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Just a Dream


Synopsis: A girl gets arrested for lying on her resume and is sent to a female prison where she gets punished in a different way than she thought.

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at writing Erotica. This means that the material in this story may or may not be idiotic, or humanly possible. I just let my imagination write this story. However, because of the adult material that is present in the story, I am forced to write the following warning...

This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts, including masturbation, lesbianism, and some non-consensual acts. If such material offends you, or if you are under the age of consent, do not read any further. All characters herein are 18 or over, and are not meant to resemble anyone living, dead, or fictitious.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My head was foggy. I couldn't think straight.

I remember bits and pieces of last night. Going to the bathroom, sitting down. I swear I had to pee, but I don't remember anything coming out. Maybe it was coming out the other hole?

All I know is, being a girl is hard. Our minds force us to be proper. Our emotions change at the drop of a hat. And there's that other thing... that once-a-month pain-in-the-ass that every girl goes through that some guys pretend to ignore.

That's why I don't go for guys. I remember lessons throughout high school and my first year in college about STD's and other diseases caused from guys. Ewww!!! I feel like puking just thinking about it. Sometimes, at night, I would remember right before I went to sleep the fun that my girlfriend and I had while we were dating. We were together for my entire College Freshman year. We still talk to each other sometimes, but not that often.

The reason my girlfriend and I don't keep in touch too often is because she is still in college as a sophomore, but I got accepted at a law firm. Apparently, all you need to do to get away with lying on your resume is just to word it correctly. However, that's another story.

Like I said before, being a girl is hard. Especially when you drink an entire bottle of alcohol the size of your forearm and attempt to still function correctly. I remember walking over to my bed, a queen size with red satin pillows and a big and very fluffy blanket. I doubt I covered up with the blanket.

Right now, I think I am having a dream.

I am in my living room, sitting on my couch. I guess I still live in the duplex on Main, down the turnpike a block. My girlfriend, Brenda, is sitting next to me. We are both watching Law & Order. She turns towards me with a hesitant look on her face. I look back into her gorgeous blue eyes, seeing her almost-pale face framed in her bleach-blonde hair.

"Hey, um... Hey Christy?" she says.

"Yeah, Brenda? What's up?" I ask.

"Maybe it's not a good time, but I'm feeling... a little heated right now. I'll be upstairs relieving this feeling." She stands up, stretches, and walks upstairs.

I understood what she meant. The word 'heated' when used like that means 'horny.' She obviously went upstairs because she wanted to masturbate. I paid little attention until Law & Order was over. I started flipping through the channels to see if something else was on, but in the split-second when the channels were changing, I heard a loud moan coming from upstairs. I tried to ignore it, and I didn't hear it the rest of the time I was looking for something to watch, but after a while it got to me. There was a beautiful girl upstairs, naked, working her pussy with anything she can find until she brings herself to the peak of pleasure.

I had to join her.

My fingers wiggle a bit as they drag across the buttons on the remote to click the TV off. When the screen blinks, then goes black, I sigh and set the remote next to me on the couch. I reach my hands down for leverage, then push myself off the couch, standing up a bit too quickly. I almost stumble forward, then I become a bit dizzy. The feeling passes after a second or two.

I walk around the couch and start to climb the stairs up to the second floor, where Brenda is bringing herself off. I walk through the upstairs hallway, passing the upper bathroom on my right. The door's closed, and I keep walking, noticing the door at the end of the hall, the door to our bedroom, is slightly ajar. I walk over to it slowly, the moans that I heard before are now returning to my ears, louder. I reach the almost-closed door, pushing it open ever so slightly, before I witness the most amazing sight a girl like me could ever see.

Brenda, hot and sexy Brenda, was laying down in bed spread-eagled with a vibrator hanging out of her pussy. Her fingers were pinching and rubbing her nipples, her head flipping side-to-side, getting close to the verge of climax. Almost on autopilot, my right hand drops inside the skirt I was wearing, working its way inside my panties. My fingers start to work furiously at my clitty as my left hand works at my rapidly-hardening nipples. My eyes refuse to look away from the sight before me. It just turns me on so much, watching her without her knowledge of my presence.

But, finally, I couldn't stay quiet anymore.

I gasped not only at Brenda getting herself off, but also from my own ministrations. Brenda's eyes opened almost immediately, but her face had more of a look of satisfaction than shock. I stop rubbing my clit and nipples, pull my hands out from my T-shirt and skirt, then I walk over to the bed, taking off my clothes with every step. Brenda is now removing the vibrator from the glistening folds of her sex. I put my right hand on the bed, my left hand grabs the vibrator as the last inch is removed from Brenda's pussy. I turn the vibrator off.

I lift the vibrator to my face, inhaling the sensuous aroma before wrapping my lips around the tip. I slide my tongue all around the tip, sliding the vibrator farther inside my mouth. I pull it from my mouth, soaked in my saliva, then Brenda sits up and grabs it from my hand with her right hand. She wraps her left arm around my waist and pulls me so that I drop onto the bed, laying across her legs. I yelp at the speed and force, I laugh at the thrill and excitement.

I can feel Brenda grab my legs and pull me so that my pussy hovers directly over her mouth. I hear her turn the vibrator back on, the low humming sound instantly flooding through my ears, before I feel it slide inside my pussy. My clit is now being savagely attacked by Brenda's tongue. The combination of tongue and buzzing on my vaginal lips makes me moan quite loudly. I open my eyes and my mind gets pulled out of the clouds just long enough to see the shining pussy lips just under my head. I tilt my face down and drop my head into her pussy, instantly going to work on Brenda's nether lips.

We are going at it 69 style, and I am loving it. I slip my hands under Brenda and grab her ass, pulling her pussy even further into my face. My tongue lashes out into the depths of Brenda's sexy pussy, her juices are smearing all over my face. I can feel incredible pleasure wash over me as I eat her out, I am nearing orgasm. I stop licking soon as the feeling floods through my body, I cry out.

"I... I... I'm cu... cumm... ing!"

I surf wave after wave of orgasm, my body quakes with lust.

I open my eyes. It was just a dream. But I know it felt so real. My head feels much better, the effects of the alcohol must have worn off. I sit up and instantly feel the sheets are wet along with the blanket on top of me.

I guess I did cover up with the blanket after all.

My hand grabs the edge of the blanket and I throw it off of me. I guess I went to bed wearing nothing but a white lace bra. Inbetween my legs are soaked with my own juices. I look over at the alarm clock.

3:27 a.m.

Well, there's no use trying to stay up , so I'll just have to go back to bed or something. I remove my bra, since a bra will do me no good if I have another dream like that again. My tits spring out instantly, my nipples hard as diamonds. My breasts are quite big, being D-cups, but what bothers me is the fact that they might even be filling in to be even bigger in a few months. I lightly touch the hard spikes at the tip of my breasts with my right hand, my left hands drops towards my pussy.

The second my finger starts rubbing my clit, I explode in an instant orgasm. My body rumbles in passion as every nerve ending in my body is stimulated and sent out of control. I moan a deep, breathy moan and my fingers continue to gently pinch my nipples. The orgasm fades after a moment, and my head drops back onto the pillow. My eyes close and it's not long before I'm having another dream.

I guess this time I'm looking in the fridge for something. I reach deep inside to find that my hand grabs onto nothing. I suddenly get shoved to the side by Brenda, who reaches in the fridge for me saying something like "Here, I'll get it." I stand up and see Brenda pull out a bottle of chocolate syrup. That's when I realized we are both naked. I look around, feeling as if I don't know where I am. Yet, the second I look back at Brenda, I know exactly where I am.

My old apartment.

I look around quickly to find the counter. I walk over to it, lay my hands on the edge, push my body off the ground, and end up sitting on the counter. A marble counter. Brenda finally stops rummaging through the fridge and stands back up. I notice that she also has a spray can of whipped cream. She walks over to me and I lay down spread-eagled. It is at this moment that I have absolutely no control over my body.

I see Brenda crawl over me on the counter and we lock lips, embracing one another in a very heated exchange of saliva. Our tongues are sliding in and out of each other's mouths like they were boxing. Brenda breaks contact, then kneels over me, her delicious pussy is wet and smearing juices on my lower tummy. Brenda takes the bottle of chocolate syrup and pours a liberal amount onto my breasts and right next to her pussy on my stomach. She then turns around, flipping her leg over my body, and pours some on my pussy.

After she does this, she slides backwards a bit, using her ass to smear the chocolate all over my stomach. She then slides back more, rubbing my nipples with her asscheeks before stopping right above my face. Somehow, my body is still running on autopilot. My head tilts up and I start licking away at Brenda's oh-so-delicious pussy. My hands reach up and start kneading the chocolate into Brenda's ass. I can hear Brenda moan, then I feel Brenda's tongue on my pussy. I don't know if she's trying to clean the chocolate mess, or if she wants to return the favor that I'm giving her, but it feels sooo good.

After my orgasm subsided when Brenda finished cleaning my chocolate-covered pussy, Brenda flips her leg over me again, turning around for the second time. She grabs the whipped cream can and sprays two swirls on top of my breasts. She also sprays a line down my stomach and on her own tits, covering her nipples in the white, fluffy substance. My hands move up on their own and grab a double handful of her breasts, rubbing in the whipped cream as my fingers glide over her nipples.

Brenda bends down while I'm playing with her tits and she starts licking the whipped cream off of my own. I can't help but moan again as I play with her big, whipped cream-coated boobs. Even with nothing happening to my pussy, I can feel an orgasm coming fast. Soon, I feel Brenda's fingers had found their way back to my pussy and are now rubbing my clit in rapid circles. I pass by the point of no return and feel a vibration travel from my toes to my head and back again. My pussy seems to shiver, and my body can't help but roll slightly to each side as the tidal wave of passion floods through my body.

I lay flat on the counter as I realize that I just had two climaxes in a row without Brenda having even a single one. I use my cream-covered hands and throw them around Brenda's waist, quickly realizing that I have regained control over my body, and I flip us both over so Brenda is under me. I drop my head to lick up the last of the whipped cream smeared across her breasts, then I kneel over her stomach the same way she did with me. I look down to see the line of whipped cream still down my own stomach.

I reach behind me with my right hand and shove two fingers into Brenda's pussy, then I use my left hand to reach up and start playing with Brenda's breasts. She takes two fingers and glides them down my stomach and collects quite a lot of the whipped cream, except for a thin trail down both sides. She then brings her fingers to her mouth and licks off the cream. She takes both of her hands and glides her palms up the two trails, ending their trip at my tits. She grabs and starts gently squeezing and rubbing them.

I stop playing with Brenda's nipples and reach my left hand up to grab the back of Brenda's hand, encouraging her to play with my nipples more. I speed up my thrusts inside her pussy, feeling it clamp around my fingers quite nicely. I hear her moan and I look down into her eyes. That spark of love that we had the first time we met was reignited as we gazed into each other's eyes. Brenda suddenly closes her eyes and opens her mouth wide, letting out the most beautiful scream as her orgasm explodes inside her body.

I wake up to find out I am rubbing my own pussy.

I keep going until I bring myself to climax. The second I can open my eyes, I look over at the alarm clock on the nightstand by my bed.

It's noon.

I sit up and flip the blankets off my body and can't believe how much of my sexual juices had soaked into the blankets. I throw them at the end of the bed, letting them fall on the floor making a faint splashing sound. I get up and go downstairs into the kitchen to make myself some coffee. I suddenly hear a loud knock on the door and I walk over to answer it.

I am still naked.

I open the door to find two police officers at my front door. Once the fact that I'm naked registers in their heads, they resume their serious faces and speak to me in a forceful tone of voice.

"Ma'am, it has been proven that you have falsified information on your resume. You are under arrest," is what I am told.

I told them I'll go quietly and I walked over to their squad car. They suggest that I put some clothes on first, but I tell them I'll be fine. I can tell that they would rather fuck me than take me to jail and have to show me to the others in the station before I get thrown behind bars. I open the back door and get inside. They walk over to the car and get in both front doors.

The ignition is revved up. The car is started.

As we are driving down the road, I can't help but remember both of my amazing dreams. I get wet inside my pussy lips, and I must rub my fingers between them to ease the feeling. Very soon, it turns into a full-blown masturbation session and the entire inside of the squad car smells of my pussy. My head is foggy, but I can still see the officers up front thinking hard and discussing ideas. Between moans, I try to speak to them.

"You... you know... guys... you can... fu... fuck... me... if you want."

They almost instantly pull the squad car over. Luckily, we had been driving on the open country road, so there's rarely any people around here. I see them up front stripping off both of their uniforms. Afterwards, they open the doors and jump in the back. When they shut, the first one kneels by the driver's side window, the other one sits down next to the other window. The kneeling one fucks my pussy while I suck on the other one's thick 7 1\2" shaft. The head of his dick reaches just down my throat and stretches it just a bit while I'm getting my brain fucked out by the one behind me. He must take pills or something, because his dick reaches farther than most of the dildos I've used.

Fingers from one of them begin to rub my clit between my dripping wet pussy lips. I cry out for more and I get it. Suddenly I feel something get shoved up my ass. I soon find out that it is the nightstick of the man behind me. He had lubricated it using my own flooding pussy and is now pulling it out of my ass. He shoves it back in again, and the dick accidentally falls from my mouth during my sudden intake of breath. I try to wrap my fingers around the man's dick with my left hand and I position my head under it, allowing me to lick all over his hairy scrotum. When I wrapped my fingers around the man's thick penis, they didn't touch each other.

I slide my hand up and down his thick cock while I lick his balls, and soon he explodes in my hand, his creamy jizz shooting far behind me, landing on my back. As the power of the shots weaken, it gets all in my hair and finally trickles down my face. I then feel the cum shoot out of the man's cock behind me, shooting deep into my womb. I sway my hips side-to-side, letting his balls empty completely into my pussy.

The man in front of me slips his arms under my arms and grabs my tits, kneading them back and forth while the one behind me raises my pussy to his mouth, licking his cum and my juices from my excited sex. I moan as the nightstick is still pumping in and out of my ass, and soon I reach another climactic peak. My orgasm was so powerful, I could literally feel the muscles in my twat flexing, and I knew I squirted a little bit of my own cum onto his face.

I turn around and lick my cum from his face, then wrap my hands around his head. I give him the hottest kiss ever, like a porn star, causing him to quickly regain his erection. I look down to see the giant purple head on his monstrous 10" cock. I tell him to jump in the front seat, not to worry because there's no one around to see him naked. Once he opens the door, I crawl up to the guard between the front and back seats. When he gets back in front and sees me through the holes, I ask him if there's a way to remove the guard completely.

He says there is, and after a few seconds, the guard is removed and set by the dashboard. I crawl inbetween the seats and lay on my back, my head resting on the armrest of the two seats in front. I grab my tits and rub them a while before telling him something he probably didn't expect.

"Hey officer, why don't you fuck my tits before your friend can take full advantage of me with his giant stick of meat. If you don't, I just might die."

He instantly straddled my face and started sliding his cock in and out of the crevice between my breasts. I tilt my face up and lightly lick his asshole. I can feel the man in back rub my clit while he fucks my pussy. I wrap my legs around the man's waist, feeling his big, thick cock pump in and out of my twat, stretching my inner walls farther than ever before. I scream in passion, I feel the guy's testicles above me slap me in my chin repeatedly.

I become unstable for a quick moment and wrap my arms around the two legs above me. In doing this, I cause the man to drop onto me, his asshole now touching my face. Ewww, gross! Even worse, he continues fucking my tits, his asshole rubbing up and down my entire face. I soon feel a special place in my body become stimulated, and it feels so good that I didn't care about he asshole rubbing against my nose and lips.

Some girls say the G-Spot isn't real. Some girls know what it is, but they don't know where theirs is. Other girls know what and where it should be, but they don't even have one to begin with.

I, however, know that right now, the man fucking me is driving his dick right at my G-Spot. I have never before found or stimulated my G-Spot before, but I know that the feelings I am feeling now are the best sexual feelings I have ever had in my life. I scream louder this time, I can feel the man above me shoot his load all over my stomach, I can feel sperm like a cannon inside my pussy. I can feel my pussy walls fluctuating as I shake and flip in my own orgasm.

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