tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust A Cup Of Tea...

Just A Cup Of Tea...


I'd had to leave California in a big hurry. The police were after me and this psycho guy from Sacramento was after me for revenge. I'd scammed him good but in the course of the job I messed up his perfect little life and he lost someone he loved. It's fair to say he wasn't psycho before I came along. It is also fair to say he hasn't discovered the $123,000.00 missing from his IRA account yet or he'd really be pissed.

Too bad.

So here I am in London after buying myself a trip here from Mexico City and I had to get a job. There isn't a lot of work here for a 21 year old girl with not much experience in legitimate work so after a couple of weeks I accepted a position as the au pair or nanny for a very proper British gentleman and his three little girls.

Stuart, a good looking forty year old gentleman, is the department head for some obscure health related section in the Home Office. His wife Victoria, once equally good looking, mostly did volunteer work for children's charities before she died. They really seemed the picture of a lovely couple at one time.

I settled into my room (a full apartment, really) and set about my duties with preparing the girls for school each day, dropping them off, picking them up, and then doing the odd chores in between. Then, most nights, I played mommy to the girls and found myself loving them after only a few weeks.

In all of this time I barely got to know my employers. I knew Victoria had wanted more children, and so did Stuart, but Victoria's failed bout with ovarian cancer had ruled out Stuart ever having a son.

One Saturday I was off on my morning walk and returned to find Stuart waiting for me at the kitchen door.

"Christie," he said,"we have to talk. I've made us some tea and I'd like your presence in the upstairs salon."

I sensed the serious nature of his request and feebly replied, "Yes, sir." as I followed him up the stairs to the salon off the master bedroom.

We sat and he poured me a cup of tea in that peculiarly elegant manner that the British have mastered over the centuries. Despite the gravity of Stuart's tone, I found it quite charming.

"Christie, do you know what I do for the Home Office?"

I looked up from my tea. "Not really, sir. I know it to be medical or something like that."

"Hmmph!" he looked at his own tea before setting it down. "I am in charge of performing the background investigations on doctors who are accused of certain crimes. Now, being as that this as my avocation would you conclude that I know all about you, too?"

He didn't even look at me to watch me turn white with fear.

"Drink your tea, Christie, before it gets cold."

I sipped at the tea while he got up and walked across the room to look out at the gardens below.

"I sent the girls to the grandmother at the Devonshire house for the weekend so that you and I would be able to discuss this matter in better detail, so please do not concern yourself about them as we proceed. Understood?"

I almost sputtered into my tea. "Yes, sir...understood."

"Good girl." He sat down. "Now onto this business in California: says here you are wanted for theft, fraud, impersonation, and felony flight to avoid prosecution. And I know it is all true having seen your bank balance, which, by the way, is now zeroed out. The bank manager and I attended Eton together and old Reggie was happy to hand your funds over to me upon my simple request. I dare say your running days are now over."

Shit. I make it all the way across the Atlantic Ocean just to get fucked over in England. I couldn't stop the tears once they'd started.

"Are those tears of remorse? How lovely. Christie, when I did your background investigation I was both shocked and pleased at what I'd found. Would you care to know why?"

I looked up at him and just nodded and sniffled. It must have been the shock of it all because I was just starting to feel numb from it all.

"Right. I was shocked because of the responsible young woman you are with my girls. And then I was pleased at the opportunity that you present me with."

He reached over and poured more tea into the empty cup I clutched in my hands.

"I need to make a proposal to you that includes a choice. First, do you wish for me to turn you over to the authorities for extradition?"

I felt the tears rise up again. I trembled as I croaked out my response. "No, sir, I don't."

"Right. Good then, drink your tea, dear, and I'll be back in a moment."

He got up and strode into the bedroom, closing the twin doors behind him with a bit of a flourish. I finished the lukewarm tea and nervously finished off the pot waiting for Stuart to return.

I suppose twenty minutes went by as I waited for Stuart to return. I had been sitting with my legs crossed and they must have fallen asleep as they had gone quite numb. I had to pick up my one leg with my hands to uncross them and then I had to sit there and hope Stuart didn't ask me to get up right away when he got back.

The doors opened and he walked out having changed from his suit to his robe and slippers. What the hell was going on? , I wondered.

"Now, the other part of this choice includes your having a son for me."

He sat down across from me, studying my reaction.

"Sir, I don't get it...I mean..." I just cried. It took me only one more second to decide to run and get the fuck out of there. I leaped to my feet and collapsed straight onto the woolen carpet. My numb legs had betrayed me.

"Were you going to run away?" His voice became almost evil. "And I had wanted this to be romantic, after a fashion."

He reached down and picked me up in his arms.

I raised my fists to hit him and made only a feeble strike on his shoulder. In frustration I screamed and it just came out a squeak.

"Yes, that would be the Norbicane kicking in." He looked down at me as he closed the bedroom doors with a couple of nice kicks.

"Norbicane is a nice little drug we haven't approved yet. It's for immobilzing patients for brain surgery while keeping them fully conscious and aware. I hear it gives a nice little euphoria, too."

As a matter of fact, it did. He laid me on the big puffy bed and I felt like I was on a cloud of air. The full effect of the drug washed over me as Stuart undid my sneakers and then placed them neatly by Victoria's dressing chair. I enjoyed feeling the cool linen sheets on my thighs after he took off my jeans.

"Christie, you have beautiful legs. Our son should do well in track or sculling. Mmm. I dare say!"

He smiled as he unbuttoned my blouse and then sat me up to take it off. He sat behind me and caressed my bare shoulders as the fabric fell from my arms.

"Glorious." He almost whispered it.

My head flopped forward as I felt him deftly undo my bra, removing it before laying me back down.

"Dear, dear, dear! You do have lovely breasts! I think this shall not just be all business then. You just tell me if you want me to stop and I will, agreed?"

I had to work just to look at him at this point.

"Right. No complaints. Good girl!"

I closed my eyes and felt him kiss my right nipple and I felt the bud respond to his raspy toungue on it.


The tip of his nose traced a line across my chest to the other nipple and it, too, rose to the occasion. He focused on that nipple, sucking it, teasing it, lightly chewing it, as his hand dove into my panties. I'm not a very experienced girl and it was really quite amazing for me what he was doing...whatever that was.

"Oh, you're getting wet, you naughty girl!"

He was even better at this than I was. Maybe it was the drug, but I couldn't stop myself from wanting him to finish what he was starting. I felt my panties slip down a little and his hand got a better posit...oh...GOD...yes...ohhhh...yes he got a better position!

"Oh, my. Christie, I do say you're ready now. Say something if you disagree." He looked at me in the eyes for a moment and saw me swirling in the ecstasy of the drug and my release.

"Right. No complaints then."

He eased my panties off and down over my ankles and then just stared at my naked and helpless body, head to toe, before he very gently, even tenderly, covered me in the soft sheets and a cozy comforter.

He then sat back on his dressing chair and I could hear him just sit there breathing for a few minutes before he said anything.

"Christie, I want you to know that I know this will be rape. But I want you to consider your life if you turn me in and I also want you to consider your life living here, raising our children. I want you to consider if it would be so bad, really. Your son will inherit most all of this and you will never need to want for anything ever again. If you decide to love me we could even marry. At worst, you can leave after the boy is born and I will make you wealthy as only I can."

I think this little speech made his conscience somehow stop pestering him.

He stood up and walked to where I could see him and then he dropped the robe. He was no bodybuilder, but not bad. But as my eyes wandered down to his crotch I couldn't believe what I was seeing: fully erect was at least nine inches of very thick cock. Richard and Peter, my only other lovers, were just thin, six-inch guys, and that was plenty for me. This was going to be something else.

Stuart walked around the bed, but stopped to close the heavy drapes, bringing a darkness to the room. For a brief moment I saw his cock outlined in the shadows and I wondered how it would fit in me.

He slipped into the bed next to me and I heard him catch his breath as our bare skin touched.

"It's been a long time and I promise I will be patient."

I never figured out if he said that to me, or was he talking to himself, or maybe he was saying it to Victoria in some wierd way. Either way, it was a waste of breath.

He spent a few moments kissing my neck before he kissed me on the lips. The he looked me in the eye as he cradled my head in one hand and then pulled the pillow out from under me. He gently lay my head on the soft mattress and began kissing me again. His toungue met mine and he chose that moment to move on top of me.

I felt his legs push mine apart and his breath stopped for just a brief second as his cock touched my wettened pussy lips. My very tight pussy lips, that is.

He caught his breath and began humping me, trying to get that pillar of his into my little body. He was patient enough to try for a few minutes, getting things all nice and worked up down there and then he just stopped for a second.

"I'm sorry about this, Christie."

'Sorry about what?' had just floated through my mind when he seized me about the waist and drove himself into me. The pain was unspeakable. It got worse as he sawed that thing back and forth in me with each thrust going just a bit deeper and stretching out a new part of my body. If I could have I'd have screamed. I felt his cock finally poke up against my cervix and I expected him to stop there, but he kept pushing harder.

I couldn't believe it when I felt his balls against my ass how deep he was in me.

"There," a ring of satisfaction in his voice, "I'm all the way in your cute little pussy. You feel wonderful inside, did you know that?"

His lips found mine again and he began a slow humping of me as he kissed me. A few times I felt him tremble, as if resisting the urge to cum in me. When he suddenly increased his tempo I was filled with an amazing conflict of emotion: I was terrified at this man making me pregnant, I was thrilled with the sheer eroticism of simply having sex, and I was feeling pain from the stretching and fucking of my life. Whatever those emotions were they all came to a head as he slowed his tempo and made several deep thrusts into me. I felt his cock impossibly swell inside of me and then he impaled me with his spurting cock. A few more thrusts followed and then he collapsed on my chest, his hot breath loud in my ear and his cock still throbbing in my body.

I expected him to get off of me but he didn't. I lay there paralyzed with my employer on top of me, having just drugged, raped, and probably impregnated me. His cock softened and became more comfortable and I kept expecting it to slip out but it didn't. At some point I realized that he had fallen asleep on me and I, too, surrendered to the exertions and the aftereffects of the drug.

I woke up with Stuart's cock still deep in my pussy but I was able to move a bit now. I made to push him off and he just fell back on me. The motion made him move in me and I regretted the effort immediately. I felt his cock swell up in my sore crotch and he stirred, instantly beginning to take me again.

"N..no..p..please..." I croaked.

"Feeling better, are we? That's good. Give me another bit here and we'll be done, love."

He smothered my protest with his kiss and got more and more turned on as I struggled with him as best I could. I tried to push him off but he just held on tighter. Finally he gave up his gentlemanly demeanor and I saw the real Stuart.

"AAAArrrgghhhh!!!! You wonderful goddamned bitch I'm gonna fuck you so hard my cum'll blow out your fucking ears!!!"

He pounded me and drilled me harder and deeper and faster until his balls once again emptied into me. This time he got up off me and I heard him in the shower before he went downstairs.

It was a while before I could muster the strength to try to get up but I just fell back exhausted on the cum soaked sheets and fell asleep.

I awoke screaming the next morning as Stuart mounted me and he slapped me silent. I lay there and gave up my fight. He didn't say another word as raped me for the third time and filled me with his seed one more time.

We never did marry. I gave Donald to Stuart in the custody contract and Stuart gave me enough money to broker a deal for my freedom in the USA. But London is now my home.

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