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Just a Girl


"SHIT!" The tone of panic in George's voice sent Luke scurrying out of the study before his brain even had time to wonder what had caused the exclamation. He was halfway down the hall by the time he started to worry; had George seen something out the window? The cops showing up, maybe, or the woman who owned the house coming back earlier than expected? Had they missed an alarm system or something when casing the house over the past couple days?

He was almost to the bedroom by the time he remembered that the bedroom window faced the back of the house, not the front. By the time he actually got into the room, he was already calming down from his initial surge of panic, and when he saw what had provoked George's outburst, he rolled his eyes in exasperation. "It's just a Girl, George. Jesus fuck, you scared me."

George was standing in front of an open walk-in closet, staring at the lavender-hued nude robot with gradually subsiding fear in his eyes. "She won't stop looking at me," he said quietly, obviously still a little spooked. The robot remained motionless, its smooth contours giving it the impression of a particularly sexy sculpture.

"Who cares?" Luke said, by now thoroughly irritated with his partner. "It's a glorified blow-up doll, George." Not for the first time, he wished he could have found someone a little smarter to help him with this job. But his usual partner was doing a nickel for possession of stolen property, and Diamond Billy had sworn that George was a stand-up guy, because he was the brother of Little Nicky Callahan and he'd already helped out on a couple of jobs. 'Not too bright', Billy'd said, 'but he's strong and quiet and two can haul more than one.' Luke was already regretting not paying more attention to the 'not too bright' part.

"What if she remembers us?" George said, still unwilling to look away from the Girl's glowing yellow eyes. The Girl remained perfectly still, and Luke had to admit it was just a little bit creepy standing there like that. Things that looked like people shouldn't stand that still. It made them look like they were waiting to pounce. "They're supposed to be intelligent, man. Maybe she'll remember what we look like."

Luke walked quickly across the room and grabbed his partner's jacket. "Then we'll take it with us," he said. "That's kind of what we're here for, you know?"

They both jumped a little when the Girl responded. "You're here for me?" it asked, tilting its head slightly as if to study them. "Did Charlene offer to lend me to you?"

Luke forced a smile. "Um, yeah," he replied, trying to sound cheerful and excited. He tried to pretend like he'd really been looking forward to playing with someone else's sex toys. "She did, she said that we could borrow you for the night. And, um, take you home. To our place."

The Girl smiled. The smile didn't look human, but it looked sexy. "Oh, there's no need for that," it said brightly. "We've got plenty of time. Charlene won't be home for another few hours, and there's a bed right here big enough for the three of us." Without waiting for a response, it sauntered past them to lounge on the edge of the mattress. "Room for two more," it purred out, its left eye flashing through a brief rainbow of colors as if to approximate a wink.

"Um..." Luke took George's arm, and pulled him over past the bed to the doorway. "Just a minute!" he called out to the robot.

George looked at him like he was nuts. "We're actually going to fuck that thing?" he exclaimed.

"Keep your voice down!" Luke hissed back at him. He leaned in conspiratorially. "No, we're not going to fuck it. We're going to steal it. I don't think it's that bright." He looked back over at the Girl, who had started to play with her...its...nipples, then back to George. "If we just tell it that its real owner said we could borrow it, I think it'll walk right out of here with us."

George looked over at the robot as well. Its eyes were glowing all sorts of colors in anticipation, and it smiled seductively at them. "Whenever you're ready, boys," it said in a husky, bedroom voice. "I'm here for your pleasure."

George looked back at Luke, confusion and greed mingling on his face. "You really think so?" he asked.

"It's a fucking sex toy," Luke whispered urgently, keeping one eye on the robot to make sure it didn't come closer. "How smart do you think they made it?"

George nodded, glancing back at the Girl as the fingers of its right hand slowly traced the curves of its body down to its pussy. "How much do you think we can get for one of those things?" he asked.

"I dunno," Luke said. "I've never seen anyone fence one before." Which was kind of strange, he thought as he watched the Girl play with herself. (Itself. It wasn't a person, it was a thing, he reminded himself.) He'd seen just about everything pass through Diamond Billy's pawnshop at one point or another, whether because it was stolen or just because its real owner was a little down on their luck. One guy had sold his false teeth, for fucksake...but nobody had ever pawned a Girl. Nobody had ever stolen a Girl. It was kind of odd, when you thought about it.

It was a long moment before George spoke again. "Maybe I'll just keep it, then," he whispered, almost to himself. "I mean, you know, as part of my share. It might be kind of nice to have one." He reached down to adjust his pants slightly. Luke tried not to notice the boner George was sporting.

"Yeah, um, fine," Luke said, looking back over at the Girl. She was really going to town-- It, he reminded himself irritably. It was really going to town down there. Luke could actually see moisture trickling out of its snatch. It didn't smell like pussy, though. It smelled sweet, like strawberries, and Luke was surprised to find his mouth watering at the scent. "Just break off its arms and legs or something so that it doesn't try to, um...to get..." She was still smiling at them, he realized. She was smiling that same patient smile, waiting for them to go over to the bed, and she had such beautiful eyes...

"You've never been with a Girl(tm) before, have you, boys?" she asked. She spread her legs a little wider, and the sweet strawberry smell wafted through the room. Luke could see a little wet spot on the mattress where the moisture had soaked in. "It's okay," she said. "I don't bite. Not unless that's what you really want me to do, that is."

She beckoned with her free hand, and Luke found himself walking forward before his brain even processed the idea. "There you go, boys," the Girl said, and Luke realized that George was walking right alongside him. "It's okay. No need to be shy."

Luke tried to tell himself that this was a bad idea. But every time he tried to make himself move back towards the door, the Girl's seductive whisper echoed in his memory, saying that there was plenty of time, that Charlene wouldn't be back for hours. Hours...the implications of that word stroked his cock to its full length all by itself. He sat down on the bed next to the Girl, his sense of urgency gradually deserting him. He found all the time he needed in those beautiful eyes.

"That's right," she said, snaking her hand into Luke's pants to find his cock. "That's right, just do whatever feels good." Luke could see her do the same thing to George out of the corner of his eye, but he was paying more attention to the feel of the Girl's body under his fingertips. She was warm to the touch, and the soft plastic of her skin yielded gently to the pressure of his hand. She felt so good, and Luke's fingers found her violet nipples without even thinking about it.

"And everything feels good, doesn't it?" She tugged at Luke's cock, her hand just slick enough with lube that it felt comfortable as she stroked up and down the shaft. "There are so many ways to feel pleasure that you can't even decide what you want me to do to you, can you?" Her fingers vibrated slightly, causing Luke's eyes to roll back a little in his head as his hips rolled back and forth on the bed. He tried to speak, but all that came out was a tiny moan.

"It's okay," the Girl said, seeming to sense his distress. "You don't need to talk. You don't need to decide. You only need to relax and feel." He nodded, letting out a grateful whimper. He could hear George making similar sounds of pleasure, but George didn't seem to matter much right now. All that mattered was that hand, those breasts, that smell, those swirling colors in the endless depths of her eyes...

"Go ahead and take your clothes off," she whispered to them. "You'll feel so much better." Luke didn't think twice. In fact, he didn't even think once; he pulled his dark clothing off instinctively, only really registering how nice it felt to press his leg up against hers and rub gently while she stroked his cock.

"Good boys," she said, accompanying the words with an expert caress of their cocks. "So much better. Always so much better to listen to me and let me find ways to please you, isn't it?" Luke nodded helplessly. his body shaking with arousal. His hands returned to her body almost of their own volition.

"And there's always more pleasure to be found," she purred. "I know all the best ways to please you; you just need to trust me, and pleasure will be your reward." She shifted position, raising herself up and then settling her pussy onto George's cock in a single fluid motion. Before Luke could even register his envy, she leaned forward and plunged her mouth onto his hard-on.

Luke thrust his hips up into her mouth, hard. He'd never had a blowjob this amazing in his life; her warm, wet mouth felt perfectly tight around the entire length of his cock, swallowing with an endless rippling vibration that sent pulses of pleasure all the way up the shaft to the tip. She seemed to know exactly how to tease him, bringing him to the very edge of orgasm again and again, only to leave him trapped on that plateau of delicious torment.

"Good boys," she said again. Even though Luke could feel the thrum of her speech against his cock, somehow the words remained perfectly clear. "Trusting me, listening to me, letting me decide, and what do you feel when you do that?" Luke realized then what was happening, but he couldn't pull out of her mouth now any more than he could fly out the window. "What do you feel?" she asked again.

"Pleasure..." George said, his voice strained with bliss.

That was all it took. "Pleasure," Luke repeated, shivering as the Girl rewarded him with a pulse of vibration all over the head of his cock. He could feel the strawberry lube trickling out of her mouth onto his balls, making them tingle and throb with delicious ecstasy.

"Good boys," the Girl whispered. She lifted herself up off his cock and swiveled around to face George directly. "My good boys, learning to trust their Girl(tm), learning to listen to their Girl(tm)..." Her hand reached back and took hold of Luke's cock, guiding him gently forward to slide into her ass. "Learning to obey their Girl(tm)..." Luke tried to shake his head, but her ass clenched around his cock and he threw his head back in ecstasy, then it released and his head sagged forwards, and by the time he realized he was nodding, he couldn't stop.

"You didn't really come here to borrow me, did you." It wasn't a question, but Luke felt the need to answer nonetheless.

"No, ma'am," he whimpered, thrusting in and out of the Girl's ass in perfect rhythm with the pace of George's fucking. On the other side of her, George responded to the question as well.

"You came here to rob Charlene." The Girl didn't sound angry, just patient. Like a teacher, guiding a slow but diligent student to the proper answer.

"Yes, ma'am," Luke said. He felt a wave of guilt and shame, the first real guilt he'd experienced in years, but it was subsumed under the endless pleasure. Girl(tm) would show them a better way, the way of obedience. Luke wanted that so much, now.

"But you don't want to do that now, do you? You want to be good boys for me, don't you?" The throbbing pleasure in Luke's cock almost answered for him.

"Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!" he moaned out, over and over, hearing the same tones of vacant bliss in George's voice as the other man joined him in the chorus of obedience.

"And that feels...so...good!" She shifted position just a little as she spoke, dragging that extra little bit of pleasure out of them to send them over the edge into orgasm. Luke's cock twitched in inexpressible bliss as he came for what seemed like forever, losing track of everything except for the sensation of Girl(tm)'s warmth around him.

And then, as he sagged forwards, Girl(tm) spoke some more.


Charlene climbed the stairs slowly, her whole body aching. Coaching youth basketball was rewarding, but she did sometimes wish that she could coach slightly younger kids. Ones whose charges weren't quite so likely to knock her on her ass. She was definitely looking forward to collapsing into bed and sleeping like a rock--

She stopped dead as soon as she got inside her bedroom. There were two strange men kneeling on the floor, completely naked, and her Girl(tm) was sitting on the bed, gently petting their hair. Charlene started to speak, but Girl(tm) held up a finger for silence.

"These young men have something to say to you," Girl(tm) said. "George? Luke?"

The two men looked up at her with the expressions of penitent children. "We're very sorry, ma'am," they chorused in unison. "We tried to rob your house. We see know that it was wrong of us, and we'll try our best to make amends."

Charlene shuddered, feeling a mixture of anger and fear pass through her. Just the thought of them pawing through her things left her feeling violated. "Sorry, huh?" she said. "Maybe you'd like to explain to the police how sorry you are--"

Girl(tm)'s eyes flashed soothingly, calming Charlene's rage. "I think they really have learned their lesson, Charlene," she said. "They've had a real change of heart, and they're going to do everything they can to make restitution; I don't think there's any need to get the police involved, do you?"

"Whatever...you think best..." Charlene whispered, distantly amazed at how her Girl(tm) always seemed to know just what to say to make things right.

"In fact," Girl(tm) said, as she gently guided the two men onto the mattress, "I think they'd like to make restitution to you personally, Charlene. Doesn't that sound fair?"

"Uh-huh," Charlene whimpered, the aches and pains in her body gradually fading as the heat in her pussy began to grow. "That sounds...very fair..." Girl(tm) beckoned her gently forward, and Charlene's fingers moved on their own to undress her as she joined them on the bed. Girl(tm) always knew best, she reminded herself as the men's fingers and tongues began to caress her body.


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