's cum off her face. I was startled, but not more than that. After everything Malcolm had done to me in the last few days and from everything I had learned he had done to my sister, his mother, this could hardly be described as a shock. After drying off her face, she walked back into the dining room and we started talking some more. There we were, just two dumb cunts waiting around for an arrogant, young boy to tell us what to do; it was like we had no will of our own. We both tried to be more okay with the situation than the other person, it was like a contest of who was the biggest slut.

Eventually we ran out of things to say to and turned to reading magazines to pass the time.

About an hour later, Malcolm walked into the living room, wearing nothing but his black boxers and called out, "Erin, could you come and suck my cock please."

"No more aunt or aunty Erin," I thought to myself as I got up, "Just Erin apparently."

As I walked into the living room, he slouched down in the couch and flipped on the TV, spreading his legs fully so I could kneel in between them. I caressed his crotch through his boxers for a few seconds as I got comfortable - I figured I was going to be there a while - and then carefully took out his cock, wrapping my mouth around his big tip. He inhaled sharply, but never took his gaze off the TV. Slowly I started sliding my mouth up and down his pole, blowing the little bastard. After several minutes, he suddenly whispered, "Take out your fat tits."

Without taking my mouth off his cock, I took off my t-shirt, then reached back and unhooked my bra. After throwing it on the ground beside me, I cupped them in my hands, pushing them up as far as I could and as close to my face - and his cock - as possible. He reached out and absentmindedly played with them, squeezing the soft tit flesh, pulling at the nipples and circling my aureolas with his fingers, all without taking his eye of the TV.

After making me suck his cock for another couple of minutes, he said, "Take off the rest of your clothes, turn around and get on all fours."

I did as I was told, taking off my jeans and panties, no doubt in my mind what he was going to do next. Once I was in position, he said, "Face on the floor, use both hands to spread your ass cheeks."

"The little fuck is going after my ass again," I thought to myself as I obeyed his command. I felt him positioning himself behind me, but instead of feeling his cock enter me or even touch me, I simply heard him jacking off. God, this was a demeaning position! Which was probably what was fueling his lust; that, and the thought of what he was going to do next.

Suddenly he stopped jacking off and pushed the tip of his cock into my ass, stretching me. As I was already bracing myself for a serious ass fucking, I suddenly heard him groan and felt him convulse behind me. He was spurting his cum into my ass without having given me one decent shove! Feeling even more like a filthy whore than before, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I waited for Malcolm to pull his cock out of me; as he did, he dragged his flaccid cock across my left ass cheek, leaving behind a gooey line of cum.

As he slapped my right ass cheek, he said, "Thanks Erin," and sat back down on the couch.

Degraded and abused, I crawled to my feet, gathered my clothes and scampered out of the room; in the kitchen, I used a paper towel to clean his cum off my ass and then put my clothes back on, all while Casey was watching me from the dining room. While Malcolm continued watching TV, I went back into the dining room, talked to Casey for a few more minutes and then went back to reading magazines.

After another hour or so, Casey said, "How about we start dinner?"

"Sure," I replied. After browsing through the cook book for almost twenty minutes deciding on what we're going to make, I made a pitcher of ice tea and went into the living room to hand Malcolm a glass. Still in his boxers, he was watching a loud action movie.

He took the glass, smiled warmly and said, "Thank you aunt Erin." I returned to the kitchen and while I started preparations, Casey ran to the grocery store for some additional supplies. When she got back, we opened a bottle of wine and got to work.

About an hour and a half later, Malcolm's movie was over and he walked into the kitchen, his empty glass in his hand. Casey was stirring gently in the pot, while I was leaning onto my elbows on the other side of the kitchen island - talking to her - my back (and ass) towards the door. Malcolm came up behind me, put his glass down on the kitchen island and pressed his crotch against me. Our conversation stopped as Casey smiled at me; I put down my own glass and got up. After riding up against my ass for a few more seconds, he put his hands around me, holding his hands open an inch from my rack, ready to cup my tits. I looked down and took a sharp breath as he actually grabbed them. Malcolm mauled and squeezed my big tits, pulling my nipples through my clothes at the same time. After playing with me like that for a minute or two, getting me all wet and fired up, he let go of my tits and unbuttoned my jeans in the front, pulling them down along with my panties.

I glanced over my shoulder at him, breathing heavily. Although I knew my sister was right there, less than two meters away from me and probably gawking at us, I didn't have the nerve to look at her right now, so when I had my eyes open, I just stared at the kitchen island. Malcolm pushed me down, forcing me to lean on my elbows again and nudged his hard cock in between my legs. Using his fingers to feel around down below, he guided his erection into my wet twat. As he began fucking me, he grabbed the neckline of my t-shirt and ripped it down the front so his hands could push my bra up to free my tits. Not that he felt the need to actually touch my naked breasts; he simply wanted them to sway back and forth as he continued pumping me.

Several minutes later, he pulled out and whispered, "Stay like that," as he walked around the island to where the kitchen stove was and where Casey was still stirring.

Realizing he was coming for her, she turned the stove down all the way and put down her spoon she was using. Malcolm walked up behind her, put his hands in her sides and guided her into the same position as I was in, right across from me. Our faces were now only about 10 to 12 inches apart. As we looked at each other, Malcolm pulled down his mother's panties - she hadn't bothered with putting on another skirt - and inserted his big dong into her willing, wet cunt. She closed her eyes and I noticed her fingers of both hands opening up and attempting to claw at the stone surface. With her mouth wide open and her eyes closed, she took the next thirty seconds of hard pounding her son was giving her. As he fucked her, he also freed her tits from her bra, but did so without ripping any clothes - apparently one ripped piece of clothing per slut was his quota.

"Stay like that," he said, now to Casey, as he pulled out of her and walked over to me, positioning himself behind me. As he entered me again, it seemed like he had grown another inch or so. My god, he was fucking huge! I could feel him bumping against my cervix as I moaned and groaned unabashed, once in a while opening my eyes and looking at my sister. She looked flushed and clearly horny as she was constantly playing with one of her tits. A few minutes later it was her turn to get fucked again. Malcolm kept switching between our cunts, each time walking around the kitchen island with his rock hard cock veering up and down. I knew it was probably the result of his erection pills, but it was still an impressive sight nonetheless. After ramming it into each of our cunts at least ten times and fucking us hard for several minutes every time, he decided he had had enough.

"You sluts ready for the big finale?" he asked as he climbed onto the kitchen island, having just pulled his cock out of my battered cunt. Neither of us replied as we knew it was a rhetorical question; besides we were both panting like a couple of asthmatic grannies, so we probably couldn't have formed a coherent answer anyway. He got on his knees in between us, his throbbing erection right in the middle of the gap between our faces, and used both hands to nudge our heads closer together. Casey and I licked our lips and each started slobbering over half of his cock, running our lips and tongues over his fat shaft. The skin of his cock was so stretched that it seemed like it was going to burst open, his tip was dark purple and his balls felt extremely warm. Everything about his genitals indicated that he was going to cum soon, and big! With two slutty mouths stimulating him, it was soon indeed! Barely ten seconds later, he arched his back, howled and pushed our heads apart, away from his crotch. As we hadn't been ordered to take it in our faces, we tactfully stayed out of his line of fire and watched as six fat, disgusting strings of cum splattered onto the kitchen island's stone surface.

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