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Just Friends


This story, as is all stories, isn't written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you're welcome, if not, thank you for visiting.


We were having dinner. Cora and Mack were over. They lived about a half hour away. Known them for years. All four of us are between thirty-nine and forty-two. Married, healthy, fairly slim. We go to the gym and play softball, etc. Normally active. I'm Paul. Kate and I have been swapping dinners with them for years. We raised our kids together kind of. Helps a lot.

We've been friends for so long we have some fairly good conversations and this one was about normal. Always a streak of low key sex talk. Did you let the kids in the bedroom when you had sex when they were young? Sure did, nothing else to do. Had to keep an eye on them. They just ignored us, etc.

So Cora says, "I want to have more orgasms. You know, by myself. But I can't seem to get the job done."

Sex talk was usually light hearted and social but this one seemed more private. We hadn't gone to that level in the past so Mack, Kate, and I just twisted our eyeballs at each other and smiled. Cora was picking at her plate and didn't notice us. Mack says, "Paul can probably give you some pointers. I think it's something to do with technique."

Cora smiles widely looking at me and says, "Great. What do you think Paul?"

Kate speaks right up and says, "Oh, he's great at that. You don't need actual sex with Paul. It's technique. Tell her Paul."

They hemmed me in. It was either man up or be a wimp. I said, "Cora, I'm going to insult your independence. I have to ask your stud muffin a question. Don't let it bother you. It's a man thing. It keeps us from killing each other." I looked at Mack and said, "Mack. Would it be ok if I talked adult to your wife? It may be erotic and personal. Stop me at any time." Now the ball was in his court.

He was stuck. If he didn't go along he was the wimp. "Oh sure," he says. It's just adult stuff." Dumb recovery but I let it go.

I turned back to Cora. "There are two true ways. One is to find a very nice tongue to use. That will be very expensive considering the cost of the divorce and property split. The second is to use clit vibrators. Kate can tell you all about them."

Kate throws it right back, "Didn't you just buy two new ones? Cora, he set up mine and showed me what they were so he can do that for you." That satisfied everybody and we continued dinner. Now I was stuck.

I turned to Cora. "So, let me ask you, how long do you have to wait between orgasms? And also, do you scream or go silent when you have one?"

She spaced out just looking at me. She said, "I guess about 20 minutes or half an hour. Uh, well, uh, I guess I do get vocal sometimes."

"Ahhhhhh," I said, "Just wondered. Do you like oral?"

Kate spoke up, "Well, let's go to the family room. I'll do dishes later."

Off to the family room we went, taking the wine and our glasses. We got settled and Mack spoke up. "Oh, don't you guys forget the vibrators." Then Kate joined right in. "Yes, why don't you go get them Paul. Don't forget the batteries." Kate and Mack were smiling at each other. They were going to follow through with this until the bitter end.

I got up and went to the bedroom. We had a new silver bullet clit vibrator and a very soft rubbery vibrator about 5 inches long and about one and a quarter inch across. Not that big, just for play. Good for the clit too. We had a new small tube of water based lube so I slipped that in my pocket in case she wanted it, and some batteries. Back to the family room.

The family room was about medium lit, fairly good size with two really soft and big sofas. Some nice comfortable lounge chairs and lots of small tables. Big center rug, oval type. Nice low music playing, not interfering in conversation. Our spouses, Mack and Kate, were sitting in lounge chairs and Cora was on one end of a Sofa. I think our spouses had a plan but I don't thank Cora suspected anything. Like Kate, she was a very sexy lady.

I got back and handed both vibrators, still sealed, to Cora and sat down next to her. She took them, fascinated, while the spouses stretched to get a look. These were instruments of great pleasure for a woman's private parts and they were held in great reverence, by men and women. Cora held them like they were gold. I'm pretty sure I heard her once say she had never had one or held one.

Kate brought over a pair of scissors to cut the plastic and I did. I got the batteries from my pocket and took each vibrator in turn and showed Cora how to put them in. Smiling, she did and gave them back to me. She said, "Now what?"

I looked at Mack to see if he was still ok with this and he shook his head in a resounding 'yes'. Kate was smiling and bouncing her eyebrows up and down. The game was on. Cora and I were the prize.

I said to Cora, "Let's use the silver bullet first." Pointing, I said, "You rotate that wheel. It will turn on very low. The higher you turn the wheel the faster and more intense the vibration. Keeping your lips together, slip just the tip of your tongue out and put the bullet right against it and turn it on. You can turn the wheel more or less to see what it does. It won't hurt at all."

Her tongue appeared between her lips and she pressed the bullet right in and holding the control she turned it with her finger. She immediately brightened her smile and her eyes got much brighter. This was a happy woman. She turned up the control and the sound of the small motor got a little louder but not much. She pulled the vibrator off her mouth and said, "WOW! That's really great."

Mack said, "You should try it on your clit. Paul can show you how."

Kate, ever helpful, said, "It won't work properly with your shorts on, they're too thick. And, if it's ok among us old married folks you should take off your pants too. That way Paul can see if it's applied correctly. Is that ok with you Mack?"

"I don't see why not and I'm sure Cora and Paul won't mind. It's what she wanted help for. Go ahead Cora, Paul can help."

Mack and Kate knew something. A couple of summers ago they were in the pool and Paul was reclined in a lowered lounge chair and Cora was sitting up in one, reading. The end of Cora's chair was pointed directly at Paul and her knees were up high and wide enough out so Paul could see right in. She had a long light skirt on and it was up and over her knees. Mack knew she had no pants on. Paul was reading something but looking right past. The sun was bright. The view had to be spectacular. Mack noticed it and whispered to Kate and they sneaked watching them for almost an hour before they got out of the pool.

Cora looked at everybody and started to slip off her shorts. She looked at Paul and said, "Ok?" Paul nodded 'yes' and she moved down. Kate appeared with a pillow and Cora slipped down move moving her legs on either side of Paul. When she got her shorts to her thighs she lifted her feet up high and let go. Paul got it and pulled them up and off and flipped them to the other end of the sofa.

Looking in Paul's eyes she hooked her pants and slipped them down to her thighs, the crotch holding tight and finally popping down. Legs high again Paul slipped her pants off and she returned her legs to either side of him with her knees up and wide. Paul remembered the look but this was much closer. She had on a short, light, loose sweater. About 5ft8 with Paul about 5ft9. Her stomach was kind of flatish, very nice thick tuff just above her clit. Beautiful folds and medium buns. He loved the way she lifted her hips pulling off her pants. She looked right at him and smiled when she did.

Paul's dick starting rising at dinner and was now at explosive level. Kate spoke up, "Paul honey, you're going to do yourself an injury with those tight pants on. Why don't you slip them off. Besides, if Cora's is off yours should be too. Goose and gander, you know." Paul didn't have any undershorts on.

Paul looked at Kate and Mack. Mack shook his head 'yes' several times. He wasn't going to miss this for the world. Paul placed his back against the back of the couch, levered his butt up and slipped his shorts off. His dick sprang right up and held there. He was thick from the bottom to about three-quarters of the way up and slimed down all the way to the tip. The head wasn't bulbous but pointed kind of. His foreskin was neatly down from the head and under the ridge.

Cora's clit was very close to Paul's dick. Just happen to work out that way. If he moved, his balls would tickle her all over. I doubt if he could bend his dick down without running into her clit. If he pulled back and bent it down it would go in her vagina when he sat up normally.

Paul took the vibrator and turned it on. Looking at Cora he said, "You keep the controls and turn it up or down as you like. Here we go."

With that he planted the silver bullet right on the side of her clit at the lower part of her hood. Cora took the control and turned it on and up about half way. Less than two or three seconds later she gave out a nice 'OH' and Paul moved it around the hood, once pressing it down around the head of her clit. She closed her eyes and with her mouth open started breathing a little heavier. It was a new experience. He slipped a hand down under her butt and put a finger right on her butt button and pressed, not too hard.

She turned the speed up more, about three-quarters now. She was thrusting from either the vibrator or Paul's finger. Mack and Kate were loving it. Paul was showing pre-cum already and Cora was getting wet. She turned it up all the way and the effect was noticeable. Paul kept moving it around. He didn't know the right place, only Cora knew that. She slipped under his hand and got the vibrator. He watched, mildly playing with his dick every now and then.

Another five minutes and Cora sat up as far as she could, let the controls go and grabbed his dick about half way down. She just held it and went with her orgasm. A strong whooshing sound from her throat and she gyrated her hips more, thrusting them up. Mack and Kate were watching her pulses reverberating through her hips. She slowly settled down and started to get her breath back.

Everybody was beaming. "Wow," Mack said. "That was something and it's just what she needed. Not as good as me but adequate. Give it a little while and try the other one. That should be even more erotic and we would love to see a second orgasm."

Paul couldn't wait. He moved around just a little and, holding his dick, pushed it towards her pussy. It dropped in and he pushed. Her knees were up and she felt it and pushed back. He was in her vagina about two or three inches. He couldn't go in further without moving. He swiveled his legs around and settled right down on her, elbows planted. Pushing he went all in. She wrapped her legs around his ass and they just froze, eyes on eyes. Her mouth was open. She didn't know what to do.

Mack and Kate were beaming. They did it. Kate got up and went over to Paul. "Paul," she said, "I think she wants you to fuck her. Go ahead and have a good time. Just ignore us. We'll be fine."

Paul subconsciously shook his head 'yes' and started a slow in and out fuck. Cora never missed a beat. Undulating her hips she picked up the rhythm and wrapped his neck going for his mouth. He was almost eight inches long and about seven and a quarter in thickness. They were a perfect fit. She could feel every single ripple of his thrusts. He was going very slow, seductively. No extra lube needed.

Mack and Kate just watched. It was very erotic watching your spouse having sex with someone else. They were pretty ramped up themselves. Another few minutes and the natural lube spread enough to generate a soft fucking sound along with the groin striking the groin. Both Cora and Kate were on the pill so nobody cared about pregnancy.

They fucked each other by rote with upwards of 20 years' experience. It was a seasoned display of body movement and sexual interplay. They both knew the beginning, middle, and end play. Foreplay during fucking was an acquired art and habit. They could easily engage in very erotic and intimate movements while discussing car repairs and never miss a beat. The slow massaging of clit and dick head was automatic, squeezing the vagina for one and plunging into the entrance and pressing fully in for the other. Playing with her nipples and she his buns and touching in the right places along with new sex was pulling their senses up and turning their minds off anything but orgasm. They kept at it for a good twenty five minutes.

He was getting stern with his thrusts and she wrapped her legs and pulled him in harder and faster. The rush of their bodies to somehow finally get there again became overwhelming and they pushed and jerked and grasped and moaned and hung on for the duration. The time right after orgasm became a serene drift until they finally acknowledged it with a silent, 'Oh wow'.

Kate and Mack were learning. Paul was making moves on Cora Mack hadn't seen before and Kate was learning from Cora. It would spread between all four in time.

Cora reached for some tissues and after applying she was off to redo herself. Paul slipped off to the second bath to do the same. Once back they were embarrassed and about to start a string of apologies when Kate and Mack gave them both hugs and complements and 'that had to be great fun' and 'wow, that was erotic, thanks'.

Kate and Mack insisted that they had to have dinner together somewhere every weekend for a month so nobody would think it was any more than good sex and quite ok. It was agreed that it was fine if they had sex whenever they felt like it as long as they didn't run off to Alaska. They did and they didn't.

Six weeks later a bridge went out and Mack was cut off from home, only a long detour late at night was possible. He called Paul and Paul told him where the house key was hidden and to just use the spare bedroom. Paul said he would leave a note on the refrigerator for Kate and that he would be out most of the night on a project for the state.

Mack got in and took a shower and went to bed. About one am the bathroom light came on and he could see in clearly, the bathroom being off the bedroom. Kate was necked as a Jay bird and getting in the shower. The overhead lights were bright and she was lit up and the bedclothes were very dark and he was hardly visible. He figured if he said anything she would have a heart attack. Pulling the sheets up he peeked over and watched. That girl knew how to take a shower and washed just about everywhere several times. Very nice breasts and very nice legs and very nice tuff and very nice waist and very nice neck and very nice, you know. She sure could get to every nick and cranny and she was very careful drying off. She seemed to dry around the tuff for quite a while, very vocal and a little animated.

She finished drying and turned off the lights and went down the hall. Mack listened to her footsteps and finally said, "Kate?" The footsteps stopped and nothing. He said, "Kate, its Mack."

A few moments of silence and he could almost see the outline of a head peeking around the door frame. She said, "Mack?"

"Yes," he said, "Sorry I didn't say something earlier. I thought I might give you a heart attack."

"You probably would have. Uh, what, why . . ."

"Oh. Didn't you see the note on the refrigerator? Paul said he would leave one. I couldn't get home. Bridge out."

"Could you turn on the bed side light? I haven't been to the kitchen yet. Did you see me . . ."

Mack turned on the light and said, "Oh, yes I did. It was way in the bathroom so I didn't see anything in detail, just general outline. I did enjoy it. Thank you."

"Well, I don't suppose there's any point trying to hide." And with that she came in and walked over the bed and sat on the side about at Mack's waist and pulled a leg up so she could look at him. He noticed. He moved his pillow a little and scooted over. She slipped on the mattress a little more. Mack slept nude and Kate was awash in skin, head to toe. Mack was over a little on his side but she could see the outline of a sexually excited male. It was nice and she appreciated the response to her nude body.

They looked at each other for a few moments and Kate said, "I guess you should see the whole package so you won't be wondering. She lay backwards beside him and put her left leg over his waist and put her other foot on the bed with her knee high. Very open. He took a deeper breath and looked at her through her legs. She was smiling very nicely. He did too.

She said, "You're welcome to explore. Try to be thorough. I think I would like that. She pulled the sheet down and pushed it further off his legs. His dick was up, between eight or nine inches and stuffed. What she really caught was his head. It was almost as thick as his dick. Paul's head was pointy and nice because it opened up her vagina as it went, smoothly. She wondered what this bulging thing would do. And that big ridge with the foreskin around it. That was a ring of pleasure if she ever saw one.

There had been teasing and kidding about them getting together. They just didn't seriously work at it. HIs dick was up more and then she felt his fingers on her inner thighs, moving down. He was looking at her face and between her legs, seeming to switch slowly, taking in her breasts and hips along the way. He was running fingers up her pussy folds to her tuff and back down. Stopping a lot at each station he worked her hood, clit, and folds expertly. Slowly moving down in and getting lube on his fingers he slowly got everything wet.

Mack always though the lube in a woman was thicker, more gel like further in and he worked one then two fingers in as far as he could and back out and spread it around. Occasionally he would coat his dick head and about half way down the shaft. He kept this up for a long time along with working her clit. She playfully worked his fingers with her hips, both smiling at each other, eyeball to eyeball. She had a hand around his dick down a ways and moved it up and back down smoothly, stretching the foreskin.

She almost turned over on her side and got her tongue on his dick but she changed her mind and got up and mounted his hips. Lifting up her butt she wrapped him with her vagina. The bulging head plowed in quietly and slowly and she sank all the way down and stayed there. She was tight around him and could feel almost every imperfection in the surface of his dick. Lifting up about an inch by squeezing her butt muscles and dropping back down was thrilling. The larger ridge was a new experience and erotic.

She easily moved into a position that gave her a steady, lengthy movement and set it up. Mack didn't move at first and slowly started a slow thrust and they matched. She bent slightly and let his large head clear her entrance before going down again. His dick head was causing a bow wave effect going all in. She wasn't used to that and it was exciting. She creamed a little more but neither noticed. She saw something in his eyes and twisted over on her back, holding on until he planted his hips firmly between her thighs.

Bodies moving to familiar positions, he plowed in slowly and picked up the same slow pace. One elbow was down giving him free reign with his other arm. He smoothed back her hair and kissed her eyebrows and cheeks. Running his fingers down around her ear he moved down to her breast and explored around and to the nipple, then the other. He wasn't looking in her eyes, he was following his fingers.

Mack moved his hand down her side and under her bun. He lifted it just slightly when his hips put his dick in and in and in and in. She watched and felt his movements with interest, enjoying the erotic moments. He played with her nipples in classic form and slowly slid down her body, pulling out his dick. He wound up at her clit.

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