tagInterracial LoveJust Eight Miles Ahead, He Said Ch. 02

Just Eight Miles Ahead, He Said Ch. 02


Latonya 40 year old black female. 5ft6 133 37DD 28 37 dyed blonde hair, freckles, married.

Donald 43 year old black male. 6ft1 240 no tats, short black hair, married.

Leon 56 year old black male 5ft9 140 no tats, bald, single.

Beth 18 year old white female 5ft2 101 30B 24 35 red wavy hair, freckles, single.

Cindy 34 year old white female 5ft4 122 34C 27 37 wavy red hair, freckles, married.

David 39 year old white male 5ft7 140 no tats, thinning brown hair, married.


Leon was able to get us back on the road with a little work on our brakes but warned us to get the rotor thingy fixed before we tried to head back home. Dad took his advice and paid out more money after Thanksgiving.

I enjoyed my time up there with family a lot but it was really hard not to tell any of my cousins or nieces about mom's wild time in Donald's truck. Each time I tried to re-live it with her, she would look at me petrified, saying, "please honey, not now." Making me giggle and use a sucking dick motion with my hand and mouth back at her.

I wish I hadn't snooped and started all that night mare but since it happened, I cannot forget Donald. He got me so wet and horny, seeing his big cock, hearing his sexy voice telling mom what to do. I wish I had got to try pleasuring him. I had to finger and rub myself two nights in a row up there, to finally feel normal again.

Back home in Baytown now, two weeks later. I have gotten to talk with mom about how it felt, how she felt doing it and how I wish I was her, that day. It did make her very horny, ashamed and even proud that she could suck so deep on his fat cock. She asked me if I have got it out of my system now because she needs to put it behind her and be faithful Cindy from now on. I have been a good girl and not brought it up again.

Today, December 22nd, I get a text saying, "Gonna call you in a minute girl, we ain't talked in a while." There isn't any ID but curiosity has me answering five minutes later.

Me. "Hello?"

Him. "Hey snoopy, you got time for ya man? How you been? How's mamma doin?"

Me. "Oh my gosh! Donald?"

Him. "You actin surprised girl. You got you another man sides me now?"

Me. "No! Yes, yes I'm surprised! How did you get my number?"

Him. "Oh I couldn't get your sexy ass off my mind, hired me a private investigator, know all about you now. Curly orange pubes and all." Hearing him mention my woman parts makes my pussy gush with wetness. Seeing images of mom sucking him isn't hurting either.

Me. "Oh quit Donald. I'm really happy you found me. I think of you pretty often. Mom and dad are doing just fine. I'm really good too. Even great now, hearing you!"

Him. "well I like your attitude Beth. I deserve to be missed after what I let you see." He snickers at me. "Cindy manage to keep hush about our fun time?"

Me. "Oh yes! She just barely allows me to talk about it. She won't dare tell daddy. Are you at home or on the road?"

Him. "On the road girl. I was at home for a spell, getting my mamma happy with my love pole. She beats on me if I stay gone past five days. Told her about you and Cindy. She wasn't too happy at first till I told her bout you snooping round, finding our video. She be wanting to meet you girl. Cindy too if it can happen."

Me. "Gosh, what made you tell her? That scares me that she wants to meet me. I like you Donald but I'm not getting between her and you, no way."

Him. "chill girl, she be wanting it in a good way. You got green eyes don't you? I remember Cindy's being green too, I think. She helped me make another video of us fuckin, sent it to your phone just before I called you. Latonya said to tell you, you are welcome. You didn't ask me where I am, on the road Beth."

Me. "Yes mine and moms are green, why? Where are you at then?"

Him. "Latonya appreciates green eyes. She is green eyed too. I tried describing you and Cindy to her. I want you to send me a photo of ya'll. If David is in it, that's ok, just send it to me girl."

Me. "Ok I have a couple I will send you. Where are you on the road at?"

Him. "I be outside of Houston, in a crowded ass place called Baytown. Fact I'm sitting in this dump ya'll call a Mall, San Jacinto."

Me. "Oh God Donald, that's wild. Are you staying long?"

Him. "Only if you are coming to stay the night with me girl."

Me. "Donald I can't do that! It's too fast for that. I wish I could come see you. Maybe I will get mom's car after while and come find you."

Him. "I know Baytown a little, the Hartman bridge, that race way track, the refinery, your Walmart. Are you close to anything? I can come see you little mamma. Where is Cindy and David?"

Me. "Daddy is at work and mom is here. We live on East Rd. right beside Pirates bay water park. You are close to us now but don't use Garth road to get here, its a joke, too many people use it."

Him. "Ok girl, that water park is new to me. They just build it? I will google it, what's your house number?"

Me. "5238. It has been opened six years. It's so wild that you are coming by. I can't wait to see you."

Him. "I be feelin the same way Beth. Give me about twenty minutes, i'll be there about 4:00. and don't go telling your mom. Let it be a surprise. Don't forget to watch the vid girl, my woman got hot as hell knowin ya'll gonna see her again."

Me. "Ok I will keep quiet, see you soon. Bye."

I have been laying on my bed, fingering my hairy pussy almost the whole time we talked. I find his message and open the vid.

MMMMM Oh gosh, she is between his legs, on her knees, her spread open sexy legs and ass aimed right as me. Her butt is curvy and perfect, making me jealous some. Her luscious, ebony breasts are jiggling about. God she has got a thick black haired pussy! Its looks so exotic and inviting. She keeps looking back at me and smiling, then sucking him some more.

Oh gosh, she is climbing up on him now! I see his full hard cock, he is wrapping his hands around her thin waist while she maneuvers the tip into her swollen yummy lips.

Oh she is looking at me again, as she slowly slides deeper on his hot dick. MMMMMM I feel so hot seeing this and fingering my messy gash. My orgasm is building, imagining myself sinking on Donald as he grips my tiny waist forcing me balls deep on his big black cock.

I back it up some and watch Latonya slide down the last three inches, its just so hot seeing all of him disappear inside her! His balls are so big! I did not get to see them before now.

My orgasm goes thru me like lightning, seeing pinks, as I alternate from hard circles on my hood, to slamming two fingers deep and fast. I can smell that same scent I caught when he hugged me that day. MMMMMMMM he is bouncing her up and down using his ass and legs to make her scream and ride to bliss.

I keep watching and I here his moan turn to a roar, as he keeps her plugged balls deep on him. After a full minute of seeing his butt contract, coming hard, she looks back at me with a dreamy stare. I hear him say something. She puts her hands on his arms and slowly slides up off his still hard cock. Oh fuck, my mouth waters, as I lick my lips. two huge dollops of sperm oozed out of her, dripping back on his cock! So fucking hot, so much come she took up inside of her black on pink cunny.

This vid may not be as long as the other one i saw but the view of them is perfect. They lay down and cuddle up, talking to each other. I hear vague giggling or laughing as they wave to me, then it cuts off.

I start it again, needing to finger myself again and imagine me in Latonya's place. Just as I'm getting into it, my phone buzzes with a text. Donald is here! I drop my phone beside me and hop of my bed, getting myself decent. Brushing my hair, adding some gloss to my lips.

I head out to go meet him, passing by mom. She is sitting at our dinner table, playing on her phone and waiting on the food that is cooking. "Be back in a little while mom, headed to the park." She nods her head once and continues tapping her pacifier. I giggle out loud remembering she wanted "ME" to find new things to do besides the connected world. Great example mom.

After crossing the road, I can see Donald smiling at me thru the windshield, as I close on his truck.

"Hop your hot ass on up in here Beth." I hear, after opening the passenger door. "Dam you look taller in dim skinny jeans. Guess dat sweater you was wearing hid a couple inches last time."

"I'm 5ft2" I explain as we hug, his left hand cupping and squeezing my ass. He looks down into my eyes, kissing me lustfully. His thick lips, his manly odor from having not showered. The whole moment engulfs me. I have wanted this, imagined it more than once, but it is even better than I thought. He desires me, I totally feel his lust flow thru me, starting at my tongue, firing thru my whole being, swelling my slippery labia to hard rails. Rails that help guide and capture his big African shaft. Swirling my tongue back at him, I hope he feels my desires for him as well.

"Oh fuck girl, you be just what I'm needing bout now." He hums at me as we feel on each other. "you smell like heaven baby, like lust in heaven."

"I'm glad you like. I had it on all day, way before I knew you were coming." I admit, looking at his gruffy face and sexy eyes. "you are such a surprise for me! Like a Christmas present sent just for me!"

He groans to me as he keeps spreading my ass slowly, feeling it all over. "You get to see the vid? Made it just for you in mind. Latonya showed you good how it be like to get all my nut girl. Our loving be hotter lately from knowing you is wanting to watch."

"I did see! I put myself in your wife's place!" Telling him makes my whole body vibrate, my hairy, virgin cunt is throbbing. "Thank you for showing me. For everything. For coming to see me."

"mama lets get out of this casket, been in it almost fifteen hours. Can I catch a shower at your place?"

"Sure! I can't see why not. Lets go."

"Got some clothes need washing up but they can wait till I get back home if you ain't got time to mess with um."

"No lets take them too, I will take care of them." I say in a happy beat. He hands me down his bag after I am out of the cab.

We start walking towards my home and he comments. "That's a dam nice thing to have right by ya house girl. Fuckin full blown water park. Latonya and me might be coming to check this place out."

"Yes its handy for us. We get season passes. Mom still goes pretty often, not so much for me or daddy. Ya'll are welcome anytime. Hope you don't mind crowds, it gets really bad, some weekends." I preach to him, as we make it to our front door.

I open up and get Donald inside, taking his bag and shaving kit. "Go see mom, I didn't tell her." I point to our kitchen as he puts his clean clothes over my shoulder. I rush to our hallway and peek back towards where mom is.

"Oh God what!.. Donald? I hear mom scream. "How? What are you thinking? Beth? How in fuck did you get in here? Find us?" I can see mom flipping her hair about and turning off two burners but I cannot see him.

"I ain't feeling the love Cindy! You that disappointed seeing me now? That is a shame.

Beth be thrilled I'm here! Gunna do my dirty clothes an all!"

"No! God no! You must go, David will be here in less than thirty minutes. Please Donald, I am just recently getting over you. Just leave now please and no harm will be done!"

"Woman, I don't want you OVER ME! We still got to get to know each other better. Latonya plans to meet you and know you too." I can see them both now. He is in front of mom, swirling part of her hair in his thick, black fingers. she is looking into his chest, seeming too embarrassed to look up into his eyes.

"Oh Donald, no! Lets don't do this. I can't explain you being here. David will freak! Please!"

I toss his things down in our hallway and jog into our dining room. "Mom I got daddy covered! I know how to explain Donald being here!" She looks over at me, throwing daggers with her eyes. Not shy at all to look me in the eyes.

"You shut the fuck up young lady! I will deal with you later!" She almost yells, as Donald hugs her tight, her refusing for a long moment, then wrapping her shaky arms around his back, moaning.

"We got dis Cindy. Don't worry, I will be smooth with ya man David."

"Mom I promise, daddy won't mind. I'm going to remind him again how excited I got riding in the 18 wheeler. Tell him I stayed in touch with Donald and begged him to stop by when I found out he was in Baytown. Now, I am going to put Donald's clothes in our washer." I plot at her, hoping she gives up the fight. "Donald come with me and use my shower. Let mom do her thing with the food."

Donald faces mom, waiting for her to stop glaring at me. Once she looks up to him, he covers her lips with his, kissing her deeply, demanding her kissing him back. "See you soon mamma. It will be a great evening, great visit. Just trust us." He assures, letting go of mom and finally following me down the hallway.

I point, "that's my room," as we head down the hall to my bathroom. "Take as much time as you want, I won't start the washer until you are out. Sorry about the body wash soaps but its usually only me showering in here."

"Don't fret bout me. have made do with lot less than dis. I got a few things in my kit. I will be smelling good in a flash. Getcha clothes off and hop in with me girl."

"Oh gosh Donald Heehe'! Don't tempt me! I need to be ready for daddy and make this seem normal." I say, biting my upper lip, as he shucks his shirt.

"Here, help me pull these off." he commands as he sits on the toilet. I hit my knees and start wiggling his boots off and dropping them by my sink. Staying on my knees, looking at him stand back up right. "Go ahead Beth, help ya man get out of these stunk up britches." Hearing his voice instructing me causes my messy snatch to flood once again with liquid lust. My hands and right forearm brushing his meat as I undo the snap. Then pulling the zipper down, as I whimper out a moan.

As I start tugging his pants forcefully over his butt, I realize his boxers are coming down at the same time. My breathing is sporadic. My arms and hands are trembling, feelings that my fantasies had conveniently left out. Having done this in my mind more than once.

I pull and wiggle them a few more seconds and his manly African scent slaps me at the same time his shaft flexes free, tapping my chin twice before stopping right at my wet swollen lips. "Oh My!" Escapes my horny mouth and mind. Gulping saliva and air, as I wrap both my tiny white hands around it.

"Fuck girl! I'm so glad you snooped round in my bed. That's how all dis be going down.

Keep being nosy Beth, suck on it now. You been waiting too long. Make ya man nut! It won't take long wit you being so sexy down there on ya knees."

I keep looking up at his eyes as I lick my lips and then wrap them around his harsh pungent tip. I love the shape of it in my mouth, my brain adjusting to the strong odor in my nostrils and the rank taste on my tongue. I pull off and start stroking with my hands, buying myself time to get use to the strong taste of him. Then I rock forward again, swallowing two, then three inches of his shaft. MMMM MMMMM I moan as I keep sucking and sliding him in and out of my slobbering mouth. My messy pussy may be virgin but my sweet mouth has had more than one skinny five inch pecker fully inside it.

I am still looking up at him as I work his big dick in and out, his head is thrown back, he is only groaning, not looking or talking at me, until.

"Fuck baby, get that dick deeper." He barks and grabs my head. Gently forcing me five inches deep on his yummy meat. No longer stinking or tasting bad to me, I want, no, I need his come, his sperm in me. "MMPH MMM" my mouth and throat being used by him, working me another thrilling inch deeper.

"Here dat nut Beth! AARRRGG AAAAHHHH Fuck!" I slurp and swallow, seeing stars or lights as the thick sperm gags me a bit. It just keeps shooting and I keep swallowing, making deep nail marks in his thighs from this hot ordeal.

"Beth, get in here! Your daddy just called." We both hear my mom inform.

"Dam girl MMMMMMM, you got all my seed! Kept on sucking too! You one good dick sucker. Latonya won't be teaching you much about dat."

I smile and giggle as I'm getting up. Still amazed at his thick, drooping cock. "You are welcome. I guess I know how mom felt now!"

"See you in a while sexy mama. Go help ya mom." Dismissing me and turning on the shower. I head out, stopping in my room to look myself over and change my panties real fast.

Minutes later I am reaching mom in the kitchen. Everything is set and looking perfect on the table. "Dam sweetheart, this was a bad idea." She gripes to me in a low tone. "I'm sorry for cursing you but seriously. What were you thinking? No fucking warning me?"

"Mom, just be you. Donald and me will do most of the talking. You can chime in when it feels right. Daddy appreciated Donald that day. He will be glad to get to thank him and have a man around after supper to drink and cut up with." I hug her and assure her.

"I hope beyond hope that you are right little lady. I'm so nervous I thought of throwing up. Go wait in the living room. I'm going to my room to clean up some."

"Yes mom go relax and I will take care of daddy." I sing to her. Getting a glum look back from her, before she disappears out of my sight.

Minutes later my daddy comes in. "Hey daddy! I say and give him a quick hug. "I made supper for us. Some hulky black guy came by to take mom out on a date with him. She didn't say when they would be back. Guess its just you and me now."

"Oh you did huh?" He says, walking away from me, putting his lunch kit away and peeking into the kitchen. "That's something Beth, I'm impressed. Because I talked to your mamma just fifteen minutes ago and she informed me she made my smothered pork chops and warmed up the roast from last night. Pretty sure she didn't have time to dress for a date."

"Darn! I knew that! It slipped my mind you had called. You just spoiled my fun. So now I will just tell what's really up. Donald is here. I begged and badgered him to come see me in that 18 wheeler of his, once I found out he was right here in Baytown. He is getting cleaned up for supper in my bathroom. Me and mom decided to surprise you.

"Dam that sure is a surprise! You been talking to him on your phone all this time I guess.

We got room, may as well have him for a meal. I always wanted to thank him for the rescue."

"Yeah he was needing to get out of that truck, he was really thankful I asked. Really, really thankful." I giggle inwardly, smiling at my daddy, then tromping to the washroom and starting the washer.

"Hey there David, how you been?" I hear Donald greet my daddy, as I keep tending the clothes and soap. "Hope I'm not being a burden, just couldn't say no to Beth. She is sure manipulative. I can tell she has a good head on her, for sure.

"Hell its great to see you again Donald! Really good. You make yourself at home, happy to get to thank you more properly. Hope your belly is empty, Cindy made a bunch and it smells great."

"Plenty hungry here. It do smell mighty fine too. I will try keeping my paws away until everyone is ready to sit down."

"Let me go get out of these clothes so we can get to it quicker." Daddy says and then disappears down the hall.

"Hey sexy!" I say, startling him as I hug him from behind. "You smell really good. Feeling better now?"

"Sure am. Feeling really fine, thanks to you girl." He tells me, just as we see mom leaving the bedroom, flailing her arms at us, signaling me to quit being so lovey on him.

"Stop that little missy, your daddy is here." she preaches to me, whizzing by us, heading to the kitchen. I break my hug and pull Donald with me to the couch in the living room. We sit on each end of it, waiting for supper.

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