tagNonHumanJust Being Wolfy Ch. 11

Just Being Wolfy Ch. 11


Hi guys!!! We have reached the ELEVENTH and FINAL installment of JUST BEING WOLFY series!!

We have reached the ENDING!!

The journey from CHAPTER 1 to CHAPTER 11 has been amazing...

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A month later...

Ruben Estate didn't suffer a lot of damage from the fight with Jerry's surprise guests. Most of the damage was concentrated in the Grand Dining Hall and it was still under the process of being repaired. The whole pack had been eating in their home quarters for now.

I had never heard of the black wolves true existence but James had told me that he knew they had existed. They were actually a relation to the fifth pack which had become extinct in the last war. There weren't many of the black wolves left and he believed that all of them are dead now, although there were quite a lot of them when they had showed up during our Grand Feast. The black wolves were known for their rebellious ways. They hadn't agreed to the rules of the Four Council when it was formed after the fifth pack was killed, so they opted to run free and alone.

Gregory must have been the one who had tracked all of them successfully. Gregory who had been killed by one of the black wolves.. It was unknown if it was by accident since it all happened so quickly. Gregory was an exception to that. It was a miracle that NO other lives were lost.

My stomach had swelled to a proportion of a human's pregnancy at 3 months. The cramping pain was starting to get worse but it was still bearable, especially when James would caress my belly to comfort me.

James had told me of how horrible he had felt when he had lost touch with the connection bonding us together. He had honestly believed that Jerry had killed me so he had phased into his wolf form and sprinted out towards Thorn Manor.

He had just reached the manor when he heard my thoughts calling for him to save me. He had thought he was losing his mind but then he felt the familiar warm aura and he rushed out to find me, tracking down my scent.

He was extremely furious and appalled to see Jerry on top of me and he hadn't thought of anything else as he wrenched him from me and flung him with all of his strength through the waterfall behind us. We had heard him land face-first on the water as James had leaped over to him. My sweet loving James was my mate, protector and the father of our children...

"Love?" he called to me, pulling me from my thoughts. He gave me a gently squeeze, "I -- I have something to show you." He pulled me gently to stand with him. I had been sitting down by the window on the built-in couch, staring out through the living room's big window at our pack members.

"What is it?" I asked him as he covered my eyes with his hands. I giggled.

"Don't peak," he warned me as he guided me out from the living room. We walked straight through the hallway and stopped at a door. "Ready?" he asked me.

I chuckled. "Yes, I'm ready,"

He released his hold on my eyes and pushed open the door. My eyes went wide in surprise as both of us stepped into his office. Or rather, used to be his small office...

I ran my hand down a white rocking chair and looked up at him. "A nursery?" I croaked at him, feeling equally touched and pleased with his surprise.

"Yes," he smiled. "Do you love it?"

I was in love with it. He had repainted the wall with white paint and there was a border of the alphabets on top of the walls. The floor was covered with creamy brown carpet. The small room looked bigger. There was the white rocking chair and a built-in bookcase filled with -- no doubt -- children's storybooks. There was also a row of plush toys at the two bottom shelves. I looked around and saw all the necessity things we would need when the babies born. A place to change their diapers and there was also a built-in wardrobe. I noticed that there was something important missing in the nursery.

"There's no crib," I said to him, laughing. "Did you forget a bed for our children?"

He chuckled as he wrapped his arms around me. "I don't know how many cribs I should buy." He paused as he kissed my cheeks lovingly, "I thought that you would love to pick the cribs and clothes for them."

I smiled at his attentive thoughts. "Do you want to know what I would love to have right now?" I asked him, biting my lips teasingly. I knew how he loved to see me like that.

He chuckled, realizing the mood I was in. He lifted me up and cradled me lovingly, "Gee, I don't know," he lied, smiling, "What other things do you possibly want, love?"

I wrapped my arms to his neck and started kissing him. "I'll show you if you take us to our bed now," I said seductively at him.

He groaned, "You are definitely my little wolfy vixen, love," he said as he hurried to take us to our bedchamber.

He laid me down on my feet. My hands tugged at his shirt as he took off his pants. I smashed my mouth to his as he unzipped the zipper at the back of my light blue sundress, caressing my bare back. I ran my hands down to his broad chest as he carefully pushed me down to lie on my back on our bed.

He trailed his fingers on my lips, "Are you all right?" he asked me softly when I groaned a bit; I felt a little cramp in my belly.

"Cramp," I answered to him, waving it away as I pushed him on his back and straddled him. "I'm fine," I told him as I bent down and kissed him passionately on his lips. He ran his hands over my back and then to my growing belly. I turned and went to greet his beautiful hard-on. "Hi there," I whispered, smiling as I touched his head. It twitched and swelled even more. I started to kiss it and was running my fingers down to his sack when he tugged at me impatiently.

"Let me love you," he breathed out as he rolled me over and I was lying on my back again. He flung his leg over me so that we were facing each other in a sixty-nine position.

I immersed myself into sucking his hard-on, intent on pleasuring him. My hands were occupied with his sack. I tugged and fondled it gently, enough to hear him vibrate against my clit. He had phased his tongue into my favourite form. His sand-papery tongue gave me extra sensation, sharper than a human form's. His hands held tight to my hips but not tight enough to leave bruises on me. He was passionate and yet, he still exuded gentleness with me.

He moaned louder when his hard-on twitched and spasmed. He exploded inside my mouth. I gagged a little but I managed to swallow every drop of him. I chuckled as he kept on tonguing me deep inside. I licked my chin and then started to swallow him whole. He groaned and I could feel the vibration move up me. I started to pant and moan and I could feel I was getting closer to pure orgasmic heaven. He started to move faster inside me. His long sand-papery tongue was deep inside but I still preferred his beautiful hard-on.

"I need you, my love," I panted out breathlessly. I could feel him smiling. "Baby please..." I whimpered at him.

He turned over me and started to trail kisses from my pussy up to my belly button. He dipped his tongue seductively. His hands caressed all over my heated body as he went up to kiss my lips. I moaned, tugging at him.

I took his fingers and started to kiss them. He moved on top of me and started to position himself. I moaned in anticipation as he made his way deep inside me. We moaned together in pleasure as he started to pump faster inside me. I held tight to his back, my legs wrapping perfectly around him. He rolled me over and I was on top of him, his cock never leaving me. I moved my hips to match his pumping. I nibbled at his neck as he groaned in pleasure.

Waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over me as he emptied himself deep within me. I sighed, feeling content and sated as I kissed his neck, nibbling him. He trailed kisses on my bite-marked neck and then I felt a sharp pleasurable pain as he bit me on my neck again.

"I love you, my love," I whispered to him. I caressed his face, kissing his forehead.

"As do I, love," he whispered back. "I love you more than you know..." as he caressed my face.

I sighed happily as I laid my head on his broad chest; he rolled me to my side so that I would be comfortable especially in my current state of expectancy. He cuddled me close as he whispered, "Sleep love." I fell asleep, listening to his wonderful heartbeat. For the first time, there was nothing that worried me in my sleep.


Fernandez Andashman was all set to demand justice for his daughter. He growled in anger when Jerry dared to set foot into his land with Fiorelle by his side. Jerry let his father-in-law phase into his wolf form and attack him. Jerry knew he deserved every cut and gash he got.

Fernandez leaped off him when he noticed that Jerry didn't phase into his wolf form. He shouted at him for a fair fight. "PHASE YOURSELF, MUTT!!!" he growled at his son-in-law but to his ultimate surprise, Jerry fell on his knees -- the proud Thorn Alpha -- was submitting in defeat to him.

To his amazing shock, Fiorelle fell on her knees also and looked up to her father and whispered, "Please Dad, please forgive him." She paused as she gave Jerry a supportive squeeze on his hand. "I love him, please don't push away the one thing I love in my life..."

"Is that what you think, Fiorelle? That I don't love you?" Fernandez asked as he too fell on his knees and cradled his daughter's chin. Her eyes welled with tears. "My daughter, do not blame yourself for Felix's death, it's not your fault."

"Then why -- why did you send me away?" she croaked.

"I -- I wasn't thinking straight..." Fernandez finally admitted. "When James told me what -," he paused, glaring at Jerry, "what he did to you...I was horrified. My poor daughter...I'm sorry."

Fiorelle shook her head. "The fate has decided my destiny," she whispered, "My destiny is with my Jerry." She looked at Jerry expectantly. "He is my light, Dad,"

He gave a low growl but he noticed the spark between his daughter and his wretched son-in-law. He sighed. "As long as you are happy then, I am," he said, accepting it. "But this is a final warning, mutt," he pointed at Jerry threateningly, "I'm willing to accept you but if you make my daughter cry again, I shall tear you from limb to limb."

"I won't treat her like I used to, father, I promise you," Jerry swore. He looked at Fiorelle brightly. "I swear Fiorelle, I am a changed wolf."

Fiorelle smiled at him brightly. "I believe you," she chirped happily as she hugged the two most important men in her life. "I'm finally truly happy." Her voice was sweet and sugary like the old Fiorelle she knew. She was finally at bliss...


Jerry had assembled his pack members in the Hall right after he returned from his trip to Andashman Estate. Many of his pack members had welcomed him back with open arms and obvious relief at the return of their alpha's sanity but there was still a few who dared to challenge him. He beat them easily of course and they had submitted their loyalty to him.

Jerry had also grouped the number of female low ranks members which he had used during his insanity stage. He apologized to them and said that he was very sorry and regretful with what he had done and he knew there was nothing he could do to make it better for them but they had accepted his apologies openly. They had never thought they would live the day when their headstrong alpha would ask for their forgiveness.

Gracielle's family, for instance, had also accepted his sincere apologies and he had reinstated Alexander as his original second-in-command.

"Please forgive me, Alexander," he said apologetically at him, right in front of everyone's eyes. "I have been blinded with rage and selfishness."

"All is forgiven, Jerry," Alexander replied calmly. "At least now you know who you are meant to be with."

Fiorelle chuckled at his side; she gave him a secretive knowing look. The happy couple had wonderful news to tell to the pack. Fiorelle was almost three weeks pregnant. Jerry was about to share the news when a loud protesting sound boomed at the far end. He looked up and saw one of his low ranks approached him.

Fiorelle turned pale when she saw who it was. She clutched at him as if she could protect him. He looked at her with confusion before he realized who that person was. He growled at the low rank.

"YOU DON'T DESERVE HER, ALPHA!" Adrian boomed. The crowd muted to a silence, shocked at the unfolding drama in front of them. "I LOVE HER!!"

"Is it a challenge you seek?" Jerry growled, anger washing over him as he glared at the man who had slept with his Fiorelle. She held him close, refusing to let him go. She shook her head at him.

"Please don't hurt him." It was obvious that she felt guilty at leading Adrian to think that they had a chance together but she knew that this was a wolf pack. A challenge was there to prove who was worthy to lead. She sighed with defeat as she let him go.

I'll be fine, love, he thought to her; wanting to reassure her anxiety, but he wasn't sure if she was worried about his safety or the low ranks'. The crowd gave them a circular space. He took his clothes off and stood in his naked glory. Some of the young ones giggled at seeing their alpha naked but they were fully aware of the intense situation.

Adrian glared at the alpha as he ripped his clothes off, just to show the alpha that he was strong too; that he was worthy to love Fiorelle Andashman.

Both of them phased into his wolf form; Jerry was obviously bigger in size than him so the winner was easy to guess.

Adrian gave an excellent fight for a low rank anyway. He wasn't built to fight like the alpha or the rest of the in-commands and their chosen warriors but his painful desire to have her overwhelmed every common sense in his mind.

Jerry took a skillful swipe at him and left a long deep gash on his side. Adrian yelped in pain as Jerry flung him to the floor. He was about to snap his throat but then, he phased back in his human form. A really foolish decision...

But Adrian was too shocked and too much in pain to even tackled Jerry over. He phased back into his human form, panting on the floor. "WHY DO YOU STOP, ALPHA? AM I NOT WORTHY TO STAIN YOUR HANDS WITH MY BLOOD?" he growled, wincing as the pain stabbed him deeply on his side.

"Adrian Rolf Thorn, I am not a monster that I am used to be," James replied calmly. "I could kill you right now but I'm certain Fiorelle wouldn't like it much if I do that." he looked at her, nodding.

She approached Adrian who was on the floor. She touched his face gingerly; he winced in pain. "Forgive me, Adrian," she said softly. "But I am happy with him. I'm his mate and that bond cannot be broken...What we had was good. You were there when I was alone and depressed but believe me when I say that I do care for you, it's just -,"

Adrian cut her off. "You don't love me," he finished off for her; it was more like a statement.

She nodded. "Can't we just move on?" She knew that she sounded selfish and uncaring but what other choices was there for them?

"Are you in love with him?" he asked her quietly.

She nodded again, biting her lips. "He is the one for me!" her voice was final.

"Does he treat you well?" he asked again, more faintly than ever. She was touched with his concern; here she was breaking his heart and yet he still showed an ounce of concern at her. She felt like a monster. "Does he?" he repeated when he noticed her staring at him.

"Yes, he does," she answered back, "He's sorry, he's very sorry..." she looked at him, holding both of his hands, "Can't we be friends?"

Adrian shook his head as he stood up, wincing in pain. "I'm in love with my Alpha Female...I cannot forget you so easily," he looked around and then rested his gaze to Jerry. "I will leave this pack," he announced as he phased back into his wolf form.

Fiorelle whimpered at his sudden decision but she knew it was for the best. They had crossed a barrier which couldn't be turned back. My mistake, she thought to herself, my fault!

Jerry took Fiorelle to his side and put her at his back protectively. Adrian howled loudly both in pain and also a sign of him leaving Thorn Pack forever. He wasn't Adrian Rolf Thorn anymore, he was just Adrian Rolf.

He gave a final look at Fiorelle who clutched at her mate tightly. Tears rolled down her beautiful goddess-like face as he turned on his tail and sprinted out from the Hall.

Alexander looked at the departed Adrian woefully. He had considered Adrian a son and a close friend but he knew some things were meant well this way. Elizabeth cried dejectedly, knowing full well that they couldn't see Adrian anymore. It all depended on him on whether to come back or stay a lone wolf for eternity.

But from the look of things, Elizabeth and Alexander agreed in their united thoughts that Adrian would be better alone for the moment. Perhaps with time, he will find his true mate and then, he would probably have in his heart to pledge loyalty back to his pack -- his big family.

The rest of the pack members started to talk quietly about Adrian's choice. How was a low rank going to survive in the big world unprotected? How was he going to roam free in his wolf form? His fellow low ranks howled for him, wanting him to come back but it was Adrian's own choice. They bowed their heads down to their Alpha and for once, order was in restored in the Thorn Leadership.

Fiorelle hugged Jerry for support, she felt horribly guilty about Adrian's sudden drastic decision to leave home. He'll come back home when he's calmed, love, he thought to her, wanting desperately to comfort her woeful heart. Give him time, he added silently as he kissed her forehead.

They could hear the mournful howls of the broken hearted lone wolf as he sprinted into the distance...


Three months later,

"Ugh, I'm huge!" I complained to my mother who chuckled at me. I was already more than 3 months pregnant and my belly already grew to the proportion a human's 7 months pregnancy. Harmony was right from the beginning, I did have a very small bladder. I had become quite crabby nowadays but James understood my current mood swings. I felt like a huge beach ball. Ugh.

"Gracie, it's perfectly normal," my Mom said, amused. "You'll slim down after you give birth."

Haylie chuckled, "I hope I won't be as huge as you are now when I finally have a mate," she touched my growing belly and said to my belly, "Aunt Haylie will spoil you guys a lot!" she promised, giggling. "Ooh, can I be a godmother??" she asked me.

I laughed at her and then, I winced slightly as the babies moved inside me. I sat down on the sofa and breathed out, "You can be anything you want, Haylie."

"Yes!!!" she whooped excitedly as she twirled around like a ballerina. "I'll drag Steve to take me to the town and buy some baby stuff for you," she paused, "I bet Steve would like the experience," she burst into a fit of laughter, imagining how pale he would be when she dragged him to a baby store.

I smiled at her. She had finally decided that she would mate with Steve when she was ready but right now, she was perfectly content at playing a role as an aunt. I was still digesting the fact that she chose Steve but I was happy for her nonetheless. The most important thing was that Haylie's happily in love.

And I had my loving family back in my arms.

I looked at my Mom affectionately. It seemed so surreal that the last few months had been filled with rage and misery. The whole drama that had unfolded right in front of our eyes seemed so unreal.

Jerry had finally restored order in his pack and our relationship together wasn't entirely torn apart; he was still my friend. I was thankful that we had the chance to reconcile and make peace with each other for it had been truthfully, in essential, my fault. Yes, it was my mistake for the very beginning. If I hadn't been so naughty, I wouldn't have fallen into the abandoned hole and Jerry wouldn't have saved me, hence making me swooned at his bravery but everything happened for a reason and being mischievous was a part of me. I was certain that trait would be passed down to my offspring. So, in whole, I wasn't actually regretting that part of me.

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