tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJust Another Day on Wisteria Lane

Just Another Day on Wisteria Lane


It was just another afternoon on Wisteria Lane as Bree pulled into her driveway. The neighborhood was permeated with the rumpus of kids playing in front yards while neighbors walked their dogs and chitchatted. Grabbing her purse she stepped out of the car and popped the trunk open. Bree van de Kamp was a sight to admire. Though a widow in her early-forties with two teenaged kids, she still maintained a slim figure. Her silky red hair was a stark comparison to her pale white skin, yet complemented her piercing green eyes just perfectly. Her prim appearance emanated elegance.

"Hi Bree!"

Bree grabbed the last bag of groceries out of the trunk and turned around to see Gabrielle jogging by.

"Good afternoon Gabby," Bree replied.

"Need some help?" Gabrielle asked pointing at the bags in Bree's arms.

"Oh, I'm quite alright, but thanks for offering dear," Bree responded. "What are you doing later on this evening?"

"No plans."

"Then we ought to get together for some tea," Bree suggested.

"OK, I'll give you a call after dinner," Gabby answered turning around to resume her jog.

The house seemed quiet as Bree walked into the kitchen and laid the bags on the counter.

"The kids must still be out," she thought. "They better be home before dinner, it's already past six o'clock" she murmured looking up at the clock on the kitchen wall.

Bree had always enjoyed cooking large dinners for her family. She remembered the days when Rex would come home from work and she'd have dinner ready for them to eat together with the kids as a family. Oh how she missed those days. Oh how she missed Rex. No matter how hard she worked to keep herself together, widowed life was exerting its toll on her.

After putting away the groceries she headed upstairs to get changed. As she walked to her room she though she heard what seemed like voices down the hallway.

"Danielle? Andrew? Are you kids home?" she called out. The noises, which seemed like cries, were coming from Danielle's room.

"Danielle," a worried Bree called out walking towards her daughter's bedroom. "Danielle is everything alright dear?" she asked opening the door.

"What in the world...?" Bree stuttered in shock.

Gabrielle Solis enjoyed her afternoon jogs around Wisteria Lane. She loved the feeling of the wind breezing through her hair and the sound of her sneakers hitting the pavement. The thing Gabrielle loved the most about her afternoon jogs though was the attention she got from all the men in the neighborhood. Her tight outfit accentuated her slim figure, and her perky tits and taut ass were a sight to marvel at. Yes, Gabrielle Solis was the object of attraction of most of the men on Wisteria Lane.

She loved the way the men would drop whatever they were doing in the yard to stare at her while she jogged by. She could feel their lust-filled eyes mentally undressing her, and for some reason this turned her on. Even the married ones would subtly sneak a peek at the hot latin housewife jogging by while they played with their kids or helped their wives out with the yard.

As Gabrielle jogged by the Scavo household she noticed Lynette's boys playing in the front-yard. The boys were notorious for wreaking havoc around the neighborhood, and today was no exception. They had rolled the garden hose out and were running around the yard hosing each other down.

"Boys put that hose down!" Gabrielle yelled trying to get their attention. "Little critters," she thought to herself, as the boys ignored her and continued their mischievous play. Instead of listening to her, they turned the hose on her trying to get her wet.

"I'm going to tell your mother!" she yelled.

Since the boys were standing in front of the house, Gabrielle made her way to the side of the house towards the kitchen door in the back.

"Lynette! Your boys are up to no good again!" she called out while walking towards the back of the house.

There was no response. She looked back up front and saw Lynette's car parked in the driveway.

"She's home," she said to herself. "Maybe they're upstairs?"

"Lynette!" she yelled walking up to the kitchen window. As she looked inside her mouth flew open.

"Tom, the kids are right outside!" Lynette said, pushing him away from her.

"Common honey, the baby's asleep upstairs; the boys are out playing in the yard..." Tom pleaded.

"I know, but you know how the boys are. They can storm in at any moment."

"Not really. I locked the front door," Tom smiled wickedly.

"You locked the front door!? You locked the kids outside?" Lynette asked attempting to put on a stern face.

"That's right. Now you're all mine," Tom grinned walking over to her again.

"You're an evil father who locks his kids outside the house!"

"No. I'm a horny husband who hasn't gotten laid in a week," Tom growled, grabbing Lynette by the hips and lifting her up onto the kitchen counter.

"Oh gawd Tom! I need you so bad," Lynette moaned as they embraced each other and locked lips.

"Ok. Ok. We've got to make this quick before the kids come knocking at the door and the whole neighborhood finds out that we lock our kids outside the house," Lynette instructed.

She reached out and grabbed Tom's belt, beginning to unbuckle it. Tom slipped his shirt off, and reached for her blouse ripping it open with pure wanton lust.

"Hey! Easy there stallion," Lynette teased, as Tom leaned down kissing her neck.

"Didn't you say to make it quick?" Tom shot back. He had slipped a hand inside her open blouse and pulled down her bra allowing her supple tits to be exposed. He quickly reached down and wrapped his mouth around one of the white mounds. Tom just loved his wife's tits. They still stood proud after having breastfed four kids, with huge dark rose-colored nipples that became even bigger when erect as they now were. And Lynette loved to have them stimulated, much to the pleasure of Tom who enjoyed sucking on her large nipples.

"Oooh shit!" Lynette exclaimed as he gently bit on her aroused right nipple, before applying suction to it.

"Ok. Ok. You want to play rough? Let's play rough then," Lynette answered, pushing him back before tearing his jeans open. She then raised her legs and pushed his jeans and boxers down in one motion with her feet, leaving his erect cock bouncing around in between them.

"Well what do we have here?" she asked. "It seems like someone is ready for some action!"

"You better fucking believe I'm ready to go!" Tom replied, diving in for another taste of her tits before pushing her back onto the kitchen counter.

"Aaahhh!!" Lynette screamed as Tom pushed her dress skirt up and reached for her panties.

"Are you ready?" he asked as he tore her panties off of her. With her skirt hiked up he grabbed her legs and spread them wide apart, moving in closer to have a look at her blond-furred pussy.

"Oh yes!" Lynette bellowed as Tom moved his head in between her thighs. "Eat that cunt! Please!!"

Not one to leave his wife pleading, Tom dove headfirst into the awaiting housewife pussy.

"Ooooh shit!" Lynette cried, as Tom sucked her engorged clit into his mouth.

"Danielle van de Kamp! What in the world do you think you're doing!?" Bree yelled.

There in front of her on the bed lay her daughter Danielle naked with her legs spread wide open. In between her legs lay Betty Applewhite's son with his pants down to his ankles.

"Mom what are you doing here!?" Danielle panicked.

Bree spotted the look of horror on Danielle's face. She also noticed the wonderfully toned ebony ass cheeks lying in between Danielle's pale white legs. It looked like these two were about to... they were... Bree could not believe the scene in front of her. She was at a loss for words. What would her friends at the country club say if they found out that her tramp of a daughter was sleeping around in her own mother's house with this black bastard? Bree's eyes lit up with fury.

"Mom, Matthew and I were just..." Danielle started crying, sitting up and attempting to cover herself. "We were just fooling around."

"Oh really? It seems like you were doing much more than just fooling around!" Bree scolded. "Get away from my daughter and get the hell out of my house you obtuse piece of scum!" she yelled at the boy. "I'm calling your mother right now!" she said walking over to the phone on Danielle's nightstand.

Matthew jumped out of the bed and reached down to pull his pants up. As he turned around to look for his shoes, his dick swung up and slapped against his rock-hard abs. Bree caught a glimpse of young Matthew Applewhite's black penis and froze in her tracks.

"Dear heavens!" Bree thought to herself. "That's not a penis, that's a... that's a..." Bree could not bring herself to even think of the nasty words to describe what was protruding out from underneath this boy's abdomen.

The boy's penis looked like a gas pump extending out. From afar Bree estimated it to be at least twice the size of Rex's and much thicker around, it's dark skin making it look that much more horrendous. Yet the sight of young Matthew Applewhite's huge black penis set off a familiar tingling deep inside Bree's widowed pussy. It was a tingling she hadn't felt in a while.

"My goodness, that monster would tear my vagina apart," she thought. Then she panicked. "Nevermind mine, what about Danielle's?"

Gabrielle stood stunned outside the kitchen window prying inside the Scavo household. She could not believe her eyes. There in front of her lay her friend Lynette Scavo with her legs spread wide open while Tom her husband was savagely eating her cunt out. And by the cries coming from Lynette it seemed like he was doing a helluva job. Gabby could feel her own pussy start to bubble. There was nothing she enjoyed more than getting her pussy lapped. And that was certainly what Lynette was experiencing at the moment.

After spending some time stimulating her clit, Tom slipped his tongue inside Lynette's eagerly awaiting pussy and started jabbing it in and out of her, causing Lynnete's body to shudder with a series of mini-orgasms. He then moved down her snatch towards the crack between her pussy and her ass. It felt so dirty, but yet so wild, and he knew that Lynette loved it when he orally stimulated her ass, as evident by the copious amount of juice her blonde furred pussy was now leaking.

"Alright! That's it, turn around and stick that ass up!" Tom commanded.

"Hmmm... We're shouting out commands today huh?" Lynette quipped. She quickly sat back up and jumped off the kitchen counter. Reaching one hand down she grabbed Tom's cock, stroking it slowly as she leaned forward to give him a kiss.

"I said turn around!" Tom commanded one more time, violently grabbing Lynette and pushing her down into the counter. He held her down with his forearm, as he spread her thighs apart with his own leg making her plump pale ass cheeks stick out.

"Tom!" she yelled arching her back, desperately trying to fight back as he forced her face down into the counter. It was useless however as Tom physically took control of the situation making it clear that he was in charge. She quietly obliged as she felt him poking around her plump housewife ass with his erection. Though she wouldn't admit it, it was a huge turn-on for her to have him physically control her in this manner. She thought of herself as a strong, driven, powerful businesswoman, but there was a primitive urge in her to be manhandled sexually by her husband from time to time.

Gabby looked on from a distance with excitement as Tom bent Lynette down on the kitchen counter. She could see her struggling to fight back while Tom held her put.

"Aaaaaahhh!" Lynette screamed as Tom found the entrance to her wet pussy and slid his cock halfway inside it.

Tom looked down to see his cock sliding inside of his wife's slick blonde-furred pussy. Her pussy lips, stretched out from giving birth to four babies, were wrapped around his shaft and were starting to flap around as he build up pace fucking in and out of her.

"Oh fuck that's it! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Lynette cried, barely audible over the noise from their flesh slapping against each other. Tom was now plowing her pussy apart, his balls bouncing around against her plump ass. She reached out and grabbed hold of the sink in order to keep her balance.

Gabby was getting hornier with each passing moment as she stood there watching her friend getting fucked senseless by her husband in their kitchen. She reached down and started to rub her own pussy through the stretch material of her jogging shorts.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck!" Lynette moaned. Tom was holding her by her hips while fucking her blonde, stretched out, housewife pussy.

Gabby, aroused by the erotic sight in front of her, was starting to need some stimulation of her own. She looked around to see if anyone was watching her. She could hear the kids still playing up front, and the tree under which she was standing allowed her to hide from the next-door neighbors as well as the street view. She turned back to look inside and found Lynette yelling one more time as her body shuddered through another mind-rattling orgasm. Her fingers were clawed around the edge of the sink.

Gabby could not resist it any longer. She slowly took one more look around, before slipping her right hand inside her shorts. As her fingers came to rest against her own clit, she noticed just how moist her own pussy had become. She carefully slipped a finger inside it and slowly started to finger herself, closing her eyes momentarily to enjoy the sensation.

"Oooh shit!" Lynette cried as her body recovered from another orgasm. Her pussy however did not have the luxury of resting, since Tom was still stabbing away at her with his rock hard erection. She turned her head around and locked eyes, Tom's face pouring sweat as he continued to piston in and out of her pussy.

"Hmmmmm," Lynette groaned as she turned back around. It was then that she locked eyes with someone else.

Matthew was holding his pants up by his thighs, his dick still dangling around in mid-air, when he noticed that Danielle's mom had stopped short of picking up the phone.

Bree just stood there in the middle of the room staring at Matthew's magnificent piece of manhood. Her mind had left her body and was wandering somewhere far, far away.

"Mom, are you alright?" a still timid Danielle asked.

All of a sudden Bree snapped back to reality and noticed that both her daughter and Matthew were staring at her wondering how come the barrage of admonishment had ceased.

"Danielle dear, are you still a virgin?" Bree asked, calmly brushing her hair to the side as she recollected herself.

"What?" Danielle asked puzzled.

"Are you a virgin?" Bree repeated sternly looking down at her daughter.

"Yes," Danielle lied, nervously hiding underneath the bed covers.

"Young lady, do you know what a penis of that size would do to your virgin vagina?" Bree continued. "That is not a normal... penis," Bree caught herself, almost referring to the thing as a cock. "A thing of that size could seriously hurt you if you've never done it before. Besides that, you shouldn't be having sex anyways, and certainly not with a..." Bree caught herself again.

"With a what?" Danielle asked with a tone of anger.

"Nevermind! Trust me," Bree continued. "He's much too big, and will seriously hurt you," Bree said, staring down at Matthew's penis dangling out in the open.

Matthew looked a bit puzzled trying to figure out what was going on. He still wasn't sure if the Danielle's mom was going to rip his head off.

"Mrs. van de Kamp, please there's no need to call my mother," Matthew pleaded.

"What are your intentions with my daughter?" Bree snarled.

"It's just like Danielle said Mrs. van de Kamp. We were just fooling around," Matthew answered.

"Fooling around isn't it?" Bree sneered angrily. "And just what were you planning on doing with that hideous thing?" Bree asked looking down at the boy's penis, still not able to bring herself to refer to it as a cock. Matthew's virile dick was bouncing around. Amazingly enough it didn't seem like it had softened any since she walked in on them. "Don't you know that you can seriously hurt my daughter with that monster between your legs?" she asked raising her perfectly trimmed eyebrows at him.

Matthew stared into Mrs. van de Kamp's emerald green eyes trying to make sense of what she had just asked him. Did she just refer to his dick as a hideous monster?

"Both Danielle and I consented about this. I was planning on being very gentle with her," Matthew answered.

"Is this true?" Bree turned to Danielle. "Do you seriously want to lose your virginity, every young woman's treasure, in this way?"

"I love Matthew. I want him to be the one" Danielle continued her lie.

"Very well then Danielle. If you ask me, I think this is completely ridiculous. But it's your decision. Don't either of you move. I'll be right back," Bree turned around heading out the door.

Danielle looked at her mom flabbergasted. What the hell was going on here? Did she just consent to let her have sex with Matthew? And where was she going?

Gabrielle Solis was standing there fingering herself in her friend's garden while peeping in on her and her husband fucking. She simply could not help herself. She was so horny and the feeling of her finger inside her pussy felt so good. She opened her mouth exhaling briefly as she felt her pussy shudder. It was then that she opened her eyes to look back inside staring much to her surprise straight into Lynette's horrified eyes.

A few seconds seemed like an eternity as the two housewives, neighbors, and friends stared into each other's eyes. The horror of being caught in such a private act reigned in both their eyes. Lynette just laid there horrified staring into her friend's eyes while Tom, oblivious to their audience, continued to pump his cock into her.

Gabrielle quickly slipped her hand out of her pants, her eyes never leaving Lynette's. She backed away from the window slowly, as if she was trying to get away from Lynette's stare.

It was just then that Tom let out a loud growl, causing Lynette to turn to see what was up.

"Get ready, I'm getting ready to explode!" he yelled.

Lynette quickly spun her head back around, but Gabby was already gone.

It was no secret to anyone on Wisteria Lane that Bree despised her daughter going out with that black bastard Applewhite kid. She had to do something about this. This could not go on. It was unacceptable. But could she pull this off? Would she able to suppress her own shameful lust in order for her plan not to backfire?

As Bree walked back to Danielle's room she heard Danielle and Matthew arguing.

"Why did you lie to her?" Matthew snarled.

"What did you expect me to tell her? Oh no mom, Matthew and I fuck regularly, and in fact he has taken both my cherry and my ass already?" Danielle snapped back.

Bree was taken aback by Danielle's confession. Her daughter was not a virgin anymore. In fact, it sounded like she was a complete tramp! Sheer disgust raced through Bree's mind as she pondered the consequences of her daughter's confession. She's been... she's been... She's been fucking this black bastard!

"I'm getting the fuck out of here!" Matthew retorted.

Bree snapped back into the moment. She needed to act swiftly. She needed to end this preposterous relationship her daughter was having. Could she embarrass Danielle out of associating with Betty Applewhite's son? Even more important... could she control her own impious desires?

"Well, let's get started," Bree announced walking in with a big smile on her face. In her hand she had a bottle of KY jelly she had retrieved from her night cabinet. Shutting the door behind her she walked over to the two stunned teenagers.

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