tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust Bad Luck Ch. 01

Just Bad Luck Ch. 01


It was just bad luck and timing that Chuck, the meanest prison guard working at the maximum security prison, had brought his 19 year old daughter to work with him on the day of the prison break. He'd caught her smoking pot recently and he'd wanted to give her a view of what life could be like if it had been someone other than her father catching her engaging in activities like that.

When the alarms started clanging, Paula panicked, shrieking and clinging to her father... just part of an unfortunate set of events that meant he was hampered when three of the criminals came barging into the office. They were quickly overpowered Chuck and Paula as she clung to her father, limiting his ability to fight back... it took less then two minutes for the three men to get Chuck handcuffed and gagged in a chair. They were brutal looking, and Paula was terrified to the point of silence, one of them holding her arms behind her back as the other two secured her father.

"Well, well," sneered Reed, glaring down at the bound Chuck, "Looks like Officer Chuck here has a bit of a problem... seeing as we know we aren't gonna get out of here anytime soon. Might as well have a bit of fun."

Chuck grunted as Devin, the other inmate standing over him, punched him in the stomach, saying, "That's for putting me in solitary last month!"

"STOP!" cried out Paula, "Don't hurt my father!"

Immediately, all attention was on her... Zack's already had been since he'd been holding her and was well aware that she was an attractive young thing, but his need for revenge on Chuck had been as great as Devin and Reed's. Now all three men were starting to get an idea as to how to get revenge as well as have some fun in this situation.

"So you don't want us to hurt Daddy huh, sweetie?" Reed asked, walking towards Paula with a new light in his eyes. For the first time he was really taking in the sight of the pretty teen, his eyes lingering over her curves, especially the swell of her breasts as Zack forced her arms back further, "Does that mean that you're willing to be reeeaaaaal nice to us to make sure we don't?"

Devin was right behind Reed as the two advanced on her, Paula's mouth was dry with fear as the three men surrounded her.

"Just don't hurt us," she begged.

All three men laughed.

"Of course we won't," said Devin, "As long as you cooperate."

With that, he reached out a hand and squeezed her boob through her sweater, making Paula shriek. She shrieked again as Reed's hand immediately followed, and all three men pressed in on her, Zack's half erect cock pressing against her ass cheeks. Off to the side was the muffled protests of the gagged Officer Chase as he saw the three convicts converging on his daughter.

"Stop, please don't!" Paula cried out, her futile struggles making all three men laugh as they got their hands on their first piece of female flesh in years. Zack had let go of her arms and already had his hands under her skirt, squeezing her ass. Paula sobbed, her hands trying to push at all three of them and having absolutely no effect whatsoever.

"Be a good girl and we won't hurt your dad," Reed told her, holding her wrist away from his body as he started to pull her sweater up her body, "Resist and we'll hurt your daddy and still have our fun with you."

Paula moaned with fear as the men got her sweater over her head and Zack swiftly undid her bra from the back. Devin went down, tugging at her skirt and panties, so that she was standing naked. His finger wiggled in her dry slit.

"Ah... pussy." He said with satisfaction.

Reed and Zack both laughed as they pinched and pulled at her nipples, entranced by her breasts. Putting his hand on her neck, Reed forced Paula's face towards his, giving her a rough kiss as he kneaded her breast flesh. Zack leaned over and started sucking on her nipple, squeezing the breast he was mouthing as he did so, his other hand playing with her tender ass cheek.

"Ooo, keep that up guys," said Devin, running his finger along Paula's folds, "She's starting to get wet!" He pushed Paula's thighs apart a little more so that he could get his tongue against her clit, tasting the sweetness of her little pussy as she moaned in embarrassment against Reed's lips.

She couldn't believe that she was actually starting to get wet, she was terrified, her father was watching, and these three brutes were disgusting. But, they were playing with her body in a way that felt incredibly good, and even though they were scary, they weren't hurting her. It felt strange to have so many hands and mouths touching her, but it also stirred entirely new sensations, stimulating her in so many places all at once.

Zack bit down on her nipple, gently, making Paula shudder and moan.

Pulling his tongue away from her slit, Devin announced, "She's wet, let's fuck her."

"Please no!" cried out Paula as both Reed and Zack eagerly pulled away from her and started pushing her down to the ground. Her pleas were ignored, Reed putting a hand over her mouth as they held her down so that they could talk.

"Who's gonna go first?" Reed asked.

"Let's be fair, rock paper scissors," suggested Zack.

The three men agreed and Paula felt tears coming to her eyes as they stuck their fists out over her body to decide who was going to take her first. Out of the corner of her eye she could still see her father, struggling against the cuffs keeping him restrained on the chair.

Reed won the first round, and Devin the second. Zack grumbled a little, but since he'd been the one to suggest rock paper scissors he couldn't exactly claim it was unfair.

Eagerly, Reed got between Paula's thighs, Devin and Zack holding her arms down – not necessarily because they needed to, but because it gave them the best position to keep fondling her breasts. Reed was in no way concerned with anything but her sweet pussy, the first he'd seen in years... young, fresh, pretty and pink. And still wet enough that he felt no compunction about pulling up her thighs and pressing his dick right against her hole immediately.

Paula cried out, and Devin stuffed her panties into her open mouth, gagging her, as Reed began to push into her pussy.

"Holy shit," he groaned, "She's fucking tight..."

Wriggling and struggling, Paula could do nothing as Reed's hips moved and he forced himself deeper and deeper into her body, his dick rubbing against the inner walls of her pussy. It was infuriating that as much as she didn't want it, as disgusting as it was to have him inside of her, in some ways it felt good. The hands on her breasts were relentless, tweaking and squeezing, sending tingles down to her pussy, and now there was a cock inside of her, pushing deeper and deeper.

Reed was rock hard, breathing heavily with the thrill of fucking a pussy again. Holding onto her slender young thighs, Reed started pumping in earnest, groaning with satisfaction as her pussy tightened and clenched around him, getting a little wetter as he fucked her.

"Oh god that's good," he groaned happily, looking over at Chuck he announced, "Your daughter's got a fucking sweet pussy man!"

Enraged, Chuck struggled harder to get out of his predicament and rescue his daughter, but to no avail.

It had been so long that Reed knew he wasn't going to last long, he tried to slow his humping a little, but it just felt too damn good. What the hell, he thought, it's not like he couldn't take another turn later. Outside the alarms were still blaring, the other prisoners were probably rioting, they'd be in here awhile. And he let loose, shoving in and out of Paula's pussy with force, grunting with the ecstatic exertion, his hands tightening on her thighs as he impaled her on his cock. Paula gurgled behind her gag, her body bouncing with the force of Reed's thrusts.

With a bellow, Reed arched his back and thrust deep and hard, his dick pulsing inside of Paula as he let loose a stream of cum. The teenager groaned behind her gag, still trying to struggle a little, but her squirms only intensified the pleasure for Reed, and he made a few more little thrusts as he unloaded into her pussy.

"My turn!" said Devin eagerly as Reed pulled out.

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