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Just a Small One


I like this place Mark. I really like this place, a nice place to simply sit and relax. You know, a place where you don't have to worry about things... things, yeah like how you're dressed, or how you look, or who you're with. You don't have to worry about those things here, I mean look at them, they wouldn't dare do that at most places. It's simply wonderful that you found a place like this, in this town.

Yeah Mark, you would expect to see a place like this in New York City or Los Angeles, hell even Chicago might have a place like this, but not this town, never in a million years would I expect to see a place like this. It's the neon, definitely the neon, nothing says hey like neon. It's like, here I am, I'm loud and I'm proud, and the neon just seems to highlight it.

A drink? Yes, just a small one, my mouth's a bit dry. Yeah, all this talking I guess, I'm just so surprised at this place, I never thought there'd be something like this here.

Refined? Refined? Yes, I see what you mean, the neon, it's more subdued than it has to be, kind of mellow like. Speaking of mellow, I think I need a bit of something -- No, not a drink, something a bit stronger, give me a minute will you? K... that's good, you won't go anywhere will you? You'll stay right here won't you Mark? I'll be right back.

--- --- --- --- ---

Hey, hey, I'm back. Now that didn't take long now did it? No, I told you I'd be right back. Oh, oh yeah, just a bit of powder, yeah, brushes right off, just a touch, I needed a touch. You should have come with me, a real eye opener I tell you, something you might expect in New York or LA. Yeah, you don't expect that here, but then I guess with the stalls like that, you'd have to guess. I mean you don't find gloryholes in every bar you hit do you?

Well I tell you, I go in there and wow, it's nice, nice tile, nice plumbing and nice lighting. I go in there see, and it's like wow, nice and all, but hey, in one of the stalls, what do you think. It's like that song... you know, "If the house is a rockin', don't be a knockin'" or something like that. Anyway, in one of the stalls the house was a rockin', so I go in the stall next to them, for a snort mind you. I fix the stuff, lean over for a snort and as I open my eyes, I see through the hole.

I wasn't peeking mind you, just taking a snort, but I open my eyes and I see it in all its glory. I guess that's why they call it a gloryhole. You know that they had a poem about it, gloryholes I mean, written back in the 40s or something, a famous poet, W.H. Auden wrote about a gloryhole.

Oh, sorry, getting off the path here aren't I. Well anyway, I just took my snort, feeling that lightning burn through me and I open my eyes and I think, "Wow, a sculpture, and someone's giving David a blowjob." I swear, those exact words ran through my head as I watched a magnificent cock slide glistening into a nicely bearded mouth.

Watching? Yeah, it's not always my thing, but when you see a work of art like this, I mean the perfect cock sliding into the perfect mouth, it's like the Mona Lisa, it's eyes always on you, well, in this case you're eyes are always on it.

The perfect cock? The perfect cock, what makes up the perfect cock? Well, if you had joined me in there you'd have seen it, bu... describe it? Hmmm... It's not something I have thought a lot about, I mean I've always felt any cock raised in my behalf is pretty perfect, but if I think about it...

Well, the perfect cock, and understand when I talk in superlatives that I am hovering well outside the real world, and I don't really expect anyone to really have something...

A drink, yes, another small one, just to wet my mouth a bit, I'd like that. Now, where was I? Yes, yes, this is real pie in the eye stuff, but the perfect cock...

Well, for me mind you, the perfect cock will be first and foremost circumcised. I know, I know the natural look is coming back, but give me a well trimmed head on a soft cock and I'll put some life into it. Anyway, first it's circumcised, then I think a curve, a gentle arc starting at the base and gently curving upward, so when it goes in my mouth I slide down and in. For a touch of added interest I like to see a bit of a sideways sway, nothing obtrusive, but a tilt to the right -- my right that is, your left if it's you, but yes a bit of a lean is nice.

Ah, thank you, that's a good drink. You know, too many of these and I'll be no good to you, no good to you at all. Where was I, oh yes, the cock, the perfect cock was sliding into the mouth. I moved a bit closer to the hole and looked around. One man sat on the toilet, his pants at his knees while the other one kneeled in front of him.

I watched as he held that magnificent cock in one hand and played with the balls with the other, all the while the lips bobbed over the bluish head. Occasionally, he'd duck his head under the guy's legs and go for his ass for a second or two, but he'd then return, back to the cock.

On top of the cock, a large blue vein seemed to throb as the hand slid up and down. Part of that vein would disappear into the furry mouth and then come out glistening and throbbing. I wish I could have seen the entire performance, but I did see the money shot, or what you could call the money shot. I know if I was sucking that cock I wouldn't let a drop get away, so I wasn't surprised when the owner of the cock grabbed the man's head and pressed his hips upward that not a drop of his precious cum spilled out onto the beard.

There was an incredible sigh that followed the climax, but I couldn't tell if it was the man who came or if it was me who sighed, but it was a magnificent sigh. I have to admit, walking out of there, the tent in my pants drew several smiles. My tent? You noticed? I am surprised, I mean you seemed to notice everyone else, even as I talked; it does surprise me that you noticed.

Yes, I'll have another, just a small one, I don't want too much. And no, I don't expect you to ignore everyone, hell I don't own you, I mean we just met, how could I expect you to just look at me. It's just that, I mean, I've seen you around and well it's no secret you and -- hell, what's his name.

No, no, I'm not crying, I bit my tongue that's all. Anyway, I never thought you'd be interested in, well anything I had to say and you and... him. He's an ass you know. There I said it, he's a complete ass. What? You agree?

Yeah, yeah, sometimes a complete ass is nice to have, funny, but I'm serious. Oh, you know about him and... Okay, okay. So am I your rebound then?

You like my stories? What stories? Oh peeking through the gloryhole? It's not really a story, it just happened in there a minute ago... You like the way I tell it? Well, I do get involved when I talk I guess.

I just have my jacket here, you ready to go? Ok, okay, yeah I can talk as we go, I haven't had so much that I can't walk and talk at the same time. Another story? K, ah you know there was this one guy once, older gentleman... no, no, older than you, much older. Hell you're not old, this guy had to be in his fifties... oh, almost fifty, I wouldn't have guessed much over forty. I mean it...

Anyway, do you remember Alka-Seltzer? Yeah, this guy told me about the "plop, plop, fizz, fizz," bit on TV. Well, he taught me a trick where you slip one into your mouth.

My cock? Well, it's not that perfect one I described before, no it's just a small one, why do you ask? Oh, my tent, sorry, let me adjust... Okay, I'll leave it as it is. Anyway, you take a bit of warm water and then drop in a tablet.

You've got a limo, and a driver? Well, okay, I've never done it in a car before, at least not with a man and certainly not in a limo. Hey, hey and it's like I said, if it's standing like that in my honor, it's perfect enough for me.

A drink before we get started? Sure, just a small one.

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