tagRomanceJust Between Friends

Just Between Friends


(This story takes place in the 1980's)


The sun was sinking behind the backside of the college cafeteria and the shadows were getting longer at the front of the building as I held the door open for Suzy and several other girls walking behind me as we exited. I received a "thank you" or two but little else from the girls who I did not really know except for Suzy who flashed her usual sparkling smile and winked.

"Thanks Markey"

"My pleasure Miss Suzy," I replied with a purposely exaggerated Southern drawl. She giggled.

I fell in line behind her and we walked down the few steps and out of the shade of the building into the warm autumn sunshine away from the stream of students going in different directions. It was an almost perfect day that I had not really noticed until now.

"That exam was much tougher than I expected. My brain is fried. Cooked. Baked. Drained of any knowledge. I am a zombie." I groaned.

"Yeah I had a tough day too Zombie," she laughed. "Got time to walk me to my room?"

"Sure," I said smiling. The stress of the day was easing and I really wanted to relax a bit before hitting the books again.

Most of the girls dorms were in the general vicinity left of the cafeteria but Suzy had a room in a house located off-campus in a different direction so we started walking that way.

Suzy and I had been friends for almost two years and had gone through freshman orientation together. We hung out with a lot of the same people, bumped into each other at parties, and sometimes ate together in the cafeteria sharing our problems and occasional triumphs. She was someone I felt comfortable around and her cheery disposition was infectious. I liked Suzy and I couldn't imagine anyone who wouldn't get won over by her smile. I even thought her now ex-boyfriend of a couple of weeks Todd was a cool guy although we were not close friends. Suzy was cute but I guess I had never been attracted to her in that way that causes elevated pulse rates, sends hormones into overdrive and creates a mild form of insanity.

Possibly I wasn't myself on this beautiful cloudless day with the leaves beginning to change color and the temperature dropping which we discussed as we strolled along. Maybe I was a bit tired and stressed out and maybe she was in a bit of a hurry because I fell behind a few steps.

As we walked up the steps in front of the administration building I couldn't help but notice her curves. Suzy played sports, soccer and girls' softball, and she had a solid build but was barely five foot two and couldn't weigh more than a hundred pounds.

Normally, she dressed rather conservatively saving the sports attire for the practice field but on this day she wore some tight blue jean shorts that really accentuated her exceptionally nice round butt and firm thighs. Also, the typical stylish loose fitting blouse was replaced with a very thin, light green t-shirt that was very clingy showing the outline of her bra. If she hadn't been wearing her large gold hoop earrings that hung almost even with her short blond hair I would not have recognized her.

I caught up to her at the top of the steps and as we walked and exchanged small talk about soccer I made some pretend criticism about her play during the last match and bumped shoulders with her rather solidly. She bounced off a couple of steps to the right and then came crashing back into me twice as hard sticking her elbow in my ribs at the same time. I feigned injury and went stumbling off to the left of the walkway into the grass.

"Wow. I just knocked over a linebacker," she said laughing as she came over and bent down to me offering her hand. Suzy had always given me a difficult time over the fact that after being a very good football player in high school I never even bothered trying out in college. I looked up at her and observed that the tight green shirt did not hide the fact that for a small girl she had disproportionately large breasts. How had I missed that for two years?

"Hah. Hah. I wasn't expecting it." I took her hand and thought about pulling her down in the grass but didn't and instead got to my feet looking at her smiling face the whole time. She was wearing a bit more makeup than usual with green eyeliner and I detected a subtle trace of very nice perfume.

I purposely did not let go of her hand and we kept walking toward her room. "It is a beautiful day," she said without looking at me.

"Yes it is," I replied.

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes and we were nearly to the perimeter of the campus when suddenly she turned to me wide-eyed. "You've never seen where I live have you?"

"Well, I heard you moved at the start of the semester, that's all," I replied. "I thought you had moved in with ... uh," l stammered letting my words trail away. She looked down as we continued walking and didn't say anything.

At the end of the campus sidewalk we stopped and she pointed at a large older house about hundred feet down the street. "That's where I live in a room upstairs. There's one really smart guy from my calculus class who lives in the back and a girl who I don't know but see all the time in the cafeteria lives downstairs and we have one open room."

She was rambling but I didn't mind. It was fun to see her excited.

As we arrived in front of the house she said enthusiastically, "Cool. They finally fixed the porch swing. Come on Markey." I started to tell her that Markey might be a name for a dog but wondered why after two years it would bother me now.

It was a small porch swing that would only accommodate two people and as we sat down I basically had to put my right arm around her shoulders which I did so without much thought.

"I'm glad they finally got it fixed. The chain was broke," she said smiling up at me. The sun was still shining brightly but the trees across the street provided partial shade on the porch and the light breeze made our situation very comfortable.

For a few moments we just talked about every trivial topic we could think of and moved the swing back and forth mindlessly. She pointed her shapely legs up in the air and showed me her new shoes and some of the bruises she absorbed playing soccer. I was telling her about getting my nose broken playing football and I noticed she had snuggled up against me looking at my face. But when I stopped talking and looked in her eyes just a few inches away and smelled her perfume and felt her breath it seemed like everything around us stopped as well.

There was no conscious thought about it. I just kissed her lightly and we held it for a few seconds and then we both backed away only enough for me to see her smile just a little. I moved only slightly toward her and her lips almost instantly found mine again and this time the kiss became deep and fervent. Her arms and hands soon wrapped around my neck and head and while my right arm was trapped behind her my left hand was free to roam. Presently, I discovered her right breast and when I started cupping it and lightly caressing the nipple through her bra she gasped and caught her breath. I half expected her to slap me but she patted my chest and sat back breathing fast.

"You haven't seen my room Markey!" She grabbed my hand and we left the swing jerking around crazily as she led me to the front door. I looked around and realized we were in full view of the street and other houses and figured it was a good idea. I barely had time to glance at the downstairs area as she pulled me up the stairs to her room. It might have been well kept and nicely furnished but I couldn't really tell.

At the top of the stairs she turned to the right to her door and as she was unlocking it she smiled back at me and said, "This house is big but usually very quiet. Everyone just comes and goes."

It was a fairly spacious room with two windows and a good view of the street, a closet, a dresser, a desk with a light and a couple of chairs and a large bed. It was a bit messy with some clothes lying around but not compared with my room which was a disaster area. The bed was neatly made with two large pillows and I suddenly felt a little unsure of myself and the situation. I started to ask about Todd but didn't. "Wow Suzy, this is a really huge room. It's nice."

She smiled and said, "It sure beats a dorm. I can do almost anything anytime I want to. Sorry for the mess."

"This is not messy," I said looking around. She had crawled to the middle of the bed and was taking her shoes off.

"Make yourself at home Mark." I looked at her quizzically as she stretched out and turned on her side to face me.

My brain suddenly slowed back down and I smiled as I sat on the edge of the bed. "Alright if I take my shoes off too?"

"Sure," she giggled. I took my shoes off and crawled over to her and laid down facing her.

"Where were we before we came in the house?" I said. She didn't say anything but kept smiling as I reached over and touched one of her earrings making it dangle slightly and then took a finger and moved her blond hair off her cheek. She closed her eyes as I caressed her face and I leaned over and kissed her tenderly like the first time in the swing.

At that moment nothing else mattered. Todd didn't matter. Our friends who might be totally shocked didn't matter. As our kisses became deeper and she pulled me on top of her and as we rolled over moments later with her on top of me the world disappeared temporarily. We kissed each other on the mouth, the cheek and neck and throat. Her scent was intoxicating and the softness of her skin reminded me of some exotic food that I wanted to devour. Our hands were exploring each other in a progressively random and frantic fashion and our entwined bodies were grinding against the other with increasing force. Even with the windows open the last rays of sunlight were still warming the room and our activity was causing us to sweat.

Presently, Suzy sat up still straddling me breathing quickly and began unbuttoning my shirt. "I think you need to take this shirt off. You're hot and besides, I really like your muscles and I've always wanted to see you without it," she whispered breathlessly. She pulled the shirt open and started running her fingers through the hair across my chest and around my nipples and down my abdomen.

"Okay," I said. "But I think you should lose this as well," as I tugged up the sides of her t-shirt. She giggled and began wiggling the shirt up over her head revealing a deep plunging beige colored bra.

"And at the risk of sounding like a total Neanderthal, I think these are exquisite," I said reaching up to lightly caress the underside of her breasts with the back of my hand as she still had her arms raised. She brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes and smiled down at me as she tossed the shirt across the room.

She leaned slowly down to me with a look on her face that I might have seen on Kathleen Turner in Body Heat, kissed me lightly on the nose and whispered, "Unhook me." As she supported herself on the bed with her hands planted just above my shoulders I peeled the straps off each shoulder and slowly reached around to unhook her bra. I had a few seconds of difficulty.

"Having problems?," she snickered.

"Well, I have big hands and besides ... good things come to those who wait," I replied laughing softly.

It popped loose and she moved both hands closer inward to either side of my forehead and shrugged and the bra fell down on my face. We both laughed as she pulled the bra aside looked in my eyes for a second or two leaned down and gave me the most overpowering kiss I had ever received. As I lay there stunned for a moment she eased herself forward so her melon shaped breasts were just above my face.

Until my brain repaired itself I could only stare at the large light pink areola with firm perfect nipples but I slowly reached up and gently with my left hand directed one over to my mouth. At first, I lightly licked and sucked the nipple and surrounding area but as she began to sigh and moan I drew firmly on the end and grasped it between my teeth without completely biting. She cried out loud and I stopped.

"No. Keep going. I like it. The other please. But be careful your beard is scratchy," she gasped.

Realizing I hadn't shaved that morning I started on the other breast but more gently. Soon I felt her began moving her pelvis up and down and back and forth firmly against me slowly at first but gradually increasing in strength and rhythm . I had gotten an erection a long time before but very quickly I built up to exploding like a volcano. I could also tell her arms were getting tired of providing support.

"Hey Suzy. I need to make an adjustment," I said. She stopped and slowly sat back with a puzzled expression.

"Try not to be shocked but I've got to straighten something," I said as I reached into my pants for my crotch. "It's a lot like turning on the water for a rolled up garden hose."

She fell over on the bed laughing so loud I'm sure they heard out in the street and throughout the house. "I've never heard that one before," she said breathlessly.

"It's true," I said devilishly. "Come over here."

She crawled over next to me still giggling. I took her hand and placed it on my still rock hard penis. "This is not comfortable when it's pointed in the wrong direction" I said.

She burst out laughing again drawing both hands to her face. When she finally stopped she reached back over and began stroking me through my jeans with her left hand and reached up and grasped my chin with her right. "Well, I think we should both be comfortable," she said seductively.

She got off the bed and went over to the dresser. Topless in tight blue jean shorts she looked as magnificent from behind as she did from the front. She turned and took off her earrings and placed them in some kind of jewelry dish and still watching me unfastened her jeans and with some effort worked them down to the floor and stepped out of them. She kept her small cream colored bikini panties on and I lay there mesmerized as she came back over and got back up on the bed crawled over to me without saying a word and unbuttoned my jeans

As she slowly and tantalizingly unzipped my fly I hoarsely said, "Suzy, I don't have any protection. I didn't plan on this."

"That's okay," she whispered. She didn't look at me as she concentrated on her work and I could see she was biting her lower lip. She tugged my jeans down as I raised up a little to help and then removed them over my feet.

She let them fall over the edge of the bed to the floor and I saw her eyes widen as she saw my erection standing tall in my briefs. I started to say something about the wet spot on my underwear but she basically pounced on me and locked her mouth on mine. Our kisses were quick and intense and then she moved to my face and nipped my ear lobe before sucking my neck sharply kissing a trail down my chest.

At this point my passion for her was so strong. I grabbed her under the arms and she laughed as I rolled us both over in the bed with me on top. The long deep wet kisses started again but I moved much slower than she had. I took my time kissing her face and cheeks running my hands through her hair going down her neck with my mouth then back down to those fantastic breasts.

She was undulating under me almost constantly working her hips from side to side wrapping and unwrapping her legs around me and occasionally kicking the bed. At least two or three times I felt her reach between us and grasp my penis through my underwear. I kissed and sucked on both breasts for quite a while on and around the nipples before kissing and licking my way slowly and methodically down her soft belly pausing briefly at her navel.

I worked my way further down and she eagerly opened her legs further. She was beginning to pant and moan softly but I was not in a hurry to end our enjoyment. I kissed and tongued the inside of one thigh up to her panties and then the other leaving a wet trail with my mouth. Her panties were soaked in the middle and I could somewhat see through to the folds of her vagina.

"Please take them off. Please ... now," she implored. I sat back and grabbed the panties on either side and eased them over her curvy hips and down to her thighs in one motion. I pulled them over her knees and feet and tossed them on the floor without looking. She lay there on her back looking at me breathing fast in the dimming sunlight her blonde hair in total disarray and her face flushed with a streak or two of sweat running down. For a second I wasn't sure what I should do next but she smiled at me then shut her eyes and whispered, "Please don't stop now."

She pulled her knees up and spread her legs and the last rays of the sun coming through the window gave me a perfect view of a glistening bright pink pussy in the midst of short curly blondish pubic hair. I enjoyed that sight for a few seconds then slid back down into position. She spread her legs even wider inviting me back and I obliged wasting little time getting my mouth and tongue into her. Her aroma was driving me absolutely crazy and when I started burrowing my face into her warm wet cave she lifted her hips and I felt her hands in my hair pushing on the back of my head.

After a few moments with me delightfully probing her Suzy began moaning loudly. She was dripping wet and as my tongue repeatedly swirled around the objective I could feel her began to spasm.

Suddenly she thrust her hips she and shrieked. "Put it in now! Please Mark. I need it. Please just for a minute!"

I could barely manage conscious thought because my primal instincts were in control almost as much as hers with my cock throbbing like a power tool. I jerked my briefs down as she elevated her hips and legs to take me in. I couldn't believe the heat as I entered her or how tight but incredibly wet she was.

She was writhing like a snake and pushing upward strongly with her hips. I fought desperately the urge to transform into a human jackhammer and let her do the moving as I tried to get into the best position. I found what I thought was the right angle to set off her fuse and buried myself as deep as possible then slowly withdrew almost all the way out.

She caught her breath and jerked her head back with her mouth open but emitted no sound and at the same time I felt sharp pain on both sides of my rib cage where her hands were. I did it again slowly and she grabbed the extra pillow and shoved it between us over her face and I heard a muffled obscenity. I did the same thing again a little faster, then just a bit faster and again and again. Just as I felt close to the point of erupting her legs wrapped around me so tight I could barely move and she slapped the bed a couple of times and grabbed the cover and I heard her scream again into the pillow.

I stopped pumping and she let go with her legs, tossed the pillow aside and pulled me into her arms panting so quickly I thought for a moment she was hyperventilating from a medical condition.

I pulled out of her for safety sake and she moaned, "Why oh why didn't you have some protection, you big idiot, you big dumbass!" She kissed my neck two or three times and reached down between us to grab my still pulsing penis.

I raised my hips a little to give her more room to work and she began stroking me aggressively still panting and I whispered in her ear, "Suzy, you better watch it; you're playing with a loaded gun."

She laughed and replied between breaths, "Since I've been a bad girl guess you better just shoot me." She jerked me several times hard and fast and my body began to shudder and I involuntarily arched my back and spewed several shots of warm cum up between her breasts and down her belly.

I groaned as I collapsed on top of her and we lay there on the bed for a few moments holding each other in the near-darkness with the autumn air cooling our bodies. I wanted to stay there but eventually she gently rolled me off and lay there facing me.

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