tagGay MaleJust Another Day In The Office

Just Another Day In The Office


Ever had that strange moment when you start to fantasise and it take's over. A thought enters your head and leads you to the unexpected conclusion.

So this is my story of a bored day that would take me to places and experiences I never could have predicted.

It all started one day at work, I work in an office alone, there are other people in the building but not directly related to what I do, therefore, I go in to work and sit in the world of my own. Usually I have lots to do and spend the day doing all the usual stuff, however on this particular day I just couldn't focus on what I should be doing. The office has 2 computers one connected to the company server and one connected via a private internet connection. On the company one I was well aware that it could be monitored, but the other allowed me to surf without the fear of retribution.

I sat at the non company PC and started doing the usual, typing the odd rude word into Google see what came up, switching from the text pages to the picture search delivers a quicker thrill, seemingly innocent words will deliver a host of pornographic results. Having gone through most of the obvious words, I started trying less obvious ones, some worked so didn't but the trill of the random results and the images I was seeing kept me aroused during the surfing.

The word I typed was "heaven", now I don't now why, I wasn't expecting anything really, but one site popped up that caught my eye, it was a swinging site.

Now through out this surfing session I had been happy to see the Google image search picture and had not clicked on any actual site, this one for some reason drew me to it. I clicked it, the site informed me that it was a adult swinging site and that I could join for free on a limited access basis, for this I couldn't see members (no pun) pictures but could see adverts etc. I joined using an email address I use for junk mail etc, not one that I use daily but one I just have for those things were you know you will get spammed from.

So I was into the site, the categories listed were the usual stuff, gay, couples seeking couples, groups etc. I surfed them all, the description I had used to join with personal details was very vague and I didn't expect to be using it anyway, it was just curiosity that drove me on. I must have spent 3 hours going through the mirad of adverts, to be honest I was very turned on even though I couldn't see anything but the text, I couldn't believe people were actually just out for sex, no strings just sex.

After going through the single seeking singles, I hit on couples seeking singles, and found one that held my attention, now I must state that I don't count myself as gay, I'm married (twice) and have had a few partners all female but this advert was for a gay couple seeking a male.

I will admit I have had the odd thought of what sex with another man must be like, I suppose if we guys are honest with ourselves we all have at some point. Sitting all alone in this office my mind started to think it through, what is the attraction of men to men, I know we have the same equipment and that surely we must understand the workings of it better than we do lady's bits, after all we do practice with ours quite a lot.

I sat there for ages thinking "what would it be like" all the while I dwelt on it my cock stood stiffly erect. By now it was getting late, time to go home, I realised I had spent the entire day on the PC and to be honest I had enjoyed myself much more than work.

That night at home I couldn't get the idea of being involved with a couple of guys out my head, I sat on the sofa watching TV with my wife but my mind was miles away. My cock hard as rock.

Next day in the office I decided to put this nonsense behind me and get on with some work, try as I might though I just couldn't concentrate and it was only an hour or so before I was back on the other PC and back on the swinger site. Again I had up that advert, well I could join I told myself just to see what more there was to it. So the next thing I knew I had my credit card out and was typing the details in. A simple thing to do, so quick and easy, who would know anyway, and after all it was a cheap price to pay for a quick thrill I thought, the thrill being a quick look round and visit to the men' room for a quick bit of relief.

Entering the site for real opened up all sorts of things, pictures, faces, acts were all on display. After a good look round I returned to the advert, well it couldn't hurt to send a reply could it after all I had logged on with a alias name so who could find out?

I replied to the advert "Hi guys, I'm a bi curious male who is very interested in your advert, please let me know if you still require a third to join you" and that was that. The very act of replying had made me so horny that I nipped off to the men's room for a much needed tug of my achingly hard cock. Once it was sated I felt better and decided I would get on with work.

Lunch time came and I checked the site to see if I had been replied to, nothing, oh well it was just a fantasy so no loss I thought. After lunch I continued to work, the advert reply had become a bit of fun and wasn't at the forefront of my mind. I didn't even check before I went home.

Next day, out of curiosity I went back into the site, I was surprised to find I had a message in the sites inbox, nervously I opened it.

"Hi" it read, "just how curious are you and would you like to meet up for a drink sometime?"

Well now I was in a daze, I didn't really expect a reply and I didn't really think it anything would come of it. What to do? Do I just ignore it or do I find out more, ok lets find out more.

"Hi Guys" whereabouts are you and when would you like to meet for that drink?" well it could hurt to play along could it?

I sent it

Within minutes I was replied to " Hi, we are close if your postcode on here is correct (it was) and we would like to meet tonight, we prefer to meet somewhere safe to see if we like each other first, can you do tonight?"

Oh my god, this was becoming real, there was no way however I could do that night, I could always make some excuse to the wife, but at that short notice it would look odd. This was all starting to steamroller now, I was excited, my heart was racing, could I go through with this, did I want to??

"Hi guys, sorry can't do tonight but maybe could tomorrow"

Back came the reply, "well tomorrow it is then, about 8pm in the King's Head pub, sit by the door and we will find you."

Think man, do you want to do this, you can always disappear off line, run away.

Something held me, something said in my head if you don't you'll never know.

I called the wife and said I had just found out I was needed at a meeting tomorrow and will be going to London and staying over night, all a bit of a pain and I could really do without it but they insist I go. She understood and said no problem.

That night at home I packed a bag for the next day "away" what do you wear to meet a couple of gay guys, will I be staying overnight, what's the protocol here, I had no idea.

I packed casual clothes, smartish but not over the top, my wash bag and the usual things you take for an overnight business trip. Next morning I kissed the wife and headed out supposedly to London, however I went to the office, I now had all day to kill. Thinking about where I would be staying I decided to book into a Travelodge near the pub venue just in case. At least this gave me somewhere to go and change have a bath before the meet The day dragged, hour after hour dragged by, my heart was pounding all the time, I could still not go, but deep down I knew I was committed to it.

I left the office around 4pm and drove to the Travelodge, booked in and went to my room, 4 hours to kill, I had a shave, had a bath, scrubbed myself clean. I lay on the bed naked thinking what have I done?

Condoms, god I've forgotten condoms, will I need them? Better get some, now all the scare stories of gay encounters were flashing in my head. Where on earth will I find them now??

The pub, of course they are bound to have a machine, I got up, got dressed, it was 7pm. I'll go early to see if they have a machine in the toilets.

The pub was 10 minutes away, to my surprise it was just an ordinary pub, nothing fancy, nobody dressed like the village people, juts a quite local pub. I ordered a coke, drinking puts me off sex and went to the loo, to my relief it had a machine, so I bought two packs of condoms, god knows why two as there was no way I was going to use six that night, still better safe than sorry and all that.

I got my drink and sat at table near the door, it's amazing how many pairs of men enter a pub, every time two guys walked in I stared, over and over they came in went to the bar and it was obvious they were just two guys having a drink, now I don't know what I expected or how I would know the two guys I was waiting for, did I think they would mince in, wearing outrageous clothes, or have a I'm gay sign on there heads. I didn't have a clue. The next two guys that came in were, well ordinary blokes, they went to the bar, bought two pints of beer, then came over.

I felt a bit awkward but the two guys struck up conversation, they asked if I'd been waiting long, and general stuff really, again what had I expected a full on sexy chat?

After a while they asked if I'd like another drink, I declined and they said well we like the look of you and if you feel the same shall we go. Like a lamb to the slaughter I said lets go. They got in their car and told me to follow them, after only about 5 minutes the pulled up outside a small terraced house in a normal street, again what had I expected??

I parked got out the car and followed them inside.

Once inside they asked if I'd like tea and we sat on the sofa, one each side of me, we talked like blokes of bloke stuff, I felt like I was round a mates house.

I became aware of a hand running along my leg, we were just chatting at the time but this hand was wandering up my thigh, to be honest it felt rather nice.

The guy on my left, Malcolm, lent in and kissed me, a full on kiss and my first with a guy, it again was rather pleasant. While kissing me he started unbuttoning my shirt and ran his hands across my chest. I was getting very turned on and thought in for a penny, so I just stood up, removed my shirt and stripped, everything came off and I stood naked, cock pointing upwards.

Both guys started running their hands over me, stroking me, it felt delicious. I knelt down in front of Malcolm, the guy who's kissed me and started to undo his fly, brazen as you like. I wanted to do this properly and not be shy. I put my hand inside his fly and removed his swollen cock, it was large and uncut. As I'm circumcised this is the first uncut cock I had ever held, the foreskin fascinated me, the way it could fold up and down, it was like a wanking machine, how I wish I had one of these. I just had to suck on it, so I did.

It felt wonderful, the softness of the skin and the hardness of the engorged blood vessels, the bulbous end, this was surprisingly good. While I was sucking his cock the other guy, John, started playing with me, he cupped my balls from behind and ran his hand up my hard shaft. Realising there were two guys, I had been a little preoccupied with just one of them, I now turned so that I could see John rubbing my cock, he now was naked too, he was slightly younger than Malcolm but had a equally large hard on. I bent forward to take this new cock in my mouth, it was an equally nice feeling. This gay lark wasn't so bad and I was starting to see the attraction of other men now, I instinctively knew how to handle cocks, there wasn't that awkwardness that goes with fumbling round a woman's body to see what she likes, this I knew, for it was like playing with myself, I just knew what would feel nice and as for foreplay no need for that here.

Malcolm suggested we go upstairs, so we all trouped, bollock naked, up the stairs to the bedroom, the sight of the naked guy leading the way and his bare arse cheeks was matched by the feeling of the hand caressing my butt, I was really turned on and rampantly hard.

We entered the bedroom, again an ordinary affair, it was furnished with a double bed and a bedside table, the covers were plain and it was obviously a guest room.

We fell onto the bed, there seemed to be erect cocks everywhere, I knelt over Malcolm and took his cock into my mouth again, now I wanted to make him cum, I so wanted to see if I could do it, make another guy shoot his load and I wanted to know what it was like to have that happen while in my mouth. I guess I just wanted to know what it was like to have hot semen in my mouth.

I was getting engrossed, all I could think of was make him cum. I'd almost forgotten poor John completely, that is until I felt him rubbing my arse, I was knelt over Malcolm, his cock in my mouth with my arse up in the air, I felt John's tongue start to lick around my virgin hole.

Now for some reason I hadn't thought of this possibility, the possibility that I would get fucked, I guess I was so wrapped up in the thought of someone cumming in my mouth that I hadn't considered what the other guy would be doing at the time. I had considered me doing the fucking, hence the condoms but being fucked never.

However by now I was beyond caring, I was going to go with this to wherever it went, I just wanted to experience it all and if being fucked in the arse was part of it then so be it. I abandoned myself, this was sex, how it should be, no holding back, wild carefree and wanton. I wanted to experience new things to feel new feelings and enjoy the moment.

I continued sucking, licking and teasing the hard cock in my mouth, I could feel Malcolm start to tense and knew he would soon be shooting a load into my eager mouth. John was now slowly inserting his finger into my up turned arsehole, I could feel my arse fighting this intrusion, I was involuntary tensing each time I felt the finger, try as I might and it was difficult, I couldn't stop this happening, to be honest doing the cock sucking and thinking of your arse at the same time is not easy. I felt a sudden dull pain as John's finger entered me, it hurt a little, not painful more a fullness feeling, the finger moved in and out and I sucked Malcolm now for all I was worth, my cock was so hard it hurt, never had it been this hard before.

Malcolm, who was laying on his back having his cock sucked by me could obviously see John preparing to replace his finger with his cock in my arse, this was the trigger I think and he shoot his load, I felt his cum hit the back of my throat and at the same time felt a huge push in my wet crack, the pain was real, it felt like I was having a shit backwards, my opening was being stretched and the feeling of fullness was nothing I had felt before, slowly the cock was going in. It felt strange but at the same time wonderful, I had often played with my own arsehole while masturbating, even used various objects to insert and always it had made me cum quickly, this was different I had never tried anything so large, my cock was pulsing, the cock in my mouth was still there and I was cleaning all the cum from it as well.

As John started to fuck me rhythmically, thankfully he was being gentle, I let Malcolm's spent cock out of my eager mouth, and was taking deep breaths with every stroke. I was sweating now, not from exertion but from sheer excitement, my cock was close to exploding, the end of it was so pent up I knew I would cum in a huge explosion, as John slid in and out he reach round and took my cock in his hand and started to slide it up and down. I just had to cum, the feelings were so intoxicating, the cock in my arse, the cock in front of me, the taste of cum in my mouth, and the strange hand wanking me, I exploded, cum shot out with a force I had never known before, it just kept coming, my cock felt so sensitive and as I spurted I felt John's cock grow inside me, pulsing and then a warm feeling as he shot his hot spunk into me. God if this is sex with guys what have I been missing.

We all collapsed and just lay there, there was cum on the bed sheets, cum dribbling out of my arse and I was happy.

We lay there for a few minutes and Malcolm asked if I wanted more tea, it was obvious that the sex was over and soon time to leave, there was no awkwardness just we had all had what we wanted, so easy and so straightforward, no see you laters, I'll call you stuff, just a peck on the cheek and a smile and it was over.

I drove back to the motel, had a bath and lay on the bed naked, did that really just happen? I thought, the dull ache from my stretched arse told me it had.

I slept very well that night, in the morning I went to work at the office, spent another day doing no work but sitting on a swinging site before returning home to tell my wife what a boring meeting it was and would you believe it, I think they want me to go to another soon.

To be continued........

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