tagErotic CouplingsJust Deserts Ch. 02

Just Deserts Ch. 02


(Yes I know the difference between desert and dessert, again)

*Fire and water are opposites but together they build islands*

(Chelsea and Kyle)

Kyle had driven them to one of the nicest places on the lake front. Chelsea kept looking quizzically at Kyle then back again wondered how far they were going. Finally they pulled up a gravel driveway and headed off into the forest and she became really curious.

"Nice place," Chelsea joked.

"Dad's a real outdoorsman and he likes the rustic feel," Kyle answered. Only when they came around a corner of woods and rocks did Chelsea see the 'lodge'.

"How much of that is yours?" Chelsea wondered.

"All of it; didn't I tell you he was big in real estate," Kyle said. Chelsea was almost speechless.

"Oh, does this place have a staff," she weakly joked. "This place seems awful big for the two of us."

"Well, that is sort of what I wanted to talk to you about. My family is here for the weekend," Kyle admitted.

"Family?" gasped Chelsea.

"Yeah; Mom knows all about you – us. Dad thinks you're a PA at an insurance office. He's a bit of a snob so I didn't want to put you on the spot this early with us."

"Kyle, it is your fucking family! Don't you think you should have asked me about this instead of springing this on me?" Chelsea rounded on him angrily.

"I was afraid if you knew you would say no," he said softly.

"The hell Yes I would have said No, Kyle. It is your damn family and they are rich and I'm not and they are going to think I'm some sort of whore. Damn it, this is a stupid idea," Chelsea shouted.

"Trust me Chelsea, you'll do fine. If you impress them as much as you've impressed me, you will do fine."

"Kyle, they are all going to think I'm your fuck-bunny," Chelsea groused.

"You and I know differently Chelsea. The rest doesn't matter," Kyle responded.

"And if your dad tells you to dump me; what then?" Chelsea accused him.

"I do fine on my own, that's what," Kyle shot back. "Chelsea how often how do I have to tell you that mean the world to me? I wouldn't ask you to do anything I didn't believe you can do."

"Well, I guess it is too late, but if you think you are getting anything tonight you are so mistaken," Chelsea grumbled.

"Well, that sucks," Kyle confessed. "Does this mean an afternoon session is out of the question?"

"Don't press it," Chelsea snapped. "I will hurt you." They passed the last moments in silence. When they got there Kyle got their baggage out, Chelsea insisted taking her own, and he led her indoors.

"Kyle," called out a short, slender woman with a few streaks of grey in her brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. "Chelsea," she added. She hugged each one in turn which kind of freaked Chelsea out.

"Kyle, go out and see your Father, Tony, and Dorothy," the lady said. "Hi Chelsea, I'm Ellie. Why don't you help me get some drinks?" Kyle stole Chelsea a look but Ellie shooed him away.

"Chelsea, you are very lovely. Let's get some gin and tonics and whisky sours for the others. Kyle's Father is Simon, his older sister is Dorothy, and her fiancé is Tony," Ellie grinned.

"I'm Chelsea and there is just me," Chelsea shrugged.

"Kyle says you have a good friend called Rose," Ellie commented.

"Oh, what else has he said about me?" Chelsea hazard to say.

"He says you and your friend are exotic dancers, you are quite good, and that he's pretty crazy about you," Ellie smiled.

"He says that does he?" Chelsea said curiously.

"Well, I made up the 'crazy about you' part, but you should see the way he talks to me about you. It is good to see him interested in a girl once again," Ellie answered.

"Um ... it does seem to have been a while since he took a girl out," Chelsea grinned.

"Oh, he hasn't been out on more than two dates with a girl since his senior in high school," Ellie informed her.

"They break up went they went to college," Chelsea guessed. Ellie bit her lip.

"They had dated since the tenth grad and right before senior prom she died in an auto-wreck. Sarah was driving; Kyle was thrown clear of the accident and only got a few scratches. He held her while she died. I imagine he should have been the one to tell you about that, but I wanted to know that he really likes you so that means I really like you too."

"Umm ... thanks," Chelsea murmured. This was clearly a lot to digest but it explained a great deal about Kyle. Like her he was a damaged. It also explained why he knew so little about women but was as good looking as he was. The thing was his mother was really happy to see her and career be damned. She'd never thought about what it was to make another person happy.

It also made her wonder about Rose and what she might mean to Rose, and Rose to her. Ellie handed her one small tray while she took another. The fact that she was serving drinks at her new ... boyfriend's place was not lost on her. Kyle's Father came across as a hard-ass, a stockier version of Kyle. His Sister was in law school and looked like Ellie but with Kyle's lighter coloring. Tony looked ... well ... kind of sleazy, but then he turned out to be an entertainment agent and one who couldn't keep his eyes to himself.

Chelsea was able to deflect questions about her career with a bit of judicious help from Kyle and Ellie. The Father made little comments about Chelsea's breast size and that was something that Kyle took personally. The two men locked horns and everyone grew silent. Ellie finally intervened but Chelsea swore she saw a smile on the old man's face as Chelsea led Kyle away.

After dinner Chelsea commented on it to Ellie, not wanting to cause friction.

"Oh, Simon is always pushing Kyle. It is good to see my son fight back for a change," Ellie smiled.

"I don't want to be stepping into the middle of anything," Chelsea said.

"Well, if you like Kyle, you need to get used to dealing with Simon. My husband is difficult, but he's basically a decent man. More to the issue, I think Kyle is a good man. I think you will find him worth your time," Ellie suggested.

"I'll certainly give it some thought. I'm less angry with him now than I was when I got here," Chelsea offered.


"Oh, Kyle sort of failed to mention I was meeting his family until we were in the driveway," Chelsea informed her. Ellie face-palmed and groaned.

"Really, I guarantee he is normally smarter than that," Ellie grinned weakly. Chelsea giggled.

"Oh, that would explain you two having separate rooms?" Ellie inquired.

"Yes, but I'm thinking about forgiving him," Chelsea allowed.

"Well Chelsea, whatever makes you happy, but if you ask me he deserves a night alone for what he pulled today," Kyle's mother said. Chelsea decided she liked Ellie right then. Of course, if she kept Kyle's father in line, she probably needed some vigor and backbone and that was worth its weight in gold.


Chelsea took a perverse pleasure in crawling into bed and hovering over Kyle when he woke up. His eyes went from her eyes to down to her dangling cleavage.

"Whoa," he mumbled coming to wakefulness.

"Good morning, Kyle," Chelsea purred.

"What have I done wrong?" he asked.

"What makes you think you've done something wrong?" she smiled.

"So I've done something right?" Kyle said hopefully.

"No, I'm still pissed with you for deceiving me to come out here, so I've decided to torture you before putting on my tank top and short shorts before everyone else sees it," she grinned evilly, "but I want you to remember me just like this ... hovering over you ... in your bed."

"I apologize," Kyle offered cautiously. Chelsea turned around and wiggled her ass in his face before looking over her shoulder at his agonized soul and giggling.

"Maybe ... around midday I'll consider it," she snickered at him. Kyle pulled the spare pillow over his face and groaned.

For Chelsea it was something she never experienced before. Sure exuding sensuality while denying sex was her job, but to do it on a personal level was exciting. She could taunt Kyle and still be sure he would be there – a repeat customer with benefits. Only when she got downstairs to help with breakfast did it occur to her that her idea of breakfast attire was a little less than everyone else expected?

It was soon clear that Dorothy had developed a sudden dislike for her. Even Ellie seemed a bit surprised. Tony was leering and even Simon was peeking at her goodies. At least Kyle came down and cuddled right up to her.

"So, surprised to see you two up so early," winked Tony to both Kyle and Chelsea. Chelsea felt embarrassed for Kyle but Kyle took it in a non-plus manner.

"Oh, Chelsea and I don't share the same bedroom Tony. We aren't engaged after all," he said before sipping his coffee. He didn't even bother to meet Tony's gaze but Chelsea resisted the impulse to hug him to her.

"Yes," Ellie added, "they have only started dating a month ago."

No one said anything for the longest time then,

"Sorry we had the wrong impression of you, Chelsea," Dorothy apologized.

"No problem Dorothy," Chelsea responded. She didn't bother asking what Dorothy thought she was before apologizing.

What Dorothy thought of her wasn't helped by the bathing suit Chelsea chose to wear. It was meant to excite Kyle but it had that effect on all the men there. She found herself talking with Ellie and Dorothy a lot which made her feel a bit out of her element. They talked about people she didn't know, but Ellie reminded her of who they were. What soon occurred to her was the people she mentioned she did know – professionally.

It was stunning how many men 'stepped out' on their wives on a regular basis. That these were regular men with normal professions, wives, and children weren't something she'd ever bothered with, but this was the other side of their lives. It became a game between her and Ellie when talking about men she 'knew'; something Dorothy was kept in the dark about. Again she found herself becoming closer with Ellie.

After lunch Simon and Tony went boating on the lake. Kyle would have gone along but Chelsea flagged him down before he joined them. Ellie and Dorothy went to the store for some last minute stuff for the evening's cook out, leaving them alone in the house. Kyle approached Chelsea on the deck and wrapped her in an embrace from behind. Chelsea wiggled her butt against him.

"Something on your mind?" she asked.

"You've been driving me crazy since this morning and I was wondering how much longer I will have to suffer."

"What says you are going to get anything this weekend?" she taunted. He tightened his hug about her.

"You are right; I shouldn't expect anything from you. It is just that you are driving me crazy with your expert teasing and your fantastic body. I can't help what I wish for," he confessed. Chelsea reached back and stroked his head behind her.

"So you are good for being sexless all weekend?" she asked. He kissed her on the neck.

"Of course, Chelsea," he murmured as he kissed her neck again and again. She titled her head to give him greater access. When he found that special spot, she held his head there.

"Maybe tonight," she suggested.

"Whatever you want," he said. They were still holding each other on the deck when the others returned.


Chelsea sat back in the car, window open and the morning wind in her hair. Sure she and Kyle hadn't had sex, but they had slept in the same bed together and she felt as safe as she did with Rose. Ellie had turned out to be a kind of friend she'd never had before. They'd even agreed to meet up later in the week. She'd even started becoming comfortable calling him her boyfriend.

Rose met them with some anticipation. She ushered Kyle out of Chelsea and Roses' place as quickly as possible then turned on Chelsea.

"Okay, something weird happened. What was it?" Rose inquired.

"Oh ... we went to his family lake house," Chelsea began.

"Okay, we knew that it wasn't his – so?" Rose persisted.

"His family was there," Chelsea positively beamed.

"OH crap," Rose gasped.

"Oh no, I had a blast. His mom was great," Chelsea grinned.

"How much did you have to put out?" Rose griped.

"Not one time, and I tortured him all weekend for it too," Chelsea's eyes glowed.

"How did they treat you?" Rose wondered.

"His dad is a bit of an ass, and his sister is stuck up, but his mom is wonderful. Dorothy has this fiancé who kind of sucks. He's a real grabby-hand so I had to keep us from being alone, but it was worth it," Chelsea smiled.

"Do you really want to be part of that lifestyle?" Rose said negatively. "You know what those guys are like at the club."

"Rose, do you think Kyle is like that?" Chelsea asked honestly. Rose had to hesitate. Despite her desire to dislike him, the guy seemed to be trying. Worse, he made Chelsea happy.

"No," Rose admitted.

"That is good because do you know what I was taught this weekend? I take you for granted Rose and that's been bad of me. Being with Kyle has reminded me how much I love you Rose."

Rose stood still for a long moment.

"I really like you," Rose finally responded.

"No Rose, I love you. Not only have you always been there for me, I want you in my life. I'd never thought about it really. Do you feel the same way?" Rose stared back at the woman that was familiar yet strangely different.

"Yes Chelsea, I love you," Rose confessed. She stepped up into Chelsea's welcoming embrace. After kissing and pressing up against each other for what seemed like forever,

"What about Kyle?" Rose asked Chelsea. The other woman sighed and looked down.

"I love him too," Chelsea admitted. Rose hugged her tighter.

"Chelsea, sometimes you have a way of weirding out the moment," Rose said as she kissed Chelsea's head.

"Sorry?" Chelsea whispered.

"Somehow if you didn't confuse me it wouldn't be you," Rose joked.

"Sorry?" Chelsea repeated.

"Promise me one thing Chelsea," Rose asked.

"What is it?" worried Chelsea.

"You have to tell him about ... what happened," Rose insisted. Chelsea flinched.

"Why?" Chelsea whispered.

"Chelsea, it is something that he needs to deal with and you need to deal with him," Rose explained.

"Oh God Rose, what if he freaks. Friday I could have dealt with that, but today ... it was such a good time," Chelsea moaned.

"Chelsea, if you think he loves you then he will understand and if he doesn't then he's not worth keeping," Rose suggested. It hurt but Chelsea nodded. She hadn't thought about losing a guy in ten years and now she felt raw and vulnerable.

"Rose, what if I do if he walks away?" she said softly.

"I'll kick his ass," Rose promised.

(Chelsea, Kyle, and Rose)

Kyle looked at the two women with a smile. He knew that he and Rose had been having some issues and he expected the reason, but they both liked Chelsea so everything else didn't matter. He sat down and immediately felt some worry. Chelsea wasn't looking at him.

"What's up?" Kyle began.

"We have something we need to talk to you about," Rose said. She nudged Chelsea. Rose had wanted this moment of decision, she hadn't but she felt trapped between Kyle and Rose.

"Kyle ... I was raped," Chelsea said sadly. Kyle responded by reaching across the table for her hand which was in her lap. It wasn't what she had expected. Chelsea reached her hand up and took his. Even Rose took a deep breath of relief. Chelsea's heart was on the line.

"What happened, if you feel you can talk about it?" Kyle asked. Chelsea gulped. After several seconds Rose intervened.

"There was this guy and he 'sold' Chelsea to eight guys for an evening."

"Who?" Kyle said with a sudden intensity that startled Rose.

"Why does it matter?" Chelsea muttered.

"You are right," Kyle responded in a rapid change of direction. "What can I do for you?" Chelsea squeezed his hand.

"Kyle, your mom told me about you and Sarah," Chelsea said hopefully. "I was hoping you would understand."

"Oh, I understand alright," Kyle promised her. He held onto her hand and met her gaze evenly. They ate for a few minutes in silence. When Chelsea went to the bathroom, Rose grabbed Kyle's arm.

"What's your game?" she hissed.

"Someone hurt the woman I love. I lost one woman I loved; I'm not going to lose another," he replied with frank honesty.

"What does that mean?" Rose asked.

"Someone hurt her and if there wasn't a chance that he might hurt her again someday, we wouldn't be having this conversation," he answered. Rose had to see some logic to his statement. The bigger thing in her mind was that someone like Kyle was deadly serious. He'd never let anyone hurt Chelsea and if they had hurt her there would be hell to pay.

"Give me a few days to think about this and maybe – maybe – I'll help, but this has to be what is best for Chelsea; not you and not me," Rose informed him. Kyle nodded. Rose wasn't sure what to make of him now. He'd seemed so ... soft and pampered but she had to ask Chelsea about this Sarah. There was something more to this young man.

Only after they were on the drive back did Rose turn to Chelsea and ask her.

"What's with this Sarah?" Rose asked.

"I don't know if I should talk about it," Chelsea evaded. Rose stared at her. "She was his high school girlfriend. They were in love and right before they graduated they were in a horrible accident. She died and he lived and even though it wasn't his fault he's been grieving for her all these years – until he met me. Corny huh?"

"Do you think Kyle loves you?" Rose persisted.

"Yes, after today I'm pretty sure he does. He didn't hate me or anything," Chelsea answered.

"No one deserves to hate you Chelsea," Rose responded angrily. "You did nothing wrong."

"I cared for the wrong guy," Chelsea sighed.

"Do you think Kyle would do anything for you?" Rose asked.

"I don't know. Why do you ask?" Chelsea inquired.

"No reason; I was only asking," Rose said thoughtfully. Chelsea thought that was odd, but it had been a stressful day.

(Three days later – Kyle and Rose)

Rose came by Kyle's office which earned her a few looks. Clearly she wasn't his normal kind of client. Kyle hadn't been in the office, something that Rose should have thought about, but he immediately agreed to meet her the moment his assistant was convinced to call him. When he picked her up she asked drive out with him to the desert.

When they reached a deserted dirt road he pulled over and looked out over the arid landscape.

"What is this about?" he asked cautiously.

"I ... I want to be part of this and if I call it off, it ends, promise me," Rose told him intensely.

"What am I agreeing to? I can't agree to something without knowing something about it," Kyle countered.

"It has to do with Chelsea," she answered almost as a test of sorts.

"Okay," he agreed. He really was crazy about her.

"All I have is two names: Rodney and Tamara from ten years ago," Rose volunteered.

"Anything else at all?" he thought.

"Umm, he picks up impressionable girls straight off the bus and sells them to their buddies to fuck"

"Buddies? Any hope on names with them?" Kyle wondered.

"Well, there was this guy who came in a few days ago. The night you came over and stayed with her she nearly killed one of those buddies, which is the only reason I'm talking to you now. I don't want her doing something stupid," Rose responded.

"I'll let you know what I find out. I know some good investigators in my line of work. If nothing else they will know some criminal investigators and if there is something to be found out, I'll do what it takes," he promised Rose.

"I know you will Kyle. I'm sorry we haven't always gotten along," Rose confessed.

"We love the same woman Rose. There are going to be problems but we are putting the right person first," he answered.

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