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Just A Quickie


Although Julie was a friend of my wife’s she had always seemed to me to be a slapper who had got pregnant and then found a reasonably well off guy and conned him into marrying her, she walked around telling everyone how well off she was and yet, I doubt if there was a single thing in her house that wasn’t stolen, second hand or begged from someone else, I knew she had had at least one affair and thought probably more. She was always saying how much better she was than other people, and all because she was buying her house.

That’s how I felt about Julie, problem was, because I felt like that I often thought that I would like to give her a good fuckin, she had a reasonable body not much tit but enough to fill a hand and a nicely rounded arse, she always wore sweat shirts and jeans and a big coat, if you didn’t know better she could pass as a man.

One Friday night she was going to a friends hen night, and as I was a cab driver she asked if I would take her and bring her home when it was over. The time came to pick her up I met her outside her house, I was shocked, she was dressed in a short backless summer dress, low cut, no bra, with a button down front, I always liked her nipples on the few occasions they poked through her clothes, and she looked quite nice, it was the first time I had seen her in anything but jeans and as she got into the car it was obvious, “You better watch that tonight” I said looking down at her white panties where the skirt had ridden up “And don’t bend over” I added laughing

“Oh fucking hell” she said trying to covered herself, I dropped her off and got another flash of pants as she got out, she said she would call me when she was ready.

2 am and I got her call, when I picked her up she had a guy in tow and they sat in the back seat, she had enjoyed herself for sure and had a little too much to drink, the guy gave the address and off I went, he was all over her like a rash and she wasn’t fighting him off.

We arrived at our destination and the guy got out holding her hand expecting her to get out as well, “I cant” she said “my husband will be waiting.”

“Ohh go on 2 minutes to say good night,” he begged

He passed me £20 and asked me to wait as she got out of the car, they walked over to a tree and he was all over her again, her dress rising, suddenly her knee came up and his head went down, she ran towards the car, pulling her pants off of one foot as she did so, holding her dress together with her other hand, she dived in the car

“Go!” she said “Now” I slammed into gear and drove off “God that bastard, he tore my dress and ripped my knickers off, before I knew what was happening, oh fuck”

“Are you ok?” I asked

“Yeah I’m fine, but fuck me that was a turn on” she giggled “I could have, fuck me I could have” and she burst out laughing again, still drunk as hell

“Well I have to say you do look rather inviting” I said and looked down at her naked pussy, which I had just noticed “if you were on all 4’s with your but in the air I wouldn’t waste time asking I would be in there” I laughed

“Mike you dirty git,” she said laughing “god I need some air. She was still under the influence of her close call, heightened by the drink

I pulled over by a field, concerned about her, and not wanting her to throw up in the car. I went round and opened the door, she staggered out and fell against me, stupid bitch, I thought, and copped a feel of her tits as I supported her, nice tits firm, big nipples.

“God he was nice” she said “Real horny” and laughing staggered forward falling to her knees, doggy style

Fuck it I thought, I told her, I moved behind her and lifted her dress over her head “You know what I said in the car about on all fours and bum in the air” I said

“What?” she asked and then realised what I meant “Oh fuck No!“ but she was too late

I was up her before she could move, ramming into that bitch’s cunt hard and fast, she struggled to get away but all she did was manage to pull the dress over her head, it fell to the floor in front of her.

“Oh I see” I said “You want it naked”

“You fucking bastard, you’re fucking me” she seemed to realise what was happening but didn’t put much effort into fighting me off so I rammed in harder, to my surprise she started to respond.

“Ohh you shit, fuck me you bastard” she moaned

I pulled out of her and said “When I am good and ready” and moving in front of her pushed my erection into her mouth she took hold of it and started sucking, I didn’t care if she put any effort in or not I just shagged her mouth for a while and then, pushing her on her back I took her legs and put them over my shoulder, I rolled her up and looked into her eyes, wide with, something, but not fear, I stood on her arms and taking my prick pointed it at her arse.

“No” she said wide eyed, too late it was on its way in and when it was all the way in I fucked that arse like the slapper she was, and after the fear had gone she loved it, moaning to begin with then screaming with pleasure as she came, I filled her arse with my come. I took out my still erect cock, I was wild now, and I had her, I was going to show her exactly what I thought of her

I grabbed her by the hair and rammed into her mouth “fucking slapper, suck it, suck it good”

She took hold of it and this time she really worked on it, as I felt my orgasm rising again I dragged her to the car, threw her over the bonnet and again took her from behind, “If anyone stops they can have you too, so you better make me come quick.

“No, please not anyone else please” and her hand went between her legs and played with my balls.

Lights appeared in the distance “Oh fuck me please come, please come now” she said and started thrusting harder against me”

I don’t know if it was excitement or fear but suddenly she moaned loudly and started ramming into me “Arrghhh, just you Ohhhhhh you fucking shit you made me come again, fuck me you bastard” tears streaming down her face “please fuck me hard fuck me fuck me”

The car drove on. Ripping at those pert nipples I come in her begging fuck hole “your not a bad fuck for a slapper” I said, as she sank to the floor I grabbed her by the hair and again rammed into her mouth “Clean it bitch” I said

After a few moments I said, “grab your clothes or you will arrive home naked and fucked silly” I got into the car, she tidied herself up as best she could and got in the back. Nothing else was said all the way home

When I saw her the following day she said nothing, but she went bright red and gave me a slight smile, Hmmm who had had whom I wondered, sometime later we talked about that night, the one thing that was certain was, from then on when we were alone I treated her like a slapper.

But that’s another story.

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