tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJust Good Neighbors Ch. 03

Just Good Neighbors Ch. 03


"So, I'm not wearing panties." Rachel said casually as we stood there in front of the high school.

She had just sent her daughters off on a school bus to the local zoo. One of our school groups was hosting a "Parent Day Out" at the school and they'd just loaded everyone on the bus to the zoo. I'd come up earlier to check my mail and pick up a textbook. When I came out, I'd been trapped in by the buses.

Now that everyone was gone, the school was deserted again except for the few office staff members and custodians.

She was wearing a short denim skirt, sandals, and a polo shirt. She looked great.

"Do what?" I asked, unsure of what I had just heard.

Rachel had her arms crossed which of course just pushed her breasts together and upward. She casually leaned over a bit toward me and repeated, "I'm not wearing panties."

That's isn't the usual type of conversation I have while on the school grounds, so I know I looked dumbfounded when I turned to look at her.

She smiled and said, "I'm not wearing panties. You know, no undies? If I was to pull this skirt up you'd see my bare ass and freshly shaved pussy."

I got over the shock enough to say, "Well, let's not do that. I believe you."

She smiled over at me and replied, "I could prove it to you if you'd like. Where is your classroom?"

Now keep in mind, to anyone driving down the road, we're just two adults standing on the sidewalk talking. No one has any idea of what we're discussing.

"Why do you want to know where my classroom is?" I said with a nervous smile.

"I really think you need proof that I'm not lying to you," she said. "So show me where your classroom is. There's no one at the school now, right?"

"No, no kids are allowed during summer hours. There's just the office staff and maybe a few custodians," I replied. "My room is upstairs away from everything anyway. Nothing to be excited about."

"Show me," she said with a smile. "I'll provide the excitement."


I opened the door of the school and we went inside.

I gestured toward the stairs and we started up. Being the polite gentleman, I let her walk ahead of me. Of course, if you've ever been behind a woman in a short skirt going upstairs, you will know that I enjoyed the view. In short order, I had my key out and was fitting it into the door lock.

"It's not much to see," I began as I opened the door and turned on the light. "It's just a regular old classroom."

Rachel entered behind me and scoped out the room. She turned and closed the door. My room has a solid door but with a side window. We have to keep the blinds open, but Rachel pulled them shut and flipped the deadbolt.

"This will do nicely," she said and began to pull up her skirt.

"Whoa! Shit!" I yelled. "Rachel, what the hell?"

"Hush!" she replied calmly. "It's just so you'll believe me. Calm down."

I won't bore you with the rant I delivered on how dangerous of a situation she was putting me in. Work. Job. Career. She just kept shushing me the whole time and in a minute I was looking at her bare pussy and ass as she held the denim skirt up and turned around a few times.

I was hard and stiff immediately.

She pulled her skirt back down and said, "Satisfied?"

"Are you?" I countered back. "Can we go now?"

"No, not yet," she replied and walked to the far corner of the room. "I have one last thing to do."

I stood there, nervous and worried watching Rachel over on the far side of my classroom as she took all of her clothes off.

Soon she was completely naked and I was sporting one big hard-on. She walked over to me, her bare feet sliding along on the carpet, breasts jiggling a bit. She came up to me and leaned forward until our bodies were separated by just a few inches.

Then she reached over and grabbed her shoulder bag. She started pulling clothing from the bag. A few minutes later she was dressed totally. Totally inappropriate, that is.

She was now dressed as the stereotypical sexy school girl. She had the short gray plaid skirt, little socks, and a white dress shirt tied underneath her breasts. If someone had caught us in the room right then, she might as well have been naked. The sweet Mom from next door was now Britney Spears.

"Look, this is for a dare someone posted on my blog. I needed a classroom and you...well, you know all about me and this is safe," she said calmly. She pointed out the camera she had removed from the bag. "Just take some pictures for me and we'll be done really fast."

"We need to make this quick!" I warned her.

She began prancing around the room, modeling and posing sitting in and on my classroom desks. I began rapidly taking pictures, hoping the sound of the camera motor wasn't being heard in the hall.

"Try not to get my face," she asked. "Keep most of the pictures from the backside, or let me get my hair to fall in front of my face."

I had taken pictures for a few minutes. I finally stopped and asked, "Okay, are we done now?"

"Not yet," she said in a teasing voice. "I'm going to need your hard cock for the next ones."

She came to me and dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached up and started undoing my pants.

"Take the pictures," she reminded me. "Just hold the camera at an angle where you can't really see who I am."

Seconds later she was holding my hard cock in her hand. I was throbbing and each time I flexed my cock she would squeeze it.

I focused on my cock in her hand and took the picture. She stuck her tongue out to touch the tip of my cock and I took the picture. Then she shrugged out of her top and rubbed the head of my cock against her breasts and nipples while I snapped away with the camera.

She stood up and bent over one of my student desks. She turned back to me and said, "Put your cock on my skirt."

I pressed my cock up against her ass and took a picture. Then she flipped her skirt up and exposed her ass.

"Again," she said. "Push your cock onto my ass."

I took the picture. "Okay, Rachel," I muttered. "This has got to end."

"Okay, but wait just a minute!" she said. She quickly turned around and grabbed her bag. She pulled out a small bottle of hand lotion and squirted in her hand. Then she took my cock into her hand and made it all slippery with the lotion.

She bent back over the desk and flipped her skirt up again. "Fuck my ass cheeks! I want a pic of your cum on my ass and skirt."

I lined up behind her and inserted my stiff cock into the channel of her ass cheeks and started grinding back and forth. It didn't take long. She had been teasing me and driving my crazy. It was all I could do not to just ease back a bit and slam my cock into her pussy. After a minute or two of thrusting against her ass, I was shooting my cum out.

"Oh, yeah," she moaned as she felt my hot cum landing on her bare ass. "Please take a picture of that cum!"

"Hold on," I mumbled. "I'm still coming!" I pushed back and forth a few times, the last one I pushed hard against her ass, pushing forward on the tips of my toes. That last few spurts ended up on her skirt. Dutifully, I took pictures of my cum on her ass and skirt.

"There, " I finally told her. "We're done."

Rachel stood up holding the skirt, and turned around. "Wait," she pleaded. "I just have a few more and then we're done."

She carefully undid the skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then she pulled open her white shirt, exposing her tits. Reaching around behind her, she scooped up the cum from her ass.

She backed up to a student desk, and squirmed up onto it. Then she spread her legs wide and used her free hand to play with her pussy.

"See how wet I am?" she asked as she fingered herself and opened her lips wide. Then she surprised me by taking the cum in her other hand and wiping it onto and into her pussy.

"Take the picture," she said. "As far as anyone other than you and I know, I just got fucked in a classroom."

I took the picture and then put the camera down. I stepped forward, my once again erect cock pointing the way.

"Let's not make this a lie, Rachel." I told her. "Right now, you're naked and spread wide on a desk. You are about to get fucked in a classroom."

I took my hard cock in my hand and guided it toward her steaming pussy. I felt the heat coming from her as I got close. I used the head of my cock to nudge forward into her pussy lips. I moved my cock up and down, sliding in between her pussy lips. I pushed it hard against her clit.

"Do it, " she urged. "Fuck me right here."

I stepped back. "Nope," I told her. "We aren't going there, remember?"

She stuck her tongue out at me and then said, "Well, is it okay if I cum, too?"

"Go right ahead, " I told her.

She sat up on the desk and reached over and started fingering herself. The combination of her being so excited and wet and the fact that she had just smeared my cum all over her pussy had her on the edge.

She soon hunched herself forward and her legs and body tensed all up. She looked me right In the eyes and grunted, "I'm...coming!"

I took pictures.

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