Just a School Project Ch. 01


She savored the sensations as he slowly kissed her entire upper body and slowly made his way down to her pussy. He teased her clit by circling around it with his tongue for several minutes before he outlined the outerlips of her slit with his tongue.

Slowly, he made his way back to her clit with his tongue and continued to work her now swollen clit with his tongue.

He worked her pussy thoroughly, paying attention to every crevice with his tongue.

"That feels soooooo good." She moaned

Soon, her pussy was so wet that her juices began to dribble down to her asshole, which he happily lapped up.

Before he had a chance to bring her to orgasm with his tongue, she pulled him up so that he was on top of her. She wrapped her legs around him and began to kiss him.

"Fuck me." She whispered in his ear

He pulled back from the kiss and looked at her with a quizzical look on his face

"Fuck me." She repeated

"Buuu..." he tried to ask what she meant, but she put her finger over his lips

"Fuck me."

Still unsure of exactly what she wanted, he began to slowly thrust his hips into her.

"Slow....." she moaned as she held him close to her body by his ass cheeks

He didn't really have much room to thrust as he normally would, because she was holding him, so he began to gyrate his hips instead.

"Thaaaats it........" she let out a long moan

"Just like that."

She looked down at his locked up cock as he gyrated his hips

"That's so fucking hot!" she moaned

"Look how close your cock is to my pussy." With every word that came out of her mouth his cock strained more and more inside the chastity device and he began to breathe heavily.

"This is making me so wet!" she moaned

"Your cock would slide into my pussy so easily right now!"

"Ba......ba......babe......Please, let me out. I need you so bad right now!" he stuttered as he continued to gyrate his hips.

"You know I can't............It's not time."

"Please, I will do anything! Just let me cum! Please let me cum!"

His please fell on deaf ears and only seemed to fuel her desires as his plastic cage stimulated her clit.

"I'm so close to cumming! Keep going! Just like that!" she panted

He did as she instructed and tried to put his frustrations aside as he focused on bringing her to orgasm. Several minutes later he felt her body shudder, and then relax as she climaxed.

"That was wonderful honey!" she praised as she pulled him into her and gave him a big, wet kiss!

"I love you so much!"

"I love you too." He responded

Journal Day 16: My mind is just going in a million different directions! I'm mad, I'm sad, I'm confused.........Just when I think I can't take it anymore and I'm about to lose my mind, she has a way of making me feel like everything is going to be okay and that she is there for me. I'm an emotional mess!

Journal Day 17: Had a really rough day today! I really didn't think I was going to make it through! She came home from the store and I literally begged and pleaded for her to let me cum! She sat me down and consoled me, which made me feel a little better and then I somehow ended up licking her to orgasm. It was surreal, but I felt better about everything afterwards when she gave me a big hug and thanked me.

"Okay, now try and relax." She instructed as she unlocked the padlock on his chastity device.

"We just have to take this off for a minute so that we can clean in there." "Ready?"


Slowly, she began to slide the plastic sheath from his cock.

"Huuuuuhhhhhhhh........" his lips parted, and he took in a breath as the cool air came into contact with his cock.

"Almost there......"

"Theeeerrrreee......." She announced as she slid it completely off and his cock bobbed freely in the air.

"How's that?"

"Awwwww, that feels good. It's hot in that thing."

"I know."

Before she could even pickup the wash cloth she had set aside and begin to clean, his cock began to stiffen up.

"Hahahahah.......Well that must be a new record in the hard-on category." She joked "I......I can't help it!"

"I know, I know."

She picked up the wash cloth and held his cock with her other hand. As she worked to clean his cock, she noticed that a drop of pre-cum had already begun to form on the tip of his cock.

"You weren't kidding when you said that your balls were full huh?"

"It looks like your cum is starting to overflow." As she reached down and cradled his balls.

"Wow, your balls are really, really full! I can feel it!" She said in amazement as she gently squeezed them.

"They have never felt this way before."

"Yeah, they are!" he responded as he began to get excited

"I need relief! Let me cum!" he began to plead

"Now, now.......You have been doing so well. Don't start with that right now! You know that it isn't time. Show some control."

"I know." He responded, feeling a little ashamed for his moment of weakness.

She quickly went into the bathroom and ran the wash cloth under cold water. She returned and methodically washed, and cleaned his member. The cold water had the desired effect and soon his cock was once again flaccid.

When she was finished, she quickly retuned his cock to the chastity device and re-installed the padlock.

Journal Day 18: Sara had me out of the chastity today so that she could clean me. It felt so good to be out, but it was short lived as I was once again locked back into it. I still yearn everyday to cum, but I am slowly starting to realize that it is something that I don't have control over right now, and I am trying not to dwell on it.

Sara finished reading the next segment of the professor's instruction and couldn't help but smirk as she placed them back into the manila envelope.

Journal Day 20: I'm kind of excited. Sara said that since I have been doing so well, that she has a surprise for me tomorrow. She said that it is a gift. I can't wait!

"Babe, come into the kitchen." Sara called as she entered the apartment He walked into the kitchen and saw his girlfriend sitting there with her long time friend Kim.

"Hey Kim, how are you?" he greeted

"I'm doing fine Rob, how have you been?"

"I'm doing okay."

"Good, glad to hear it."

"So, what brings you hear?" he questioned

"I asked her to come by." His girlfriend interrupted

"Cool. I wish I knew you were coming I would have picked up some wine or something."

"Well, she isn't here to hang out. She is here because I asked her to help me out with something."

"Oh, okay. What do you need help with?" he asked The two girls looked at each other and giggled

"She is going to help me out with the gift I promised you."

"Say what?" he asked confused

"You see, I have been telling Kim about my little project here and how you have been helping me with it."

"YOU DID WHAT?" he said embarrassed out of his mind

"Relax, relax....."

"She is here to help you."

"HELP ME!" he raised his voice is frustration!

"I can't believe you told her!!!!!" Sara walked up to him and held his head in her hands.

"Call down!" She instructed in a soft voice


Do you trust me?" she asked

"Yeah, but babe, now other people know and it's embarrassing!" he whispered to her

"She won't tell anybody I promise."

"This won't go any further than the three of us."


"Okay?" she asked again Reluctantly, he just nodded his head in approval

"Okay good."

"Now, the reason why I asked Kim to come by is as you know she is going to school to become a doctor and she is currently doing her internship."

"She is going to help you with those full balls that you have." He just stood there with a shocked look on his face.

"I'm not going to have sex with Kim. I have known her for way to long. It would be weird."

"Hahahah.......No babe, you won't have to do that." She responded as she took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

Kim followed quietly behind him. She began to undress him as she explained what was going to happen.

"Look, I know you're confused and a little weirded out by all this, but I promise once we are done you are going to feel so much better. Your balls won't ache so much and you won't be so sensitive anymore."

"Doesn't that sound good?"

"Uhhhhhhuuuhhhhhh." He nodded

"All you have to do is relax for me okay?" she tried to calm him as she unbuttoned his pants and they dropped to the floor

"That's hot!" Kim chimed in as she admired the chastity device

"Isn't it?" Sara responded

"It is!" replied Kim. Before he even had a chance to object, Kim reached down and felt his balls with her hand.

"Wow, they really are nice and full huh?"

"How long as it been?"

"Twenty days." Sara said with proudly

"That's impressive!"

"Indeed! Hahahahaha"

He just stood there, frozen with embarrassment as the two girls giggled and admired Sara's handywork.

"Look Rob, I know you are embarassed a shit right now, but I think it is really awesome what you are doing for Sara! To show such devotion to her is really awesome and I admire you for that!"

"Ye.....you do?" Asked Rob as he fought the feelings of embarassment.

"I really do Rob!"

'Thanks Kim!" he replied softly.

"You are welcome Rob. And don't worry, just trust us, we are going to take care of you." She reassured.

"Let's go ahead and take it off of him right now. I don't want anything to restrict the flow." Kim advised

Sara quickly complied and removed the chastity device. Almost as quickly as the first time, his cock sprung to life and became hard as a rock.

"Somebody's ready huh?" Kim joked

"Okay Rob, please lay down on the bed for me." Kim instructed

Still confused, he did as he was told. Sara sat right next to him on the bed.

"Okay Rob, I know you are nervous and don't know what to expect here, so I am going to do my best to try and explain as I go. I am going to insert my finger into your rectum, so it will be a little uncomfortable at first, but the more relaxed you are the better it will be for you."

"You are going to do what?" Rob nervously asked as he made an attempt to raise himself off of the bed.

Sara quickly put her hand on his chest and slowly guided him back down to the bed.

"Relax baby, relax!"

"I know you are nervous and it sounds crazy, but I promise you are going to feel so much better afterwards. Just think about how much better you will feel once we get all of that built up cum out of your aching, sore balls."

"But babe......."

"Shhhhhh....." she cut him off

"You are doing so well with your commitment to me, do you really want to mess that up now and give up after we have come so far?" She asked as she smiled reassuringly at him

"Of course not." He responded softly

"I know you wouldn't want to do that baby." She replied with a nod.

"Go ahead Kim."

"Okay, let's get started." Kim replied

"Let me just get this pillow under you Rob." As she motioned for Rob to lift himself up slightly so she could position the pillow.

"Just relax and look at me." Sara instructed in a low, soft tone.

"You're going to feel a little pressure now Rob, just relax." Informed Kim

"Huuuuuuuu..............." he took in a sudden breath

"It's okay.............Just relax" Sara continued to reassure as Kim's finger slowly slid into his ass.

"It's okay.............Just look at me."

"Buuu......" he tried to object, but she interrupted

"Shhhhhh..........This is my gift to you baby." You are going to feel so much better once she's done."

"Trust me........Just trust me." After giving him a minute or two to adjust to the sensation, Kim located his prostate gland and began to work her magic.

"Kim really knows what she is doing and she is going to work all of that built up cum right out of you. You are going to feel so much better after."

Sara made sure to keep constant eye contact with him at all times during this very vulnerable moment. She wanted him to know that she was there for him in his time of need, but that she was also the one that was in control.

"Thi.......Thi........This feels so weird."

"I know Rob. You are going to feel some sensations that you probably have never felt before.

Sometimes you might feel like you are going to pee, and then you might feel the urge like you are going to cum. That is normal, so don't worry."

"It's okay to stimulate his penis a little to get his mind off of what I am doing. Just do it slowly" Encouraged Kim

Sara quickly reached for his cock and began to slowly stroke it. Rob quickly went into sensory overload and his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

"Feel good when I stroke your sensitive cock huh?" asked Sara

"Soo.....soooo good!" mumbled Rob Sara would stroke his cock for several minutes, and then stop for several minutes. She didn't want to push him too far and have him explode before the prostate massage could do its job.

"I........I..........I won't complain anymore.........I......" he stammered as he went through a range of different emotions.

"I know.......I know" his pleas falling on deaf ears

"It's going to be okay." She continued to console him.

"Just think about how good it is going to feel after when your balls aren't so full and sensitive anymore."

"Right? Isn't that going to be nice?"

He just nodded his head in response.

"I'm doing this for you baby!" She reminded

"I.....I.....I know!" he managed to reply

Several minutes passed and Sara could see his body language and facial expressions starting to change. His body tensed and she could see his jaw bones bulging out as he bit down. It was as if he was struggling to try and hold something back.

"That's it Rob. Just try and relax Rob. You can't hold it back."

Sara could see a thick, long stream of cum starting to ooze out of his cock. It was thick and stringy; not what she was used to seeing when he shot his regular load.

"Ohhhhhhh, there we go......" Sara watched intently

"Grab the base of his cock and slowly squeeze towards the head. That will help drain the cum." Kim instructed

Sara quickly complied and squeezed his cock as she pulled upward. Thick streams of cum were slowly being drained from his balls. Rob was now grunting as the two proceeded to milk him.

With one hand on his cock and the other caressing his face, Sara continued to try and console him.

"You are doing so good. I'm so proud of you baby." As she gazed into his eyes

"So proud of you!" She continued to console

" I.........I..... don't think there is any more in me......" Rob pleaded

"Hahahaha....You don't tell us when to stop. We will let you know when we think you are drained dry." Kim giggled as she continued to stroke his prostate.

Slowly, a huge pile of cum accumulated under Rob as the girls worked him over slowly, and methodically.

After an intense, almost thirty minute milking session, Kim was satisfied that she had drained Rob of all of his cum.

"He should be nice and dry now."

"Okay, good."

Slowly, Kim slid her finger out of Rob's ass.

"You did sooooo good baby."

"I'm so proud of you."

Spent, and overcome with emotion, Rob just laid still on the bed with his eyes closed. Sara kissed him on the forehead and the two girls left the room.

"I got to tell you Sara, I'm really impressed that you were able to get this far with him."

"Yeah, me too."

"To tell you the truth Kim, I am liking this whole scenario a lot!"

"It really turns me on to have such control over him and seeing him vulnerable like this. It's a nice change from us girls always being the submissive one's you know?"

"Yeah, I can just imagine! Must be empowering!"

"Oh, it is. You should have seen his face when I clicked the lock closed on his chastity device, it was so hot!"

"I bet!"

"Well, I'm going to go and leave you guys to it." Kim announced

"Okay, thanks Kim."

"Oh, it was my pleasure." She giggled as they hugged goodbye.

She waited until Kim had exited the door and then went over to Rob to see how he was doing.

"Hey, you okay." She questioned

He nodded "Yes" but didn't respond. She sat next to him on the bed and embraced him in her arms. They sat silently in this position for close to twenty minutes. No words needed to be said. It was just one of those moments were her embrace was all that he needed.

Slowly, she broke the embrace and knelt in-between his legs. They exchanged a loving gaze as she cleaned him and began to re-install the chastity device on him. Neither of them said a word as she proceeded to lock it into place. When she was done she stood up, looked down at him and gave him a smile.

Looking up at her, he managed a smile in return.

Journal Day 21: Where do I start! It seems that so much has happened in such a short period of time. My "Gift" turned out to be something that I totally wasn't expecting. I was so embarrassed and angry when I found out what Sara had in store for me, but afterwards those feelings of anger slowly subsided as I reflected back on what happened.

I didn't particularly like what Sara and Kim had to do to me, but now I am feeling much better and I am starting to understand why it had to be done. One thing is for sure, I am not going to complain for a LONG time about my sensitive cock and balls, because I don't want to have to be milked anytime soon!

Journal Day 23: Today Sara told me that I should show my appreciation to her for the "gift" that she has given me. I gave her a nice long bath, and then I licked her to orgasm. She was very happy.

Journal Day 25: Sara told me today that she is really happy with the way things are going and that I have made her very happy these past few days. She asked me how I was feeling and I said I was doing fine. She said she was glad and gave me a big hug. Even though I still have many reservations and objections about my current predicament, the feeling of her embrace was enough to silence me. I love the feeling of warmth that I get from her! I love Sara!

Journal Day 29: So, it has been almost one month since I have had sex, or any real kind of release. I hadn't really thought about it much since my milking as I have kept myself busy. Mainly with chores that Sara has asked me to do, but now these thoughts are slowly creeping their way back into my mind and I find it harder and harder to focus.

"Ready babe?" Sara called as she waited in the bathroom for him.


She sat on the toilet and he stood in front of her. Slowly, she began to remove his device.

"Time to give him a little bath." She informed as she removed the final piece of the device and his cock hung flaccid between his legs.

"Keep your hands behind your back." She instructed as they climbed into the shower together.

He watched silently as she bent over and turned on the water. As she adjusted the temperature of the water, she turned her head, looked back at him and smiled. He felt the blood slowly going to his cock as she stood up. She proceeded to bath herself, slowly lathering up every inch of her body as he watched. His cock was soon hard and jetting out in front of him.

Once she was done bathing herself, she slowly approached him and gently grabbed his cock, which caused him to tense.

"Don't be scared.....It's just me." She giggled

"You know we have to wash him thoroughly right?" she asked in the sexiest voice he had ever heard come from her mouth.

"Uhhhhhuuuuhhh....." he stammered

She squirted what seemed to be an obscene amount of body wash into her hands and rubbed them together to lather them up. Once she was satisfied that she had enough lather, she wrapped her lathered hand around his cock. She leaned into him and whispered in his ear.

"Fuck my hand."

He must have hesitated for a second, because she increased the grip on his cock. Slowly, he began to thrust his member in and out of her hand. Her lathered hand was as close to a pussy as he had felt in almost thirty days. It felt amazing on his sensitive cock.

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