tagIncest/TabooJust Had to Ask

Just Had to Ask


I remember looking at the ticket. It was one of those moments that changed my life forever but it didn't feel like that. There had to be something wrong. I didn't really win, I told myself. There had to be some sort of mistake. I hadn't even bought the ticket, it was a gift and I told my sister that is was a dumb gift when she gave it to me.

I looked that the numbers and wondered if there were any rules that would disqualify me. You just knew that was how it would go. I would get my hopes up and then when I went to claim the money there would be some loophole preventing me from actually getting the money. I checked the lottery website and the number on the ticket and the little fine print serial number on the ticket both checked out. The site asked me if I had won and wanted me to input my name and address.

I was not stupid enough to just do that.

I took a long lunch on Monday and tried to get into a lawyer's office to ask about my legal options. I was initially turned away by the receptionist but as I turned around another lady called from her office saying she had time so I went in and sat down. She was young and I would later learn that she was only in her second year of practicing law after finishing law school. She was hungry for all the clients she could get.

I showed her the ticket and explained that I really didn't want to be famous for winning. We agreed on a fee and the fact that I'd only pay her if I actually got lottery winnings and she said she'd handle it. I went back to work and tried to not think about it.

Before I was finished for the day my lawyer called me and in a hushed voice said that everything was legit. I wasn't going to get the full 900 million that was advertised but I was going to get a lot, about 70%. Taxes suck but at least they didn't take it all. My lawyer had tried to shield me from what she could but there was no stopping that initial 30% cut for the government.

Even with my lawyer telling me I'd won and was soon to get the money, I still just could not believe it. Two days later my lawyer brought me to a bank and we set up the transfer. There were a bunch of legal reasons for doing things a certain way. Not all the money went into one account, we spread it out among many different kinds of accounts. I signed so many forms I thought I was buying a house all over again.

The account I had the most immediate and easiest access to had $4 Million in it. I looked at my bank card and thought that I really did not want to lose that thing.

For the rest of the week I did nothing. I didn't tell anyone that I was rich and I didn't really spend any money besides taking my lawyer out to dinner. We had a fun time and she was not only attractive but intelligent and energetic.

Anyway, I already had everything I really wanted. I had a nice car, I had a boat, I had a nice house. I supposed I could try to buy a sports team but it isn't like those things are just up for sale. I did buy my sister a nice gold bracelet with a huge lab grown diamond. It was the latest thing nowadays to be scared to death of mined diamonds like they were the worst thing on earth next to gluten. The brochure at the shop even mentioned that mined diamonds might have toxins in them from way beneath the Earth's crust that would make you sick. I thought it was typical overreacting and scaremongering but the jewelry wasn't for me so I got what I knew my sister would want.

My sister asked what it was for and I told her it was an example of a good gift. I wasn't even ready to tell her yet. She might not have believed me. The bracelet looked good on her. It was easily the most expensive thing to wear she owned.

On Friday I was bored out of my mind. I had sort of adjusted to the idea that I had all this money in the bank but I'm the kind of person who likes to see numbers go up not down. Since the numbers had sort of gone down recently I wanted to get them back to where they were. Sure, I had millions where that came from but it hadn't really sunk in yet. I just didn't feel rich. Maybe that would change after I started seeing interest and dividends coming in as income. I wondered how much I'd really make just letting the money sit in the bank.

I started formulating a plan to maybe open my own business. If it went well then that would be a nice way to get the numbers to go up but if it didn't then I'd lose a lot. One big problem was that I didn't know how to run a business. Maybe I could buy an already existing business and just rely on a manager to run the place. That was essentially how this place ran. The owner would pop in every now and then just to tell us we were doing well and maybe make demands like changing the posters we had up. I almost never had to deal with her but she was a headache for the managers when she did come by.

I looked at my calendar. I needed a vacation. I hadn't really been thinking about it before but now I really wanted to just get a week off and go travel someplace. Maybe I could get a passport and go visit another country. That would be nice. I had the days saved up. I picked a week I didn't think anything would be going on and I applied for off time.

It didn't take even twenty minutes and my boss found me while I was working on something and she handed the slip back to me without even saying anything. My request was denied and no reason was given.

I shouldn't have been surprised. Managers would almost always say no to anything the first time you asked for it.

For example:

"This checklist has boxes on it that we don't use anymore. Can I go into the computer, open the file, and get rid of them?"


Then when they weren't looking I'd just go into the file and do it anyway and nobody would notice. Or if they did notice they would say good job. There was very much an attitude here that you just had to take initiative and do things. But I couldn't just not show up for work.

She was going to make me ask again and we'd have to sit down and have a conversation about it. Then, instead of a week I'd get like three days but not together. I'd have two days here and then I'd have to work and then I'd have one more day off. Then I wouldn't be allowed to ask for more days off for like six months.

Then the question popped into my head. Why did I still work there? I had more than a half billion dollars in the bank. I could buy the company if I wanted to. The owner would be coming by later anyway. I'll just ask her how much she wants for the company. Even if I overpaid it wouldn't matter. I'd have a guaranteed job for life and I could take a vacation whenever I damn well pleased.

I knew real owners and CEOs didn't do that. They worked more hours than anyone or their companies were doomed to fail.

Ah! Thinking about money was hurting my head. I had always been a very frugal person. I always saved more than I spent and I was on target to retire with more than a million dollars in the bank. That would have been a good 38 years down the road but my plan was sound and so far it was working. Then this happened. I felt like I had cheated.

It felt like when you play a video game that is really hard at the beginning but instead of having a nice slow progression; level 5 feels more like level 50 and everything in the game just becomes way too easy. Sure, that's what I eventually wanted to do with the character anyway but if I get it too fast then it just becomes boring. That's what I felt like with all this money. I was bored. There was no challenge to it anymore.

But I was not going to be one of these people who wins the lottery and then quits their job. I couldn't do that. Not after I'd mocked and ridiculed those kinds of people so often. But maybe I could get fired. That would be ok. Then it wouldn't be my choice. I could go find Jasmine and tell her that I wanted two weeks off starting Monday or I quit. But she'd just call my bluff and I'd have to quit in order to keep my word.

What if I did something that would make them fire me? The company had a zero tolerance policy for any sexual harassment. I could ask Jasmine out on a date. But that wasn't harassing enough. I could ask to see her tits. But then she'd probably call the police. Sure, I would likely not see the inside of a jail but I did not want the police getting called or being involved.

Or, instead of Jasmine I'd go after the owner. Even though she signed my checks I didn't know her name. Like I said, I almost never talked to her. I could make an unreasonable ultimatum of the owner and she'd fire me and the managers wouldn't even be involved. I doubted the owner would call the police. I wasn't sure but she didn't seem to be so knowledgeable about company rules. She seemed like a woman who would just handle her business herself without needing to call a man to come save her.

Or I could just quit. Or I could buy the company. Thinking about money was hurting my head again.

The owner came flying into the company. She literally walked around like she owned the place. I wondered if she just came by to give herself an ego boost. She never really contributed to any of the actual work we did there. She was a very attractive woman in her early or mid thirties. At least I thought she was. She might be older. I didn't know. Maybe I just thought she was younger because she looked so good. Or maybe I was thinking she might be older because you just automatically imagine that about a rich successful woman who owned several businesses.

The owner got three of the managers together. Yes, there were three managers. As for regular employees, it was just me and the college girl there that day but there were three managers over us.

Anyway, while the owner and the managers were in the office I let myself in. One of the manager saw me and put her finger up in the air to tell me I wasn't welcome but I didn't follow her advice. Eventually the owner stopped what she was saying and looked at me.


"I need to speak with you about something." I said, addressing the owner directly.

Jasmine tried to interrupt. "Josh, we'll talk about your ..."

"That's not what this is about." I looked directly at the owner. I looked at her eyes and tried really hard not to notice that she was letting a bit of cleavage show in her business suit on this hot day. "I need to speak with you. It can't wait. It's very important. And I need to speak with you in private."

All three managers looked at each other with worried faces.

"That's fine. Can you give me a few minutes and then we'll talk." the owner said.

I took a bow and left. Instead of going back to work I waited outside the office. It occurred to me that they really didn't need to many managers. On a day like today I could run this entire company by myself. What did the managers do that I couldn't do? Sure, we had the one manager who could speak French. So what? It wasn't like we had lines of French speaking customers waiting to come in the doors. If we did have a customer who didn't speak English, I could hire a translator.

This led me to thinking that I could just quit, go down the street, open my own business doing the exact same thing I did now but with no managers who just sat on their assess all day to pay I'd be a lot more profitable.

The owner's meeting with the managers ended and each one of them looked at me as they passed me. They didn't say anything but I suddenly realized they might have been trash talking about me to the owner as a way to deflect any criticism of them I might tell the owner about. That was fine. I didn't care. I was going to get fired anyway. Then I was going to enjoy some of my money. Then I was going to hire the college girl away from them, open my own place to compete with them and then put them out of business.

I didn't really want to do that, not exactly but if I could own my own job and my own income I was thinking that would be a lot better than having to beg for a day off. Or maybe I could do like what all those characters in movies do. I'll just open a restaurant.

The owner asked me to go into the office but I asked instead to speak with her in a side room. Sure, she was the owner and I worked for her but I was going to try to have complete control over the conversation. The owner didn't really have a reason for wanting to speak in the office so she agreed to speak in the other room. The room used to be used as an office but someone complained that they didn't like being in a room with no windows so it was turned into storage. But it wasn't convenient for that so now it was just an empty room save for a sofa that used to be in the lobby but was damaged and the managers hadn't figured out what they wanted to do with it.

After entering the room I closed the door. I realized that after I was fired the owner might call security to escort me out as a power play. The managers had done that before to a guy because they wanted to show him who was boss. It was so stupid. They weren't showing that guy anything and instead of making them look stronger it just made them look weaker in the eyes of ... me and the girl I worked with.

But I wasn't worried about security. I already had the layout of the building in my head. Down the hall, to the stairs, and then out the service door. My car was waiting.

I thought again that I should just quit. Why was I going to put on an act? Wasn't that dishonest? If I wanted to quit I should just quit.

"What did you want to talk with me about?" she asked.

"I have some demands."

"Then you should take them to the manager."

"No. I keep asking and they keep putting it off or saying they need to ask you but they never get back to me. No. I'm going to ask you and you're going to agree or I'll quit."

She sat down on the sofa and got out a pen and a notebook. She looked like she was prepared to start writing things down like we were going to negotiate. I had this one last moment. Two choices were in front of me. I couldn't just quit. I had already said I had demands. So, I could either demand something normal but that she would never agree to and then I would quit or I could do the other thing and let her fire me.

You know how there are times when you know you shouldn't do something but you just decide to do it anyway. You can almost imagine that there is some alternate universe where this other you made the decision you know all along you should have made but because of the multiple universe thing you just so happened to be the version of yourself that chose wrong. If that were true it would completely destroy free choice. But anyway. I decided to go with the getting fired plan.

"Number one." I said.

She put the pen to paper and was ready to write.

"You're going to give me a blow job."

She didn't write that down. She looked up at me. Her expression was hard to read. Was she going to scream? She seemed so calm. I'd almost say she had a poker face on.

She didn't ask me if I was serious. She didn't call me a pig. She didn't seemed shocked or disgusted. She looked back down at her notebook and then put it away. She looked back up at me as I stood in front of her. My hands were on my hips and I smiled from the feeling of actually going through with it.

"Does that door lock?" she asked.

"Yes." I answered.

"Do you mind locking it?"

"You go lock it." I countered.

She stood up and looked at me. I was no longer looking at her like she was the owner or my boss or my superior. I could probably buy her net worth. Sure, she had earned all her money and I was just some lucky asshole but it was true. In the moment, she was just a woman, like any other woman.

She went to the door and locked it.

"Alright. Let's see it." she said.

So far it had all been just words. But as the idea of actually pulling my dick out in front of her was now in the air I was getting a hard on. But could I actually do that? Why hadn't she just felt insulted and fired me? Was I really going to do this? Was she really going to suck my dick? I didn't even know her name.

"Come here and take it out." I said. I wanted to remain in control of the conversation.

She walked over to me and I think I saw something in her eyes. She was excited. She was getting turned on. At least, that's what I thought I saw. She stared at me in the eyes as she reached down and started getting me out of my jeans. She got my belt and then my pants lose and she reached in to get hold of my dick.

I tried to stay confident. She was actually handling my cock. We'd crossed some kind of line there. She moved in and kind of kissed me a bit but then she actually bit on my bottom lip and pulled it to her. She was going to turn aggressive on me but I wanted to stay in command.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked.

She didn't answer with her words. She pulled her skirt up so she could kneel before me and she started sucking my cock.

I've had a few blow jobs in my life. Most girls don't like giving them and when they do it's only a token before moving on to sex. That was not what was happening now.

This woman got my entire dick wet. Then she wrapped both her hands around the shaft as she sucked on the head. It was good. It was really good. I was not going to just be able to stand there while she did that. I moved over to the sofa and sat my naked ass down on it. I had to push my jeans down to my knees so the owner could keep sucking.

This was so good. I was so surprised this was even happening. This was not part of my plan. I never would have guessed she'd respond this way. I was going to cum. I didn't want to cum like this. I tried to hold it in.

The owner took a break from sucking but her hands kept going.

"Is that good?" she asked.

It was difficult to answer her. From the look on her face she liked the fact that in a way she had the upper hand.

"You're not finished." I said.

She gave me a sideways smile and then she started sucking again. Why had I said that? I was such an asshole. I never treated women this way. What had gotten into me? And worst of all ... wait. Um ... Wait.

I tensed my face up and I started to cum. Jet streams of my semen went into her mouth and like a porn star, she swallowed it. Or maybe not like a porn star. Don't porn stars always spit that stuff out? I didn't really know but she took all my cum and swallowed it. Then she kept sucking as if she was trying to milk my dick for every last bit of cum she could get out of it.

I took a deep breath and wondered what would happen next. I really didn't have a plan.

"Did you know," she said, "that eating cum is very good for the skin?"

"Really?" I had not known that but I'll certainly mention it to the next girl I want a blow job from.

"Now, I have a demand for you." she said.


She stood up in front of me and got out of her skirt. She turned away from me and bent over so I'd have a full view of her ass as she brought her panties down past her butt and her thighs. She turned to look at me and could tell that I liked what I was seeing. She sat down next to me and spread her legs.

"You are going to eat me out or you're fired." She said those words as if they were things she'd long wished to say but knew she never could because if she ever did she'd get sued.

I got myself into position. She grabbed my hair and forced my head down onto her privates. There hadn't been that many times in my life when I'd gotten the chance to eat pussy. I usually tried to avoid it if I could. I wasn't good at it.

She had a strong smell but it was a good one. She had so much pubic hair. Most girls I had licked in college used to shave their pussies or at least trim things. It didn't look like the owner of the company was interested in that.

It took some time. It took me more time to build her up than it had taken for her to get me off. I didn't know what else to do so I reached up to feel her tits through her blouse. She got the hint and then tried to get out of more of her clothes.

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