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Just About Lee


Some of you have read the stories of Ted (magichands) and his wife, Lee (magichandslee).

I have the advantage, I knew both of them personally. Since the death of Lee's husband, Ted, we became friends.

Lee always encouraged me to write, but I did notice that some didn't like my stories. Lee said it was because I tried to make them erotic, instead of just telling the truth of what happened.

Lee was right on that point, I think. So here, I just tell you what happened.

I am trying to copy Lee's style, I suppose I should not. But I want you to understand, and enjoy, this is a story of beauty.

After that one of a kind man that Lee was married to passed, she went into craziness. I have read everything she wrote, there is no doubt that she got the short end of the stick after Ted Passed. It seemed like if she asked for correct change for a dollar she would get a nickle and a penny in return.

The last year of her life was trauma, no end to it.

I had thought that we were finally settled, lord did we laugh and enjoy each other. Lee showed me, no taught me, that sexuality is supposed to be fun. With her around, I found that I could do and be the things that hid inside my own mind, always there, repressed.

Society and the way things are "supposed" to be got in the way in my own life.

Lee taught me to be free, I can do what I want when I want, and it is all right. I do not have to serve pennance for being a loving and sexual woman.

Shock to my system, yes. Once accepted, then fully accepted. I actually ended up out in the woods with three younger men, and I let all three of them in turn have sex with me.

I did that. I usually will be on the 4th or 5th date with someone I think I might like before I even get into an heavy petting, let alone sex. It was gut-wrenching and raw.

I talked to Lee about that, she just laughed and told me to not feel bad, enjoy. Lord, to be able to just enjoy and not worry about what someone might say, or what I am "supposed" to do..?

Lee and I were fast becoming happy living together as two women, not lovers, we were both straight, but together nontheless. Just having fun, meeting men, living.

Then that stupid accident.

I feel guilt, I said, "Want some Ice Cream?"..Lee said, "Sure!" and pulled into the parking lot.

What a difference had I just kept quiet.

I was just a few steps away when I heard the squeal of tires, I started to turn my head. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the pickup hit Lee's driver's side door. The impact pushed her a good 50 feet into other vehicles.

Emergency was there fast, I had the bleeding slowed before they got there. Lee and I are both Doctors, my reaction was instinct. The man who was driving jumped out and ran, they did catch him later. Hispanic, no license, no insurance, of course.


No matter, my concern was Lee.

They did surgery after surgery, her left arm was a mess. Ribs broken, minor, same with her left leg. Nose smashed, left cheekbone, yes, a major injury.

After the original surgery Lee decided on implants, I understood. Lee did lack breasts. I don't know for sure where that came from, I do know that she was always nervous about cutting, even in her work. It was the one thing that held her back, she ended up in a Health Appraisal program instead of working as a full G/P.

I had expected the cheek implant on the left side of her face to repair the damage, and the right side to balance. A nose job was part of that. The surprise was she actually went for a bust enhancement. I was floored at that. Unexpected.

Not like Lee at all.

God she turned out beautiful! For just a little while, there was no doubt. Beautiful beyond belief. But she was always beautiful, she just didn't believe or accept. She hated her long thin nose and high cheekbones. But the truth was it was that unique type of beauty most classic types strive for, a bit like Cher in some respects. The change after the surgery made her magazine material though.

20 years just vanished in her face, her looks.

She knew that. I knew that too, I had a bit of a struggle dealing with a woman my senior suddenly looking my junior. I think that most would have the same difficulty.

Lee had a bit of time feeling well, I watched her tease everyone who came within range. That was hilarious, she was experimenting with her new look, new body. Even with the cast on her arm and leg, everyone looked. There was a couple of male nurses that did the bandage changes, Lee went out of her way to drive them nuts. One man, Arthur, was a little on the heavy side. I always thought that he was likely a homosexual, but it turned out he wasn't. He would almost climb over the other staff to serve Lee, it was funny in a way.

Then the struggle. I watched her try to type, it was hard for her. At first she would call out to me, I would go hold down the shift key. Then we tried a stick stuck in her cast. That worked but created a sore spot. So I wrapped a pencil with tape on the end, she just held it in her mouth. She got pretty good at it.

Still. 100 wpm down to 20 wpm, hard to take.

I saw her several times in the hospital, Lee looked young. I also lived with her so I got to see her daily, it was my job to drive her the 25 miles to the hospital for bandaging and the IV drips. She got younger looking every day as the swelling dropped. She just didn't look like herself. Every time she came into a room I was in I would look at her, different.

But my mind began to adjust.

She never talked about the problems with her left arm, it hung mostly useless in the shoulder straps that she wore. I could see her fingers, they never really moved, and looked blue and dead somehow. But one day I saw the festering on her wrist. I knew exactly what that was, once I saw it. But then I already knew, inside, I think.

I rushed her to the hospital. They treated, no use. It had been weeks, no gain. There really was no longer any options.

Amputation. That sounds like a fantasy, but in my profession and Lee's, we used the medicines that were available. None of us knew or dreamed what we were creating. The bacteria learned, came back. Stronger and stronger. We see it more every day, so many people with sores and disease we cannot cure.

The end result is death. Unless some miracle arrives, more will face death from simple cuts. We know this now. Major accidents we healed with ease just a decade ago now result in fatalities.

I sat in the waiting room after the surgery, finally they let me go in to see her. I expected to see her in distress, she wasn't. Lee seemed accepting. We talked a lot, some about how men might react to a one armed woman with beautiful breasts who looks to be 30. Like always, we ended up laughing. I visited every day for almost a week.

I was in bed at home when the phone rang. The Nurse asked me to come in, I rushed to the hospital. I was shocked to see Lee, her face was haggard. I grabbed the charts, invasive bacteria, no responses to one antibiotic after another. I kept checking the charts, the blood tests. They tried Oxygen, no avail.

Fast too. Already purple splotches on her arms and legs, all over in fact. I talked to the Doctor on staff, he just shook his head.

I sat with her for the entire night as she slept. It was around 10 the next morning, Lee opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Hi, Sally."

I took her hand and held it, we sat for quite awhile not speaking.

Then I saw something I have never seen before. I have seen death, I am a Doctor. But this was my first time with someone close, I have no family. All gone many years ago.

Lee looked up at me and smiled, her eyes suddenly bright. "Ted is here."

Her eyes closed and she was gone.

I held her hand as it happened, I felt her simply release and go on.

I cried and cried, it didn't help. I went and walked the halls as staff took care of things.

It was days later, the crematorium handed me the urn with Lee's remains. I simply had no clue as to what to do.

I took it home, set it on the counter with the other Urn that contained the remains of Ted, her husband. I knew of that love, beyond belief. You would need to read the writings of Magichands and Magichandslee to even begin to understand, no way can I do it justice.

I got in my Van and drove out to the rock wall where Lee and I sat many times. It overlooks the beach we lay on the day we headed back. That day ended in the accident that took her life.

I sat there and suddenly had a flash, she told me. It wasn't a voice, a supernatural power, it was just something I knew to do. I knew exactly what I had to do.

I was almost in a panic to get back home, I rushed into the house and took down the Urn with Ted's remains, and the Urn with Lee's.

I mixed them.

I mixed them with my hands, blending Ted and Lee as completely as I possibly could.

I placed the one Urn back on the mantel, then sat down in awe at the feelings that filled me. No one can ever tell me now there is not life after death, I saw it and felt it to the very core of my being. I did as Ted and Lee told me, it was what they wanted.

Finally. The one thing they could not do in life was be totally one. In death they could be. I had the most overwhelming feeling of peace after that simple act.

It just seemed right. So totally, completely right.

This story ends here. The rest of the story for Lee and Ted just begins, I believe this completely, and with all my heart.

I will say one prayer: May all of us, you and I, find a match like the one between Ted, and Lee.

A perfect match, together now, for all time.

The way it should be.


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