Just Do It To Me, Daddy


Again Baxter considered how he had come to this point. Even in the midst of the confusion in his whirling mind he realised that Valentina had seduced him, that she must have planned the whole thing.

'Valentina,' he murmured. 'My beautiful girl, what have you done to us?'

Hearing her father's words, the girl replied: 'Fucking, Dad. That's what it is. Fucking.' She increased the tempo of her rhythmic hips as she slapped her taut buttocks against her father's abdomen. Baxter grimaced in response to the sensations in his cock. Despite the fact it was his own flesh and blood riding so vehemently he began to enjoy the thrilling glide up and down his shaft. 'Beautiful fucking,' Valentina gasped. 'I wanted you and I've got you.'

'My girl,' Baxter sighed.

Valentina was close to a climax. She had her father deep inside her body in a forbidden conjunction. Incest, she thought. I'm fucking my dad ... Valentina desperately sought release, relief from the burning itch between her legs she needed scratching so much. She could feel the pressure building down there; her father's cock, the bulging head of it, rubbed her in just the right place. I'm going to come, she thought, thrilled. The feeling blossomed deliciously, rapidly building towards a crescendo. But, suddenly, Valentina felt an overwhelming urge to pee.

'Oh!' she cried as the pressure grew unbearable. She tried desperately to hold back the tide but the desire to come was too great. 'Oh, Dad ... I'm ...'

Baxter sensed the woman's impending orgasm. Throwing reticence and resistance aside, he could deal with the emotional aftermath later. He needed to digest what was happening with Valentina; they had to discuss the sin and where they would go from here. Yet, for now, he just wanted to fuck the girl. He needed to jam his penis into her, wanted to turn her on her back and watch her face as he plundered her tight cunt with his cock. A terrible thought flashed into his mind while his daughter writhed and moaned above him: I'll punish you by tearing your cunt apart. You wanted me to do this to you? Well, I'll give it to you.

And then he heard a long, drawn out squeal. Valentina was coming. He heard, 'Oh, Dad I'm ...' followed by an odd squirting sound. Baxter then felt Valentina's body purge itself of the invading length of gristle; she actually pushed him out. At the same time wetness splashed against his thighs. Just as a trembling, writhing, moaning Valentina collapsed heavily against him.

'I'm coming ... I'm coming ... Oh, I'm ... Fucking ... Coming ...' Valentina pushed a hand between her shivering thighs. 'I'm so wet!' It isn't piss, the blonde thought. I've squirted. Just like Wendy Taylor! Valentina wriggled to turn her face to her father's. 'I've pissed cum,' she informed him, her eyes blazing. 'You made me squirt.'

'Turn around,' Baxter growled, shoving his daughter roughly. 'Get off me, turn around; I want you to face me this time. Get back on this cock.' He waggled his smeared erection at the girl while Valentina, awkwardly in her boots, scrambled to her feet.

'Suck my tits,' the young woman groaned as, kneeling astride him, she took her father inside her body yet again.

Baxter slobbered and licked at the girl's flesh while gripping her buttocks in both hands and forcing her onto his cock harder and deeper. It felt so good to be inside her again, but the viscous ejaculate sliding from her body, and which coated his dick, meant there was reduced friction; Baxter couldn't fully appreciate the coupling. Valentina gave a squeak of surprise when, in testimony to his physical strength despite advancing years, her father, albeit with some awkwardness due to the depth of the chair, managed to haul himself to his feet keeping impaled on his cock.

'Oh, Daddy,' she breathed, clinging to his neck like a monkey. 'Oh, Daddy! She repeated more enthusiastically as her father eased her onto her back, with his cock still wedged inside her, onto the sofa. 'Oh, Daddy ...' This third time was a sigh of delight when her father, after withdrawing his length from her, moved down her body and pressed his mouth to her sex.

A pierced clit, Baxter noticed. And platinum blonde fluff. He then split his daughter's gooey labia with his tongue and slurped at the ooze sliding from her body.

Baxter tongued and licked and fingered his daughter to another climax. With the girl still thrashing beneath him he moved back along her torso and eased his cock into her again.

'Just do it to me, Daddy,' Valentina sighed.

Grimacing, his face twisted with the sublime agony of his inevitable climax, Baxter forced his daughter's booted legs wide apart. He shifted her body so her cunt gaped wide and defenceless as, after he'd withdrawn from her, he stared into her eyes and slowly nudged the head of his cock against her opening.

'You want me to do it, Tina?' he growled. 'Is that it? You want your own father to fuck you?' The girl's face stared up at him. She looks scared, Baxter noticed. 'You did this, Tina. You made me do this.'

'Yes, Daddy,' the blonde, vulnerable to the tumescence that threatened her, whimpered.

'So now I'm going to punish you.'

Another whimper, but Baxter saw the delight in his daughter's eyes.

'Just do it to me, Daddy ...' Valentina sighed as her father pushed.

He managed to encourage a third orgasm from his daughter as he pounded savagely at her sex. Baxter used every trick he knew to delve into the girl deeper and harder and faster. Each groan from her encouraged him; every gulp, every gasp, every obscenity Valentina spat urged the man on.

Eventually, after his daughter had succumbed to her climax, Baxter let loose a great bellow. His body tensed, his eyes bulged and muscles constricted, veins pulsed and throbbed. He shouted again as the stuff poured out of him and filled his daughter to overflowing. Spurt after spurt of hot semen squirted into the girl while her father groaned and grimaced and mauled her body.

Finally, with a long sigh, Baxter rolled away from the supine, wide-legged woman. She lay, immobile, spunk dribbling from the scarlet slit to slide along the cleft of her buttocks. Another piece of furniture ruined.

Valentina scooped a dollop of gloop from between her legs with a finger. Baxter watched, open mouthed as the girl popped the digit into her mouth.

'I want to drink you spunk next time,' she purred.

'Next time?' Baxter said, still panting from the exertion. 'What next time?'

'We're going to do it again, Baxter. Be sure of that.' Valentina smirked at her father.

'Oh no ... No, there isn't.'

'Then I'll just get dressed now and go to the club.' She paused. 'Or maybe I'll just find a bar and let everyone in there fuck me. I don't care how many of them spunk inside me. I've got your cum, that's all I wanted. But, if you're going to play hard to get ...' She shrugged. 'I'll go and get gang-banged. Would you like that? Your daughter being used like that?'

Jealousy bubbled, hot and corrosive, Baxter could taste it like bile in his throat.

'No, Tina ... Don't do that.'

Valentina smirked. She knew she'd won.

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Lol, after reading a number of his incest stories, I've realized that the daughters are all sluts, heh.

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