tagMind ControlJust Can't Get Enough

Just Can't Get Enough


"...just relax, just float and drift in your safe space. Feeling so warm, and so comfortable, and so peaceful, and you know you can return here whenever you want." The room filled with a magical stillness, the sound of twenty-seven people in simultaneous hypnotic trance. "And now I'm going to count to five," Liz said, "and you're going to feel yourself becoming more aware with each number as I count, until you awaken completely on five. One..." Some people started to stir, but Liz wasn't surprised to see that many of them remained very relaxed. They'd been under for almost an hour, now--although if you asked them, they'd probably say it had been closer to fifteen minutes.

"Two, beginning to feel your fingers and toes move a little now." Liz watched people begin to shift their position a little, still wearing those same dreamy smiles that always made her feel like it was worth doing a 'What Is Hypnosis?' panel every year. So many of these people walked into this room thinking they couldn't be hypnotized, or worrying that it might be dangerous somehow, and she loved showing them just how safe and natural hypnosis really was. Hypnosis was just a method of achieving trance, and as Liz pointed out to the crowd every year, you went into trance every time you read a good book, watched a good movie, or even just had a daydream.

"Three, becoming aware of the sounds in the room." It was probably a good idea to remind everyone that there were other people in the room--Liz knew how easy it was to just let the people around you fade into background as you went into trance. (Including the plane ride down here, she remembered. She'd managed to really weird the flight attendants out.)

"Four, almost all the way back up now, feeling relaxed and refreshed and knowing you can return here whenever you want." That was her usual 'gift' to those ShadowCon attendees who decided to show up for her panel--just a simple visualization exercise, picturing a warm, safe, stress-free place in their head and telling them that they could close their eyes and go back there whenever they wanted to. She didn't really know how many of them used it once they got home--suggestions really only took root if the person wanted them to--but she'd had a few people over the last couple of years come up to her and tell her how much it had helped, and that was enough to keep her doing it.

"And five, all the way back awake now." She watched her audience stir, some of them still a little groggy. "Feel free to take your time, folks," she said. "I'm probably the only panelist at the con who doesn't mind that their whole audience is just now waking up." That got more than a few chuckles, and Liz saw people begin to really come back to themselves. Nothing like a bad joke to get people back to their senses.

Liz saw some people starting to look at their watches with an expression of shock on their faces, and she didn't need to check her own to know that it was about time to wrap things up. "Well, folks," she said, "that's what hypnosis feels like. I'm sure many of you recognized the sensation, and I hope that all of you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, we're about out of time for now--the psychics are already anticipating that the room will be empty pretty soon." That got a round of groans instead of chuckles, but Liz never met a pun she didn't like. "But I have a panel tomorrow at noon, so if any of you have any questions about what you experienced, feel free to come by and ask me about it then."

Liz watched everyone file out, silently congratulating herself on another successful panel. There was just something so gratifying about doing this every year, seeing the smiles on people's faces as they drifted off, guiding them through their first hypnotic experience... honestly, she wished she could get the room longer. An hour just wasn't enough time to play.

But most of these people probably had other panels to get to, signings to attend, and dealer rooms to browse. Already, the room was just about completely empty. There was just one girl left, sitting there...Liz frowned. The girl's head was tipped forward onto her chest, and it was only because she had such short hair that Liz could see that her eyes were still closed behind her glasses.

Liz's frown melted into a smile. She'd had this happen once or twice before. Some people found trance to be a little too relaxing, especially on the third day of the convention after two very late nights. She walked over to the girl and glanced down at her badge. "Suzie?" she said softly, putting her hand on the sleeping girl's shoulder and applying gentle pressure. "Suzie, it's time to wake up."

"No," Suzie said in the telltale dreamy tones of someone still in a very deep trance.

Liz blinked. That was a little bit unexpected, she thought. She'd figured Suzie had just fallen asleep, but she appeared to still be under hypnosis. "Suzie," she said, her voice falling naturally into a hypnotic cadence, "it's time to come back up now. You can return to this warm place later, if you want, but right now it's time to wake up."

Suzie lazily shook her head. Liz probably wouldn't even have noticed the gesture if she hadn't been used to picking up cues from people under hypnosis. "Don't want to," she said quietly.

Liz felt a little flummoxed for a moment. She'd had a few people who needed a little additional coaxing to find their way down into trance, but she hadn't actually encountered someone who wouldn't come back up. Still, they hadn't invited her to ShadowCon and given her a panel all to herself just because she'd played around with pendants for a bit. "Suzie," she said sternly, "if you don't emerge right now, I'm never going to hypnotize you this deeply ever again."

That did the trick. Suzie's big brown eyes popped open, seeming even bigger under her glasses, as an expression of stark panic crossed her features. She blinked once or twice as her brain registered the fact that she was actually awake...and then, once it did, her expression changed from fear to abject misery. Liz had never seen someone look so forlorn over coming out of hypnosis before. She felt like she'd just taken Suzie's teddy bear away.

It didn't help that Suzie looked absolutely adorable as she started to get to her feet, stammering out apologies while trying to pretend she wasn't desperately unhappy and utterly failing. Liz generally tended to think of herself as more "open-minded" than actually bisexual, but she had to admit, she had a fetish for geeks of all genders. Something about a girl with glasses, especially one with that gorgeously pale skin that only came from spending more time in front of the computer than the sun, well...it just got to Liz. And the 'GeeKISSexy' t-shirt really didn't help matters.

Liz spotted the decision she was about to make just after she made it, and she rolled her eyes at herself when she realized what she'd already decided to do. She was really too nice for her own good, she decided, as she snapped her fingers in front of Suzie's face and said, "Down."

Suzie's eyes slammed back shut, and a smile spread over her features as she slowly sank back down into her chair. Liz had never seen a smile that big on a girl that tiny. It made her look like an anime character. She'd been hypnotizing people for a long time now, but she'd be hard pressed to think of anyone who enjoyed it quite so much as Suzie seemed to be loving it right now.

Liz looked down at her watch. The next panel would be starting to arrive any second now, and while she didn't want to take Suzie out of trance again without finding out just what made her want to stay under so bad, she also didn't want to disrupt the next guest. "Suzie," she said softly, "do you have to be any place special soon?"

"No," Suzie said, her voice filled with...with joy, there was just no other word for it. "I don't have any plans for the rest of the night."

"Alright," Liz said. "Then I want you to take my hand, Suzie." She pressed her hand against Suzie's, and the girl clasped it eagerly. "In a moment, you're going to open your eyes--it's alright, Suzie," she said in response to the other girl's obvious agitation. "You'll find that you'll be able to open your eyes and stay just as deep, just as relaxed as you are right now." Suzie sighed like a little girl who'd just been told Christmas would be every day this year. "And then we're going to stand up, and we're going to take a little walk. Does that sound all right to you, Suzie?"

"Uh-huh," Suzie responded, the grin somehow evident even in her voice.

"Alright, Suzie. It's time to go." Liz stood up, and Suzie opened her eyes and stood up with her. She had a glassy look in her eyes, and just as before, the thick coke-bottle lenses magnified them in a way that made Liz clench her thighs together just a bit. She led Suzie out of the room and down the hallway, and the other girl followed like an obedient puppy.

Geek girl following her like an obedient puppy--that was a thought that headed to some lusty wrong places, Liz decided as she walked Suzie through the crowded con. Liz resolved to be very careful not to accidentally say the wrong thing to the hypnotized girl. She didn't want to put any ideas into Suzie's head, even as she was privately hoping that those ideas might already be there to begin with. She wasn't doing this to "score chicks", after all. She was just being nice to a girl who seemed to really enjoy hypnosis, that was it. She merely wanted to find out, strictly from professional curiosity, why it was that Suzie seemed so interested in remaining in trance. No sir, no prurient interest here. She was just bringing Suzie back to her room because...well, because they needed a quiet place to perform this therapeutic investigation, that was all.

She guided Suzie into her room (after the requisite twenty-minute wait for the elevators--fortunately, ShadowCon had so many cosplayers, fetishists, and general strangeness that a glassy-eyed girl wandering the halls barely even drew a second glance) and closed the door. "Alright, Suzie," she said, "let's just come over here to the bed, and you can lie down and close your eyes again."

Suzie didn't so much lie down as flop bonelessly onto the mattress. Her eyes had slipped shut before she even went horizontal, and Liz saw goosebumps forming on Suzie's skin as she lay there. Liz bit the inside of her cheek. Something told her that Suzie wasn't just feeling the breeze from the room's air-conditioner. No, she reminded herself. That's just your imagination. No pouncing on the hypnotized girl, not while she's suggestible...and pliant...and docile...and...

Liz took a deep breath and centered herself. "Suzie," she said, sitting down next to the entranced girl, "would you like to tell me why you want to stay so deep in trance?"

Suzie's answer came out almost as a moan. "It's so sexy," she husked out. Liz blushed. "It feels so good...been imagining for so long, ever since I first heard about hypnosis...thinking about a beautiful woman, hypnotizing me and making me..." She trailed off for a moment. Even in trance, Liz knew, those social taboos remained. Most people had difficulty admitting their sexual fantasies to a total stranger, and hypnosis could only do so much to overcome that.

Suzie took a long, shuddery breath. "Making me fuck her," she sighed out dreamily. No, Liz realized. She wasn't having trouble admitting it, she was just getting lost in the fantasy. "Always pictured looking into her eyes...getting lost, dizzy and helpless and aroused, and, and...and you're so pretty, and your voice is so nice, and it was everything I'd ever dreamed of, and I didn't want to ever let it go..." There was a visible damp spot on the crotch of Suzie's jeans, now, as she wriggled slightly on the bed.

Liz knew she had a matching spot on her own outfit. Still, her conscience told her that it wasn't enough to hear Suzie say she was attracted to her. There was a big difference between subconscious libido and conscious decision. "Suzie," she said, "I want to wake you up, just for a moment, and talk to your waking self." Seeing Suzie's frown, Liz quickly said, "Once we're done talking, you can go back into trance if you want."

Suzie still didn't seem happy with the arrangement, but some part of her subconscious must have remembered the earlier threat, because her eyes slowly opened. "Um...hi," she said, sitting up. It was the first coherent sentence she'd actually said to Liz while awake.

Liz smiled gently. "Hi," she said. "You've been under for quite a while now. Do you remember what you said, while you were hypnotized?" People generally didn't experience hypnotic amnesia their first time under, but Suzie seemed to be pretty primed to want to be the archetypal helpless victim, and that might very well mean that she'd forget what happened while in trance.

She didn't, though. "I said..." She blushed. "I said you were really pretty, and that I wanted you to hypnotize me and..." Her blush spread all over her face now. "Um, fuck me," she finished in a tiny voice.

"And do you?" Liz asked, trying to keep the hope out of her voice.

Suzie looked down. She looked even cuter when she was being shy. "Yes," she said after a moment.

"Would you want to have sex with me without being hypnotized?" Liz asked.

Suzie blushed even brighter, but she said, "Yes. I...sorry, I'm not good at this. But you're really pretty, and really nice, and I...yes."

"Are there any reasons why it would be a bad idea?" Liz asked. "Like a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or..."

Suzie shook her head. "No, nothing except..." Liz's heart sank for a moment, but then she heard Suzie's next words. "Do you...want to?" Suzie asked, in the tones of a girl who didn't ask that question a lot.

Liz felt the heat spreading between her thighs, and she gave in to it. "Oh, yes," she said. "Very much."

Suzie looked up, a startled smile on her face. She really hadn't been sure Liz was going to say yes, Liz realized. She really didn't know just how beautiful she was. "Oh, thank you!" she cried out. "I mean, um, not that I think you're doing it as a favor, I just mean that--"

She was also cute when she was babbling, but Liz didn't want to wait any longer. She brought her hand up to Suzie's chin, and said, "Suzie. Look into my eyes."

Suzie's gaze locked on hers, and her voice instantly trailed into silence. "That's right," Liz said. "You've imagined this for so long, and you know exactly what happens when a beautiful hypnotist looks into your eyes, don't you, Suzie?"

"Uh-huh." Already, Suzie's voice was taking on that drifting, dreamy quality as she stared straight ahead. "Get...lost...dizzy..."

"Lost, and dizzy, and helpless, and aroused, isn't that right, Suzie?" Liz felt her pussy tingling as she watched the other girl's eyes go glassy and vacant.

"Uh-huh," Suzie responded, her eyelids fluttering slightly with the strain of keeping them open.

"And sinking deeper with every moment, Suzie," Liz said, feeling her panties clinging to her skin as she shifted slightly on the bed. "So hard to keep those heavy, heavy eyes open now, isn't it?"

"Uh-huh," Suzie whimpered out. Her eyelids were really fluttering now, barely even half-open. Only the whites showed beneath them. It took everything Liz had not to just fling herself into the other girl's embrace.

"And the more you fight to stay awake, Suzie, the harder it gets to stay awake." Suzie's eyes were barely open at all now, and Liz was supporting her head almost completely with her hand. "The more you resist, the harder it becomes to resist." Liz struggled to keep herself from panting as she spoke. "Until you just... can't... fight anymore." She pulled her hand away, and Suzie's chin dropped down onto her chest as she slumped forwards into Liz's arms.

"That's right," Liz said, stroking Suzie's hair. The other girl felt so warm against her body, or maybe she felt warm against Suzie's body. Liz wasn't sure anymore. "Just keep sinking, keep going deeper, keep getting hotter. Feels so good, Suzie..."

"So good," Suzie whispered out as she rubbed herself against Liz's body.

"Tell me what you need to do right now, Suzie."

"Need to...suck your titties," Suzie gasped. Her own nipples pressed against Liz, stiff and hard beneath her clothing.

"Beg me," Liz said in commanding tones.

"Please," Suzie whimpered, "please let me suck on your titties, please let me pleasure your body, please let me touch you and suck you and oh, I need it, need it so bad, please..." She was wriggling obscenely against Liz as she spoke, every word clearly heightening her arousal, and that was nothing next to what it was doing for Liz. She was practically ready to beg Suzie, she was so hot, and she knew she couldn't wait a second longer.

"You may," she said, tugging her t-shirt up and unsnapping her bra to give Suzie full access to her breasts. Suzie wrapped her lips around Liz's nipple, suckling passionately at it, sliding her tongue over it as she sucked.

"Good girl," Liz said, stroking Suzie's hair. "So helpless now, helpless to resist, helpless to even respond, the words sinking into your brain as you suck and suck and suck, lost in need, can't speak, can't think, can only obey..." Suzie didn't respond with words, but she increased her attentions to Liz's breast until it nearly hurt, but that made it feel all the better somehow...

"Need to obey, need to beg, need to be deeply hypnotized and let my words control you..." Liz knew she was just babbling, now, but it didn't matter, she was so horny and Suzie was so hypnotized and it all felt so good...

"Take off your clothes," Liz said, and Suzie broke off her tit-worship to obey. She pulled off her t-shirt and jeans as Liz did the same, and as soon as Liz saw her naked, she just couldn't wait any longer. "Come here," she gasped, arousal taking her breath away as she grabbed Suzie by the wrist and pulled her close, pressing up against Suzie's skin, wanting to feel every inch of her...

"Ohgod, oh...fingers, fuck..." Liz felt like she couldn't talk anymore, the throbbing of her blood in her veins was so loud she couldn't even hear herself think. She slid her legs around Suzie's waist, pressed her tits up against Suzie's tits, and slipped her hand down between them to slide into Suzie's dripping cunt. "Finger me, ogod, yes..." she sighed, wrapping her other arm around Suzie's back.

Liz gasped sharply as she felt Suzie's fingers slip into her pussy, and she thrust her hips forward to meet them. Everything seemed to go red, all she could feel was her nipples rubbing against Suzie's, their hands brushing and pressing against each other's clits, sliding in and out of each other's slick cunts, finding the perfect rhythm that would send them both into...into...

"oh, oh, OHFUCKYES!" Liz cried out, letting her orgasm take her. She wanted to do so much more for Suzie, wanted to show the other girl just how much pleasure her deeply hypnotized mind was capable of, but all she could think of right now was how fucking good this felt...

"Good girl," Liz sighed out as the final aftershocks of pleasure spasmed through her pussy. "Good girl." She heard Suzie let out a long, blissful sigh, and she smiled. Now, she thought, it was time to show Suzie just how many ways the reality could be even better than the fantasy.


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