tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJust Doing Laundry

Just Doing Laundry



As usual I am the only real character here any character/s other than me is imaginary and any similarities to real persons are pure coincidence.


In my fantasy...

It was the end of the second week since I had done laundry and as such I had run out of socks and panties to wear. I had been putting it off because I wanted time with my friend on campus but it was late enough now to just get it over with.

It was about 1:30 in the morning and so there were not really any other students moving around the dorms. This observation along with the need to keep myself occupied while waiting for the laundry gave me an idea...

I carried my laundry, pod, dryer cloth and quarters all to the laundry room on the other side of the opposite hall from my suite. I dropped the pod at the bottom of the washing machine and started putting my clothes in on top. Once my hamper was empty I paused for a moment considering what I was about to do...

I knew that there were cameras at the end of each hall, but I was certain there weren't any in the laundry room. I also believed it was late enough in the night to not encounter anybody but the idea of getting caught stopped me from further rational thought. I slipped off the socks I was wearing, followed by my panties from under my knee-length, pale pink skirt dropping them into the washer.(The panties by the way, were pink lace cotton bikini if you were wondering)

Then I reached behind me, unhooking my bra and pulling one arm in the sleeve of my shirt to remove one strap before pulling the bra out the other side... So far so good, I was still completely decent, no risk just yet, but that was going to change...

I took a deep breath, shaking with anticipation of what I was about to do. Everything was quiet, I was all alone, and I was going to do it.

I untucked my black "I AM GROOT" T-shirt, dropping it in then bent over as I pulled down my skirt before dropping it in as well and starting the machine...

I was now completely naked with no way of covering myself in the common laundry area of my dorm... I couldn't leave, I would be caught on camera if I did which meant I had to wait half an hour for the wash to finish, then an extra hour while the laundry dried before I could wear anything again which meant I had trapped myself completely naked in a room open to anybody...

This was so exciting, I was erect in minutes and I went over to the table in the room, pulling out a chair to sit in with my back to the door at first.

I was excited for a while but after about ten minutes went by with nobody coming, as I had expected, I began to get bored. So, I got on my phone and opened my Pandora to listen to some music or comedians... What I had failed to notice while I was loading my wash was that there was a load of clothing in the dryer already...

What brought me to this realization was the buzz of the timer on the dryer as it went off. This meant that somebody had been doing laundry only a little before me and, that unless they trusted their laundry to be left alone, that they would be back to collect it... I began to panic; there was nothing I could do other than to pick out some cold wet clothes to wear as I ran back to my dorm, which didn't sound fun at all. I had to think fast, I didn't know how long they would be, they may even come in while I was trying to pick clothes to wear which wouldn't make anything better... Should I open the dryer? Pick out some clothes of theirs to borrow long enough to run to my room and throw on some shorts and a shirt?

But there was no time for that, I soon heard steps coming down the hall and bolted to the other side of the room, coming to squat down behind the door. I wasn't completely hidden, if the person was paying attention as they walked out they would see me butt there was nothing else to do... The floor was cold under my ass and balls, I myself was curled up trying to be as small as possible as the person walked in and went right to the dryer...

I had to focus everything on keeping my breathing quiet as the person opened the dryer and began loading their laundry into a basket. I don't think they were looking anywhere other than where they needed to because they didn't yet notice me. I began to think I would be okay but as they started back to the door there was a gasp and a bang as they dropped their basket followed by a cute and high pitched giggle...

"What do we have here? Decide to clean the dirty laundry you were wearing?" I was blushing and shaking, and I could only manage a nod at the question.

"Have you been here for long?" My wash stopped, confirming for her that I had been there at least half an hour.

"It's okay; I won't get you in trouble, well not in any of the bad kind... Stand up for me, arms to the side." I didn't have any time to think of her comment but I was beginning to resume arousal at her commanding tone...

I stood up, dick at attention as I put my arms to my sides, letting her look at my full frontal, all seven inches of my erection bobbing under my small curved stomach and above that my breasts...

"Not too bad, turn around, bend over and keep your legs apart, spread your ass for me as well..."

From the sound of her voice I think English was not her first language, her accent seemed more Asian than Latina and the way she was speaking made it seem this might be her first time taking control of a perspective lover...

I did as I was told, bending over as far as I could without bending my knees, keeping my legs apart as safely as possible without falling over and reaching behind with my hands to pull apart my small butt, my asshole flexing under the excitement of being watched...

Soon I felt her hands on me, first on my thighs running up then fingers tracing my balls, one going up to rub the underside of my dick while her other hand traveled along the area between my legs and pushed gently on my asshole.

"Do you like my attention back here?"


"Yes, Mistress, I will be your mistress for the night and for the time in the future where I want you."

"Yes mistress, I love what you are doing."

"You won't mind if I take some pictures of my new toy would you?" My legs were shaking with the excitement of the situation as I answered.

"Of course not mistress."

"Don't be worried, I won't show them to anybody who can't be trusted to use you..." This thought gave me shivers; the idea that this new stranger was not only going to use me, but to give me to others to be used was causing my mind to drift in many directions...

After some flashing pictures had been taken from different angles I heard her opening my machine and moving my laundry to a dryer as I remained where I was.

I heard the quarters go in and the dryer start then my mistress came over and slapped my butt.

"On your knees." I obeyed.

"You're a little slut aren't you?"

"Yes mistress."

"You're a slut that loves showing herself off, you like your slutty ass to be played with; I bet you like eating ass too don't you?" I blushed but responded with:

"Yes mistress."

"And if I were to push my ass on your face right now you would probably eat it without being asked wouldn't you?"

"Yes mistress."

"Of course you would, because you're just a horny little bitch waiting to get used like the submissive slut you are. I bet you're just loving me in control aren't you? Knowing that I hold all the power and that any minute I could get anybody in here to see you like this, completely naked in the public laundry room. I bet you would even love it if I took your clothes and left you alone with nothing to do but get caught wouldn't you?"

I had to be careful with this answer. While the idea of that was appealing in a sexy adventurous way I didn't want to get expelled or arrested but if I said no it might ruin the mood. I had to find a middle ground that would be safe and keep the mood. I didn't think she would do that to me, so with the idea of safety in mind I responded.

"If that would please you mistress."

She sort of purred at this as she ran one hand through my hair and the other along my tits...

"I like these; they feel real and look cute on you. I do want to take you out and show you off but I also want to claim you as mine for the night... Lay back, legs apart and in the air." That was a slightly difficult position to hold but I made due. As it turned out I only had to do that for a short time. I heard her pajama bottoms hit the floor then felt her panties fall on my face.

"Do you like the smell of my arousal?"

"Yes mistress." Indeed I did, it was a sweet smell, intoxicating in a way that temporarily drew all my attention.

"Well, let's see how you like this scent..." She pushed her panties, crotch first in my mouth then lowered herself onto my face... Her butt was not big, but it wasn't small either and it was taught with small muscles. She had put herself so my nose was knocking at her back door with the slightly deep crack hugging the top of it so I couldn't breathe in anything but the scent of her ass, the taste of her juices on her panties in my mouth. She held my legs under her arms giving her full access to everything below my waist and I felt hot spit hit my balls and run along my perineum and into my crack...

Her ass smelled musty, but the way a sweaty body does, not really all that bad when it is just one body and given the circumstances it was something adding to my arousal. I pushed my nose harder against her asshole, hoping that this would give her a pleasant sensation while she continued to spit on my dick, palls and ass... She started pushing back on my face and I heard muffled moaning as my nose entered her ass just a little then she pulled up a bit and I took in a deep breath of oxygen.

"So, how's the smell? My ass smell good enough to eat?"

"Yes mistress, of course mistress."

My voice was a little hard to hear clearly because of the panties still in my mouth but she got the idea.

"You're such a dirty slut, I'm gonna let you clean my ass with that filthy tongue and then I'm going to claim you and show you to my friends at the front desk..." So, she had friends on night watch, and she was going to show me to them? This wasn't too bad? If she had friends working night watch they would have access to the cameras which meant that they could potentially erase some memory if they needed, but would they? I didn't have time to think anymore about that because the panties were yanked from my mouth and once again my mistress's booty was lowered on to my face, this time just the crack hugging my nose while her puckered back opening rested on my lips.

"Eat my ass like it's your very favorite meal, which it probably will be." I didn't have to be told twice; soon my tongue was making gentle circles around her asshole, pushing gently in order to relax the muscle before pushing at the center. With a low moan of approval her back door opened and my tongue began to slide in. Her ass tasted good, a little sour, a little salty and a little sweet with the fluid from her pussy dripping down her crack and meeting my lips. I moved my tongue in, out and around her back passage as she ground hard on my face, soon pushing at my own asshole with a curious finger...

Eager for her to go on and to show her I wanted it I pushed back on her finger a little, feeling her slightly long nail slide in along with a small portion of the tip of her finger...

"What an eager little whore, you really want me to fill your filthy ass while you clean mine out? Well, lucky for you that's just a little of what I had planned..."

Within about five more minutes I felt her asshole spasm around my tongue as her juices coded my chin with her orgasmic fluid and she had two fingers deep in my ass with a third circling in a massaging motion. I was near orgasm but my mistress for the night had other plans...

My laundry load was finished, the loud buzz from the dryer signaling its completion. My temporary lover got off my face, keeping her fingers in my ass as she turned me over and got me on hands and knees. She was pumping her fingers in and out and now she added a third as I pushed back with lustful haze in my head.

"Go get your laundry slut; we have other places to be." I crawled over, my friend following me as I opened the dryer and began putting my laundry into my hamper... When I was finished she made me stand up, focusing all her energy on pushing down on my prostate. Suddenly I came, my orgasm landing in my basket of freshly cleaned laundry and my mistress laughed behind me.

"Now, tilt your basket down and lean back into it." I did as I was told, my ass sitting in my own fluid as my mistress brought her pussy up against my pubic mound. For a moment I thought she was going to impale herself on my dick but in a moment she lifted up, using my fingers to spread her lips and push on her clit as she pissed on me, covering my belly, pubic mound, dick and balls in her piss, letting it run down my butt and into my laundry...

"Looks like the dirty slut's laundry is already dirty again, we will have to take care of that, but first clean my pussy." She pulled a shirt from my laundry, using it to dry me off then pushed me to the ground. Her pubic hair was trimmed but still a little long and it tickled my face as she brought her pussy against my lips. I opened up and felt a small amount of piss enter my mouth before I started licking her clean.

"Because you have been such a good little girl, this one time I will pay for your next wash, put it in while I go and get the soap, also I thought you might want to know I recorded you letting me piss all over you to entertain me along with the pictures of you offering your slutty ass to me." I was so tired at this point but in such a sexual high, I had been spotted, used and humiliated all in the span of an hour and a half and better than that, it still wasn't over... When she came back she put the soap in and started another wash cycle then she gave me the panties she had been wearing, still damp with my spit.

"Put these on and get on your hands and knees again, I'm going to introduce you to my friends..." Her panties were nice, they were a little fancier than what I usually wear, silk with a bow at the top and room at the bottom for her cheeks to peak out. As it was, her butt was bigger than mine so instead of my butt peeking out the bottom it sagged, leaving the top of my crack to peak out as I crawled behind her. She was wearing her pajamas again, but let her pants sag so I could keep my nose in her crack as she took me to night watch, but how we got them to keep our play secret is another story for another time...



Like my last story, and perhaps some of my others, I like to end them with suggestions of other fantasies to come. If anybody reading would like me to follow any of these trails specifically let me know, as it is I only write what comes to me as it comes to me. I hope you have enjoyed reading and thank you, until next time,

Eterri's Wolf

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