Just Friends


He loved Rebecca. John was 18 and just about to graduate from high school. He and Rebecca had known each other since they were freshman. He fell in love her almost immediately and never got over her. Unfortunately for him, Rebecca never considered him more than a friend. As frustrating as this was for John, he loved her so much that he would do anything just to be close to her, so he tried to content himself with being merely friends.

As they grew older they spent more and more time with each other became best friends. It got to the point where they did just about everything together, but for whatever reason John could never get Rebecca to have the same feelings for him that he had for her. Often times she would spend the night with him, in his bed, but would always make sure to keep her back to him and keep a healthy distance.

By the time Rebecca was 18 she had turned into beautiful woman. She wasn't a model or some smoking hot girl, but she had a girl next door cuteness that drove John crazy. She was about 5'6" maybe 120 pounds. She had beautiful natural platinum blond hair that she wore long down past her shoulder blades. She wasn't ultra skinny, but she wasn't fat. Her eyes were ice blue and when she wore dark eye liner, they would stand out so much that you couldn't help but stare into them. She had perfect breasts. They were about a 38c give or take. On her smaller frame they popped out like two flawless melons. John would have sawed off a finger just to get a glimpse of them.

John would try to meet other girls, spend time with the guys, pretty much anything to get Rebecca off his mind. John was a pretty average guy, but girls always told him he was cute. He had plenty of girls that were interested in him, went on dates and had some fun but he could never commit to any of them. No matter what he did the only girl he had true feelings for was Rebecca. It drove him crazy to be stuck in this situation where the girl of his dreams wouldn't be with him and he couldn't be with anyone else. She was the first thing he thought about when he woke up, that last thing before he fell asleep and usually what he dreamed about.

Rebecca however, seemingly always had a boyfriend or fuck buddy, but she went through them like disposable razors. As much as this destroyed John inside, he did his best to grin and bear it. Rebecca always came back to him for friendship and comfort and he always considered himself the most important guy in her life. John would always tell himself that if he just waited it out, made it through her being with other guys, that eventually she would see him for the great guy that he was and understand how much he loved her. Once she did, she would see that he was the man she should be with and his dreams would come true.

Towards the end of their senior year John and Rebecca decided they were going to go up to a local college town for some fun. They had a number of friends that were a year or two older than them that were in college up there and were throwing a big house party. So they made all the arrangements and headed up on a Friday afternoon after school. It was only about an hour long drive so they got there right around five o'clock and met up with their friend whose house they were going to.

Brad was a year older than John and Rebecca and a really good friend to both of them. When they were still in school together Brad and John hung out a lot and were good friends. He was a little shorter than John, about 5'9" and super skinny. Brad had a really long term relationship while he was in high school, but it petered out when he and his ex went to different colleges after graduation.

The three of them all hung out for a while catching up and waiting for all the other people to show up and start the party. John started to get very excited and anxious about the night. He didn't really have any experience with drinking, but being so close to graduation and college he figured he may as well start to gain some experience. More than anything though he thought maybe tonight something might happen with Rebecca. She hadn't dated anyone in a while and she and John had been spending almost all their time together. Add a little booze to the picture and maybe, just maybe, he might be able to make a move tonight. Even a little making out would make him feel beyond thrilled.

People started filtering in and by the time the party really got going there were probably 50-60 people at the house. John was having a great time. He was getting drunk for the first time, chatting with college girls and playing beer pong. Even with all the sexy girls at the party though, he could barely take his eyes off Rebecca. She had dressed for the party in a sexy ass pair of jeans that showed off her ass and a nice tight tank top that really showed off her tits. John couldn't help but notice that Brad had been staring her down too, and the two of them were talking a lot.

Later on when the numbers dwindled, the party mellowed out and everyone was chilling in the back yard around a fire pit. Rebecca was sitting between him and Brad but it seemed to John that she was inching closer to Brad as the night wore on. John tried not to let it bother him too much, telling himself that they're just good friends who haven't seen each other in a while and wanted to catch up.

Eventually both the fire and the party burned out and everyone either went home or found a place in the house to pass out. John and Rebecca found an empty futon and laid down together. Now John's heart really started to beat. This was his chance he felt. They were both pretty drunk, at a big college party away from home and laying together on the same futon. Rebecca was in her usual position with her back to John, but John snuggled up real close to her and started to stroke her arm. He kept it up for a while and then moved his hand down her body to her legs. She had shed her jeans for a little pair of booty shorts that she liked to sleep in. He skin felt so soft and good under John's hand that he couldn't help but get hard. Rebecca had to have felt him, but she didn't acknowledge it if she did.

Feeling drunk, bold and REALLY horny, John decided that the time to go for it was now or never. He slid his hand up her body and cupped a breast while at the same time he started to lightly kiss her neck. Rebecca's response was a kick in the gut to John. She moved his and away and simply whispered "John, no. I don't want that." John responded "Come on, let's just make out a little at least" but Rebecca was adamant. She told him she would leave if he didn't stop. John's heart felt like it had been ripped out, but he would have felt worse if she left, so he just wrapped an arm around her and waited for sleep to come.

Sometime later, John woke up in the dark needing to pee. He noticed that Rebecca was gone. He wondered if he had really upset her enough to make her leave. He got up to head to the bathroom and passed Brad's bedroom on the way. As he walked by his door he thought he heard some soft whispering coming from the room. In the back of his mind he already knew what it was, but something made him look. The door was cracked open just a bit so he went to the door to peek in. What he saw made his heart drop into his stomach and made him feel like his whole world had come crashing down.

Rebecca had snuck off and right into Brad's bed. The whispering he heard stopped when he saw them start to kiss. There was just enough light coming through the window that he could make out what was happening, but it was dark enough in the hall just outside the door that he couldn't be seen. For whatever reason, he cracked the open just a tad more so he could get a better view. As much as his heart was breaking, he couldn't tear his eyes away. The girl he loved more than anything on earth was right in front of him, in another mans bed and he couldn't look away.

As their kissing got more passionate, John watched as Brad's hands moved up Rebecca's body to grab her perfect tits. The same tits that John wanted to see so very badly. Rebecca rolled on top of Brad straddling his body with her smooth sexy legs. As she did, Brad grabbed her little tank top and pulled it up over her head. John could see she was wearing a lacy pink bra that looked amazing on her. Before he could admire the way it supported her large, firm tits she had flung it off. John saw her bear breasts for the first time ever, but it was Brad she was showing them to. She had bigger nipples than John expected, but they were puffy and John thought they were perfect.

Brad pulled Rebecca down and took one of her nipples into his mouth. Rebecca grabbed Brad's head and pulled it toward her. She then reached down and pulled his shirt off. Rebecca then began to slowly kiss him all over chest and moving down to his stomach. The pain John felt in his chest got worse the lower her kisses got.

Almost mercifully, before she got too low Brad rolled her off and onto her back. Brad started to return Rebecca's soft kisses. Starting slowly on her breasts, pausing occasionally to suck on a nipple. He moved down her body to her stomach and onwards to her pussy. He planted kisses on her sexy little shorts, teasing her just a bit before he slid her shorts off, exposing her bare pussy. John had dreamed about that pussy half a hundred times at least. In his dreams she had just the slightest hint on natural blonde hair above her her tight pink pussy. He would suck her clit, slide his tongue up inside her and enjoy how she moaned and squirmed with pleasure. But now he was sitting in a dark hallway, watching another man pleasure the pussy he had so often dreamed about. He couldn't see her pussy well enough to tell if she did have that hint of hair, but he told himself she did.

The moaning and squirming part did come true. Rebecca had wrapped her soft legs around Brad and her hips were arching up and and down as she drove her pussy into Brad's pleasuring tongue. They were trying to be quiet, but even so Rebecca couldn't help but let out the occasional moan of pleasure. Every gasp and cry felt life a knife twisting in John's heart until finally Rebecca grabbed Brad's head and shuddered with an orgasm. John had wished more than anything to be able to make her orgasm like that.

Without skipping a beat, Brad moved Rebecca so her head was supported by a couple pillows. He slipped his gym shorts off revealing his cock at last. Brad was rock hard and, even as a straight guy, John couldn't help but admire his manhood. It wasn't freakishly huge or anything, maybe about 7" long and of an average girth (John was actually sure that he was thicker, if not quite as long) but on Brad's skinny body it jutted out like a battering ram. His balls were low hanging and dangled off his cock like two huge grapes.

Brad positioned himself in front of Rebecca's face straddling her body. Rebecca reached up and took two handfuls of his ass as she pulled his cock towards her waiting mouth. She started slow, at first just sucking on the tip. Slowly but surely Brad leaned every inch into her mouth. At this point, John was stiff as a board, his cock straining against his shorts. He had laid with Rebecca so many times, just wishing that he could fill her mouth with his cock. To experience how soft her mouth was and good it would feel to have her tongue run up and down his shaft. Instead, he sat paralyzed in a hallway as his friend thrust in and out of Rebecca's mouth.

While Rebecca pleasured him, Brad reached behind him and slid a finger up Rebecca's wet pussy. He must have known what he was doing because quick enough she was bucking against his fingers. She seemed to lose the ability to focus on sucking his cock and he brought her to another moaning orgasm.

While Rebecca caught her breath, Brad opened a drawer in the nightstand and produced a condom from within. The sight of a condom hit John like a freight train. He had been so caught up watching Rebecca that it really hadn't occurred to him what was inevitable. Brad was going to fuck Rebecca, the girl he loved more than anything, and he was going to watch it happen. The memories of all the nights Rebecca had slept in his bed, an arms length away while his balls turned blue came flooding into his mind. As Brad rolled the condom onto his stiff cock John could only wish and dream, like always, that it was him getting ready to make love to Rebecca.

John kept Rebecca on her back and he positioned himself between her legs and aimed his cock at her warm, wet pussy. Brad then put her legs up onto his shoulders giving John a prefect view of his cock as it slid into the hole that he had dreamed about. Every inch that slid in was like a sword being shoved into John's gut. Rebecca moaned softly as all seven inches of his cock filled her pussy. When his balls were touching her ass, he slid back out and slapped her clit with the head of his cock. Rebecca grabbed his cock, slid it into her pussy and John heard her whisper "fuck me".

Brad was happy to oblige and he started thrusting in and out of her cunt. Rebecca moaned with pleasure as she wrapped her arms around Brad. John could hear his balls slapping against her as his cock plunged in and out, in and out. After a bit, Brad pulled out and rolled over onto his back, his legs hanging off the side of the bed.

He pulled Rebecca on top of him, and slid his cock right back up her pussy. Now Rebecca's back was to John, but he had a prefect view of her sliding up and down Brad's erection. She had put her feet up on Brad's thighs while she was fucking him and John found it to be a wonderfully sexy sight. He gave her foot massages a lot and always though that she had such sexy feet. He had always wanted to be able to suck her toes and grab her feet while he fucked her, but now he watched her sexy little feet while she bounced up and down on Brad's cock.

John could see Brad reach up and grab a fistful of Rebecca's bouncing tits and he continued to fuck her. Rebecca threw her head back moaning with pleasure as Brad's rhythmic strokes brought her to yet another orgasm. John would have never believed Rebecca was such a sex kitten, but she was riding Brad like a porn star now. He heard her tell Brad "Fuck me harder!" and Brad started to really pound her. John didn't think they cared about being loud anymore because they sound of Brad slamming into Rebecca could have woken a sleeping bear. The constant "smack" "smack" "smack" tore through John, but he was still rock hard.

Finally, Brad stood up and positioned Rebecca just on the edge of the bed so he could continue fucking her while standing. He pounded her for another five minutes or so before John heard him groan and thrust himself as deep into Rebecca's pussy as he could. Rebecca let a little squeal slip as Brad filled his condom with cum and collapsed on top of her. Brad kept his cock inside of her while they kissed softly, catching their breath from the fuck session. At this point John couldn't stand it anymore and snuk into the bathroom and furiously beat his cock. It only took a minute for him to cum, with one of the most emotionally confusing orgasms of his life. He was absolutely devastated. He felt like his heart had been ripped out of his cheat and eaten but was also as turned on as he had ever been in his life.

After he cleaned himself up and quietly walked back to the futon he pretended to be asleep. Rebecca came after a few minutes and slid onto the futon next to him. John rolled over and asked if she was okay. "Yeah, just had to use the bathroom real quick" she responded. John had no idea what to say or what to do so he just said "Okay" and tried to let sleep take him.

The next morning the three of them went out for breakfast. Brad and Rebecca acting like nothing happened, and John being so emotionally torn made for an awkward meal. After they ate they said their goodbyes and John and Rebecca got in the car to drive home. They chatted like normal and John tried to stay cool. Half way home John looked over at Rebecca and found that he saw her completely differently now. He had always seen nothing but perfection in her. An innocence. Now all he could see was Brad's cock sliding into her. It was on that car ride home that John realized that he no longer had feelings for Rebecca. It was as if a switch had been flipped and suddenly she was nothing special to him. After he dropped off the girl he had loved more than anything for almost 4 years he wondered what it would be like to wake up tomorrow morning without her being his first thought.

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