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Just a Regular Morning


So much is made of exotic settings, of elaborate set pieces, of made-up stories, whereas the real erotic turn-ons, in hindsight, are the everyday acts of love.

I woke up this weekend, with no plans. It was a bit warmer than the day before, but still quite chilly. Leland was stretched across the bed, taking up more space than needed, as usual.

I got up and drew the curtains apart, and opened the windows, letting in the breeze, then crawled back under the covers. I reached out and stroked his back, and he stirred awake.

He woke up like a cat, getting up on all fours, looking around, realizing where, what, how, then smiled, and collapsed again. I ruffled his hair, and he rolled over a few times, and we hugged.

"Good morning," I said, bringing his face closer, "... love." We kissed, the sort of small morning kiss, that is tentative and routine, but can go either way, and it did, as we lingered, and then deepened our kiss, each stretching out next to the other.

We ran our hands over each bodies in practiced rhythms, probing, assuring, caressing. He stroked my face, chest, moving lower, while I squeezed his ass, tracing his crack, feeling the sticky residue of last night.

He parted his legs to let me examine it. Our eyes smiled at each other as I tease his hole, then press just under his balls. He sighed and rubs my chest, and I moved up to stroking his legs.

It is a long weekend, his family is out, there's no pressure. A rare time to relax and enjoy each other's company. His face was positively beaming with happiness

"So, Lelu what do we want to do today?" I asked.

A change, instantly, and a smile, as we calibrated and adjusted a bit, settling into our roles and our selves.

"How about nothing, for a change. I mean, there are a few places to check out, there's that movie you wanted to watch, but ... let's maybe think about grabbing brunch first. It's getting late anyway."

Lelu stroked my leg, then lightly held and bounced my balls. I had this sense of her judging, weighing, deciding.

The advantage of a longtime lover who knows you, knows what you need and when you need it, is impossible to convey. No one night stand can come close. Telling someone what to do gets tiring after a while.

Lelu knew I needed to get off, and signaled this by bringing her other hand around my dick. "I'm off limits down there until I clean up, sorry," almost mumbling to herself, "how did you manage to get another load ready to go so soon?"

She re-arranged herself, resting her head on my chest as she stroked me, smearing my precum all along my shaft. "Still," she continued, her nose rubbing against my abdomen, "it's my load, don't want you going and jacking off on your own, unh-unh, that's what Lelu is for."

I ran a hand through her hair, the other resting on her ass, making myself breathe deeply, letting myself enjoy this gift. "Oh baby, my sweet sweet baby, you know how to take care of me, get your load baby, get it right out of my fucking balls."

Lelu giggled, and rolled around, kissing my stomach and moving lower, settling between my legs, in a sort of yogic "baby pose", leaning forward to nuzzle into my pubic hair.

I sighed deeply and lay back against the pillow, my muscles relaxing as a warm mouth descended around my head, and stayed around my head alone, leaving my shaft untouched as hands caressed my thighs.

This is just what I need this morning, I thought, as her tongue rotated around my head, tightening something deep within me. I opened my eyes to see her head diligently working me, rotating, bobbing up and down.

I was so close and she sensed it, moving off and letting me shiver a bit, clamping down at the base as she laid her head on my thigh. "We have time," she said, and I nodded, gratefully.

Leland, my beautiful feminine man, Lelu, his chosen incarnation right now — sometimes is caring mama, sometimes a bitch, sometimes a dirty slut. Today she was the eternal lover, about to deliver ecstatic bliss.

I was softer now, and lying just under her nose. She didn't move at all, just kept kissing the middle of the shaft near her lips. Kissing and staring at me. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss. It was incredibly erotic and I'm sure my jaw dropped at the sight.

I was hard, painfully hard, stretched tight, but she hadn't moved, kissing near the base now. "Honey!" I said in frustration at last and she laughed, running a knuckle along my length as she came up for a quick kiss.

"I'm not trying to be mean, you know," tapping the piss-slit with a finger, making me wince, "just don't want this to be another rushed moment." Staying on top of me, she brought her feet up and placed the soles around me, her toes prodding my balls.

"Fucking love you, baby," I said, as she ran the soles of her feet up and down. "Fucking love you too," she said, and I realized for a moment how we were each, at the back of our minds, scared of losing the other.

"Will fucking always love you," I said before I pulled her down by her shoulders, cupped her face in my hands, and kissed her hard, feeling her clitty momentarily spasm against my abdomen.

"Mmm, I can keep kissing you all day long," Lelu smiled and slid down, "but I'm hungry for a special something right now."

I sighed again, and Lelu just said "mmm hmm", before engulfing me, letting me feel the back of her throat, and drawing out again. She reached for a small hand towel and placed it under my balls, before repeating this again and again, lightly gagging each time, the spit sliding down my balls.

She worked me all the way in, and I rested a hand on her neck. She pulled back, and placed my hand on her head. "My throat pussy is all loosened up for you now, baby, use it. Fuck me."

I began plunging her head up and down over me, feeling my balls boil in readiness. She had opened herself completely, and drool poured out as she gagged continuously.

I let her pause, and she breathed furiously, "I want your cum, baby, cum in my pussy, breed me, I —". I growled and shoved her head down, held her there, grimacing as I shoved my hips up.

"Gonna shoot, Lelu."

"Mmm hmm."

"Coming, now, oh fuckkkk. Take it baby, take it all!"

She clamped down as I flexed and spurted, and just held me, until I was just dribbling, then carefully moved off, and sat back on her heels, closing her eyes and holding her mouth open.

I got up and saw my wonderful and generous lover showing me the cum she was holding, face glistening with sweat and drool. I kissed her eyes, and used my finger to push the cum on her chin over lips and back into her mouth.

She opened her eyes and waited for me. I pushed her chin up, "swallow it baby." She gulped, then opened again, and licked her lips. I bent down and entangled my tongue in hers, pushing her down, embracing her again, interlacing our fingers, letting her feet wrap around me.

We stayed that way until the breeze blew in and made us shiver, and we laughed our way to the shower.

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