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Just Business Ch. 02



Special thanks to my wife for helping me think up some ideas, although this will be shorter than the last chapter. Don't worry though; this chapter contains a lot more sex and exposition as well.

FYI: There is an error in the last chapter where Emma explains how she will be filming Spider Man in a month or so. After research I found that the movie didn't begin production until December of that year, so I will fix that in this chapter. There are also a few movie errors in the last chapter (Thanks to user Robertdoc for pointing them out in a constructive and positive manner). The biggest is the fact that Easy A and Crazy Stupid Love did not come out before this. Crazy Stupid Love began filming summer 2010 and Easy A came out in Sept that year. For the sake of the plot let's just pretend all that happened before this, instead of me resubmitting the entire first chapter for a few sentence changes. I will try my hardest to avoid any big errors like that in the future, but with all the activities celebs go through its tough, plus this is sort of an alternate reality if you think about it.

Well I think that's all, so enjoy!


I slowly drifted awake and for a second, thought I was in my hotel, and that the previous night was just a dream. And for a while the look of the bedroom wall next to me added to that façade.

I was laying on my back with my head turned to my left. I took a few deep breaths and realized I was naked. I... don't... usually sleep naked...

That's when I heard the soft groan next to me... then felt an arm reach across and lay itself on my chest.

Then it all came back. Images and short playback scenes of last night's activities flooded into my head, along with the beautiful actress whose nose was now tracing along the back of my neck.

I turned my head up and stared at the ceiling, then felt Emma nuzzle her head close to mine and breathe deeply. Her breath was warm and tickled my neck as it spread. Then I felt a kiss... man she had such soft lips.

"...Morning." she whispered to me

"Morning beautiful." I said in a full voice

She giggled and dug her head deeper into my neck, planting kisses, "How'd you sleep?"

"Fine with you next to me!" I kissed her forehead

"Yeah, same here." she pulled back a bit and I turned my head to meet hers.

I looked around once "...I gotta pee..." I said through a grunt

She laughed and scooted away from me, "Well don't let me stop you, you ain't goin on my bed!"

I jumped up and looked at the door leading out to the rest of the apartment. I turned and pointed out.

"So... we were kind of busy when we passed that room on the way here so I couldn't make out if it was a bathroom or not..." I said sheepishly

She laughed again "Yeah it's a bathroom."

I nodded and walked out into the bathroom. My jaw dropped.

The room consisted of probably the most elaborate and fancy devices I had ever seen. The entire layout included a toilet, sink, a damn urinal, a couple cabinets, and then there was the shower. It was glass on all sides, with the door facing the center of the room. Inside there were four showerheads mounted on the ceiling aiming down. The shelves and controls were all laid out along the wall opposite the door. I looked over at the urinal, which unsurprisingly, looked a little dusty and underused. I decided on the toilet instead, but it was a tough call.

I walked out and back into Emma's bedroom to find her still laying on the bed, except the sheets and blanket were splayed back to expose her erotically pleasing naked body.

She smiled playfully at me and motioned me back into bed with her, "Come here baby!"

As I laid down I felt her curl back into me. I glanced over at the clock on the table near her side and saw it was only 9 AM. I started moving my hands along the curves of her body, and smiled as she gave me a sensual kiss on the lips.

"My god, you are stunning Emma!" I whispered

I could feel her smile widen against me along with the breath from a giggle, "So Mr. Smoothie, trying for a quickie?"

I could feel her cling tighter to me.

"Not directly," I smiled and grabbed one of her ass cheeks, "But if you're up for it..."

She reacted to my grab with a sharp exhale, then moaned softly, "Ohhhhh I'm always up for one"

I leaned over and climbed on top of her. "Good, cause I can't get enough!" and began kissing her neckline and the edges of her boobs.

Her moans became louder as I got lower and lower on her curvy body, and as I got to just above her waist, felt her hands firmly grab the hair on the back of my head.

"Ohhh I remember you down there last night, think you can bring the same results?" she asked huskily.

I looked up at the lower edge of her waist and narrowed my eyes, "You doubt me?"

She bit her lower lip and nodded a short 'no'.

I smiled and stared at her naked womb a few seconds before taking a few kisses and licks against her lips. I felt her shudder and groan at the stimulation, and slowly increased my oral assault on her. I felt her pussy leak a few drops of juice and quickly cleaned it off accordingly.

"Ahhhh there you go..." she whispered.

I took in the encouragement with a quick increase in licks and began sucking out her juice in laps instead of simple sucks. She held my head tight and kept in place over her irradiating lips as I continued to tongue and flick her pussy, saving a tease or two for her slightly exposed clit.

After a minute of eating her I felt her tug up at my head and raised myself out of the sexual heaven I was entering into. I looked at her worriedly.

"Whats wrong?"

"Oh nothing," She pulled my head up to hers, "I just want to feel your lovely little fingers inside of me..."

I raised my eyebrows and brought my hand up to start rubbing her as I leaned in to stifle her moans with my mouth. She got louder as my motions slowly went from rubbing to inserting. I started with two fingers, and her pussy easily let them in. She gasped out below me and her eyes locked onto mine.

I got to quick fingering motions fairly soon, and let my lips leave hers so I could hear her cum.

"Ah! Ah... fuck yeah Brian, that's it!" she moaned out, her lips just inches from mine.

"Uh huh, you gonna cum for me Emma?" I whispered to her, my fingerfucking picking up in speed.

She nodded and her groans of pleasure started to get quite loud. I put my face an inch from hers and could hear the slippery noises from her pussy give away her impending orgasm. She held my head with one hand and my back with the other as she reached the threshold of climax.

"Oh fuck yes Brian, don't stop! Don't stop sweetie don... Ahhhhhhh!"

Her orgasm surprised even her as her waist bucked up into me and her pussy released a wave of liquid onto my still moving hand. Her breathing was short and quick as she moaned and yelled to me through her climax.

"Oh Brian! Oh fuck Brian!"

"There you go Emma cum for me baby girl, cum for me!" I grunted to her.

She started to calm down and kissed me as her final waves of ecstasy crashed over her. Her next words came through deep breaths of recovery.

"Wow, Brian that was awesome!"

She held me to her for a long kiss before I could finally respond. "Glad you liked it."

"I certainly did!"

I fell down onto the bed next to her and felt her hand move towards my cock, which up until then I had completely ignored. When she grabbed it and began stroking I looked over and opened my mouth.

"Are... are you always like this when you wake up?"

She winked "Only after a night with an amazing lover!"

I started to laugh but it was stifled by a groan as she slowly rubbed her hand up and down. I could hear her laugh and stroke me harder.

"Bit sensitive down there sweetie?"

"Wee bit," I breathed out, "My god that voice is so fucking sexy!"

She chuckled and stayed next to me, kissing my neck and rubbing me hard and fast, "Why thank you Brian, is it turning you on?"

"Icing on the cake Ms. Stone!"

It sort of caught me off guard how fast she was going and I felt my cock start to throb as my balls started churning a load of semen.

"Oh... Fuck... Emma!" I grunted out.

She climbed on top of me and slowed down with the rub-job momentarily to position me near her.

"Fuck... me... now!" she whispered huskily looking in my eyes, almost command-like.

I started to inch my way into her and felt her gasp a little, "Oh don't take it slow Brian." she whispered seductively.

I widened my eyes in surprise, "...If you say so," and bucked into her hard, going all the way in and making her shudder.

"Oh... oh Brian!" she moaned out.

I picked up speed quickly, my hips thrusting up to meet her upper thighs and slamming my cock into her womb. She groaned and squealed as what seemed to be a mini-orgasm went over her.

"Oh fuck sweetie, yes!" she groaned as her pussy leaked out onto my lap and pulsed with every motion.

"God Emma... I'm gonna cum!" I grunted out as my waves of pleasure increased.

"Already?" she looked down at me half surprised and half eager.

"Yeah, your little hands-on sort of put me on edge quickly." I explained, trying to hold back as long as possible.

She took over the movement and bounced up and down on top of me, then leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Well then what are you waiting for?"

I took that as a crystal clear signal and let my balls erupt inside of her. As I came, she kept bouncing up and down, seemingly on the verge of cumming herself. I felt my own fresh fluid leaking out of her as she rode me. My grunts were soon accompanied by her own yells and moans.

"Oh fuck Brian I'm cumming with you!" she practically screamed at me as her climax sent her right over the edge too.

I leaned up as my last oozes of cum dribbled up into her and held her as she came.

"Ohhhh good girl Emma! Cum baby!" She kissed me hard as I got the last of the sentence out and held my lips to hers. I felt her moan into me and press her body against mine as her orgasm died down.

She finally pulled away and looked at me for a long moment. I looked around and swallowed before trying to talk, "...Wow"

She smiled and I saw small beads of sweat run down her face.

"God that was fucking fun!" she said enthusiastically as if we were coming off of a roller coaster.

I laughed and held her as she laid her head on my shoulder, "Yeah... yeah it was!"

We sat there on the bed, panting and occasionally kissing each other in various spots. Eventually she pulled off of me and stood on the bed above me. I looked at her very wet pussy and scoffed.

She looked down at me, "What?"

I held in a laugh, "Your all wet!" I said it similar to a young teenager saying the word "vagina" out loud for the first time. She laughed too and jumped off the bed.

"Well you sir, are all sweaty and gross..." she said as she walked to the door.

"Oh yeah," I looked around at the bed, which was quite disheveled and damp, "Sorry about the tainted state of your bed"

She looked back at me "Oh that's okay, those sheets needed to be washed anyway."

I nodded and climbed out, then began searching for my underwear. I soon realized they were back in the living room with my other clothes. I went to walk by her but her arm blocked the doorway.

"And where do you think you're going?" she said, blinking at me rapidly.

"Uhhhhh underwear?" I said hesitantly pointing through the wall to the living room.

"Oh no, your filthy ass is taking a shower with me to clean off, THEN you can walk around again!" she said matter-of-factly.

I put my hands up and mimicked a voice of surrender, "Okay..."

She laughed and grabbed my hand, "Don't worry Brian, I'm sure you'll find something to pass the time," and led me to the bathroom.

As I stepped into the bathroom she opened up the fancy shower I had ogled earlier and turned on the water. As she stepped in I proceeded to re-ogle the shower, only this time it was at the inhabitant. All four faucets created a rain-like stream that covered almost the entire shower. She let the water engulf her and create an outline of her body as it cut the steady stream of water. I continued to stand there staring longingly at her, watching the beads run down her back and over her ass an down her legs. She turned around and looked out at me.

"Well, come on in! You aren't gonna get clean standing there like a horny teenager!" She glanced at my crotch with a wicked smile.

I looked down to see my boner had reappeared, probably to the sight of her naked with water streaming down her luscious body. Nevertheless I stepped in and felt the warm water start to run down me almost immediately.

"Man, I wish my shower got warm as soon as you turned it on..." I said, shutting the door and feeling my hair become soaked.

She grinned and looked up at me, then wrapped her arms around my back and held me close to her,"It's a nice perk I'll admit."

With that she turned around and pressed her back against my chest, and leaned her head on my left shoulder, and looked back at me, "You mind giving me a hand?"

"Not at all." I responded.

She reached to a shelf and handed me a bottle of some girly washy crap. I took a nice smell then started rubbing the mixture over her back and shoulders.

"Now you ain't putting this girly shit on me are you?" I asked as I ran my arms down hers and over her boobs, spreading the soapy lather.

She scoffed and turned to me with a grin, "Well how else are you gonna get that sweat and cum off of you?"

"I don't know!" I threw my hands up, "But I am not getting on a plane in a few hour smelling like I shower in sunshine and meadows!"

She giggled and turned completely to face me, "Okay then." She thought for a second, "All right how about this. I need to go get us food anyway seeing as this place is barren of anything edible. So when I go and do that, you go back to your hotel, get your stuff and come back here. And because I am assuming you have your own manlier body wash packed in there, you can take another shower before you leave." She finished with a proud smile.

I nodded, "That's actually a very good plan."

She came closer and pressed me against one of the walls to the shower and leaned in close, "Plus if you keep fucking me like you did ten minutes ago I have a feeling you'll want to take another shower before you go back in public." she said softly.

"Is that right?" I whispered

She leaned up and kissed me before stepping back and letting me go back to scrubbing her down. I rubbed down her arms and sides before reaching her crotch. As I went near her vagina she held my hand and guided it in and out as I cleaned out the chamber. I heard her breathing increase as I started to care less about cleaning her pussy and more about pleasure. She groaned again and wrapped one leg over my lower back.

I smiled and kissed her neck while continuing to finger her steadily, "Ohhh like that do you?"

She let out a laugh before another savory moan, "Ahhhh you bet!"

I kept kissing her neck and moved up to her cheek and ear as the intensity of my fingers started to make her writhe and twitch in my arms.

I snickered and pressed her against the opposite wall, hearing her gasp again as her back was held firmly into the glass. She kissed me again and held my arm as it pumped in and out of her. I couldn't really tell if she was wet or not due to the water everywhere, but I could imagine she was.

"Oh... fuck!" she gasped out.

I moved her hair up behind her and let the water keep my hand sliding into her.

"You gonna cum Emma?" I whispered.

"Yeah... yeah... yeah baby keep going!" she grunted out while pressing into me.

"You gonna cum?" I repeated greedily.

"Yeah... Yes... yes... ahhhhhh fuck!"

"You wanna cum?" I kissed her neck

"Yes Brian! Yes please Brian make me cum!" she squealed out.

I kept fingering her into a long moan that signaled her on the brink. She then began bucking and squeezing me as she came.

"Ahhhh fuck! Yes I'm cumming!" she yelled to me.

"Yeah Emma cum baby!" I responded naughtily.

She rode out the down wave with heavy breathing and a long kiss. She set her leg down and pulled my hand away from her, then held my arms at the sides of my body.

"Wow, I think I'm starting to become addicted to that..." she laughed, as did I.

She pulled the bottle of wash back off the shelf and got some in her hands.

"Your turn. Don't worry," she grabbed my semi-erect cock, "I'll pay you back for that later."

I chuckled and turned around so she could start on my back. After a thoroughly satisfying wash down from Emma, we both stepped out. As she dried off with a towel I walked back into her living room and put my underwear back on. I also gave myself a reminder to put on a fresh pair as soon as I got to my hotel room. Emma came in after me with a bathrobe on and went into the kitchen. I heard some odd kitchen-esque noises and then she walked back in.

"I've been living off of alcohol and other peoples cooking longer than I realized up to now." she admitted.

"Hey, since college, I've been doing the same thing." I responded putting on the rest of my previous days attire.

She laughed and sat down next to me, "That reminds me, how old are you again?"

"Twenty-five" I said proudly

Her eyes were wide, "Jesus... your four years older than me!"

My eyes went wide too "Your twenty one?"

She crossed her arms "Yeah, how old did you think I was?"

I thought to myself before answering. If I said older, god knows what her reaction would be. If I said younger, then that would be a tad pedophile-esque. I took a shot in the dark.

"Twenty?" I said with a wince

She got an impressed look, "Are you trying to get yourself out of a hole?"

I smiled and leaned back, putting on my shoes, "What else can I do?"

She walked up and kissed my head "Its okay, I kind of set you up for that."

I grabbed her head and brought her lips to mine, "I would be mad, but thats hard with you!"

She tapped my cheek, "Anyway, you sir, need to go get your stuff from that hotel!"

I laughed once, "Thank god I'm not the one paying for the room! And plus you got stuff to do too!"

"Yeah, that reminds me, what do you want to eat?" she said walking back to her bedroom.

"I haven't had a breakfast muffin in a while..." I pondered.

"Really now?" I heard from the bedroom.

"Indeed," I called back, "My diet consists of a lot of yogurt and cereal."

"Okay, does it matter what kind it is or where it comes from?"

"Not really, whatever's closest I guess." I got up and felt my pockets. Sure enough, my keys, wallet, and phone were all still safe inside.

"Allright, I could go for that!" she said again from the bedroom.

"Okay, I'm off to go get my stuff." I walked to the door.

"Wait!" she came running to me in panties and a t-shirt, "Give me your phone."

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone, then handed it to her. She tapped the screen a few times, then handed it back.

"There I put my number in. Text me when you're on your way back."

"Will do." I said putting it back in my pocket.

"Bye!" she waved then padded back into the bedroom.

"Hurry back!" she yelled.

"I'll try my best!" I said unlocking, opening, and then leaving through the door. I could have sworn I heard a laugh as I closed it.

The path she and I had taken from the bar yesterday was gone from my mind, plus, so I called a cab.

As I walked into my hotel room, I realized I had never actually unpacked much the previous day. Apart from my laptop, a few notebooks and my business suit hung in the closet near the bathroom, I didn't have to do much to repack it all. I put on a fresh set of clothing, put away my now useless suit, and set off to check out. The process was simple enough, and the fact no one had seen me return the previous night went unmentioned. I hailed another cab back to Emma's apartment complex. When I got out, I found the same side door she and I used to get in the previous day, then came to a problem. I didn't have a keycard to get in. I pulled out my phone and gave Emma a nice heads up text:

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