tagIncest/TabooJust For You Daddy Ch. 02

Just For You Daddy Ch. 02


As Dominick sat their in his favorite chair, he couldn't stop thinking about Mandy. Ever since that night they went from father and daughter, to being lovers. He realized she was more than just his step-daughter. Mandy was now his sex partner. That was something only the two of them could understand.

However, what he wanted the most, was for Mandy to have a happy life, love, and more. It was then that he realized, he wanted to be with Mandy forever.

Dominick then wondered, 'If she would want that, a new beginning of their lives together?'

His body ached for Mandy. He longed to caress the sweet wet folds of her pussy, as he suckled at those magnificent breasts. Oh God, he wished she was home to satisfy and to be satisfied in return.

He closed his eyes, envisioned her sitting on a chair naked in front of him, legs spread wide, masturbating. His cock, throbbed, as it began to harden, and he started to slide the zipper down when his concentration was broken.

The front door opened and Mandy yelled, "Daddy, I'm home!"

Dominick's eyes lit up with lust and his whole face beamed with excitement. He quickly zipped his pants up and hurried toward the living room.

Once he entered the room Daddy walked over to where Mandy was and pulled her into him. "Welcome home baby. How was your day?"

She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck, hugging him close, and kissing him passionately. "Daddy, my day was long and boring."

He returned the kiss with all the passion within him. Dominick then drew Mandy tighter against his body and replied, "Daddy's was boring too, because you were not here. Oh honey, you feel so good in my arms."

He ran his hands slowly down her back toward her ass, feeling Mandy's skin melt into the palms.

She trembled, kissed his cheek and squealed, "Oooh daddy, you're making my clit throb and my panties are drenched!"

Dominick quivered, then looked straight into her eyes and winked. He raised up her skirt with one hand as the other one slid under her panties. His finger-tips probed until just the tip was inside Mandy's wet hole.

Mandy felt his hard cock pressing against her thigh. She closed her eyes, threw her head back and purred, "Daddy, take me to your bedroom, help me out of these dang clothes, then touch me, and make me feel good!"

Dominick nibbled at her ear and whispered, "Oh my sweet darling, I love you!"

He felt her legs start to buckle, picked Mandy up, and carried her towards his room.

Mandy's eyes were glazed with lust and she replied, "Hurry, I cannot wait for us to make love"

His cock was rigid, dripping pre-cum, as the balls churned, wanting to release their heavy load. He entered his room, and gently helped Mandy stand by the bed.

Dominick smiled devilishly and ordered, "Doll, take off those clothes, while I do the same thing!"

She flashed him a sultry smile and exclaimed, "I just love it when you tell me what to do."

With trembling fingers she started unbuttoning her blouse, and tossed it aside. After that she slowly unzipped her skirt and removed it along with her slip, standing before him in just her bra, panties, garter-belt nylons and heels.

She watched daddy undress hurriedly while he ogled her and thought he would pass out from excitement. However he didn't, just removed his boxers and stood there naked.

Mandy licked her lips, kicked off her heels and then removed her bra and panties. Following that she ran her hands across her breasts and down toward her pussy, then paused.

"Daddy, do you like what you see?"

He went over too her and commanded, "Leave your garter-belt and hose on for now honey. Now, lie down on the bed, spread your legs wide and let me see your pussy!"

Mandy did as ordered, spread her pussy-lips, ran her fingers the length of her slit, and moaned with desire.

Daddy climbed on the bed. "Oh baby, you have a perfect pussy. Let me get a closer look."

He moved between her legs, so close Mandy could feel his breath on the clit. As his fingers reached out to touched her, she quivered all over.

Dominick licked his lips hungrily when he saw her glistening pussy. With shaky hands he pulled the soft lips apart, and ran his index finger from the swollen clit to the pulsating hole. After that he began to encircle the clit his thumb as his digit slid into her hole.

Daddy watched the reaction on her face and asked, "You like that don't you honey?"

Mandy answered with a quivering voice, "Yes, I love what you're doing to me. You make me so fucking hot. Keep that up and I will cum darling!"

Dominick almost passed out, this is the first time she called him, "Darling," and he liked that."

For a few more seconds he continued finger-fucking her hole harder, while the thumb flicked back and forth across the clit. Dominick then stopped, but only so he could replace the fingers with his mouth.

Dominick then took hold of her hips and pulled her tightly against him. His mouth sucked on the clit while his tongue moved back and forth across the sensitive bud.

Mandy's hips arched as she pushed up harder against daddy's mouth. As an impending climax approached, her breathing changed.

In a hoarse whisper she said, "Oh yes, just like that."

Mandy's body began to quiver all over as the orgasm overtook it. Dominick then rammed his tongue into her hole, pushing hard, probing deep, until he'd drank all of her sweet nectar.

The next thing Dominick did, was raise her bottom off the bed so that he could see not only her pussy but asshole as well. He then slowly began lapping at Mandy's puckered hole, reaming it with is tongue, then decided to stop.

She gasped in response to his tongue against her ass, "Oh my God, what are you doing to me? I've n ever had my ass done."

He flashed her a mischievous grin and said, "Well one of these days, I will just have to show you, what I can do to your sweet ass. However, right now, my dick is screaming to make love to you!"

Mandy pulled his lips down hard on hers, feeling the love they shared clear to the center of her soul. After that, she batted her eyes and shrieked, "Fuck me!"

He moved up, pushed his cock into her now very wet hole, and began pounding between her pussy.

As Dominick pushed against Mandy, he uttered, "Oooh my sweet baby. I love your tight cunt."

It excited her more when he talked dirty. Mandy flashed him a naughty smile, wrapped her legs around him and squealed, "I love it when you shove your cock into my hot-wet cunt. That's it, fuck me harder---deeper! Oh daddy, please fill me with your cum! "

He shoved his shaft deeper inside her young, tight, cunt, until he could hold back no longer. While the spasms consumed his body and jettisons of cum filled her pussy.

Dominick grunted, "Ooooh God, Yesssssss!"

He then collapsed on top of her for a moment, leaving his cock inside until it went soft. Dominick then moved and lay down beside Mandy on the bed, snuggling up close to her.

Mandy flashed him a mischievous look and asked, "Daddy, can I ask you a question?"

He looked at her and answered, "Sure, what is it?"

Her whole face beamed with excitement when she said, "Dominick, can I lick your cock clean?"

He swallowed hard, trembled and replied, "Oh my God, no one has done that for a long time. Suck my cock baby, but I must warn you, it might make me hard again."

She smirked and said, "Well if it does guess we can do some more fucking huh!"

Dominick's eyes twinkled with lust and he lay on his back. He then said, "I'm ready for more, are you?"

She blushed and admitted, "Yes, more than ready darling. I could play with you like this all night!"

He watched her in awe as Mandy crawled between his legs. Her soft hands grabbed his cock as she leaned over and began licking their juices off his flacid member. Then she engulfed his shaft and began sucking it.

Dominick closed his eyes for just a moment and moaned with delight. He observed her actions. He loved watching a woman suck his cock. Her sweet-wet attention was making his hard again.

Mandy watched his expression changes as his cock grow and become hard in her mouth. She paused for a brief moment and asked, "You like that don't you?"

He replied with a quivering voice, "Yes, I love it. Want to make me cum you're your mouth baby?"

She flashed him a seductive look and asked "How did you know I loved giving blow-jobs?"

He laughed and replied, "I didn't until now. Want me to shoot my load in your mouth honey?" Mandy couldn't answer as she had resumed sucking his cock. She just winked and nodded yes. With her lips wrapped around the shaft, she began sliding up and down it while her tongue tantalized his flesh.

Dominick reached out, held her head steady as he moved his hips off of the bed and shoved his cock as deep as it could go.

He felt his balls churning wanting to release their precious contents again. He shuddered, then bellowed, "Oh God, Mandy, you make me feel so damn good!"

She reached down and began rolling his balls and she continued tantalizing him with her mouth. Her throat contracted then suddenly relaxed as she engulfed Dominick's entire cock, balls deep.

His eyes went glassy with lust and he moaned, "Ooooh Fuck!"

He continued to watch as he slid his hand down to her tit. Her nipple was hard. He pinched one and then the other one, she groaned in reaction to his caress.

Dominick ordered huskily, "Turn around sugar, I'm going to eat your pussy as you suck me off."

Twisting her body, Mandy moved swinging her pussy near daddy's mouth without taking her lips off his cock.

His eyes gazed hungrily as her pussy glistened with wetness seeping from it. At first, he grabbed her hips and pulled her firmly to him. The next thing he did was run his finger down the slit slowly. Dominick then paused, for a brief moment, then separated the lips and encircled the clit with his tongue.

Mandy jumped, and grunted in response to his attention. She then began sucking his cock harder as she squeezed his balls lightly.

Dominick couldn't take it any longer, he growled, "Here it cums baby," as his cock exploded sending cum down her throat.

While Mandy sucked eagerly trying to swallow every sweet drop of cum while Dominick increased his action on her pussy.

He started finger-fucking her hard and his lips sucked on her clit. All of a sudden Dominick hears a muffled scream from deep inside Mandy as she climaxed all over his tongue and fingers.

They lay there for a moment. Mandy then climbed off of Dominick and lay down beside him. He pulled her into his arms and they snuggled up close, listening to the rhythmic beating of their hearts as they basked in the afterglow of their love making.

After a few minutes, Mandy looked up into his face, and Dominick saw tears streaming down her cheeks.

With a look of concern he asked, "What's wrong Mandy?"

With a quivering voice she confessed, "Oh Dominick, I'm falling in love with you."

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