tagErotic HorrorJust a Glimpse of Kenneth

Just a Glimpse of Kenneth


Author's Note: We often learn what is going on inside the mind of a killer through the professionals who analyze them. But in truth we are only seeing what they think the killer is feeling. This is a small glimpse of one man working to achieve his lifelong dream of making things right with mom. ~ Red

The Winter Dance

The light of the moon and stars shone down on Kenneth's artwork. He stepped back admiring the beauty of the ballerina and how her body remained true to the art of the dance he'd asked her to perform. After the performance he had taken her to his bed, brought her to heaven with him and taken her back toward the everlasting clouds, over and over again. It was, in his mind, his gift to her: pleasure for the slight pain her final seconds would bring.

As the wind picked up, tossing the woman's curls from her chilled shoulders, it brought along her fragrance and with it the memory of her honey spilling onto his face and later his cock. He caught the scent of her release and could almost feel her tight channel surrounding his stiff rod. Yet, it was when the look in her eyes started to dim that his artistic nature was finally able to feed. As he came again the image he wanted to recreate came to him. He pulled free of her clenching sex, and watched her quietly embrace whatever or whomever she had faith in.

When she was gone he left her side to don a white robe. He moved quickly, dressing her in a pair of pink tights as well as a matching leotard, and chiffon wrap skirt. The pointe shoes, well known by those in the ballet industry, had been altered. The new design he'd created himself to specifically fit his unique needs. When the time was right they would keep her anchored in the position he found most pleasing.

Because Kenneth deemed himself a master artist, he worked efficiently but also professionally. He applied the proper amount of make-up to what some would call a corpse, and made sure that his subjects facial expression showed the joy she portrayed on the stage. When he stepped back to admire his work, he felt his whole being shiver with excitement. He took several pictures before leaving his study. When he returned, he again worked quickly, covering his ballerina with a white sheet and loading her onto a dolly, which he tilted back and wheeled out to his van.

Kenneth secured the priceless artifact and made his way to a spot on the river, a place he'd picked out earlier in the week. After parking his van he walked around, curious to see if anyone had ventured into the woods that night. When he felt certain that he could display his work without prying eyes, Kenneth hurried to set up his lifelike and lifeless sculpture.

He stepped back to admire his work, and then the clouds parted, allowing the moon and stars to caste their beauty upon his creation. A sigh of pure pleasure slipped past his lips, as did a smile. He knew that when Sheila was discovered it would cause many to gaze in wonder and adoration for the beauty he'd managed to capture and recreate.

He took several snapshots of his ballerina before turning and heading back toward his van. The notion that his DNA lay deeply embedded in the girl did not bother him. DNA only mattered if it could be matched with someone on file. Kenneth grinned as he started his van and pulled away. He was a model citizen who had never fallen under the hammer of a judge, donated blood, offered a fingerprint or been in one spec of trouble. Kenneth was a trusting man and with trust came unaccountability.

Concert in the Park

The sound of laughter and music did little to distract Kenneth as he stared at the woman who had just entered Bennigan's for drinks and a late night meal. He and the short brunette, Jennifer, had been conversing online for several weeks and when he asked if they could meet, she had at first denied him. But the more time they had spent together chatting, the more drawn she had become, at least that is what she had told him. She finally reconsidering meeting him, expressing that she saw it as a sign that it was meant to be.

He rose from the table and quickly closed the distance that separated them. He kissed her cheek, then looped her arm around his. They returned together to the table he had chosen. Glasses of wine already waited as did a small gift and flowers tied together with a red ribbon.

"Kenneth this is too much," Jennifer whispered before sliding into the booth and scooting over.

Kenneth had already had a plate set for him next to hers, not across. He watched her throat move as she swallowed back the nervousness that was easily read on her expressive face. He ached to touch her neck and feel the pulse of her throat, curious as to how it felt dancing beneath his smooth tips.

His thigh pressed against her leg as he settled in beside her. For a moment he felt his legs weaken at the thought of touching her pliable skin. Their server delivered an appetizer that Kenneth had ordered and walked away, leaving the two of them alone. His dinner guest eyed the small box and nervously bit down on her lower lip.

"Open it," Kenneth whispered, before putting his arm on the back of the booth's seat.

Jennifer smiled, picked up the gift and quickly worked to reveal it's hidden contents. Inside was a crystal star ornament. The light from the candle on the table was picked up by the cut crystal, sending out a small rainbow of colors that drifted over Jennifer and Kenneth. "It's beautiful," she whispered, before clutching the trinket to her chest.

"I'm glad you like it," Kenneth admitted, before sliding closer to Jennifer and allowing his hand to drift from the back of the seat to her shoulder.

His stomach tighten as the touch of his palm against her bare shoulder brought a tingle of excitement to his loins. The rush of blood flowing through her veins, caused her pale skin to become more pink. She turned her head, hoping he assumed to hide her girlish reaction.

Kenneth knew already how much Jennifer desired him. He had seen it in her eyes, the desperation of a woman who had been neglected far too long by the men in her life. He had made it a point to engage her online in conversations that focused on her and her talents. She had become the most important thing in his life. Through their online chats, and telephone calls, and later their cam sessions, he had discovered all of her talents, including the sensuous woman behind the black dress worn on stage during her orchestra performances.

His gaze shifted from her smile to the black bag that she'd brought with her. "Is that it?" he asked.

Jennifer giggled softly, and lifted the leather satchel, "Yes, it is," she replied before opening the bag and then unlocking the case that had been protected by the elements. Her fingers lovingly caressed the polished wood of the violin and for a moment Jennifer seemed transfixed with the beauty of the instrument.

Kenneth brushed his other hand over Jennifer's wine, before reaching to touch the bow. As he ran his finger over the strings he watched how the young woman took pleasure in touching the tool of her profession. He noted every line on her face that appeared when she smiled and sighed.

She loved the instrument, but he knew she had. He had seen her perform on stage, though she wasn't aware he'd been there. He'd also watched her online, after he had begged her to play just for him. As she closed the case, she turned back to look expectantly toward him. "Do you still want me to play for you?" she asked.

His grin was wide and telling. It spoke the words she needed to hear. "But of course! It's all I want," he then smirked, winked, and tilted his head in a teasing manner, "well not all."

Again Jennifer blushed. The attendant assigned to their table returned and took their orders. The meal was delicious and the wine flowed heavily. Kenneth opted to sip his drink, but he was always quick to refill Jennifer's.

Less than two hours later Jennifer's inhibitions were gone, replaced by the toxins that flowed through her system. Under the table at the restaurant she had stroked his cock; the slacks he wore grew tighter and more uncomfortable. He had known then that her desire for him was burning and that she needed to find release. Her hands had become more insistent with undressing him and so he hurried to pay the bill and lead his dinner date away from the prying eyes of their server.

He tucked Jennifer into the passenger seat of his car before placing her violin case in the back seat. He then buckled her up, kissed her deeply and whispered, "You have a job to do." Kenneth took her hand and pressed it against his crotch. He heard her growl in approval and knew that the night ahead would be full of passionate cries and later he would expertly recapture her exquisite beauty.

The drive back to his home took less than an hour. During that time Jennifer had taken care to relieve his cock of his semen. She swallowed his dick with little hesitation and he rewarded her justly. The drug in her system never wavered, thanks to the bottle of water he'd prepared earlier and had supplied her with after she drank his seed. Even now as he helped her up the stairs and into his home she was hungry to sup on him again.

His cock was hard and when he took her against the wall of his living room, with her panties torn and her skirt raised to her hips, she screamed and shouted his name. Kenneth showered her inner walls with cum, and only when he felt her fluids coat him did he pull out and whisper how beautiful she was. He felt her sag slightly, press a kiss to his neck and whimper like a small child. He grinned, lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bedroom.

Kenneth undressed Jennifer. He laughed when she begged him to hurry. Gone was the timid creature who had been fearful of sharing too much of herself online and in her place Kenneth saw a woman full of life and energy, ambition and power. He pressed her down onto his bed, opened her legs and began to lick and suck on her pussy. He had created her and she was beautiful. Kenneth had released the true treasure that was Jennifer. She was much more than a violinist, she was art and he knew the world deserved to see her at her finest.

He pushed his fingers into her soaking cunt and began to twist and turn them. Her hips rose and fell; she called his name and begged him for his cock. He again found himself laughing and thanked the heavens for the vitality of his youth, secretly dreading what old age would eventually do to him. Kenneth stood up, leaving her pussy for a moment, so that he could better position himself. "Another drink," he groaned, before settling over her, forcing her to take his cock down her throat. The new angle allowed him to watch her sex pulsate and throb. He was enthralled with the beauty that surrounded him; the scent of her arousal and the taste of her nectar was captivating.

She swallowed his cock and rolled her tongue around the stiff shaft, teased the head and then worked to take all of him in. Kenneth couldn't help himself. He pumped up and down, forcing every inch of his dick into the tight recess of her throat. She gagged around him. The sensation of her muscles vibrating violently around his cock made his eyes roll back. He came again and shuttered as the cum flowed from his balls up his rod and down into her waiting gullet.

Kenneth lowered his head back to her waiting sex. He began to flick her clit with his tongue, then used the edges of his teeth to pull and taunt the small button. She thrashed under him and called out that she was close. He rolled away, picking up a syringe from under the bed. He held it firmly in his hand, while looking up to watch Jennifer's face contort in a mask of pure bliss. Again he dined on her sensitive flesh. Licking and prodding her pussy with his nose, lips, tongue and teeth. When she screamed his name, he jabbed the needle of the syringe into her hip.

He was sure the pain she felt was minimal. He had kept up his assault on her nether region, while the liquid in the syringe was pressed into her body. As her cum flowed onto his waiting tongue and traveled down his throat, warming his belly, he watched her face take on an ethereal expression. He saw her in another world. She was surrounded by the winter snow and as it swirled she wore a long black gown made of silk. It glittered with small jewels. Her long hair was curled and the tendrils danced in the wind. Her violin would be lifted, and her fingers would be frozen in time. To those that appreciated his artwork, they would see an enchanting creature forever playing a joyful melody of love.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Kenneth returned home after completing and displaying his newest masterpiece. He had taken a number of photos and after picking out a few of them his printer began to quietly work. He took his time showering, imagining the joy his mother would have when she saw that once again he had recreated one of her most treasured possessions. The thought of his mother forced him to touch the scars on his body. Scars that reminded him of her firm hand. He deserved every one and had accepted them, much as he had accepted the fact that to make things right he would have to recreate every globe that he'd destroyed.

When he was finished showering Kenneth dressed and hurriedly ate his morning breakfast. His mother would be waiting on hers, and though she could no longer punish him physically, she could still scold him with her eyes. He shuttered at the idea of her leering angrily down on him. He picked up a stack of photos that the printer had spit out and crossed the distance between his home and the barn.

Once inside he headed up to the loft, where his mother waited. He smiled and greeted her with a soft kiss, on her decayed cheek. Kenneth told her she looked beautiful. He then walked over and pinned three of his most favorite pictures of Jennifer to the cork board he'd purchased years ago. "Look mother," he whispered, as he stepped back to admire his mother's newest addition to her ever growing collection. "I call this one 'Concert in the Park'. The model is a young woman named Jennifer, and as you can see I was able to recall every detail. Just like all the rest!"

Kenneth turned to look at his mother. The corpse stared back at him with eyes no longer there and skin that had become brown and taunt from prolonged exposure. His mother said nothing, but he knew she was pleased. How could she not be? Her collection was growing: Jennifer the Violinist, Sheila the Ballerina... they were just two of many. He laughed when he gazed back on the images. He'd broken 36 of his mother's snow globes. He'd been twelve and he'd worked hard to recover what he'd destroyed. He saved his money and bought her new ones, hoping to replace them with identical pieces, and for the most part he had.

But there were rare ones, ones that he couldn't replace and so when he became a man he found his true calling. His mother had passed away before he could complete her collection, but he refused to let her go to heaven before gaining the joy she had on earth when surrounded by her favorite possessions. It was after all his fault that she had lost the beauty of swirling snow and glimmering detail.

"Mother, you'll never believe my luck," Kenneth said, before pulling himself away from the board that was littered with photographs. "On my way home, I stopped at the store, and I met a lovely woman. She's going to be married later this week. She was shopping for milk and I could see this glow on her face. It was love. Love just radiated from her and it was then that I recalled another globe that I broke."

He sat down next to his mother's feet and lay his head on her knee. "Do you remember it? The bride who is walking up the steps of the church. She looks so happy and full of wonder. Her groom is waiting for her. Arms outstretched. The snow billows around them. They are frozen there -- each one looking at the other as if no harm will ever befall them."

Kenneth looked up and smiled at his mother. "I'll recapture that for you mother..."

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