tagGay MaleJust a Small One Ch. 02

Just a Small One Ch. 02


I guess you could call it an interesting evening, I mean it was certainly different. The kid was pretty hopped up on his drugs and the drinks didn't do a thing to slow him down, he was simply full bore, all night long. We talked a bit, well actually he did most of the talking. It was fun though, prodding him along, amazing what a few well placed questions can do to a person.

During a trip to get another snort of whatever he was taking, he got to look in on an apparent aesthetic demonstration of the manly art of cocksucking. Perhaps it was the drugs, or maybe the lighting, but his description of one man kneeling on a piss covered floor, sucking the cock of a man sitting on a public toilet approached the proportion of a art review of Michelangelo's David. Hell, he even mentioned David when he was telling me about it. I tried to distract him from the entire scene, asking him about the perfect cock. He drifted a bit, but came back to that heavenly blowjob.

To be fair, beyond the image of kneeling on the floor of a public restroom sucking some odd cock, it was interesting seeing him tell the story. I think if he wasn't holding out for me, he might have poked his cock through the gloryhole for a quick one there.

Enjoyable as the cocksucking story was, his description of the perfect cock was even better. He took on an air of complete and utter awe as he described what the perfect cock would look like, nearly down to the degree of slope it had as it entered his mouth. I have to admit, his description even had me hard.

Anyway, you don't really want to hear all the preliminaries, you just want to hear of the good part, when we got back to the limo. Funny, even as we walked, he just kept on talking, telling me of this old guy he was with once – much older than me, mind you. He went on and on about the old Alka-Seltzer trick, even singing the little ditty along with it. It was a laugh and I chuckled all the way to the car.

Once inside he was a little nervous, asking for another drink... he kept on and on about having a small one. Hell, none of those drinks were small. Anyway, he gulped his drink and turned his attention to me, or I should say my cock. He first rubbed his face on it through my pants and I could hear the light stubble of his beard slide over the wool pants with a "shrift."

Soon, he unfastened my belt and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I would have preferred removing them completely, but he quickly moved over me, running his tongue up along my thighs, circling under and around my balls and then up the length of my shaft. Besides the sensation of his tongue sliding over my flesh, the light stubble of his beard as it scraped up my thighs and over my balls felt electric.

A bead of precum had welled up at the tip of my cock and I watched him taste it as if it was a fine wine. His tongue dipped into the liquid, curled it into his mouth and seemed to twirl it for a moment before he ceremoniously swallowed it. It was exciting seeing him revel in it and I was aching for him to ferociously devour my cock, but he didn't. Instead, he worked slowly, drawing my rod into his mouth slowly and gently.

I lifted my hips off of the seat, wanting to go deeper into his mouth, but he pulled back, moving at his own pace. I ground my teeth, feeling myself tremble with anticipation as he slowly moved his lips down over the head. When his hand finally squeezed tightly around the base of my cock I was ready to scream out and plead with him.

He squeezed hard, as suddenly I felt an incredible suction form in his cheeks and his motion coursed over me like a thousand warm waves. His head moved quickly as his hand, still tight around the base of my cock moved in the opposite direction, so as his head moved up and off of my cock, the hand moved hard onto my pelvis and as he took me deep in his mouth, his fist came up and met his lips. The sensation was incredible and in moments I came, filling his mouth with my meager cum.

Funny, in his description of the blowjob earlier in the evening, he commented on how well the bearded man drank up the cum, without spilling a drop, well, this one was just as masterful, milking every drop, long after my cock receded.

Changing places, I did my best to reciprocate but I fell far short of his spectacular effort I am sure. It was a learning experience for me, but I quickly learned to sense when he would thrust his hips upward and I would move to avoid gagging on him. He was fairly small, not much larger than me, so it wasn't too difficult take him in pretty far.

As the head slid into my mouth, I ran my tongue around it, something that he seemed to enjoy. I cupped his balls and gently squeezed with one hand, as the other moved up and down in unison with my mouth. I let my teeth slide over him on occasion, which seemed to thrill him too.

All too soon, he rose up off the seat and came in my mouth. The taste initially was almost metallic like, but then seemed a bit salty. I tried to swallow it all, but some spilled out and ran down his shaft. I enjoyed running my tongue down him, lapping up all his cum; I even slipped his balls into my mouth.

Afterwards, he was fairly quiet... I think the drugs may have worn off a bit. I dropped him off where he said he lived and gave him a phone number, the one to my private office upstairs, and as he left, he leaned over and kissed me goodbye. It was strange, a kiss as tender as I have ever received from a woman. He waved as the limo pulled away.

Ah, I see you liked my story, it's too bad you didn't come along to watch. Yes, I know, you prefer hearing about it all, not like me, the perverted voyeur. You know darling, I do look forward to watching your little adventure. Tell me, what do you have planned?

Oh, I get to choose for you? Either a black man or another woman, hmmm... how about a group thing? A difficult choice, I'll need to think a bit. Pour me a drink will you dear? Yes, just a small one...

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