tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust A Quickie Ch. 03

Just A Quickie Ch. 03


The Party (Julie 3)

he day after I had fucked Julie on her stairs (see She's a Plaything) her husband went off to camp for 3 weeks with the TA, I left it till I knew he had gone then I went round to see her, she was in a good mood due partly to him going away which she always enjoyed and partly to me fucking her the night before.

Although Julie was a friend of my wife's she had always seemed to me to be a slapper who had got pregnant and then found a reasonably well off guy and conned him into marrying her, she walked around telling everyone how well off she was and yet I doubt if there was a single thing in her house that wasn't stolen second hand or begged from someone else.

As I went into her kitchen she threw her arms round my neck and gave me a kiss "Coffee." she said as she released me.

"Yes but not here." I said, "Have you still got those cargo trousers you used to wear?"

"Yes." she replied "Why?"

"Don't ask questions just get them." I said.

She went off and returned a moment later with the cargo's. I hated those thing's with a vengeance but they were going to serve a purpose.

"Pull the pockets out." I said

As she tugged the lining out I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it out.

"Put them on and remember no pant's," I said "And then come round mine."

I went home and waited for her, five minutes later she knocked on the door and I let her in, standing behind her I put my hand in her pocket and went straight to her pussy giving it a quick stroke "That's it, perfect," I said, "Lets go."

We got in the car and I drove to the town where we went into the busiest café, I got us each a cup of coffee and found a table to sit at, it was by no means secluded but it was ideal for what I wanted "Now put your hands in your pockets and masturbate till you come." I said.

"I cant," she said, "I mean I don't know if I can, not here."

I moved forward, my face an inch from hers, "If it had been a request," I said, "I would have said please so unless you want a slap get on with it."

Her gaze dropped to her lap, slowly she put her hand in her pocket and spread her legs, I could see her hand working on her clit, her breathing changed and she closed her eye's, a moment later she opened them and said, "Oh you bastard, it's working."

I smiled "Keep your eye's open or someone will know what your doing" I said.

"It's not the same with my eye's open." she said.

"Look around," I said "Is anyone looking at you"

Her head jerked around the café checking to see if she had been noticed "No I don't think so." she said finally

The thought of being seen must have excited her because her hand was moving faster now.

"Oh you bastard." she whispered, "I'm gonna come" Her eye's were glazed so I knew she was close

"Whatever happens don't stop." I said, "It looks to me like those guy's over there know what your doing, I think they may want to join in" The look on her face was a picture but she kept going, nobody knew what was going on but the thought was enough to heighten her senses.

I took a sip of coffee, "Not that they would worry you cos you're a fucking slag, you'll fuck anyone wont you" I said.

She nodded her head "Yes," she said "I'm a slag Mike I'm a slag" her hand going faster now noticeable to anyone who got close enough.

"If they came over now you would be on your hands and knee's begging them to fuck you like the bitch your are wouldn't you whore?" I asked, loud enough for anyone close by to hear

Her eye's darted around to see if anyone heard but her hand kept going. "Yes I would, all of them anything they wanted, anything." she said, I could see her hand moving faster and then she closed her eye's holding her breath for a while and then letting it out in one long gasp followed by rapid breathing till her hand stopped moving "Oh jeez that was fucking awesome, how do you think of all this stuff it just gets better and better." she said exhausted.

"It's the danger and the lack of control, your not to blame, I am so it heightens the thrill." I said, "Now go over to those two guy's and tell them what you just did and say it was because they turned you on so much." The two guy's were the closest people to us and had been glancing over at Julie on and off since I raised my voice earlier.

"Nooo!" she said "I cant"

I grabbed her wrist and squeezed it until she cried out "You will," I said, "Or I will give you to them to play with for the rest of the day"

I let her go as a tear of pain ran down her cheek, "Ok!" she said softly, "Ok I'll do it." We both stood up to leave, with a big smile on her face she went up to them and told them what she had done, brushing her hand across their cheeks as she walked away. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders at them. We left them with mouth's wide open.

Next I took Julie to a clothes shop, as we moved around the shop I picked up a short tartan skirt and a white lacy sun top that was very low cut and had a couple of buttons in the front. "Take these to the men's changing room." I said "Leave the curtain open a bit, try them on and make sure you get seen, strip naked before you put them on and do it slowly"

"But someone will see me they may know me." she said, and then realising what she had done added, "Sorry, yes alright."

The changing room's were situated in a corner of the large shop. She took the clothes and went to change, I followed at a distance, she went into the cubicle and pulled the curtain closed, I felt my anger rise, then she opened them slightly, she looked at the back wall, the large mirror reflecting her worried feature's. She took a deep breath and then started to strip. There were a couple of men looking at clothes, one had noticed Julie go into the cubicle and had moved closer as she started to strip, he kept giving glances and then checking to see if anyone else had noticed, seeing that he was the only one to see he moved even closer, now he only had a single rack of clothes between himself and Julie, she knew he was watching her face was all red, her hand's trying to cover herself up as she stripped.

I grabbed a pair of jeans and moved to the cubicle next to her, making sure she saw me. I pulled the curtain closed. "Julie, can you hear me?" I asked quietly.

"Yes." she replied a little breathless

"Turn around, let him see you." I said "Play with him, tease him and when you've got the clothes on go out and ask him what he thinks, do you hear"

"Yes." she said "Yes I hear." her demeanour was of complete humiliation.

I took the jeans back to where I had picked them up and watched her as she first of all noticed me and then as she started to tease him, slowly to begin with and then more openly, the other man had noticed what was going on now and stood next to the first touching the clothes but looking at her as she bent over and removed her trousers and naked stood running her hands over her small firm tit's. She took the skirt and bending over stepped into it, swaying her hips as she slid it up her legs and over her buttock's, all the time looking at the two men, she took the sun top and slipped her arms into it and done the two buttons up.

The skirt was extremely short and the sun top was not only low cut it left the midriff bare, she stepped out of the cubicle and walked up to the two men who were standing next to each other and said, "What do you think, did I look good?" and then with a big smile added "Did you like what you saw" and she deliberately looked down at their crotches, which if they were anything like me contained a huge erection. She teased them for a couple of minute's, running her hand's over her body and lifting the hem of the skirt and then turned round and walked back to the cubicle, the two men followed and as Julie went to pull the curtain shut they stood in the way, she hesitated for a minute but saw me behind the two men and started to strip, panic written all over her face.

Facing them she slowly removed the top first and then dropped the skirt, as the skirt hit the floor the two men made a grab for her, pushing into the cubicle and pinning her to the back wall, I walked over and stood in the doorway looking at the panic on her face.

They were rough with her caution gone at the sight of her naked flesh, tearing at her tit's and roughly grabbing at her pussy. "Excuse me gents," I said calmly, "but she's with me, if you want to fuck her you're gonna have to pay."

"Wha…" man one stammered, "What do you mean, pay?"

"She's with me," I repeated "and you don't get anymore without paying for it so get lost before security arrive" with the last I pointed at the security camera set in the ceiling.

"Fuck!" said man two as he started walking away, "A fucking prozzy and her pimp bastard."

Man two followed man one "Fucking whore slut." he said as he walked away.

Julie was in tear's, on her hands and knee's grabbing her clothes to cover herself up. "Get dressed" I said and pulled the curtain closed.

She appeared a moment later with the skirt and top in her hands, the clothes cost thirty pound's so I gave her forty and said, "Get some stay up stocking's in white, make them fancy with a bit of glitter or something and then go home and wait for me, as your walking you better keep your eye out for those two cos they may follow you, if they do you better give them what they want so they don't hurt you."

The look on her face was absolute terror "No I cant walk, they may be waiting for me." she said "Cant I come with you"

"No!" I said calmly "I have some business to attend to I will be home in by 2pm come round then with the clothes on" and I walked away.

I had no intention of risking her getting hurt but I couldn't resist watching her as she walked around the town with that terrified look on her face. I followed her at a distance and as she started home I dived in the car and slowly moved behind her keeping out of sight, all the way home she kept looking over her shoulder, she practically ran most of the way even ignoring one of her friends who wanted to chat. Once I knew she safe I carried on with my day.

At 2 pm she knocked on the door I opened it and without a word reached out and grabbed her by the hair pulling her into the house, I slammed the door closed as she screamed out "What! What have I done, I'm sorry what did I do?" she begged.

I said nothing as I dragged her into the living room and pushed her to her knee's, still grabbing her hair I took out my erection and without any preamble rammed into her dry cunt. She screamed out in agony as I went all the way in but I didn't stop I just rammed harder and harder, using her hair to pull her onto me. It only lasted a couple of minute's then I shot my load into her, she was crying in agony now but she wasn't dry anymore, I stood up and using her hair I turned her round and rammed my semi erect prick into her mouth, she knew what I wanted and proceeded to clean me up, finally I let her go.

"Tonight at 7pm, be ready were going out, you have some money to earn." I said.

Tears running down her face she stood up and said "What do you mean some money to earn"

I smiled at her "That outfit cost 40 quid." I said, "You don't think I'm paying for it do you?"

"But I don't have any money." she said surprised.

"No problem." I smiled "Your going to prostitute yourself till you have enough to pay me back"

"No!" she cried, "No I wont do it, I cant."

I reached out and grabbed her by the throat, pushing her against the wall I lifting her off her feet. Moving close enough to smell her fear I whispered "Don't ever say no to me again, your mine and will do everything I tell you without question do you hear me?" as I finished I relaxed my grip and she slid down the wall a look of absolute terror on her face.

After taking a couple of quick gasp's of air she said "Yes, I understand, I'm sorry, it's just I don't know how to…."

I let her go now and looked into those terrified eye's "All you need to do is be ready." I said, "Your going out on the pull so you need heavy make up and put your hair in those bunches you like so much, with that outfit you will make all the money you need, be here at 7pm in the meantime I suggest you get some rest."

I opened the door and on shaking legs she stepped out head bowed she made her way home

She was on time and I doubted it was because she was eager but she was dressed as per requirement's, short tartan skirt thin sun top with silvery stay ups that had a silver unicorn motif at the ankle and high heels and hair in bunches at the side of her head, the skirt just reached the top of the stockings. I had to admit she looked really good, she could have passed for someone a lot younger than she was which of course was the idea.

My work for the day had involved me buying a few wireless cameras which I had set up in the motor home I owned and it was this that I took her too, it was a medium sized van so the bed was already made up and I had situated the camera's so that I could see everything that happened wherever it happened but she didn't know that.

I made my way to the motorway and as we travelled I said, "Right, drink this," I said handing her a bottle of vodka, "Once we get where we're going all you have to do is think like you did when you were a young woman and wanted to attract a guy, you look really good in that outfit so it shouldn't be hard to attract someone, just get yourself a drink and wait for a guy to come into the bar alone, if he looks at you just look back and give him a really nice smile, if he offer's to buy you a drink let him and as he sit's down with you say that you are broke and needed another drink and maybe he would like to do some business, ok"

She just listened and nodded "How…. how much do I charge?" she asked.

I laughed "Well if you charge 5 pence for a blow job you will be at it all night," I said, "so I would suggest you try and get at least five pound for a blow job, ten for a fuck and say fifteen if they want to fuck your arse, but play it by ear you could easily get more, the more you make the sooner it will be over, but your gonna have to look good and make them want you so be happy, make them laugh, make them want to get there hands on you, if one guy wants all three then that's half the fifty pound you need to make before you go home, and don't worry about safety I will be right with you all the time so just get to work, and one last thing, get the money before he shag's you"

"But you only gave me forty pound." she said.

"True." I said, "But you gotta pay interest on the loan."

The place I had chosen was a motorway service station where I was pretty sure Julie would get some custom as it was a favourite overnight stop for lorry driver's. As we pulled in a could see several lorries already parked up. I found a spot halfway between the complex and the lorries and parked. I gave Julie a set of key's for the van as I put bottles of drink and glasses on the side and said, "The bar is on the left as you go in, if the barman start's to chat just make polite conversation and then take your drink to a table opposite the door and to one side, now get to work and remember you're a hooker and if you don't get the client's I will get them for you, but I wont charge them as much so get to it"

With a final pleading look in my direction she got out of the van and started walking to the complex, I put my head out the window and shouted, "Hey, move those hips bitch, swagger a bit for fuck's sake". She started to move her hips and by the time she had reached the complex she was swaying like the pro she was supposed to be, she had a nice little body and looked really good so I reckoned she would easily make the money and be home by midnight.

I grabbed my laptop and made my way to the bar grabbing a newspaper on the way, I was dressed in jacket and trousers and looked quite business like, I ordered a drink and said to the barman "I have a little work to do on the laptop, no problem with that is there, wouldn't want to mess up your till or anything" The barman smiled, "No sir." he said, "No problem at all."

As I turned I saw Julie sitting to one side leg's crossed stocking top's on view, with a glass of wine in her hand, I had to admit she looked the part as she smiled at me, I went to the other side of the bar and sat down. I read the paper for a while and then opened the laptop, connecting the camera receiver, a moment later and the inside of the van appeared, I checked each camera, all was set.

Fifteen minutes later a man walked in and ordered a drink, overweight and obviously a lorry driver he did what all men do and looked around the bar as he waited for his drink to arrive, as his gaze passed Julie she gave him a broad smile and turned slightly so that he got a really good look at her leg's, he smiled back. His drink arrived and he paid for it but stayed at the bar but his eye's just couldn't stay away from Julie who kept giving him that little girl smile of hers, eventually he gave in and walked over to her and then back to the bar where he bought a glass of wine for her.

They sat together for sometime chatting and laughing and then they got up and left, Julie looked at me as she passed, that pleading look in her eye's, I ignored her completely. One of the camera's I had set up looking out of the window of the van so I could see Julie as she approached, the guy had his arm around her shoulder and was whispering in her ear. The door of the van opened and they stepped in.

"Drink." she said, "Or do you want to get straight to business?"

The sound quality was better than I expected even through earphones, "No lets get to it." he said and lunged at her.

She managed to avoid him, "So what do you want then?" she asked and gave him her prices which were twice as much as I suggested.

While the guy was a slob he wasn't stupid, in the end they agreed on a price of thirty pound, but for that she had to strip naked, give him a blow job and he got to fuck her as well.

Julie took the money and locked it in the glove box of the van, she poured him a drink and started to chat but he was impatient "Come on get it off" he said eagerly sitting on the bed

Knowing that she couldn't put it off any longer she slowly stripped, first her top came off and she moved close to him so he could touch her, his rough hands groping at those small tit's of hers and then she bent over and slowly dropped the skirt her arse glaring at him. His hand's reached out but she moved away "Hmm," she said "Maybe you should have paid for that as well." Either she wanted more money or she was beginning to enjoy it.

Keeping her stockings and high heels on she moved over to him and kneeling in front started to undo his jeans, pulling them off and releasing his erection, his eye's were glued to her body and he started to run his hands over her as she lowered her mouth to his erection. She started to work on him and his face told how well she was doing, she played his balls with one hand and rubbed the other up and down his shaft following her mouth, faster and faster she went in time with his breathing, hi hands reaching down to grab her tit's, squeezing them hard, making her moan in pain, or was it pleasure.

His hand went to her head and held her down, it was plain that he was about to spunk into her mouth which something she hadn't reckoned with as she tried to pull away, this just got him more excited as he pushed her head down so hard she choked. As he cried, "Oh yes bitch that's it take it all oh yeeees hmmmm swallow it all oh yes."

Julie was still gagging when he pulled her half onto the bed, almost tripping over his jeans as he stepped out of them and knelt behind her.

As Julie stopped gagging he said "You know you want it babe, tell me how much you want me go on tell me."

"Oh you know how much I want it," she said, her voice feigning excitement "I need it now do it now I cant wait anymore."

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