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Just Feels Right


The first 20 years of my life were spent taking part in the most elaborate psychological experiment ever performed. The world's population was growing uncontrollably, even with half of its pregnancies being aborted. Every part of the world had their own way of attempting to deal with the problem and I played my small part. It was organized by a group of top psychological researchers and funded by the government. A large portion of the desert in the middle of the country was portioned off. People were paid to leave their homes as the researchers began their work.

Within the fight against growing population, one factor was missing. Nobody actually knew what it was that made teenagers have sex earlier and earlier. Most 13 year olds were having sex and getting pregnant. This desire had been blamed on many things, all theories, none of them proved. My life, however, was part of the experiment which did.

Several average-sized towns were built almost from scratch. They were completely isolated from one another. No communication with the outside world or with one another. Children were to grow up in completely controlled environments, each community being exposed to different levels of sexual media, knowledge etc... This way, the factors which actually led to teenagers having sex could be pinpointed and a solution could be found.

I was lucky enough to be placed in the most drastically controlled of the environments. I was taken from an orphanage along with several hundred other newborns and grew up in a type of boarding school. The girls school was at one end of town and the boy's school at the other. All our television and news broadcasts were artificially created. No one knew who their parents were or even how they came into the world. There was no sexual education. We were taught math, literature (based on controlled books), our own distorted version of history and science excluding biology. We were also raised highly religious. It was assumed that eventually we would begin to wonder how humans are created and would eventually find it odd that none of the adults around us would tell. For this reason we were made to believe that everything unexplainable was the result of a higher being. We were taught not the question this assumption.

I never did question it until I was around 17 years old. I knew the town inside and out and often wondered what it was like outside. There were no roads extending beyond the community and I was happy within it so I never felt the desire to leave, although I wondered. We were surrounded by desert with no roads, so I couldn't exactly catch the bus out. If I had have made it to the outskirts I would have been caught by security guards and detained until I could be prepared for entry into the real world.

I met Michael at the park one day. The park was the center of our little town. Equal distance from the boy's and girl's side of town. It was pretty much the only hangout for all the citizen's. There were a couple coffee shops and restaurants scattered around, but the park was where it was at. I used to go running around there in the mornings. Physical activity was encouraged partly as a means to keep us busy and running was my sport of choice. I was running through the most remote path through the park one morning. I didn't notice the tree root sticking out of the ground and slid my foot right under it. You can imagine the pain that must have occurred after I fell forwards, my foot staying firmly planted under the branch. I let out a scream louder than I thought possible and hugged my leg, turning my head to the side not wanting to see the new angle of my foot.

Michael was the closest person to the scene of the accident and came running. He helped me up into a more comfortable position and sent someone after a doctor. He sat with me while we waited for a doctor to show up and kept me talking to take my mind off the pain.

Now it wasn't unusual for a boy and a girl to be friends in our town, although there were certain societal rules surrounding the subject. No physical contact was the first of the unwritten laws. A handshake was the traditional greeting and those adults who knew each other fairly well could greet one another with a kiss on the cheek, but this was highly inappropriate for children. The two sexes talked, however, and made friends, as the lurking researchers wondered when our hormones would kick in.

After my accident, Michael visited me in the hospital each day. He brought me my lunch like clockwork and helped me with homework which I, although bed ridden, still had to do. After my foot healed he would come on walks with me and eventually running when I was up for it again. We would sit in the park everyday. Sometimes I would bring my lap top and we would work on our assignments together. The boy's and the girl's schools although at opposite sides of the town were still essentially the same institution. The assignments were usually the same and we had the same curriculum. This gave Michael in me more in common and more to talk about. We were both the stars of our classes. We got straight A's almost without trying.

Life went on as normal. I had been friends with Michael for about two years when we both started to sense that something was wrong about our little town. We had already turned 20 years old and we would still run around the park like children, playing tag, swinging on the swings. All this seemed normal to us as there was nothing else to distract us. Slowly, however, things changed. We would spend most of our time sitting opposite each other at the picnic tables talking. Everyone else would run around us, but I guess we had finally grown out of it.

I remember coming back to my apartment one night (all the older kids were given apartments at one point. I shared with 3 other girls. It was still a part of the boarding school, but gave us more freedom) with a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. At first I thought I was sick. I even had the nurse take my temperature, but she told me that everything was fine. It took me hours of tossing and turning to realize what the problem was. It was Michael. It came to me almost as a revelation. I was seconds away from falling asleep when I could have sworn I felt his stubble brush against my cheek. We had gotten to the point now where a kiss goodbye on the cheek was appropriate and so I often felt Michael's stubble. I liked the way it felt, and that night when I thought about it I managed to associate Michael's stubble with the strange feeling in the bottom of my stomach.

I kept that knowledge inside for a few days, not telling anyone. I even began avoiding Michael, not answering his calls because I was worried about how I would act around him. These were not the kind of feelings that people talked about and so I felt lost and confused as I tried to figure out what it meant.

I finally decided that I needed to see Michael in order to figure things out. I saw him in the park the next day. I stood in the shadows for a few minutes, watching him talking with his friends before I finally went over.

"Michael, your girl is coming over" I heard one of his friends say as I stepped out of the shadows. The look on the boy's face gave away the fact that I wasn't supposed to have heard his comment, but I wasn't going to hide it.

"Your girl?" I said as I sat down at the table opposite him.

"It's nothing at all offensive Stacey, I promise" his friend told me as they all got up and left.

"Hi" he said.

"Hi". I leaned across the table to give him a kiss on the cheek and felt the feeling in my stomach grow even stronger as I lingered with my face next to his.

"You see me and the boys have this thing." He explained. "We used to come here during lunch break when we were younger and talk about the girls as they walked towards the park. We each essentially chose the girl we thought was the best looking and dubbed them as 'our girl'. It was just a little joke."

(I think this warrants some explanation. Although no one in the town had any idea of any kind of relationship or feeling between members of the opposite sex other than friendship, the concept still existed in our minds of finding someone prettier than someone else. The girls did the same thing too. We would sit on the swings and talk about the boys at the table as we also decided who was better looking. None of us, however, knew what to do with those decisions. It was just a pass time. In the real world if you find someone good looking you want to talk to them and kiss them. The concept of kissing in our world was reserved for friends and we had no idea of any act that could mean something more.)

"So you think I'm the prettiest then do you?" I asked.

"As a matter of fact I do."

And the topic was dropped. I had established that Michael, specifically a close proximity to Micheal, had given me the gooey feelings in my stomach and I left it at that. I wondered what it meant, but essentially stopped worrying about it.

The next day I asked him if he wanted to come over to my apartment and work on the latest assignment. It was not unusual for a boy to visit a girl's apartment, but it was considered rebellious. You had to sneak him past the older residents, teachers especially, because it was frowned upon. The women need their privacy, was the excuse. There are over a hundred women who live in the hall and it was not fair to bring a man into their home because you were friends with him. Few of them actually minded though.

I snuck him into my room and we set to work in front of the lap top. We were both sat on my bed, backs against the pillow, arms to ourselves in front of the lap top. After half an hour's work we got extremely annoyed. Both of us straining our necks, moving the lap top back and forth because we couldn't both see it from one position.

"This is stupid" Michael finally said. "Sit up"

I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed. He sat up and moved over to the middle of the bed.

"Now come here" he said and gently guided me by the waist to sit in front of him, one of his legs on either side. I almost jumped out of my skin at the touch of his hands on my waist. Sitting on a boy's lap or even hugging one was not a concept I was familiar with. I eventually settled back down. The lap top on my knees, Michael's arms on either side of me typing and his head leaning on my shoulder, his stubble brushing against my cheek. By this time, however, my mind was completely off the assignment at hand and our conversation shifted from 19th century literature to the strange society we lived in. "Why is this weird?" was the first thing he had said. I finally began to relax and we wondered if everyone around the world lived the same way as we did. No contact between sexes accepted. It didn't mean anything and yet it was frowned upon. We were beginning to wonder.

We both sat there in a minute of silent contemplation which Micheal eventually broke.

"Come on, we're being too serious now, I don't like it" was his ice breaker and he then proceeded to tickle me. I shrieked, grabbed his hands and turned to look at him.

"Do not do that" I said with deadly serious look on my face which soon broke into a smile.

Michael smiled at me. He put his forehead against mine, our noses touched and eventually our lips. The feeling in the pit of my stomach returned and for a minute we both sat there, not moving, lips touching, eyes closed. Then my door swung open. I jumped up and scrambled to the other edge of the bed as fast as I could. I looked up to see my roommate, Carol standing there with a puzzled look on her face. It struck me as odd. She wasn't shocked or disturbed and she made no effort to close the door. She was merely confused as if she had just seen a powered up TV which she had only just turned off.

"I was going to go downstairs with some of my laundry, I was wondering if there was something you wanted me to take down." She asked, casually as ever.

"No, I did laundry yesterday, thanks though."

Michael then looked at me, a very disturbed look on his face "there is something wrong with this place" he said. "The rest of the world cannot possibly live like this, strange rules that exist for no reason, no one knows anything about where they came from, and what we just did. I just had this sudden urge to kiss you on the lips and I have no idea where it came from. We can't be the only people here who have felt this, and much less the only people in the world to have felt it."

Michael left soon after and I sat alone in my room with nothing but my thoughts. Being that close to him had felt so natural, so right. He was definitely on to something. I talked to Carol about it. I told her that we had kissed on the lips. She asked why and I could only tell her that it felt right, it was just something we had both had the urge to do. Then she leaned in close to me and said in a very quiet voice "you know Spencer right? He's friends with Michael. I had this dream last night. Well it wasn't really a dream, because I was awake. I was just lying there and suddenly I started to wonder what Spencer would look like without his clothes on. And I...also imagined myself kissing him on the lips."

I spent one torturous night after that tossing and turning, thinking about Michael and things I wanted to try with him. I would talk to him about it the next day and see if he felt any of the same things. If me and him and Carol were all feeling the same way, it couldn't be that we were all strange or different. It would have to mean that there was something being hidden from us.

The next day I met him in the park. He snuck me into his apartment this time and we talked about anything other than what was actually on our minds. I finally changed the subject. I stood up and moved the chair I had been sitting on over to the door, jamming it under the doorknob, locking any would be intruders out. I then walked over to the bed that Michael was sitting on, in front of him, facing him as close as possible. I then swallowed the feeling in my stomach that was now working its way up my throat and I kissed him on the lips. We moved our mouths around this time, forcing our tongues in and out of each other's mouths. I wrapped my hands around Michael's back and pulled his shirt out from his pants. I slowly moved my hands across his bare back taking in the feeling of his bare skin. We finally pulled our lips away from one another and Michael unbuttoned his shirt. I had never seen a topless man before and I am sure that he had never been that exposed in the presence of a woman. Once again, the whole situation felt right. I pushed the shirt off his shoulders and we both lied down on the bed. We just sat there for a few minutes. Michael's head on the pillow, mine on his chest, my left hand toying with his right and his left hand playing with my hair. The whole time I could not wipe the smile off my face. I felt as though I has uncovered the secret and discovered what had been hidden from us all this time.

Finally I sat up again and put one leg on either side of Michael. I kissed him gently on the lips then sat up and began unbuttoning my own shirt. He slid his hands to the bare skin on my waist and pulled me closer to him once my shirt had come off. We laughed as he fumbled with my bra which I eventually took off myself. We were both sat up on the bed now arms around each other, getting used to the feel of our bare skin touching the other's. He ran his hands from the top of my neck all the way down my back as we explored each other's body. He then lay me down on the bed and kissed his way down my neck. His right hand worked its way from my waist up to my breasts. He took my left breast in his hand and tightly squeezed it. I leaned my head back against the pillow and continued rubbing my hand along his back. His hand was cold on my breast but still felt good. The feeling in my stomach was now working its way down in between my legs leaving me with an eerie tingly sensation.

I smiled and said "that feels really nice". I looked down to see Micheal smiling up at me from my chest. He put his head down again and began kissing and groping his way down my torso. The feeling between my legs was growing stronger as Micheal worked his way down to my jean button.

"Take them off" I told him. He eagerly obeyed undoing my button, then my zipper, then sliding them down my legs, his hands as flat against my skin as possible. Just lying there in nothing but my panties with Micheal gently exploring and caressing my body was the best feeling I had ever had up until then. He moved his way back up my body and wrapped his arms around me as he once more kissed me on the lips sending a shiver through my spine. He then lied down on his back beside me and took off his own pants. I was not expecting to see a huge bulge when I looked down and was almost taken aback. My curiosity, however, got the best of me and I reached down over his underwear and gently touched it, which seemed to make it move. I wondered why I had never noticed his bulge before, but Michael answered my question before I even asked it.

"It's not always this big" he said. It does this when I wake up in the morning, and when I'm around you.

Neither of us fully understood what that meant, although we were beginning to, but I sensed that it was a good thing. Michael rolled onto his side to face me again and stroked the side of my cheek with his hand. He slowly moved his hand from my cheek, to my breasts and down across my stomach. When his hands brushed over the fabric of my panties I let out a slight moan, surprised by the mini-shock his touch had sent through my body. The look in his eyes was unbelievably enticing and became even more so as he rubbed my panties harder and harder. I suppose he could tell from the look in my eyes that he was causing me nothing but pleasure.

He finally slid his hand back up to my stomach and this time down under my panties. This sent an even bigger shockwave through my body. I was almost taken aback by the fact that I was letting Michael, my friend, touch me in places I had never even touched myself. His fingers explored all of the folds of skin as I began to learn which places were more sensitive than others. We both became aware of the fact that I was getting wetter and wetter down there and Michael's fingers began to slide around more easily. I gasped as his finger entered my vagina. He also looked at me to make sure I was okay and we were both surprised to find out that this was a pleasant as opposed to a painful feeling. He slid his middle finger in and out of me as I began to notice a more sensitive spot.

"Put another finger in" I instructed him. He obeyed.

Both fingers moved around inside me and finally found that sensitive spot he had hit before.

"Right there" I told him. "Push right there". He did as I instructed him and I let out my loudest moan yet. "Ooh God that's nice" I assured him. My breathing began to get faster and I could feel my muscles tense in my groin and my thighs. Scared that something bad was going to happen, I asked Michael to pull his fingers out.

"Are you alright?" he asked me.

"I'm fantastic!" I laughed.

Micheal rolled onto his back and I slid my panties off wanting the satisfaction I knew I would get from being completely undressed in Michael's arms. I returned my attention back to Michael straddling him like before. This time it was my turn to kiss and explore his body. I slid my hands all over his chest noticing the bulge growing in his pants. I moved my hands down to his waist and hooked my fingers under the elastic of his boxers, then I pulled them down and off him completely. We were both now completely naked. I stared down at his flat yet muscular chest intrigued by the muscle toning that I didn't have. My eyes then moved down to his newly exposed organ now sticking straight up in the air. I took it in my hands and slid my hands all over it until Michael told me to hold it tight and move my hand up and down. I did this for a few minutes and soon it was Michael's turn to let out a satisfactory moan. I let go of it and slid both of my hands up his chest, bringing my face closer to his body. I kissed the side of his organ and the smile on his face urged me to continue. I began to lick it up and down and eventually I took it in my mouth, making the same motion with my mouth as I had been doing with my hand. My left hand held his organ in place and pleasured the parts of it my lips couldn't reach while my right hand moved across his chest. He grabbed it and squeezed it tightly and I stopped to look up at him.

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