tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJust Another Day In Paradise Ch. 02

Just Another Day In Paradise Ch. 02


Randy and John got dressed as I took a shower. My pussy and ass throbbed in pain. I smiled as I slowly massaged the bar of soap into my ass cheeks. I grabbed my tits and started to suck on them. They still tasted of sweat and cum.

As I came out of the shower, I heard more voices. "Hmm... I wonder what's going on..." I thought to myself, while slipping into my wet bikini bottoms. I wrapped a towel tightly around me, which pushed my tits up.

I opened the door and ran into John immediately. I gently caressed his crotch and he kissed me while saying, "There's time for that later," and lead me to the parlor of the suite.

Randy was telling the two other guys on the couch something in a whisper, when he saw me, he smiled.

"This is her." Randy said mysteriously to the two hot men on the couch.

"Hi, my name is Leah," as I kissed them both on the cheek. I had my finger in my mouth as Randy starred at the towel and how it made my tits pop out of it.

"I'm Dave Batista and this is Ken Kennedy," he introduced while undressing me with his eyes. Thinking about four dicks inside me, made me wet.

"Leah, what a beautiful name." Ken said, looking at my tits.

"That's not the only beautiful thing about her..." John says in a secretive tone, as Randy nods in agreement.

Suddenly, my towel is ripped from my body. John whips the towel to the ground and starts licking my right tit. I moan and motion Randy to come over to me. I took off my bottoms as Randy starts to grab my ass and pull my cheeks apart, giving Kennedy and Batista a spectacular view of my juicy, wet pussy and tight, red asshole. I rubbed both of their crotches, while they licked my cunt walls and ass.

"Oh, Leah... FUCK..." John groans as I started to lick his thick shaft.

I gazed towards the couch; I knew that I wanted to have their giant cocks.

"You guys should join in. She can take it." John said cockily.

Kennedy and Batista rushed over and shoved their gigantic dicks into my mouth. I started to moan as John starts to fuck my tight pussy and my ass being pounded by Randy's enormous rod. I wanted to have all four cocks in me. I bounced on John and Randy's cocks, while rubbing Batista's shaft between my DD tits and Kennedy fucked my mouth.

"Uhh... FUCK ME... Uhh..." I screamed as I felt John and Randy rapidly quicken their thrusts.

"FUCK...my dick feels SOOOOO... good in you tits!" Batista groans, as he starts to cum on them.

Kennedy pushes his 11 inch cock between my tits, while I sucked on Batista's 13 inch rod.

We changed positions so that John was laid his back on the table so his prick could invade my ass with powerful thrusts. Batista expertly fucked my cunt with his fingers and cock. Randy squatted over my tits and pushed his big dick between them. Kennedy fucked my mouth with a quickened pace. My hands wandered to Kennedy's ass, as I fondled his muscular balls. John started to nibble on my earlobe ad then started licking them. I grabbed Batista's thighs as I started to cum. My orgasms muffled by Kennedy's continuous thrusts.

As I pushed against Batista's dick, John thrusted his rod as far as he could into my ass. I felt a hot beam explode in my ass. I felt John shudder as he stopped digging into my back. Batista got up and slid his cock into my full asshole.

"Oh...FUCK...AHH..." I whined as John, Batista and Kennedy simultaneously started thrusting. Randy watched them, while he took a break.

"Shit... fuck... she can take any... fucking... thing!" Batista mumbled between strokes. They all nodded in agreement.

"Oh... this feels SOOO... good!" I shouted while pulling my tits apart, bouncing on three cocks.

Randy climbed on top of me and said, "I think you can take some more... Don't you?" I became scared, yet I nodded wanting all four at once.

"Come on Randy put your cock in that wet pussy. It needs your big, beautiful shaft." I moaned lustfully.

"Shit...there's no way she can do all of us at once." Kennedy chuckled.


Kennedy thrusts became violent and rattled me onto my back. "DAMN...that felt SO good... DO IT AGAIN, Ken!" John said after Kennedy slows down. Kennedy laughs and continues to pound my pussy savagely.

"Hell, she...fucking...is a new EXPERIENCE!" Batista said while repeatedly pumping his huge dick into my ass.

"How bad do you want this cock?" Randy teased as he flicked my twat with his member.

"Baby, please...umm... I want your cock so badly... SHOVE IT IN MY PUSSY...," I groaned while nibbling his ear, "Uhh...FUCKNG...SHIT...MMM!" I screamed as my fantasy was being fulfilled.

"Damn... this chick is UNBELIEVABLE!" Kennedy cried as he slowly pushes his rod into my overfilled pussy.

"I'm GONNA CUM!!!" they shouted together.

"FUCK...CUM ALL OVER MY TITS!" I moan repeatedly.

Randy pulls out first, then Kennedy, Batista and finally John. As I sat on the recliner, my legs spread, my cunt leaking juice and mouth wide open. I started to massage John and Kennedy's shafts, as they aimed for my mouth. Randy and Batista were rubbing their dicks between my tits.

"Uhh...shit..." they all groaned as they cam. My chest was hot and sticky.

Kennedy and Batista tongue-fucked my mouth as we said goodbye. I turned around when I heard the door shut.

"What a fuck fest!" John said tiredly, rubbing his head, "And a workout."

"Yeah... especially cause of Leah!" Randy agreed, patting his abs.

"Thank you..." I said, as both jumped in surprise.

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