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Just Good Friends


I suppose it is the nature of hot sunny weather to inflame the libido of both men and women, whether or not that is the case there were certainly some inflamed libidos on that day when several of us sat in Pete and Hannah's flat, hardly moving and perspiring gently.

As with many occasions in the past we remember the memorable parts, the lead up to those memorable parts sinks into the mire of lost memories.

Which is a high faluting way of saying I have no memory of what lead up to us sitting around doing nothing, us being Pete and Hannah, as already mentioned and Mandy, my other half, and myself.

Fill the next however long with soft sighs, muttered words and occasional slurps of wine. Until that is, Hannah declares that she is much too hot and would be a lot cooler without cloths. Well go on then mumbles Pete, take them off then.

There follows a long silence broken only by the palpable tension coming off Hannah who finally says that she would be a bit shy sitting there with no clothes on surrounded by dressed people.

Eventually Mandy stands up and hesitantly unfastens her skirt and staring intently at faces looking for a bad reaction slowly lowers it down over her hips.

There is a deathly hush in the room as she stands there slightly bent forward holding the top of her skirt round her knees. Her face the colour of a beetroot, shy, after all she is only about 18 years old.

I break the tension by quickly whipping my tee shirt off and with that gesture both Pete and Hannah start to undress until all four of us are naked as the day we were born and all sitting in as modest poses as we can manage while all looking slightly embarrassed and not speaking.

Hannah breaks the impasse, sighing, she leans back spreading her arms across the back of the sofa, parting her legs slightly and wriggling down in her seat.

With that, Mandy who is sitting on the floor with her knees up to her chest relaxes and stretches out on the floor while Pete and I unhuddle our selves and cease trying to hide those very obvious erections.

Hannah doesn't seem to be able to keep her eyes off my hard on, I can almost feel her eyes boring into it. Mandy comes across and sits on my lap whispering in my ear that it's her dick and she won't have anybody else looking at it, half laughing, half serious. Ah get off I tell her, you're much too hot and so saying I tip her to the floor and stand up. Hey Hannah, I say walking across the room, you want to have a look do you, and stand there with my legs inches from her knees.

Her eyes are like saucers as she stares at me and slowly her hand reaches out to grasp Pete's tool which is as engorged as mine. I can see from her eyes that though it is Pete's tool that she has in her hand, in her mind it is mine. The thought of that makes my erection so hard that it is almost vertical, almost touching my stomach and getting very wet.

Although Mandy seems happy with the nudity, she doesn't seem so happy with Hannah's blatant arousal at the sight of me so she comes and stands in front of me with her back pressed to me. Wrong move! I'm almost coming with her proximity and with my arms round her, stroking her belly and her tits I can tell she's not too far off either.

Mandy is obviously happy with people looking at her body but just as obviously not happy about people watching what she has in mind for next.

Shyly she asks Pete and Mandy if they mind if we use their bedroom and when they nod their approval she almost runs into it dragging me along.

Almost before we are out of the door Pete has Hannah bent over the back of the sofa and is about to enter her.

Quickly we throw all the covers to the floor and then mock wrestle until I let her win and I'm lying on my back. Next thing I know she's squatting over my face, looking toward my feet and grasping my cock in her tiny hand. She's a bit out of reach, not sitting on my face, but by craning my neck I can get my mouth to the parts that count.

And so it continues, her giving long slow strokes to my shaft, closely followed by not so tight but rapid strokes, so light that I can barely feel her. Me flicking her clit with my tongue and tasting the faint taste (almost an aroma rather than a taste) of piss on her otherwise moist but almost tasteless bits.

As she works me toward my climax her hand wanders to her clitoris and we come almost in time with each other, each spurred on by the others crisis.

She lies down on my belly, head still toward my feet then jumps and laughs as she realises that come is dripping off the ceiling and landing on her back. She teases me that I will have to repaint the ceiling, only in a more conventional fashion, then she moves to sit cross legged on the bed beside me where we idly chat in a post sex sort of manner and gently play with each other, me stroking her little breasts and her twirling my now flaccid and shrivelled cock with her finger while laughing that she bet Hannah would not be so impressed with that tiny thing.

There is a tap on the door and it opens slightly, enough for Hannah to enquire if we are done and can she come in and get some clean cloths as she has just had a bath and doesn't fancy putting her other clothes back on.

We told her OK and she came in, totally naked to see Mandy and I in the same condition spread out across her bed. With a sly smile she turned her back and started sorting through drawers. Hannah was nearly as tall as me and I was near on six feet, with long curly red hair she wasn't conventionally beautiful but she was stunning, especially naked! Probably the best way of describing her was "statuesque". A sort of white Grace Jones.

With her back still toward us she pulled on a long tee shirt, modest enough for anybody standing and looking at her but from where I was looking all it did was draw attention to her pubes. "Decent" she turned round clutching a pair of panties in her hand and wandered over to the bed to talk to us.

We chatted about this and that, probably a few innuendoes thrown around but I was aware that her eyes were fixed on my poor withered todger whichever one of us she was talking to. Gradually, my poor withered little todger began to enjoy the attention and slowly began to grow again, not huge and hard, but definitely no longer to be described as tiny, or poor.

Gradually Mandy became aware of what was causing Hannah's eyes to grow bigger and her tongue to work at her lips. With a grin Mandy decided to spoil Hannah's fun and grasped my shaft, first in one hand but then realising that still left plenty for Hannah to look at, both.

When my rapidly hardening cock refused to be hidden by her hands she looked thoughtful for a minute but then swung her leg across me so that she was straddling me and hiding my penis. Only not quite, she realised that Hannah could still see the tip poking out from between her thighs so she slid forward to cover this, but then realised as Hannah moved her head to look behind her that she could now see the base.

There followed a few mad giggly moments as Mandy slid backwards and forward on my cock trying to hide it from Hannah and having the side effect of making me good and hard again.

Frustrated at first, Mandy sat there with a quizzical look on her face but then her face lit up as she realised what she had to do and did it! Lifting her body slightly she moved forward until she felt the tip of my cock against her labia then rising herself up until I was lined up with her hole and slipping her hand between her legs to hold herself open, drove firmly down on to my cock until she was again sitting on me with me hidden completely inside her.

Hannah looked, or pretended to look disappointed that the show was over, so grinning, Mandy rose her self slowly revealing my rod and when she decided that Hannah had seen enough, slid quickly back down it.

Soon I decided that this was a bit much for me and it was time to take control. I sat forward and taking Mandy by the waist set up a good firm rhythm. When she had picked upon it and decided that was more fun than teasing Hannah I relaxed back on the bed and let my arms fall to the side of me, crucifix style.

Oh it was good watching Mandy, who was as small as Hannah was tall, who struggled to fill a 32A bra with her perfect little breasts, with a rapt look on her face rocking herself on my cock almost as if her life depended on it. Her eyes were tightly closed, all thoughts of Hannah out of her mind now.

One arm waving free of the bed brushed against Hannah's thigh and then feeling no movement away rested there for a moment or two. Gradually my hand circled her thigh and she responded by pushing against my hand and moving so that I was not as stretched. Slowly I worked my hand up her thigh until I could feel the cleft of her bottom and my fingers on that most sacred of places. She still did nothing to discourage me, indeed I swear she parted her legs to give me access.

As Mandy drove me on to heights of passion so my hand, almost of its own volition sought out Hannah's secret place and my thumb slipped easily inside her.

As she bore down on my thumb, moaning quietly, so Mandy bore down on my cock and it soon became all too much for me. As I came, Mandy came, and I swear Hannah came too, though I wasn't actually paying her too much attention at the time.

Eventually Hannah and I became lovers rather than just play mates, having full sex frequently. Sometimes this was with the knowledge of Pete and Mandy, sometimes without.

But that another story, or stories, for another day.

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