tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust Being Neighbourly

Just Being Neighbourly


As Jade pulled into her suburban driveway she noticed a rather large young man mowing her neighbors lawn.

"That can't be Ben" she thinks to herself, "He's just grown so much... Oh my."

Jade dropped her eyes to give him a proper appraisal, glanced up and down his large framed eight inch over six foot body, and was very surprised with her own arousal. Jade was never too interested in sex because she had only been with her very traditional asian husband Lee, whom held the idea of sex being three minutes of furious pumping into he's ejaculated and then rolls off and passes out.

"Stop that... He's just a boy and besides you are married." she chides herself and returns to the task of pulling into her garage and opening the back of her SUV to retrieve her groceries. Her mind, however, doesn't listen to her and she finds herself beginning to sweat from the heat of her fantasy.

"Here, let me help you with that." boomed a deep barotone voice from behind her.

Jade felt him approach her and found herself growing a bit moist between her legs.

She turned, flustered, and replied, "Oh, thank you."

Jade's train of thought might have finished but she found herself staring into the deep brown pools of Ben's eyes and, anxiously, she turned and bumped into the side of the SUV. Realising what she has just done she let out a nervous giggle and grabbed two handfuls of bags and quickly made her way to the door of her home.

Pushing open the door with her left foot, she broke the plane of her entry and headed for the kitchen with Ben following closely behind. Setting her bags down on the counter, with Ben following suit, she began to buzz from the counter to the fridge and various cupboards placing her purchases in their places of storage.

"Thank Y--", Jade attempted to say but was cut off with Ben's response, "Would love a beer."

Not to be a bad hostess for someone who had just done her a favour she pulled a bottle of her husband's Asahi Beer from the fridge, opened the bottle, handed it to Ben with a smile and continued her quick, robotic, movements of placing everything away.

"What a great little piece of ass," Ben thought to himself with his, rather frank, leering at Jade's five foot tall petite frame. Ben's eyes roved over her porcelain skin of her cute face and followed the trail to her, small, but alluring cleavage and cashmere covered breasts.

"Not bad at all..." he thought as Ben's leering dropped her, jean covered, tight little asian ass.

Unawares with her guests lude sexual thoughts that would put her previous fantasy to shame, Jade bends over to reach the low shelves and puts away her fruits and vegetables.

"Oh... She did that on purpose. Alright, I'll just have to fuck this little tease." Ben said to himself.

Lee pulled into his driveway and, oddly, the garage door was open. He reminded himself to chastise Jade for leaving the door open but was, none the less, happy to be home. Lee exited his sedan and headed towards the door, opened it, and entered his house. He heard voices from the kitchen and saw a large young man drinking one of his beers and his wife bending over in the fridge in front of him.

"What's going on here?" Lee barked

Jade jumped up and began to apologize but Ben cut her off, "Just being neighbourly."

Lee grabbed his wife by the arm and led her into their bedroom and sharply asked, "Why is this man in my house with my wife by themselves?"

Jade guiltily replied, "He is our neighbours son and helped me bring in the groceries."

"And you bending over in front of him like a common prostitute!" Lee shouted and he brought back his hand to land a thundering slap on the face of his wife when he felt a large meaty hand wrap around his wrist like a steel jaw trap.

"Not so fast." Ben interjected with a sharp cuff to the neck of Lee.

The five foot four, slim, Lee crumpled to the floor with a sharp exhale of breath while a yelp escaped the mouth of Jade. Confused, Jade didn't know if she should thank him for stopping her husband from slapping her or to be upset for striking her husband. She stood petrified by the situation. Ben quick yanked off Lee's trousers, tore them into strips and tied his hands and feet together. Jade, still confused with what was happening began to find her voice.

"What-- What are you doing?" She implored

"Well", Ben replied, "I just tied up your husband, who should be awake again any moment, and now I'm going to fuck your brains out."

Jade wasn't sure she heard him correctly but he strolled towards her with intent and Jade knew fear. Fear of the large boy, fear of her husband's reaction to all this, fear of the incredible large bulge that she just noticed in Ben's pants.

"No! Leave me alone!" Jade shrieked before Ben roughly grabbed her by the throat.

Ben grabbed her thin Cashmere sweater and roughly ripped it from her frame which was quickly followed by her bra. Ben's mouth lowered to her tiny nipples she let out a scream which was cut off with a large open handed slap that left her head buzzing and her vision fuzzy. Ben used this moment to throw her onto the bed and yank her jeans off and savagely tore her panties from her body.

"No! No!" Jade managed to let loose when Ben grabbed her deep black hair with one hand and used the other to undo his belt and let loose his nine inch monster.

As Lee's vision and conciousness returned he began to understand what had transpired and what was happening before his eyes. His beautiful, tiny, wife was about to rudely violated by... the largest cock he has ever seen. The thought, as repugnant as it might have been, was becoming quite alluring to Lee. Lee's small four and a half inch hardon began to protrude from his boxer shorts much to his, massively erotic, horror that began to unfold before his eyes.

"Oh god no... Please no!" Jade squelled and glanced over her shoulder to see the largest cock she has ever imagined wavely proudly over her naked round bottom. The sheer horror of the thought caused panic bells to sound in her brain.

"That won't fit! It won't---" Jade was cut off by her own scream as Ben pulled her legs apart and unceremoniously rammed his cock into her pussy with all his strength. Feeling herself being torn apart was too much for Jade and her body just shut down.

"Oh shit... That's a tight cunt" Ben said as he pumped his cock inside this limp, tiny, asian beauty. "That's right... That's how a real man fills a little cocktease." Ben spat towards the prone shape of Lee.

When Jade came about she was feeling pleasure like she have never felt before. She felt full in a sense that was completely foreign and moaned.

"I knew you'd like this... Looking at the pathetic excuse for a cock that is poking out of your husbands boxers I can see you needed a REAL cock to fill you up." Ben ranted proudly.

Lee watched his bride begin to writhe underneath the massive form of Ben as he pounded her with a cock that would make a donkey proud.

Ben glanced down and saw his massive penis sliding in out of Jade's torn, tight, little pussy causing a mixture of her juices and blood to stain the bedspread. A smile of pride alit his face that he could cause this little asian to bleed with the size of his cock. Ben noticed how much Jade began to move on her own as, he knew, he touched places inside of her that she had never known existed felt it time to claim what is now his...

"Can your husband fuck you like I can?" He asked

Jade heard the question but didn't want to respond. Ben took the non-response as an insult and roughly yanked her hair pulling her head painfully back.

"Did you fucking hear what I said you little fuckhole?!" Ben shouted

"No... No he can't! He has a tiny dick! He's never made me orgasm! Fuck me! Fuck me!" She began to rant, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Over and over again. An unknown heat and delirium filled Jade as her body began to wrack and shiver in a way she hasn't experienced before. She felt herself tensing in a way that made her feel like she was going to burst and then it happened. All the mounting pleasure erupted and she cried out and shook uncontrollably, babbling deliriously, and trying to breathe. Her first orgasm. How glorious it was and how much she wanted another. She knew now that she would submit to Ben's hunger whenever he wanted to have her pussy.

Lee's heart sank as he realised what she was saying must have been true. That his little baby dick couldn't pleasure her like this young boy could. He watched with rapt attention and he saw something he could never give her. A proper fucking. A tear began to roll down his cheek.

"That's right. This pussy is mine. I'm going to have this whenever I want do you understand me?" Ben asked

"Yes." Both Lee and Jade responded at the same time. Unsure of which person he was talking too. Lee had tears streaming down his face resigned to the fact that this boy would be fucking his wife whenever he wished.

"Now, I'm going to give you the best gift that I can," Ben began, "I'm going give you my genes so your son can have fighting chance of making a woman cum."

Ben slammed himself into her deeply and orgasmed in her cunt, spraying her inner walls with his hot cum. Jade couldn't believe how much cum was being dumped into her. She felt her pussy filling up with copius amounts of Ben's seed in her unprotected womb.

"You aren't to go on birth control, understand?" Ben asked as he pulled his cock from her torn, overflowing, and used pussy.

"Now, because I am such a nice guy, and I don't want your sissy bitch of a girl to feel left out", Ben said as he kneeled down infront of Lee, "I'm going to let him clean my cock." And offered his still erect penis to Lee. Lee looked at the hanging monster in front of him and opened his mouth to allow it access, fully submitting himself, as his wife did to this young man's appetites. Tasting the blood, and mixture of cum he sucked the boy's huge cock to the best of his ability untill it wilted in his mouth and Ben removed it. With a glance at the panting form of Jade and the oddly calm face of Lee, Ben pulled his pants back up and headed towards the door.

"Tomorrow, You are going to have a key cut for me so I can get in and out whenever I need too. Now, I'm going to hit the gym and back in a few hours for a bit more." Ben began to exit and stopped, "One of your asses is going to get fucked tonight, you guys best figure out which one of you wants it."

Ben walked out of their home, but not their lives.

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