Just a Fun Day


The bed shook waking me to the smell of coffee and the sight of my nude wife setting down beside me. I slipped up leaning on the headboard as she gave me the worm life giving liquid.

“Hay sleepy head. Do you still want to go to the mountains today?” She asked me.

“Umm, yes. Do you remember that grove of tree’s we found last time? Well I want to take you up there and get some photos of you. Should be fun now that the leaves are changing colors.”

My 5’ 9” wife smiled at me. “And what would you like for me to wear?”

I cupped her right 36C breast in my hand then pulled gently on its nipple. “ I think that long blue denim dress that has all those buttons would be nice.” Her nipple hardened under my touch as I pulled her to me kissing her softly on the lips.

I slipped past her standing nude by the bed my hard dick sticking out as I sat down my coffee. I moved over to her dresser as she smiled at me. I opened it pulling out a pair of panties and a bra I wanted her to wear. The panties were a T-back thong that had a very shear and very tiny front panel. The bra was a matching one with shear cup’s that fully covered her breast but was so shear it was like she was nude.

“Come on lets shower.” I said to her as I laid her under wear down on the bed.

I pulled her up by the hand leading her into our bathroom. Our shower was very big with 4 heads. Two on one wall with one being higher than the other the taller one being for me. There was one on the opposite wall that was for any one else that we might have with us and then there was one in the ceiling that was for all involved in getting clean. I turned on the one over head as Terry got the towels.

“Is the a private party or can any one play?” I turned to find Betty standing nude in the bathroom door.

At this point I should explain to those of you who have been keeping up with our story that Charley had kicked Betty out after he found out about her liking girls as well as boys. It was a funny thing; he didn’t mind me fucking her but could not take it that Marry and Terry were doing her to. Betty moved in with us so now I had Terry my wife and Mary her sister plus Betty all living in the same house. It was a good thing they liked to do each other because frankly there was no way I could keep up with all 3 but there was one hard and fast rule. They could do each other or me all they wanted but no other men! Any way back to the story.

Terry went to her kissing her softly on the lips. “No baby there is plenty of room you know that!”

We all stepped into the worm water. We took turns washing and touching each other all over. I washed Betty’s back as Terry washed her front soaping up her tits and tummy then we all changed so the Betty was soaping me up washing my front soaping me up good as she washed every thing while I washed Terry’s tit’s and pussy! My dick bounced as Betty pulled on it softly before moving to Terry kissing her softly as they washed each other. I moved up behind Betty so that my dick slipped between her leg’s letting it in snuggle into her pussy slit. She turned her head kissing me running her hand over my face she then moved back to kissing Terry as she played with her tit’s and talked to us.

“What’s going on today? Any thing fun?”

“We are going to the mountains. Sam want’s to take some picture’s of the trees. Do you want to go with us?”

“ Oh yes of the tree’s that’s what he will be taking pictures of all right!” she laughed as she took my hand, “Nope! Mary and I are going shopping!”

We were all drying each other’s back. “Umm, That sounds fun.” Terry said.

I smiled at them as I walked out to the other room. “Now I need more coffee!”

I walked nude into the kitchen to find Mary setting at the table. She was wearing some panties and that was it as she turned the page of the paper. She looked up smiling at me as she pointed at my hard on.

“Why do you still have that? I would have thought that with both of them back there you would have been fucked out by now!” she giggled.

“Nope no fucking this morning! Terry and I are going to the mountains to play. I hope to get a good fucking in the process of spending a day in the clean mountain air!”

“Here come here?” she said to me.

I walked over to her letting her take my dick in her hand. She pulled on it stroking it back and fourth cupping my balls. She took it into her mouth sucking me then kissed the tip of it before letting it go smiling at me. I leaned down kissing her softly. I slipped my hand down between her legs cupping her worm soft pussy through her panties.

“I think I would love to suck and kiss this when we get back!” I said to her.

Mary kissed me again. “I think I can arrange that for you. Now go have fun!”

I was standing by the truck when the 3 girls came out back. Terry had on the dress I wanted and I could tell when I looked at her she knew me all to well. The top 3 buttons were open showing the tops of her full breast as the bra I had picked out for her let her breasts move with each step. It dress was also unbuttoned from the bottom up! It was open so high that I got just a flash of white from her thin panties as she walked. I took her bags from her and opened the door for her. Terry gathered her skirts around her legs as she climbed in then let it drop so that her lush’s legs became fully exposed all the way up to her panty covered pussy. God my dick did a dance in my pants as I took in her beauty.

We both kissed Betty and Mary good by and were off for a fun day! I drove us to the gas station by the freeway and pulled in. Terry gave me a knowing glance as I pulled up to the full service pumps. The kid that came out to service my truck looked to be about 19 and he almost fell over the curb when he looked in seeing Terry’s exposed legs. I could tell from where he was standing that he could not see her panties because her legs were crossed but he was seeing enough to be all smiles!

Terry and I talked about picking up some chicken to take with us as the boy washed the windows on my side. I watched his eyes as he strained trying to get a better look at her! Finally he moved to Terry’s side and started washing. I knew he was now able to see all the way up to her panties and as we talked Terry uncrossed her legs then bent over to pick her purse up from the floor. Her legs opened as she moved so the boy was getting a full look at her pussy as the crotch of her panties pulled up in her slit! Terry was at her best acting like she didn’t know she was letting him look at her. She sat her purse on the truck seat and fiddled in it turning just enough to let her dress fall open up to her hip! She took out her wallet and as she gave me the credit card she turned back and crossed her legs as she pulled her dress over her thighs!

The kid had almost rubbed a hole in the windshield as he watched Terry and didn’t snap out of it until the gas pump clicked off! I watched him with shaking hands as he took the card from me and then brought it back for me to sign. He was smiling from ear to ear as we pulled away! Again Terry acted like she didn’t know the show she had just given the kid. I knew her well enough to know she would be very, very wet!

We drove the miles to the turn off up into the mountains with Terry having her dress open up to her waist so that any trucker we passed would be able to get a good look at her long legs. Terry again acted like she knew nothing and we drove just holding hands and talking about any thing. My dick was killing me trying to bust out of my pants!

We pulled off the highway and I slipped the truck into 4-wheel drive just as Terry unbuttoned her dress the rest of the way letting me see her full boobs through her bra. We drove up to our spot with her tits bouncing all over her chest with each bump we went over or rock we hit. We finally reached our spot and I pulled us way up into the trees. I climbed out running around to let Terry out to find that she had slipped her dress off and she slipped out of the truck in just her bra and panties.

This spot is miles from any road and we both knew any one coming would be heard for a long time before they got to us. This would give her plenty time to cover up so she was very relaxed being almost naked as she went about putting out a blanket while I set up the camera and tripod. I started taking photos of her and she acted like I wasn’t even there as she finished putting out the things for our picnic.

“Come and eat your lunch Sam!” she had put some chicken and sallied on a plate.

She was setting Indian stile so that as I sat across from her I got a perfect look at her hairless pussy lips along with her big tits straining on her bra. I finally couldn’t stand it my dick was so full of blood that I pulled off my shorts setting nude from the waist down as we ate. Terry finished her food first and started walking around as I again started photographing her. When she came back to me she laid back in the sun and I knew what was coming next.

Terry laid back so that her legs were pointing to the camera. She closed her eyes as she began running her hands over her body cupping her tits then down her muscular tummy and back to her tit’s. She pulled on her nipples so hard I thought she would pull them off as I just kept taking pictures of her! She ran her right hand down over her tummy to her thighs and back up to her pubic mound. Now She cupped it letting her thumb slip into her lips as her soft flower opened and her juices began to leak out of her open hole! Terry’s breathing changed as her thumb was traded for a finger. She pulled her panties to the side and slipped two fingers into her vagina as she pulled on her clit with the other hand!

Clear fluid was leaking from the tip of my cock as I watched the girl I loved fingering her self, but I wanted it to last!

“Terry! Not yet honey! Don’t come yet!”

Her eyes flew open. “Oh god Sam I am so close!”

“I know baby but not yet please!”

I put the camera down and went to her kissing her softly. I pulled her fingers from her pussy putting them in my mouth. I pulled back from her taking her hand and pulled her to her feet.

“Come on!” she smiled at me as we picked things up and she thought about what was going to happen next! As I put things in the truck Terry took off her bra and panties. She slipped her dress back on and got into the truck. I had slipped on my shorts and kissed her as I started the motor. We drove the 4 or 5 miles back down the mountain to some campgrounds as Terry toyed with her self-the whole way. She was just keeping her self on the edge knowing I was fixing to fuck her.

I pulled us into the camp and found a spot close to a bunch of other campers. We stopped and got out moving to the back of the SUV lifting the back gate. I sat on the edge of the back with my ass on the bumper and with people not more than 50’ away! I pulled out my cock as Terry moved over me. She was facing away from me and an I knew she would be watching the campers as she slipped back to me lifting her dress in the back exposing her soft sweet ass to me. She put her legs on either side of mine and as she sat back onto my lap I pushed my cock up into her open soft wet hole!

She caught her breath as I went to the bottom of her vagina in one swift push! I could feel her womb open as I took her by the hips pushing up hard as I hitting bottom! Now Terry was shaking like a leaf as she rocked slowly on me. We were trying not to draw any attention as I fucked her but she knew any one could look and see us any second!

“Gunggg!” came from deep in her chest!

“Shhhhh!” I whispered to her as I fucked my self into her.

I cupped her tits pulling her top open so that they were about to fall out of it letting them become almost fully exposed. Terry was tossing her head back and fourth as she tried not to scream when I slipped my arm around her and up under her dress into her open slit to pull on her clit!

It was all too much and she came! Terry went off like a cannon!”

Uhphhhhh oh Sammm ohhhhhh!” she was coming and trying to be quiet, “OH baby hoooo pull it! Yess that’s it ohhh!”

I lifted her up just a little as I did what she asked me pulling hard on her clit! I started pumping into her hard and she cam again!

“Ohhhhhhhh,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddd ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Came from her in a soft kind of grunting howl!

I tried to hold her tightly to me as she came feeling her pussy spasm around my dick. She gave a grunt and pulled away my from me my cock making a sucking sound as it pulled out of it’s wet home! Terry moved letting her dress fall down around he calves.

“Quick baby get in the back!” She said pushing me into the truck.

I did as she asked slipping in and laying back as she came in with me pulling down the door as she came. She turned so that her pussy was in my face letting her dress fall around my head.

“Suck my clit Sam! Oh please suck it!”

I pulled her clit into my mouth sucking it like it was a little cock! I only dabbed it with my tong about 3 times and she came again! I knew she was setting up pulling on her tits as she came. She sat up moving as best as she could so that she could grind her cunt into my mouth as she finished!

“OHHHHHGODDDddddddddddddddddddd! Oh, oh, oh oh ohhhhhh yseeeeeyesssss!”

Terry lifted off of me then turned kissing me and licking her own juices off of my face. We held each other for a few minutes as she caught her breath then she kissed me again.

“Oh Sam, god that was so good! Mommy knows what you need now!”

Terry moved between my thighs and took my aching cock into her mouth sucking me deep into her throat! She licked up the back and all around the head. Then she tried to stick her tong into the little hole on the end. She licked it like it was and ice cream cone and then took it all back into her mouth and back deep into her throat!

I came!

“Umphooooooooo unnggggggg oh TerTerry honey yes suck it baby ohhhh!”

I watched as she took it all into her mouth not loosing a drop! She sucked me hard getting every drop until I finally started to soften in her mouth and hand. We stayed like that for a while with her head resting in my lap then she moved up holding my soft cock as she kissed me bighting my lower lip and sticking her tong in my mouth! I tasted my own seed on her lips as we kissed and held each other for a long time.

“Come on baby lets get out of here!” I pulled her to me one last time. “I love you Terry.” I looked at her taking her hands in mine kissing it as I did so.

She smiled back at me, “Are w ok?” she asked, “I mean you have a lot of pussy around the house all the time and I just want to be sure I am the one for you!”

“Well I’ll tell you what why don’t you let me lick that sweet pussy of yours again and I will think about it!”

Terry started to laugh, “No you think about not licking it ever again while your thinking about it young man!”

“Ok baby you are the one I love and don’t you forget it!” I kissed her softly.
“Thanks for a fun day baby!”

“I love you Sam!”

“And I love you to my sweet Terry! I love you very much!”

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