tagLoving WivesJust A Feel Ch. 01

Just A Feel Ch. 01


Another cuckold story - if you don't like them then perhaps avoid reading it.


I thought about the road that had led us here as I watched my wife step out of the car and into the dark, dirty alleyway, tottering on her heels and pulling her tight black miniskirt down to half cover her arse cheeks, but leaving her stocking tops in full view.

My cock twitched as I watched her enter the dilapidated old building opposite without so much as a glance back at me and I wished that I could watch tonight. Instead I'd have to make do with remembering the last time she came here and masturbate to that.

Where did it all start? Well I'd caught her looking at porn, I say caught, but I hadn't actually caught her red handed. The internet history on our PC showed she'd been on Xhamster and it wasn't too hard to find the profile that she'd set up, she'd even used her own name and details, including the fact that she was twenty two and married, so I set up my own and sent her a friend request.

She'd uploaded a few sexy pictures of herself in her naughty lingerie, but no videos. Her favourites consisted of old men fucking younger women and some with a woman begin groped from behind in a number of different situations. It was all very exciting which surprised me at first, but after the third wank I found I was more than comfortable with the whole thing.

Then I looked at her friend list and wondered what kind of conversations she was having with them. They were all old men, mainly with their cocks out and the thought of them stroking while they chatted with my young wife and looked at her pictures got me hard again.

So I came up with a plan to get at her account, involving a little piece of software I found on the internet that allowed me to record her password the next time she typed it in. I went out all evening and left her to it, she was more than happy for me to spend time in the pub these days. Now I knew why.

My hands were shaking when I sat at the PC the next day, but after a few moments I was in her account with my cock out and stroking.

She'd had hundreds of messages and had replied to almost every one, they were almost all dirty, telling her how much they wanted to fuck her cunt, spunk on her face, fuck her arse and more. But it was the longer conversations she'd had that I was most interested in.

I was quite surprised at the language that she used, she never talked that dirty with me, telling some old codger how much of a slut she was and how she wanted him to feel her up and take advantage of her. She'd also been talking about getting a webcam but saying that she didn't want to make me suspicious. The thought of her showing her young sexy body to some dirty old pervert was too much for me and I spunked again all over my pants.

The new webcam was installed and ready by the time she'd got home from work.

When she asked me what it was for I explained that I needed it for a new project I was working on, the client had insisted on video conference calls, but that she could have a play with it if she wanted.

She seemed disinterested, but I knew better. I couldn't wait to get out to the pub and let her loose on it.

When I got home late that night she was asleep in bed. I crept into the study and noticed the window was open, but the fresh air couldn't disguise the smell of sweat and cunt. I smiled to myself and switched on the PC, unable to wait until tomorrow.

Before long I was in her account with my cock out, reading and rereading the same message 'You horny slut, stick that bottle up your cunt again,' when it was my turn to be caught.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Sasha shouted looking first at my cock and then the screen. Then her face changed from anger to embarrassment as she realised what I was looking at.

My wife clapped her hand to her mouth and ran out of the room, I heard the bedroom door slam and then silence.

I read the messages again, my cock achingly hard. Then, without thinking, I quickly stripped off and marched into the bedroom. Sasha was in bed, her back to me, curled up in a ball. She didn't react when I climbed in behind her, nor when I rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her legs apart, but she did gasp when I rammed my stiff cock up her cunt.

It didn't last long but I wasn't interested in her pleasure, I just needed something to fuck and cum in. After about ten strokes I emptied my balls into her and when I was done I rolled over and tried to sleep.

'You horny slut, stick that bottle up your cunt again,' was going round in my mind, over and over. I could hear that Sasha was still awake too, but she hadn't moved or made a sound since I'd fucked her.

I got up and went in search of the bottle, finally finding a wine bottle in the kitchen still with a faint odour of cunt on its long glass neck.

Returning to the bedroom I climbed into bed once more, my cock stiffening again as I presented the neck of the bottle to her spunk slick hole. Her face was turned away from me, but I just made out a slight gasp escaping her lips when she felt the coldness of the glass against her skin.

Pushing and twisting I sank the neck of the bottle easily into her cunt and still she didn't move, so I began fucking her with it firmly and then noticed her hips lift and begin to gyrate in small circles as she met its thrusts.

"The computer's still on," I whispered and heard her breathing catch and then become more irregular.

I let go of the bottle and waited to see what she'd do next. Sasha just lay there for a few minutes doing nothing, but just as I thought she might have fallen asleep I watched her slip the bottle out of her cunt, roll out of bed and pad off quietly towards the study without a word.

My heart was racing and my cock rock hard once more. I wanted to walk in when she was in full swing so I waited for as long as I could before following her.

As I approached the study door I could hear my wife talking in a low voice above the rhythmic squeaking sound of the chair. Taking my cock in my hand I poked my head around the door to see what she was doing.

"Oh fuck it's good, do you like it you dirty old bastard?" My young wife moaned, she had both feet up on the desk, her legs spread wide as she fucked herself with the wine bottle. I glanced at the screen and saw the two videos, one of her showing everything to a fat old man that I could see wanking in the other.

"Oh Sasha you dirty little slag," the old man replied as he wanked himself.

My wife glanced at me and then back at the screen. "My husband's watching you know," she gasped. "He's having a wank, I bet he wishes it was your cock up me and not this wine bottle."

"Oh yes," I breathed almost at the same time as the old man replied.

"All you have to do is ask Sasha love," then he gasped and I watched as he spunked all over his hand.

I came too, spilling what little cum I had left on the carpet while my wife finished herself off with a few more strokes of the wine bottle.

Leaving her to say her goodbyes I climbed back into bed and fell asleep almost straight away.

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