tagAnalJust A Taste Ch. 04

Just A Taste Ch. 04


(This story is written in first person...some from Dee's perspective, some from Matthew's perspective – separated with the ++++ signs. If you begin at Ch. 1 to get the feel of it ~ you may avoid confusion.)



Seeing her again, in all her angry splendor, had me moving the duffle bag to the front of my pants. I look to the roommates for direction, for it is now up to them to show me the way. Kyle shrugs his shoulders at Dee's rudeness and takes the lead by grabbing one of my bags off the floor and mumbling, "follow me." I follow him up the same path that Dee has just traveled. Once up the stairs, Kyle points and labels each room as we pass, "common room, storage closet, Dee's room, bathroom, and this one is your room." I step into my new room and I can see that I also have access to the bathroom from inside it. "Past your room, here in the hallway, is a door that leads outside to a landing, of which you can climb to the roof and get a view of the valley – it's pretty awesome if you aren't afraid of heights." With that, Kyle tosses my bag just inside the doorway and leaves me to unpack. And...I would have, unpacked, if... I hadn't heard muffled whimpers of what sounded like Dee masturbating in the shower. Could I be so lucky? I move to the door and check to see if it's locked. Not only is it not locked, it's not even clicked shut! My mind goes into spin drive with thoughts of 'I can't get caught with her' combined with 'she won't turn me away'. So I quickly close my bedroom door to the hall and lock it, move again to the bathroom door and make my way inside. Doesn't take long for my dick to make this decision!

The steam is thick, like she is taking a shower with the hot water full on. The shower is one of those large walk in ones, made of stone, which turns a corner so there is no need for a shower curtain or door. Her soft moans are competing with a small buzzing sound that I can't wait to replace. I grab the large, folded towel on the counter, Hey, my 'no plan' plan has a visual of me kneeling in the shower; I'm not completely witless I move around the corner quietly and can see her under the spray, her head bent forward so that the water cascades down her back – one hand on the wall while the other one is holding her vibrator in place as she makes small movements of enjoyment. A KY bottle on the floor? With her back to me, I slip in and before I let her know I am there, I let the shower hit me. I lay the folded towel down on the floor just to the left of where she is standing and then slowly, I move forward – closer and closer, letting our energies mingle. Somehow I know she feels me there and I have yet to touch her. I love taking things slow and letting the energy blend. I don't really have a plan, but would like to fit in, at some point, payback for the fun we had at the bar. As it stands I have only sampled her nether lips second hand no pun intended and ever since then, I have wanted to get the real deal. I move my mouth close to the back of her neck and slowly, almost as if I am part of the water that is moving down her body, touch her and glide my mouth along her neck and then start moving down.


Mmmm ya...he's with me. My imagination sometimes takes on a life of its own. I have practiced this fantasy so often that I am not sure what is real any longer. With my eyes closed I feel him just behind me. It's electric and exciting. I keep my eyes firmly shut to make sure that my fantasy stays just that; my fantasy. There is a certain sense of allowing the forbidden when my eyes are closed...for I know this is only my imagination; there are no rules and all things become possible. Or I can pretend it isn't real. Again, just keep my eyes closed - to keep the inhibitions well hidden. No rules here! I feel the water/his lips on my neck, soft and wet; the energy of it tingles as if he is standing right behind me. The water moving down my back, his sexy lips making a trail from the back of my neck to up under my left breast as I/we both shift around giving the full spray of the water/him access to the front of my body. I am not sure where the water stops and he begins as I sink so fully into my fantasy that he becomes almost real to me. I can imagine his tongue is cool compared to the hot water as he takes my nipple and draws it into his mouth. First one side and then he moves his way to the other. Suck on my body! Ohhhh if this was real I would tell you out loud how much I love the thought of you touching me, kissing me, sucking me, tasting me, fucking me...

He moves his hands down my body; down my thighs and to my knees. Smoothly he lifts up my left knee and helps place my foot onto the stone seat built into the wall. I visualize him now kneeling in front of me as he takes control – exchanging my hand for his, on my vibrator. How many licks to get to the center of a lolly-pop?...Pahhhhlease start counting!!


She is so pliable, I barely place pressure on her knee to lift her foot up onto the seat next to us; it feels like our thoughts are one. She is still leaning over to allow most of the water to move over her side and along her back as I glide down her body until my knees are on the towel, my mouth on her body. I can't believe how soft she is. I get to look at and touch her smooth lips, with no hair; I just want to rub my face around on her just to feel the contact, my face glides around on her slippery and wet surface. I'm so fucking excited and I haven't even caught the scent of her yet through the water. I don't know if I am kissing her or caressing her. I can't believe my animal instincts of just wanting to rub her all over me. Being this close to her has me feeling a bit frantic as though I need a good 'fix', like a drug. I just want her! I can't get enough of her, I want her, want to taste her, want to be inside of her...now. Forever.

Finally, through the water, I catch her scent and since I am so high – it takes a second to grab my attention and bring into focus why I am here. Ohhhh fuck that scent drives me. I am totally animalistic with my mouth slightly open so that I get the feeling I am breathing her in through all my senses as much as I can through the sporadic water barrier. I move between her lips and slowly draw her clit into my mouth. Licking and slightly sucking. Rocking my hand so that her vibrator is moving around just a bit as it vibrates. With her hands on the wall, her foot up on the seat, she is moving and moaning, rocking and groaning, I can tell she is close with her whimpering "Ooooooohhhhhh ya. Oohhh ya, right there." I latch onto her clit and keep a steady method of sucking and/or flick it with my tongue. She is so wet from her own juices; when I move my tongue around, occasionally hitting her fake phallic, she tastes like a sweet drink. I am so drunk on this drug she is providing as she starts to vibrate from within. I suck steady on her clit, her orgasm hits, she is shaking uncontrollably, her muscles clamp down, and she literally pushes out her toy.


I can visualize him moving in to lick me right where I want him. He moves in and slides his lips and his cheek and chin and face, What? What is he doing? and then he draws my clit into his mouth. Oh sweet relief...

"Oh ya. Right there...stay there and suck it!" I talk out loud, but know that my fantasy will do whatever I want whether I say it out loud or not. "Ya, taste me...like I tasted you!" I move my vibrator or did I do it? around just to get all my touch receptors engaged in this act. I almost can't think with the pleasure of it all, building up and up. Feelings...building upon feelings; My feelings for him of need, respect, and longing that I have attached to his voice. My feelings of sexual response and erotic discovery - that revolve around our last encounter. My feelings of love and devotion - that revolve around my musings. It all builds up as if there is a vortex drawing all my feelings into this one space. Feelings, connected to my nerve endings by an invisible string, drawing and pulling, until the tension on this string is so tight - I could play a tune. While he is sucking and licking, the tension tightens and the feelings get built up into this one space - and then, "OH FfffffuuuuCK!"

With a few quick internal jerks and some serious vibration, the vortex just throws all that feeling back onto me in one swift throw. My climax is so powerful I nearly can't breath. Rocking me to the core with the release of those feelings, hitting so hard it brings tears to my eyes. It feels so damn good I don't want it to end. I only take in a few calming breaths when I say, "Quickly, suck on my clit..." One more time...ahhhh yes, and then...one more time; until I can't stand! I've been blessed with multiple orgasms...


As she shakes and shivers; I sit back a bit to get the water out of my eyes and realize that I am holding her vibrator. I flick the switch to turn it off and lay it on the other seat. She does anal? Get out of here!! I am one lucky ass...and...so will she be." Here I am thinking of thoughts of giving it to her in the back door when, with her eyes still closed, her quaking barely subsiding, she says, "Quickly, suck on my clit." I move forward and attach myself again to her clit and not ten seconds into it, like a volcano, I can feel her start to vibrate and she cums once more.

I would have loved to share that experience with her but my mind has already been turned over to my dick. Once I took a look at the vibrator I have only one thought I need to be where that vibrator was! So, while Dee is basking in her after climax pleasures with both of her hands against the wall – I grab the KY off the floor, lube up, and take my place behind her. I don't want to wait for permission, didn't she already give it? I move as quickly as I can so I can gain entrance before she comes down from her glow. We all know they are more receptive to things while they are in the 'glow', right? I cuddle up behind her, position my dick, grab her hips and slowly start the forward and back motion to inch my way in.


I keep my hands on the wall for stabilization; my legs are so weak and I am still shaking from the force. I can feel him here. I love how he makes me cum and I look forward to doing it again. Just hold me and love me I barely have the thought when I feel him cuddling up to me from behind. What is real and what isn't real? I just breathe as I stand leaning over with my hands on the wall. I bask in the glow of my climax. Knowing that my imagination can open so many doors, can help me get rid of inhibitions that have plagued me for years, can bring him too me with just simply...closing my eyes.

I turn the water up a bit, to maintain the heat. I can feel him rubbing his dick up between my legs and know I can look forward to another release. His movements seem to be more focused as he slides his dick between my ass cheeks. He finds where he wants to be, when he grabs my hips and, like a sales man, his dick starts knocking on my out door. Wait, what is he doing??

My eyes open.


As I make my move, I can feel when Dee realized my intentions. Her breathing stopped for a second or two and where her body was once soft and pliable, it was now rock solid. I have two choices: get kicked out not an option or start talking, thank god she loves my voice.

I stop moving my ass, held completely still down there. Instead, I slide my hands around her body, gently caress her, and start talking, "I've missed you."

"I just want to tell you how much I have missed you. You can just.... close your eyes and listen...imagine how relaxed you are, with your eyes closed.... and me holding you tight. Ohhhhh you can feeeeeel... soooo relaxed. You have thought about me; thought about our time together. Wanting more..... wishing for more..."


God, I love his voice. It soothes me in a way I can't describe. As he talks, my muscles start to relax because I can imagine how relaxed I am. My eyes close and once again my inhibitions just wander away. How I have missed you, too. I have thought about our time together and I do want soooo much more. As I stand there with my eyes closed, he talks to me, soothes me, worships me, and wants me. His voice is like a soothing hum promising me pleasure untold. I am so relaxed now...oh, so relaxed.


Her response to me is magnetic. Attaching me to her, if for no other reason, because I like the feeling of the power she gives me. I barely start talking and I can see her eyes closing. Wishing and hoping I will take complete control. Wanting and daring me to proceed with what I started. I talk to her and caress her, feeling her body relaxing. "You know I need to be inside you. You can imagine how that will feel..." I need to get her revved up again and I can see my words are doing the trick. I move my hand down her body to her clit once more and start stroking and pleasuring her. "Imagine me fucking you. I want my dick in you.... now; hot and hard, just for you." "I have dreams about you. Dreams of your ass." Which, technically wasn't true until I noticed the vibrator – but day dreams count! "Open up to me, let my dreams come true.

Dee is in another world when she starts building up. I can tell she is responding to me with her small movements in the right direction. I no longer have to move, just keep steady – when she starts rocking back on me and moaning my name. Working my dick in, inch by inch. What a fucking turn on. It takes everything I have not to dive in and get what I want. This slow progress is driving me crazy. I start moving my hand on her clit at a more rapid pace, to move things along. One second I am out... the next second, I'm in. Sweet Jesus, I think I'm in love.


As Matthew continues to talk to me in his relaxing and yet erotic tone, I can't help but want more. It isn't like I haven't thought of this before. He feels so right and I am so damn horny after hearing him talk to me. I want him in me now, I don't care where. His dick snuggling up to my ass is such a turn on, I have to explore it. Wanting it, wanting him...guides me. I start moving and relaxing, his dick kissing my anus and pushing in. Bit by bit until he is past my barrier and then I help slide him all the way in. Deep inside my forbidden bottom, it has me panting in pleasure. I start moving him in and out gently at first, to get used to the sensations. Soon, I am rocking back and forth which must be his cue to grab my hips; he takes control.


It feels so good, so tight, so right – I can't take it any more and I grab Dee's hips and start fucking her like I mean it. I just want to crawl inside her. I can't get deep enough in and yet, it is a perfect fit. "I am fucking your ass and you love it, don't you! I know you love it, you know you fuckin' want me, deep inside your ass. You'll do anything I say, won't you! It's not a question...it's a statement. You'll do what I say!" Ohhhh the power of it! Yes, the power of it has me going insane with what may come next.

Dee reaches down and starts going at her clit at a rapid pace – racing and yet pacing. Pacing my progress, I think she can feel me getting close. She humms out "Ohhhh fuuck!" and then her ass clenches down so tight on my dick, it is like a vice, milking me, with her climax. I hiss as I loose my own control and pound her to the finish.


As you are talking to me I realize the power of your words. I will do whatever you say and it is such a turn on knowing it. It is also freeing, in a way, to know that I can explore with no boundaries. Since I'm not the one in control – who is to blame? Not me! So, bring it on. Let us explore. Let us begin the journey of my fantasy; you being in control – by the power of your voice and the lure of your body. Fuckin' tell me what to do next. You want my ass? You got it. You want handcuffs and parking lots? Tell me when. Wooded trails or crowded amusement parks, just talk to me...and I am yours. Picking up the pace on my clit, my climax slams into me and a few seconds later I feel you cum inside.


For a while there, I had totally forgotten I was in the shower and as my mind becomes aware of what is around me once again, I feel the cool water hitting my chest. Dee still has her eyes closed, as she turns up the heat in the shower, full on hot and it is coming out cold. She rinses off her awesome body and without looking at me, walks out of the shower, grabs a towel, moves to her room and shuts her door; leaving me, in the cold shower. What the fuck?


Standing on the other side of my bedroom door, I am giddy and still floating on cloud nine from my orgasm. I have so many things I want to explore with him. I move forward and crawl into my bed. I need a nap to recover from all my excitement. I burrow under my blankets and once again, I close my eyes. He crawls in beside me, snuggles up close, whispers in my ear, "ohhhh fuck, you are soooo mine. Sweet dreams and get your rest, you'll be needing it."

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