tagNonHumanJust Being Wolfy Ch. 09

Just Being Wolfy Ch. 09



Howdy guys!! Welcome to the NINTH installment of JUST BEING WOLFY series.


It has been a wonderful journey from CHAPTER 1 to CHAPTER 9...

More to come soon... (I think -- LOL, the end is quite near...)


This CHAPTER is dedicated to my dear readers -- YOU!!! :D

A very big BIG thank you to my absolutely wonderful editor - ***STEVESWOMAN*** for wanting to spend time on proofreading and checking my never-ending grammatical mistakes!!

With love, Jayleen88


The Andashman Pack arrived first, a few days before our Grand Feast. I smiled at Fernandez warmly as he came inside with his pregnant mate. Harmony Rana Andashman was every bit as beautiful as her firstborn. I could see where Fiorelle got her beautiful brown eyes and her impossibly perfect features. Why couldn't Jerry be satisfied with that? Fiorelle was more than willing to start a life together and I honestly thought that they would make a very beautiful couple together. Fernandez smiled at me but his eyes didn't shine like the last time I had last seen him at the Thorn-Andashman Mating Ceremony.

It felt just like yesterday.

"Nice belly," he commented, touching my stomach which had rounded bigger after more than two weeks of being pregnant. "It seems like you'll be having more than one child considering the swelling of your belly in such a short time," he flashed me a genuine smile, and then he dropped his voice to a whisper, "Will you be out welcoming Jerry Thorn and my daughter when they arrive?"

I blinked at him as James went to my side and shook hands with him. "Fernandez," he clicked his tongue, "You're making my mate nervous."

Fernandez smiled faintly, "I will save my daughter, James."

"She is still bonded with Jerry," James reminded him. Fernandez growled unhappily but became quiet as other members of his pack were moving closer to us.

Frankly, I didn't want to go out and welcome any of the packs, let alone welcome Jerry and his mate. I was anxious to see how he would react when he saw me with a defined bump covered by my pink sundress. When I had voiced my concern to James, he told me that we should act as if nothing was wrong. We couldn't risk him knowing that there was a possibility that we were prepared to face him with his conquest.

Harmony approached me with a dazzling smile. Clearly she was oblivious with the fact that her daughter was suffering with her mate. "When are you due, Gracielle?" Even her voice sounded sweet and sugary.

I started to blush; I was still uncomfortable with people asking me on things regarding my pregnancy. Our pack, a prime example, had whooped and cheered loudly. It was as if they had been betting on when I would get knocked up by James and it turned out my wild imagination was right.

I had seen a lot of the pack members, even my Betas, gathered around in a circle and started demanding money and jewellery for the bet payment after our annoncement. Malcolm had won a healthy amount of money. My Betas, on the other hand, hadn't win any since they thought that I was too young to be a mother. I guess they were right in a way; nineteen year olds were certainly a very young age to bear responsibility as a mother but I still believed that I could do it. I wouldn't be a perfect mother but at least I could be a great mother. A number of the female pack members had even dared to ask me about James' bed stamina. I had cringed at their questions as they burst out laughing. "You're such a little child," one of them had teased me. "There's no need to get so secretive about sex!"

The little ones had been oblivious to the excitement in air as they phased and leaped all over each other while playing around. I had seen a singular brown cub in the midst of silvery-white-coats and I had smiled as I scooped down the singular brown cub, ignoring my female pack members' direct questions. I had heare them burst into a fit of fresh laughter at my retreat. Wonderful, just perfect, I had thought as I held the brown cub higher and swung him playfully around. I'm the pack's personal dose of laughing gas.

The brown cub had made happy sounds and then, he phased back into his human self, "Don't mind your wolf colour," I said to him. "I'm just like you." I had put the child on his feet and then he had made a big jump to his wolf playmates, phasing back into his beautiful brown wolf form.

"Having a test drive, are we?" James had asked me as he encircled his arms to my waist behind me. He had kissed my left cheek; I had tilted my head to the right and his kisses had lingered down to the nape of my neck. "You'll be a wonderful mother," hehad murmured on my skin.

I smiled at the memory. Harmony snapped her fingers at me. "Gracielle? Are you all right?"

I looked up at her, startled with the disturbance of my wonderful memory. "I'm fine, Harmony,"

"Yes, so, when is your due date?" she prompted at me.

"I'm not sure yet, probably in the next 5 or 6 months. It all depends on how many babies are inside me," I answered with a shrug.

She grinned. "The more the merrier, I've always said." She paused as she caressed her clothed big belly. "My daughter is so excited with the idea of having little siblings. She felt so guilty about -," she stopped herself, pausing for a moment. She looked at me apologetically. "I'm sorry; I think I need to go to the bathroom,"

I knew that she was just making up an excuse to stop herself from talking about her second born: Felix Rana Andashman, the heir to the Andashman throne. James had told me the entire story about the Andashman Pack a few days back but I had already known details about it long before I had mated with him. Mom was an incessant force when she had something juicy to talk about.

However, I humored her request and took her to their resting quarter. She had returned to her bouncy self when we reached the door entrance that she jokingly added to me, "If you have triplets or hopefully more, you'll have a very unreliable bladder, like me."

I stared at her, horrified at her words. "You're going to have triplets?"

She chuckled as she opened the door, "I think so." she smiled brightly. "Either that or they're a very large set of twins." With that, she entered her resting quarter.

I stood there for a minute and looked down to my growing belly. How much was growing in me? I definitely need to see Rachael and set a date for an ultrasound but I won't be able to do any ultrasounds until I was closer to birthing. When that time came, I wouldn't have the need to use an ultrasound anyway since I would be so big that I could guess how many mouths that James and I were going to have. The mere of thought of us being together brought content in my heart.

"Gracielle, is my mate inside?" Fernandez asked behind me. I turned and him approaching me, James trailing behind.

"Yes," I answered as I went to James's side and put my left hand into his right arm's nook, "She just went to the bathroom."

Fernandez shook hands again with him. "I'll see you two later then."

"Yes, of course," James answered as Fernandez went inside their resting quarter. He looked at me as we started to walk down the long corridor with doors on each side. "Why do you look so pale, love?"

"She's probably going to have triplets or more," I muttered, still horrified with the idea. "I'm scared, James," I looked at him, "What if I become so big and I'll explode?"

James chuckled at me, clearly amused with my words. "You're absolutely worrying too much," he clicked his tongue, full of amusement. "How many alien movies have you been watching, love?" I pouted at him as he released my hold on him gently. He cupped my chin and gave me a soft kiss on my lips. My anger diminished like a fire being drenched with a bucket of water. He held his forehead to mine and added, "You'll be fine, love, don't worry so much."

Hah, easy for him to say! My vanished anger returned. He wasn't the one whose belly was growing steadily with every week! His belly didn't cramp in pain once in a while from all the movement inside! He wasn't the one who was going to apparently have a temporarily VERY small bladder capacity.

I was still pouting but he chuckled and nibbled on my lips. He caressed my arms and then he hugged me lovingly, his warm hold on me melted my core as I wrapped my hands around him. "You'll be fine, believe me," he whispered in my ear as he nibbled on it playfully. He released me gently, holding my left hand. "What do you say about you and me sprinting around the forest?"

I touched his face, "No racing and jumping?" I prompted.

He chuckled, "Who said anything about racing and jumping?" his eyes glinted mischievously. He winked at me a secret knowing look.

It took me a full second to finally realize what he meant.

"You're my little wolfy vixen, love," he whispered as he took my hand, urging me to go to the forest with him.


We didn't phase into our wolf form until we were in the middle of the secluded forest. I looked around anxiously for any signs of our pack members might be around. He noticed my agitation and chuckled as he took me closer to him.

I was nervous as hell about his desire. I realized that this would be the first time we ever do this in our wolf form so I wasn't particularly thrilled about it but I was interested enough to let the anxiety pass. He looked at me expectantly as he trailed his fingers down my dress; he went to my dress's hem and started to pull it up. I raised my hands high automatically allowing him better access to take off my dress. He threw my dress to a nearby boulder. I was wearing nothing but a matching set of black bra and a thong. He gave me a gently squeeze on my butt cheek. My belly had a more defined bump now. I giggled, starting to blush at the open space around us.

I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and then he took over before I could even finish unbuttoning him. He was filled with desires he couldn't hold back any longer. His wolf howled to claim me in it's primal state. I bent down on my knees on the ground and started to pull his pants and his boxers off him. His hands went to my back and unclipped my bra, releasing my breasts from its confines. I managed to look around the area again as he threw his clothes to pool with mine on the boulder. He closed the space between us, kissing my neck, nibbling it at the same time.

"Relax, love," he whispered seductively as his hands trailed down to my thong and slipped it off me, leaving me in my naked glory. I couldn't relax; I was too embarrassed with the prospect of what we intended to do in the open space. "No one's here but us," he said softly to my stiff form, caressing my body, trying to melt me to match his dance of seduction.

I closed my eyes as I tried to drown the fact that we were going to have sex in the middle of the secluded forest. I buried myself by kissing him passionately on his lips, my hands on his strong back. He lifted me up and cradled me, kissing me as he took me to lie down on a soft cover of grass. The ground felt strangely comfortable to me.

He spread my legs wide open as he went down to give his love to my pussy. He started to nibble my puffy lips. I could feel the wetness seeping out from me. I closed my eyes, wanting to enjoy this sensation. My hands held tight to the grass as he nibbled and licked around me. He started to spread my lips open, revealing my glistened clit waiting impatiently to be loved. I could hear him chuckled as he gave my clit a little welcoming kiss and then started to tug and nibble at me. His fingers danced around me. I could feel his tongue in my hole.

I moaned louder as he phased his tongue to his long sand-papery tongue. Oh, the sensation was intense as his tongue went deep inside me. I wanted to touch him but he ordered me to stay still, so I knew he wanted to concentrate on me.

My hands pulled the grass off the ground as pleasure started to overwhelm me. My legs thrashed around but he held the fixed with his hands as he pumped his tongue faster inside me, wanting to pleasure me fully.

Just seconds, oh just a few more seconds for me to reach the orgasmic bliss; he pulled out his tongue. I groaned. "James, no," I cried out hoarsely as he phased into his wolf form. I didn't realize it until now that he was bigger in his wolf form. He growled at me, wanting me to phase too. I bit my lips, teasing him as I stood up and started to run lightly. Two can play the game. I didn't want to give in easy and besides I wanted him to pay for not giving me my orgasmic bliss. He was such a tease!

He growled possessively behind me. He was turned on even more with my introduction of our little game. I laughed as he tackled me from behind and held me before I could even fell on the ground. I phased into my wolf form, snapping my teeth playfully at him. He growled again, fully intent on mounting me from behind.

I giggled in my thoughts as I turned and escaped his hold and sprinted lightly on the ground. He caught to me easily and quickly mounted me. I gave a low guttural growl of anticipation as his cock speared into my wet tight hole. He pumped into me, his paws gripped tight on my back.

It was such an intense feeling; oh, my first sex in my wolf form.

He emptied himself inside me after a final satisfying slam and he bit my fury neck just as I reached my wonderful orgasmic pleasure. His knot buried deep inside me as I lay on my four paws and he was still mounted on top of me. I phased back into my human form and he followed suit. He spooned me from behind, trailing kisses on my skin. He had claimed me completely as his.

"I love you," I whispered hoarsely as heavy sleep started to creep into me. I was always sleepy after such an intense lovemaking. I touched his arms on my waist as I closed my eyes, slowly drifting to sleep.

I love you too, my love, more than ever, he thought back as he lingered kisses on my bite-marked neck and licked to clean the little blood on it. I could feel him holding me closer than ever.


Kristanna and Felicia bowed their heads to their alpha. He wasn't pleased with their news. "What do you mean?" he demanded at them.

Kristanna flinched; this was the man who killed her father for trying to rape the Alpha Female. Her mother was furious and heartbroken when Gregory told them the whole story; it was a miracle that Jerry had -- like Gregory had stated steadfastly -- spared their lives for he would have easily terminated them.

"She doesn't want to eat, my Alpha," Felicia answered quietly, "Not until you agree to see her,"

"Please, my Alpha, she looked very frail and hungry," Kristanna pleaded for the sake of their stubborn Alpha Female. "She only drinks a little water but that's all..."

It had been almost two weeks since he had last seen her; he was still furious with her affair. This feeling was strange to him. He shouldn't have felt this angry because he had done the exact same thing. He had -- just like Fiorelle had mentioned earlier -- humped those skanky bitches. Perhaps he was just being too possessive. The thought didn't make him feel better. Strangely, it made him feel like a lousy hypocrite but he was too proud to admit it to her face.

"Get out," he growled at them. Kristanna and Felicia cringed and quickly bolted out of the Alpha Office Chamber.

An hour later, his heart softened a bit. He growled anyway but he stood up and went to the Grand Dinning Hall to bring her something good to eat. The low ranks bowed their heads to them in a mixture of respect and fear as he walked past them quickly. He would have seen Adrian's hateful looks if it weren't for the fact that he was deeply engrossed with his thoughts for Fiorelle and Gracielle.

He pushed open their bedchamber door slightly and saw that it was dark inside. He pushed it open wider with his leg; he was carrying a tray of delicious food and drinks.

"Go away, Kristanna!" he heard her voice croak from the darkness. "Leave me alone!"

He went inside anyway and placed the tray on a nearby table. He switched on the light and saw her huddled together with their duvet in the middle of their bed. She had been crying. His heart tugged strangely when he saw her like that. He didn't say a word as he took the tray and placed it in front of her.

"You should eat, Fiorelle," he said gently, a first time, he noted his voice with surprise. He cleared his throat and looked serious.

She looked at him, her quiet sobbing stopped. Her eyes shone with happiness with his little display of kindness. She obeyed him instantly and started to eat the food. She was so hungry that she finished it within minutes. He couldn't help but chuckle amusingly at her behaviour.

"Feeling better?" he asked her. She smiled at him beautifully. He looked away and then started to take the tray. "Don't do this silly thing anymore, Fiorelle,"

"Don't go," she said, her voice was still hoarse but it sounded better than earlier. "Please don't go,"

He placed the tray back on the table. He sat down on the edge of their bed, making a defined space between them. "What is it, Fiorelle?" he asked her seriously.

"Where were you?" she asked him, "I haven't seen you in ages,"

He rolled his eyes at her, "I was busy perfecting the plan to get what belongs to me, Fiorelle," his words stung her but she waved the pain away. She was desperate to make him believe her words and see her sense.

"I -- I'm sorry," she apologized quickly.

He snorted, "Why are you apologizing to me? Has the hunger you inflicted on yourself damaged your brain?" he was rude to her now but she kind of expected it already. Jerry was aware of her beauty even though she looked skinnier than ever.

"Where did you sleep?" she asked him curiously.

He humored her question, "At my office of course,"

"Oh," he could hear the pleased sound in her voice.

"Did you expect me to go and sleep with the skanky bitches you referred to?" he snapped back. She smiled at him. His heart pounded in his chest in a strange, unknown way. What is going on with me? He thought to himself.

She heard his thoughts completely. She didn't know why but somehow had got an idea of what he was thinking about. She bit her lips, thinking for a moment in silence. He rolled his eyes again and was about to stood up when she pulled him with all her strength down on their bed.

"FIORELLE!" he growled, protesting as she straddled him. It turned out that she wasn't wearing anything underneath their duvet. She bent her head down wordlessly and kissed him on his unwilling lips. He tried to wrench her off him but she held tight to him, trailing down her fingers down his shirt and unbuttoning it as her fingers went down.

He was frozen with her shocking advancement. He looked at her in her brown eyes as she bent down and kissed him again and this time, he was willing.

The kiss was hesitant at first but it grew as she danced her tongue with his. He had gone two weeks without love making so it was easy for him to lose his balance when his mate tackled him like this. Her hands went down gingerly to the zip of his fly and started to pull his pants off him.

As their bodies tangled into one, he forgot everything in the world. He forgot his revenge to James. He forgot Fiorelle's one-time infidelity and surprisingly, he forgot Gracielle.

Fiorelle cooed with pleasure as he made love to her gently and at the same time urgently. It was like he was a different Jerry. The evil Jerry who raped her wasn't here with her. This was a new Jerry.

She could feel him harden inside her. Moaning in pleasure, she laid on her back as he went on top of her, his cock never leaving her. He continued to move faster and faster inside her, his knot swelling deep within her. Just as she reached heaven, his seed washed deep inside her waiting womb.

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