tagSci-Fi & FantasyJust Another Debriefing

Just Another Debriefing


Across the bed she lay's, her long legs hugging the pillow between them as if it were a lover. Her painted toes wiggling in her matching blue socks. Her thigh-high pastel blue undies, barely covers the soft nest of curls beneath them. Her firm hand size breasts softly rise with her breathing, beneath the matching pastel blue sleeveless T-shirt, as she watches the galactic news on the holo-screen at the foot of the bed and she chuckles. Her smile and short blond hair make her look like a small child waiting to be tucked in.

At 6' 7" and 350 lbs. AND being a gray armadillo/human hybrid, he often wondered what she saw in him. The facts she could be a ruthless killer one moment and as innocent child the next made the animal in him awaken, and his lust for her rise.

He walks quickly to the bed and sits beside her feet, careful not to disturb her. He gently takes one of her feet and slowly begins to massage it. She looks up at him and smiles. "That feel great Zorn. I could really use a good rub down tonight." Kylie says as she lay's on her back and closes her eyes relaxing.

As he massages her ankles, he takes off her socks slowly, then places her big toe into his mouth and gently sucks it, giving a small nibble on the top. Kylie giggles and yelps playfully. Zorn takes his time massaging her. He carefully picks up her other foot and just like the other, begins to massage and nibble it. Kylie sighs and begins to get a bit turned on by Zorn's talented tongue sliding around her toes and the bottom of her feet.

He works his hands slowly up her legs, leaving little kisses and nibbles up her calves. Licking and sucking at all the pressure points, sending sharp tingles of pleasure throughout Kylie's body. Zorn smells her excitement and growls knowingly. His own body becoming excited and hard. Zorn massages Kylie's thighs, gently nibbling the knee's and inner thighs. Kylie moans and sigh's a bit louder.

He gently slides a finger across Kylie's panties, her juices thoroughly soaking through them. He licks her juices from his finger and smiles. God he loves the taste of her. She's more than ready for him, but he's not done pleasing her.

Zorn begins to slowly lick and nibble his way up Kylie's body, starting from the edge of her wet panties. Kylie pants and moans, thrashing about beneath Zorn's slow torture. He reaches the hem of her shirt and leaves tiny kisses up the center of it, stopping to blow gently on the pert nipples trying desperately to poke through the shirt, begging for attention. His hands gently massage her arms and shoulders as Zorn lowers his face to hers, kissing her face and neck gently. He kisses her tenderly on the lips as his hands find her breasts.

He gently squeezes and massages them, carefully squeezing her pert nipples causing Kylie to gasp and grind her hips against his thigh. His hard cock rubbing against her soft stomach, leaving a small amount of pre-cum to puddle in her belly button. Zorn carefully pulls Kylie's top over her head and throws it across the room, revealing her firm breasts to his view.

He smiles and lowers his head to her breasts; taking turns laving at her nipples. He draws one into his mouth and suckles her sending jolts of pleasure through her body. She gasps loudly at his touch, her hands rubbing the plates of his hard head. Her left hand reaches down between them and caresses his hard cock.

She rubs the tip of it gently with a finger, collecting some of the pre-cum and bringing her fingers to her mouth, she tastes him. God she loves the taste of him. He's more than ready for her, but he wont stop until she begs for his cock and she knows it.

As his mouth works her nipples into hard peaks so swollen she feels they will explode, Zorn reaches between them and slides a thick finger up and down her wetted panties. The motion of Zorn's finger gently caressing her panty covered pussy and the suckling of her breasts is too much for her as she screams out her release. Zorn smiles and chuckles to himself "That's number 1".

Zorn raises his head and kisses Kylie tenderly at first, slowly licking and nibbling her lips, waiting for her to recover enough to respond. As she slowly heats up again, he resumes the assault on her soaking pussy. He peels her thoroughly soaked panties from her body slowly, running his hands down her thighs gently as the panties pass by, throwing the panties across the room to land near the top. He returns his hand to her sopping pussy; gently running his thick finger's up and down the slit, gathering moisture onto his fingers.

He slowly parts her lips, gently probing her mouth, while he probes her nether lips and the soft petals inside. He strokes her tongue with his, keeping the same rhythm with his finger's as they find her hardened bud sticking out of the soft wet folds. Kylie's breathing picks up and she begins to pant again. Her hips thrusting themselves up to meet Zorns strokes, another stronger orgasm building quickly.

He quickens the pace to match Kylie's eager thrusts, kissing her harder, more demanding. Her body stiffens then shudders violently, her juices flooding Zorn's hand as she screams his name over and over again. "That's 2" Thinks Zorn to himself.

Zorns slides a finger deep into her still contracting pussy, reveling in the feel of her orgasm. Zorns breaks the kiss and begins to lick and suck his way back down her body, making sure to kiss and suckle Kylie's hardened nipples as he passes them by. He works his way down to the soft damp curls and takes a deep breath. He growls and spreads her long legs, opening her nether lips to his view. He smiles at the sight of her neatly trimmed curls.

He smiled at her and lowered his mouth to her pussy and kissed it gently. He ran his tongue up and down the slit, licking her juices from her outer lips. Zorns placed his long flat tongue against her pussy lips and gently parted them, running his tongue from the bottom up to the hard nub at the top. He flicked at the hard clit then slid his long thick tongue deep inside her pussy and began to tongue fuck her, causing Kylie to grab the pillow and bury her head as she began screaming her pleasures into the night.

Zorn gathered her clit into his mouth and gently suckled it, slowly deeply fingering her tight pussy, reveling in Kylie's screams. Zorn added fingers and picked up the pace thrusting in and out of her contracting pussy while he laved and suckled her hard throbbing clit.

Kylie's Orgasms seemed to go on for hours and Zorn lost count of the number of times she came. All he knew was he need relief soon. Kylie knew Zorn needed her, but tonight she wanted to give him as much pleasure as he gave her. "Now Zorn! I need your hard cock now! Please Zorn! Fuck me with that hard Cock of Yours!" she screamed and begged him as he continued to lick and suck her hard clit.

Zorn stopped and crawled up Kylie's body, resting his hard 12" long 5-inch thick cock along her thigh. He kissed her hard and demanding, slowly sliding his cock head up and down her wet slit. Kylie grabbed Zorns cock and pulled it away from her pussy, stroking it gently. Confused Zorn stopped kissing her and looked at her puzzled. Kylie smiled and said, " I have something else in mind. Lie down on your back and close your eyes."

A bit bewildered and very horny Zorn did as she asked and lay on his back, closing his eyes.

Zorn felt something soft, cover his eyes. He felt Kylie pull each of his arms up and heard something metal clink shut around his wrists. "Kylie?" He began to ask only to be quieted with a kiss. "Its ok baby, you'll like this. Trust me." She whispered to him in a sultry voice.

Zorn carefully tested his restraints. Feeling confident he could easily break them if he had to, he began to relax and get into the excitement of the events unfolding. Zorn heard Kylie at the foot of the bed. He felt her crawl up between his legs, slowly pouring what smelled like massage oil up his legs.

She began to gently rub the oil into his armored skin in the same fashion he rubbed her, starting at his toes and working her way up his body. She kissed and nibbled all the same pleasure points in his joints and between the armor plates on his thighs.

His aching cock twitched and throbbed painfully, her slow torture becoming unbearable. She kissed his leaking cock quickly before moving up to his chest and massaging his nipples gently, careful not to pull his soft hair on his chest. She leaned over and kissed him gently at first then more demanding. Zorn groaned loudly and tried in vain to pull Kylie onto his aching cock. Kylie clucked at him and smiled.

She straddled his face, grinding her wet pussy on his mouth. "Lick my pussy more and maybe ill lick you in return." She said seductively. Zorn greedily licked and sucked her juicy pussy, hoping Kylie would return the favor. Kylie rode Zorn's face franticly grinding her clit against his hard tongue, screaming out her release, her juices flowing into his mouth and down his chin. Kylie collapsed on top of Zorn.

Her face inches from Zorns throbbing cock. Kylie reached over and began to stroke Zorn's hard cock slowly from the base to the tip. His precum flowing freely, she gathered his cock into both hands and began to pump slowly running her hands up and down the shaft. Zorn practically cried out into Kylie's pussy from the pleasure/torture she was giving him. She pulled his cock-head into her mouth and began sucking in rhythm with her hand strokes. Her tongue feather-light licked his swollen shaft and cockhead.

Zorn began thrusting his hips upward Forcing his cock deeper into Kylie's Mouth, and down her throat. She gagged slightly but recovered as she met his strokes. She circled the head slowly each time she pulled his cock almost from her lips only to quickly swallow it back down her throat again, her throat muscles contracting around the head.. Kylie could feel that Zorn was getting close to cumming so she stopped and pulled away, out of Zorn's reach.

She returned with a cup of ice water and placed Zorn's cock in the cup, kissing him slowly, forcing him to calm down a little. Zorn yelped at the feel of the cold ice water on his cock, but soon the pain was gone, replaced with the feel of Kylie's soft mouth kissing his lips tenderly.

Kylie felt Zorn relax a bit and pulled his cock from the cup of warming water. She straddled his face again and began to stroke his cock again with both hands, sucking and licking the cockhead gently warming him back up. Zorn happily licked and sucked Kylies overly aroused pussy. Kylie felt another orgasm build and decided this time she wanted to cum with Zorn inside her, so she pulled her pussy from Zorns mouth and turned herself to straddle Zorn.

She removed his blindfold and slid his hard thick cock slowly into her wet pussy. The size of him stretching her fully open. She sometimes wondered if she would tear something when Zorn was fully aroused, but she never did. Zorn groaned with pleasure and with one hard thrust up, he buried his cock deep inside her, giving her all 12 inches. She gasped at his size and cried out her release, the feeling of his cock that deep inside her always sends her over the edge. Kylie recovered quickly and began to ride Zorns cock hard, but slow. The feel of his cockhead slowly slamming into her cervix sent her flying over and over again.

Zorn loved the way her pussy felt as it contracted around his cock. He wanted so badly to cum but he wanted to cum filling her from behind; holding her bouncing tits in his hand's and fucking her pussy deep, hard, and fast; while she was bent over the bed, slapping his balls against her clit while she screamed out his name over and over again. Zorn looked at Kylie pleadingly, but Kylie shook her head no. "Not this time, Cum for me Zorn, fill me up as I ride your cock. Then I'll let you take me from behind." Kylie said as she rode Zorns cock faster, squeezing his nipples and sucking the end of his large tail like it was a penis.

The sight of the end of his thick tail in her mouth was too much for Zorn and he roared like a beast, shooting his hot thick cum deep into Kylie's throbbing orgasming pussy. She collapsed onto him as his cock continued to shoot its load and fill her tightly filled pussy with load after load of thick cum. Exhausted, Kylie unchained Zorn from the bed and rolled over onto her stomach beside him. His cock made a sucking noise as is was pulled from her cum filled pussy.

Zorn immediately got to his knees and pulled Kylie onto hers. He slid his still hard cock deep into her very wet pussy and slowly thrust deep into her.

As he was slowly thrusting into her he formed an idea. Kylie always had a fantasy of being double penetrated and tonight she would have her fantasy come true. Zorn Took a glob of her juices that were gathered in her pussy and smeared it around her anus. He gently probed her tiny virgin hole with his little finger to see how she liked it. She responded with a sigh of pleasure so he went a little further and slid one of his fingers into her butthole a little deeper.

He felt her spincter relax around his finger and her pussy contracted slightly around his cock each time he thrust his finger a little deeper. Zorn continued to experiment with his fingers, trying out each one then a combination of first 2 then 3 then 4 until Kylie's ass hole was stretched almost to the size of Zorns cock and he lost count of the number of orgasms she had.

Zorn then pulled his tail around and slid it up and down Kylies wet pussy gathering some moisture on the tip of it. He gently slowly slid the long thick tip into her ass. Kylie squealed at first with pain, then pleasure at the feeling of having two large cocks thrusting deep inside her. Zorn picked up the pace as he felt his own orgasm near. He grabbed Kylie's tits and thrust himself deeply into both her ass and pussy sending all 12 inches of cock and 10 inches of thick tail into her over and over again hard and fast.

Kylie screamed her releases over and over again as Zorn kept fucking her, his orgasm hitting him hard as his body jerked roughly forward, sending load after load of hot cum deep into Kylies pussy. Zorn pulled his tail from her ass and his oozing cock from her pussy and slid his cock into her mouth. She greedily sucked Zorns cum cleaning him of all their combined Juices.

Zorn collapsed beside Kylie on the bed, panting and smiling at his lovely wife. "I love you Kylie" he whispered as he gathered her sleeping body into his arms. A soft snore was his only reply as he drowsily turned off the holoscreen and light.

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