tagRomanceJust Deserts

Just Deserts


(Yes I know the difference between desert and dessert)

*In life we build and we destroy; know the difference*


It was the worst night of her life. She was sandwich between two men she didn't know, taking it up her pussy and her ass as they grunted and heaved her upright on her knees. She had one man's penis rammed down her throat while she furiously, desperately gave another one a hand job. The thing was she knew four more were circling out there, waiting their turn, or turn again, at her body.

She was well pasted begging them to stop, or even give her time to recover. All her cries did was egg them on. They already had covered her face, breasts and hair with their cum. This had been going on for hours and they promised they were only half way there. Her face was marked with tears though her body was in so much agony they had dried up yet still they kept coming for her.

When they finally stopped there was something broken in her, a damage to her psyche that might have healed except for one thing. It might have healed except the man she had gone through that all for; her boyfriend, Rodney, who had used her to cover his gambling debts, had left her the next day. No words; he was gone and she didn't even know why. Had she not done enough?

(Chelsea and Rose)

"Come on Baby," Rose called out softly to Chelsea, staring down on her sweat drenched form. "Same bad dream?" Chelsea nodded. Ten years down the road and it still haunted her.

"Let me make you feel better," Rose purred.

"Rose I ..." Chelsea started to resist.

"You always say 'no', but you end up saying 'yes'," Rose murmured as she put a mouth to Chelsea's closest nipple. Rose was right, her love was always enough to bandage the hurt and make it go away for a time. It was a patch that helped her get through the day with a promise that Rose would be there when the night terrors would come for her again.

Rose's hands worked their way across to the other breast, massaging it, top to midpoint, playing with the nipple but never for too long. She saved the pleasure for the closest nipple where she suckled like a child with small gentle pulls that drove Chelsea crazy. Only when her whole body writhed in joyous release did Rose allow her hand to slide down and move between her thighs.

"Someone is very wet tonight," Rose observed. Chelsea nodded hungrily and couldn't stop herself from moaning. Rose slipped to fingers gently in, snug and tight into Chelsea's snatch. Contrary to her profession, Chelsea didn't have sex too often on or off the job. Her body and technique were hot enough that as an exotic dancer she didn't need those little extras to get by.

Rose brought the fingers up to her favorite nipple and coated it in Chelsea's juices. She murmured when she combined the three flavors, Chelsea's juices, sweat, and flesh into one orgasmic delight. It only made her tongue twirl harder to take more of her lover in. It was almost with reluctance that she dipped down to Chelsea's cunt for a second dose, but this one for Chelsea's lips.

Chelsea loved her own taste and loved it even more when she could suck it off of Rose's fingers which would move and wiggle inside her mouth, tantalizing and teasing as Chelsea's tongue sought out every taste. By the time Rose returned for the third time, Chelsea was closing on the verge. Now Rose plunged in with those two fingers while rubbing Chelsea's clit with her thumb.

"Aaahhh!" Chelsea screamed out soon enough. Getting Chelsea to orgasm the first time was always easy. She was such a willing receptacle of pleasure, her body so eager to please that it fueled a deep down sense of anger from Rose for whoever had hurt her so badly. For Chelsea it even lessened her anger about those nearly faceless men so long ago.

Chelsea lay panting beside Rose who drank the juices from one hand while making soft and gentle lines along Chelsea's profile.

"Good enough?" Rose teased.

"It is not the same thing," Chelsea answered after a moment's sad introspection.


He had come into the bar as part of a friend's bachelor party. He had immediately seemed out of place, so honest and open; neither wide-eyed nor arrogant. She noticed him staring at her from the moment she came on stage. That wasn't unusual; she was used to the attention. It was how she made money after all.

What had struck her was when he smiled up at her. She wasn't doing anything in particular that would have elicited that response. He smiled at her without leering or being embarrassed. He got up and gave her money, but he didn't try to do anything dangerous. After her performance she came down and did some lap-dances which were the norm.

Chelsea worked over his crowd of friends well. Bachelor parties were good for that, along with all kinds of efforts to get the girls to come up the hotel rooms afterwards. Chelsea avoided those. When she got to her boy, he'd asked her if he could touch her. Something made her say yes, so she got the bouncer's attention to give the man a warning and told the client to grab away.

He put his hands on her waist. He never went for the ass or the breasts. Something about dancing for him felt nice. It was the way he looked at her and the way she made him smiled.

"Is there any chance I can talk to you outside of this place? I know it may not be allowed and I'll understand if this is out of bounds, but I'd like to see you sometime."

Chelsea had never done it before. Contacts outside of the club never went over well. Guys wanted a cheap whore or a trophy to brag to their friends about. She gave the guy, Kyle, her number and he had given his in exchange. Chelsea had smirked; if she ever needed to find a real estate developer she knew who to call.

He had called the next afternoon to set up a date for the following evening. Rose had laughed at her. The running bet was between Denny's for a quick bang in the back of his car and Caesar's for an all-nighter with room service. Instead he took her to a place called Charlie's. It wasn't a restaurant she'd even heard before.

"What's up with this place?" Chelsea asked over her lobster. Kyle looked up shyly.

"This was my favorite spot in high school. I was so nervous asking you out that I opted for a place I would feel comfortable," he admitted. Chelsea looked him over. Guys were normally sleazy assholes who rarely looked passed her tits and ass. Somehow ...

"What color are my eyes?" she asked him.

"Hazel with gold flecks," Kyle answered without hesitation. "They are really intense," he added.

"What do you like best about me?" Chelsea persisted.

"Your smile," he grinned. "It is what drew me to you."

"I don't smile on stage," Chelsea caught him in the lie.

"You did right before you came on. The girl who danced before you, Opal, said something and you smiled," he explained. Chelsea thought about that for a second.

"And because of that you decided to ask me out?" she tried to mock him.

"Pretty much, yes; you were the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen and I decided I'd at least try and see if you would go out with me," Kyle explained. Chelsea sulked for a while.

"Why do you find it hard to believe I would want to go out with you because I like spending time with you?" he asked

Chelsea looked at him with no good answer.

"Listen, I like you so why don't we go back to your place and ...you know ..." Chelsea smiled.

"I ... wow, I was hoping to take you out to a nightclub after dinner," Kyle informed her. "I figured that since you had to wait on tables so much you would like to be waited on for a change."

"Kyle, I just offered to sleep with you. We don't have to play around if you don't want to," Chelsea tested him.

"Chelsea, I don't want to be 'some guy' and I'm not playing around with you. I really want to take you out for a night on the town," Kyle countered. Chelsea studied him. He seemed legit which she found incredible. She had no intention of sleeping with him but he had no way of knowing that.

"Let's go out then," Chelsea allowed him. The clubs he took her weren't the ones she was used to hitting. The clientele was made up of all kind of people, high-rollers, show performers, and in-touch tourists. Chelsea had the time of her life, or something close to it. It was the side of the city's life she'd known about but never had the reason to enter. With Kyle it seemed to be totally normal.

Around one o'clock they made their way back to his car, laughing and talking about the night they'd had. He got her car door and slipped over to his side without as much as a leer. On the way back, Chelsea told him what a good time she'd had. It had been different, she admitted and somewhat of a new experience. He was abnormally quiet.

When they got to her place, Chelsea waited for the move. Instead Kyle took her to the door and kissed her on the cheek.

"Do you think we can go out again?" he asked as the stood together. Chelsea studied Kyle; the man's hands were nervously at his sides. The man was actually afraid of her.

"Sure. I have off in three days. Give me a call," she returned his smiled with one of her own. Kyle nodded and headed off down the walkway. He gave her a look before driving away which was almost as surprising to Chelsea as the fact that she found herself waiting for him to do just that.

(Rose and Chelsea)

"How did it go?" Rose asked when she came in from the club. She noted that Chelsea was sitting up with her feet pulled up beneath her reading one of her trashy novels. When Rose asked Chelsea gave a slight smile.

"It was great," she broke out into a full grin. "He took me out to a nice restaurant, and then we went to the Embers night clubs – that place right off the strip."

"And?" Rose asked waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"And he was really nice. He kept his hands were I could see them the entire time. I even did the false lure of free sex, but he didn't bite. I'm not sure what to make of it," she sighed.

"I think he's sexual confused and gay," Rose chuckled.

"Oh, his eyes were saying yes," Chelsea sighed, "and he kept hiding his bulge. He wanted something alright,"

"So he was a pig then," Rose teased.

"Rose, if I can't make a man hard, I'm wearing a nun's habit," Chelsea counted.

"I'd like to see you in a nun's habit," Rose leered. Chelsea gave her a seductive grin.

"Well, I'm horny," Chelsea suggested. Chelsea swung her legs out from under her and Rose sat in her lap. After a deep wet kiss, Rose looked into Chelsea's eyes.

"So this guy gets you wet?"

"Yeah," she smiled, "but I'm not going to let him know it." Rose kissed her again.

"I can live with that arrangement," the taller woman sighed back at her lover. In a way she was jealous about this guy, but in a way she was happy for Chelsea's sake to see her really happy with another person. If he hurt her she'd gut him and leave him to die in the desert.

(Three Days Later)

"So you are Kyle," Rose said when she answered the door for the man. She allowed that he was handsome enough and well-dressed, but the real test was how the reacted to her tank top and short shorts. He gaped.

"Wow you must be Rose, you look hot," he managed to say. Rose struck a pose and grinned at him.

"Better looking than Chelsea," she teased quietly. This guy had been too easy.

"You are beautiful," he answered in the same tone, "but I've fallen for Chelsea." That wasn't what Rose expected to hear. Chelsea had it right; this guy had a way of sounding sincere. "Can I come in?"

Rose stepped aside and let Chelsea's date inside. He even smelled good; Rose knew some of the more expensive patrons wore it.

"So, you come from money?" Rose asked.

"Yes, I guess you could say that," he admitted. "They are allowing me to make something on my own though and things are working out well for me. How are things working out for you?"

"The economy has been tough but things are picking up. Think about sending more business our way? Maybe having more people spend time with Chelsea?" Rose asked pleasantly.

"Hey, that would be a good idea," Kyle responded. "Thanks."

"So, do you like having an exotic dancer as a girlfriend?" Rose continued.

"I guess so. It really hasn't come up. I've told a few friends I'm seeing someone. Why? Has she been talking about me?" he replied. That brought Rose up short. Chelsea hadn't been bragging about him. It wasn't her style and in a way she was embarrassed by seeing someone she was sure was taking her for a ride.

"It's never come up," Rose allowed.

"Kyle," Chelsea announced herself.

"Wow, and I didn't think I'd see anyone more attractive than Rose tonight," Kyle gawked. Chelsea gave Rose a knowing look. She knew Rose was wearing a killer look meant to distract her date.

"What are you two doing tonight?" Rose inquired.

"Well, I think Chelsea gets to choose the next date, but I was thinking Fritz's for an early dinner then a movie then a show at the Dollar's; home by two?"

Rose was brought up short by a lack of criticism. Chelsea's smile broadened.

"Are you going to join some friends?" Rose finally managed.

"Chelsea hasn't shown any interest in my friends, but we could manage something," Kyle turned the tables. "Of course if she wants to meet some of her friends that is kind of up to her too."

"Maybe on date four," Chelsea nodded. That made Kyle very happy, imagining going as far as date four.

"Well, we are heading out," Chelsea said putting an arm around Kyle's and heading him out the door. Before they exited Kyle turned over his shoulder and suggested.

"Rose, maybe we can double date on our next time out?" She wanted to think of it as a barb, but something told her that, damn him, he was sincere. How did she tell him he was the one who deserved another date?

For Chelsea it was a taste of normalcy; even upscale normalcy. Something she was becoming to like about Kyle was that he didn't bury her in too upscale eateries and nightclubs. She was used to flashy players who went all out to stun their dates for an easy kill. Instead they got a normal bite to eat, a normal movie (if a bit too much action/adventure) and then a nightclub that she liked to come back to.

They stayed out later than planned sitting back and going to a twenty-four hour dinner some of the girl's frequented. A few stopped by their table and talked about the business and scoped out Kyle. She got a few secret thumbs up on her choice in companionship. In another change of expectations, Kyle eventually claimed fatigue and took her home. They kissed on the lips and Chelsea found herself pressing up against him, wanting to promise him more.

"How was it?" yawned Rose, waking up with Chelsea's entrance. Chelsea leaned up against the door.

"Normal," she sighed. "Perfectly normal; he behaved himself, kept eye-contact, and laughed at my jokes."

Rose had to think that over. In a short time she'd made more advances with this man than she had with any other man in the three years she'd known Chelsea. It was something that she found personally painful.

"You seem to be moving awful fast with this one," Rose suggested.

"Yeah, I know, but what if he's just into me? What if I found some guy who wants to be me, not some lay, or a bragging right. I've waited for him to do something, but has been ... a gentleman," Chelsea beamed.

"He must be a psycho-killer," Rose joked.

"Rose, why don't you like him?" Chelsea asked.

"I worry about you Chelsea," Rose admitted.

"I think he is different Rose, I really do," Chelsea hoped.

"Let's go to bed," Rose suggested. The last thing Rose expected happened. Chelsea came up and kissed her deeply.

"You've always been there for me Rose. Thank you," she purred down to her friend.

"Oh, he's got you all riled up?" Rose responded.

"No, you being worried about me remind me how much you mean to me," Chelsea answered. That was all the response that Rose needed. She'd have settled for being a surrogate for tonight, but was a ton happier being loved for who she was.

Rose stood up and kissed her full on the lips. Chelsea tasted like caramel and sugar. Her hands roamed over Chelsea's sides and ass in the way Kyle's hadn't. Part of her thought he didn't know what he as missing and the other part was glad he was missing it.

"Mmmm," Chelsea said as Rose groped a breast. Chelsea immediate returned the favor while keeping her kiss going.

"Bedroom," Rose whispered then began maneuvering Chelsea toward the door. Chelsea pulled her tight and kissed Rose's neck right where she liked it. Rose moans became louder as Chelsea began sucking and licking on that spot.

What followed was a whirlwind as they shed each other's clothes, nibble and teased their sensitive spots that only lovers experienced in the way their lover's bodies could do. Chelsea tricked Rose into getting between Rose's legs. Rose was gasping and crying out as she reached for the spots below that drove Rose toward orgasm.

"God Chelsea! You are on fire tonight," Rose groaned. Chelsea responded with a gentle easing of attention that drove Rose into a longer lead up to her climax instead of the instant intense movements that got her there immediately. A minute later Rose lost it anyway and Chelsea licked and lapped Rose to one extended period of joy.

Chelsea crawled up beside Rose who was still panting and curled up with her.

"Was this make-up sex?" Rose gave a weak grin.

"No, this is you are my best friend sex," Chelsea smiled back with real affection. "I didn't want you to feel that we were growing apart. You'll see."

Chelsea nestled into Rose and quickly fell asleep. Rose stayed up a bit longer, running her hands gently through Chelsea's hair. She knew that Chelsea meant what she said. What she was less certain of what Kyle would think of the whole arrangement. Men tended to be possessive. That Rose herself was being possessive was lost on her.


Chelsea was dancing her number provocatively as ever though the announcer commented privately that she was putting a little something extra into her performance recently. She felt herself smiling more often and Rose let slip she was seeing someone. The other dancers teased her for not bringing that guy from the diner around.

She and Rose were out on the floor doing lap dances when someone called out to her – actually, her old pre-performance name.

"Tamara, Baby," he said. He was short and slight, maybe five four and one hundred fifty pounds. For a second Chelsea couldn't place him but when she did she froze up.

She couldn't do anything. Rose saw distress and pulled her aside.

"She's one hot piece of ass," the guy told one of his companions. Rose nodded to one of the curious bouncers warding him off. The client hadn't done anything wrong. She steered Chelsea back stage.

"Chelsea, what's going on," Rose shook her friend. It took Chelsea a moment to finally respond.

"He was one of those guys," she murmured. Rose didn't need a further explanation. "I want to get him."

"Chelsea, that is a horrible idea," Rose insisted. Chelsea shook her head.

"Rose this is something I have to do," Chelsea whispered intently.

"Please," Rose pleaded. Chelsea shook her head. Her eyes were wide and intense.

"I'm going to do this Rose. I can't live with myself if I don't," Chelsea begged her friend to understand.

Rose was torn in a similar way as her friend. She could let her friend destroy herself but to stop her had the possibility of doing the same. In that moment of indecision Chelsea slipped away. Rose followed her around. She snuck back to the dressing room and vanished for what seemed forever. When found Chelsea she was leading the bastard off to one of the reserved rooms. Chelsea shut the door as Rose saw the door shut. She padded up to the entrance.

Chelsea took the guy whose name turned out to be Fred. Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't. All she knew was she had requisitioned a straight razor from one of the girls in back (who was elsewhere). The guy had been all hands she hadn't realized she had the razor held in her bra strap hidden beneath her hair.

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