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Another week in San Jose, and my trip was stretching on longer than I had planned. Unfortunately, my product marketing team and I weren't able to get exactly the right people in exactly the right room this week, so I have to stay the weekend before trying again the following week.

I had called my wife, Mary, the day before to tell her I wouldn't be coming home that weekend after all. It was a shame. She always had something fun planned for when I came back from these trips, and I apologized up and down for being delayed. I really did feel bad even though the prospect of being on my own in San Francisco for the weekend wasn't the worst thing I could imagine. She assured me she totally understood about works and she was okay with it and I shouldn't worry. It would good for me to go up to San Francisco and have fun for the weekend. I probably would later, but that Friday night I was still kind of beat from days of arguing about marketing plans. She told me not to worry about her; she would be fine just hanging out with her friends.

So there I was sitting alone at a small table in some slightly swank Asian-fusion tapas gastropub. It was still early, a little after 6pm California time, so it was not crowded. But I was still half on New York time so that was that is after 9pm to me, and I just wanted to unwind over a quiet dinner. I had not been to this place before, but the menu looked interesting and the Yelp and FourSquare reviews were pretty good. That is really all I was looking for: something different, something new. I ordered a beer and a few small plates to start and got out my tablet to text my wife.

Me: Hey, babe. Finally done at work. Just having dinner now. What are you up to?

Mary: Hey. I'm just getting ready to go out. Nothing looks right. This is the third outfit I tried on. Sorry. No more complaining. How are you?

Me: All good. I'm just trying a new place. A gastropub near the hotel. I'm sure all your outfits look great. You're in them after all 😉

Trying on three different outfits? Mary is usually pretty casual and didn't usually worry too much about what she wore to hang out with friends at the pub.

A minute later she sent a picture of herself in the full length mirror in our bedroom. She was wearing a low cut red top with something black peeking out underneath and a tight black skirt hugging her hips. But my eyes went right to her incredible cleavage. Her breasts were amazing. They are always amazing, but after a week away I wish I could reach out and touch them. Squeeze them, run my tongue slowly around her nipples. My eyes traced along every curve of her body and savored how beautiful she was. Her face was partly hidden behind the phone in her left hand but I could see her lips are pursed like she was not quite sure.

Me: You look incredible, hon. I wish I were there but if I were, you might never get out the door.

Mary: Ha! Are you sure? I have another skirt I'm thinking about. It might be easier to dance in.

Me: So not O'Malley's tonight?

Mary: Not tonight. Sarah and Emily convinced me to go clubbing instead. The new place down 9th from Sarah's. Are you sure about this outfit?

Me: You look amazing. Have fun. 😘

I went back to my craft beer and kimchi dumplings but kept looking back to that picture. Mary looked incredible, and I wish I were going to that club with her. I imagined how sexy she would be moving with a pounding house beat, the way her hips shook and her ass bounced with the music. But I didn't want those thoughts to get the better of me while I was stuck here in a bar thousands of miles away.

I ordered another beer and some bulgogi sliders and switched my tablet to a magazine instead. I only flipped back to her picture once or twice.

Maybe an hour later another message popped up.

Mary: This place is crazy packed but the DJ is amazing. Everybody is on top of each other dancing. Em is already making out at the bar with some guy!

She followed with a blurry pic of the dance floor that she probably took by just holding her phone overhead. Then another from chest level of a group of people I didn't recognize. Her friend Emily was in the back grinding on skinny kid with floppy blonde hair like she liked. Then another of the same people but one of the other guys must have seen her taking the picture and smiled into the camera. Broad shoulders, short dark hair, a tight black t-shirt and jeans.

Mary: That guy has been eyeing me and moving over this way. I think he was here with Em's guy.

Me: Moving over like creepy?

Mary: Not creepy. Just wants to dance.

Me: Can't blame him. 😉

Mary sent another pic a minute later. It looked like she had danced over to where he had been. He was right in front of her dancing and sort of playfully mugging for the camera. He was young, maybe early twenties, and looked like he knew his way around the gym with muscular arms and six-pack abs.

I tried to switch back to my magazine but nothing seemed all that interesting. I paged through the beer menu for a fourth and fifth time. I checked Facebook and Twitter and scanned past forgettable memes and whiny updates. I just couldn't focus on any one thing. A while later:

Mary: Hey, baby. Waiting at the bar to get us drinks. I was dancing with that guy. He was just hanging back so I moved up closer and put my hand on his side and he put his hands around my waist and then sort of slid down to my ass. I didn't exactly stop him. Are you mad?

I paused for a second. Yeah, no. I wasn't mad.

Me: Not mad. Have fun. 😘

Mary: Really? You're the best. Miss you.

Mary: Hmm. How much fun should I have? 😉

Me: How ever much you want. Seriously.

My heart was beating hard and I kept looking back at the pictures my wife sent. I imagined her pressed up against him on the dance floor with his hands sliding down the curve of her hips to her ass. A few minutes later I get another message pop up.

Mary: Fixing my outfit...

And then a picture of her in the ladies room mirror. Her back is to the mirror and she is looking over her shoulder smiling. Her skirt is pulled up in back showing her bare heart-shaped ass. One thumb is hooked into her panties pulled down to mid thigh to show me that she was taking them off.

Then another: She is facing the mirror and holding up the front of her skirt showing her smooth shaven pussy. She is biting her lip and holding her hand with her fingers splayed in front of her chest, but I couldn't see what she was gesturing at. Her top was the same. Makeup. Hair. But then I realized she wasn't pointing at anything. She was showing me she didn't have her wedding ring on.

Mary: Cool?

Me: Very. ❤️😘

Mary: You're a freak and I love you for it. ❤️😍😘

Me: You too, baby. Just keep texting. 😍❤️😘😀

My cock was throbbing in my pants but I couldn't do anything about it while I was sitting there. I scrolled back to her first picture from when she was getting ready and notice Mary didn't have her wedding ring then either. Maybe she just hadn't put it on yet. And maybe she shaved her pussy the night before when she thought I'd be back. Maybe. But instead I imagined her shaving her pussy in the shower that evening, putting on a sexy skirt and top that show off her body, leaving her wedding ring at home, and going to a nightclub full of hot, horny guys looking to hook up.

In the next pic she was holding her camera behind the guy's back and looking over his shoulder while they danced pressed against each other. She was grabbing his ass and he had his hands around her back, no doubt doing the same. I imagined her bare pussy pressed against him with only the thin fabric of her skirt covering her, how he must have felt the heat of her on his body and how she could feel his cock growing hard as he grinds against her on that dark dance floor.

A minute later: She is pressed against him holding her camera out to the side. The first thing I see is the two of them making out, their tongues in each others mouths, her tits pressed against his chest, his hands grabbing her ass. Actually, he slid up the back of her skirt a bit and I can see his hand on bottom of her bare ass. I guess he liked her wardrobe change. These pictures are not exactly clandestine so he must know she's taking them, but I don't know if she told them they are going to her husband, boyfriend, hot roommate, or Instagram feed.

I flagged down the waitress and ordered another beer. I am going to be there a while. I didn't dare close my tablet and drive back to the hotel and risk missing a single thing.

Next: He and Mary are sitting on a bench in what looks like the back corner of the bar. They're making out again, but now they have at least a little privacy and can focus on each other. His hand is high on her thigh pushing up her skirt just enough that I can almost see the outline of her pussy.

Next: High angle shot. Both of Mary's firm, round tits are out. He is sucking on one nipple and rolling the other between his fingers. Mary's eyes are closed and her lips are parted slightly in what looks like a gasp. I can only imagine where his other hand is to make her look like that. In fact, I can't stop thinking about she let him put his hands.

I didn't know what I wanted more: to be there watching in person, to be there helping, or to just have the opportunity to take my cock out get some relief. I finished my beer and closed my tablet while I waited to order another. I didn't need the waitress seeing pictures of my dirty sexy slutty wife fooling around with some strange guy.

Maybe I shouldn't even worry about hiding it. Everyone in the club could see after all. Her friends had to see her making out with this hot guy and letting him grope her ass and probably finger her pussy right there on the dance floor. Mary and I were supposed to get together with Sarah and Emily next week, and while we were all ordering drinks and talking about whatever they would know the whole time that my wife had just been making out and grinding on this hot stud and letting him do who knows what else to her. And the back of the bar couldn't be all that private. I am sure everyone saw him playing with her tits and stroking her bare pussy. What did it matter if one more person saw? But I did not want to get thrown out of this bar for swiping through porn before I found out how far all this would go. At least I have my phone in my pocket to buzz if another message comes in.

When it does, I peek down and see another shot of Mary. He must be holding the camera. She is leaning forward with her hands in front of her but out of view. A second later the same scene but a better angle. She had unbuttoned his pants and taken his cock in her hands. She needed both hands for that thing. Long and thick and hard as a rock She has one hand wrapped around the base and the other stroking it just below the head. She is looking at this cock with her lips slightly parted like she is not sure what to do.

Mary: What do you think, baby? Do you want to see your cock hungry slut wife suck this? 😉

Me: You know I do.

Mary: It's huge. I don't know if I can take it all. But I'll try.

A few seconds later a picture of Mary bent over with just the head of his cock in her mouth. She will have to work her way down the shaft. Her tits are still out and hanging in front of her. She is pulling on her nipples like maybe she is going to wrap her tits around his cock.

Then another where she is squatting down with his cock in her mouth and her skirt hiked up to show her bare pussy. Her lips are spread open. He had to have been fingering her hungry pussy. I can see how wet she is from the attention and from the thrill of being a dirty slut wife. She is squeezing her tits in her hands and pinching her nipples. Best of all she is looking into the camera and smiling around the throbbing cock between her lips.

I wonder if she is going to finish him right then and there in the back of a nightclub. When no more pics came I imagined Mary squeezing his shaft between her tits and taking the head of his cock in her mouth while she rubbed them up and down his shaft. Licking and sucking until he fills her mouth with his cum. Or pulling out at the last second and letting him cum on her pretty face, cleaning up as best she can with cocktail napkins from the bar and going back out with little bits of her trophy still spattered on her chin and cheek.

The anticipation was killing me. I nursed my beer and looked at the clock. It was not even 11 PM here, but that means was nearly last call for them. I wondered what was going on there. I needed to hear something, even just to know she was still there. Finally:

Mary: 😘😘❤️

Me: Love you, baby

I couldn't focus on anything. Time was crawling one minute and racing past the next as I wait to hear from her. I tried to focus on the TV in the corner of this bar while I wondered what was happening in the corner of that one but it was useless. I kept replaying the same scenes in my head and looking back through the pictures of my wife grinding and making out and blowing this stranger in a bar.

Another message from Mary. A picture. She is in a different room, a bedroom instead of the bar. She is naked on a bed and on her hands and knees. Her smooth, wet pussy is towards the camera and she is looking back over her shoulder.

Mary: He took me to his place. Now he is going to take me. Hard. You want to see how much of a dirty slut your wife can be?

She must have given the camera back to him. The next shot was taken from behind her. The head of his cock was pressed up against the opening of her pussy, just about to push in. Mary was spreading her pussy open for him with her fingers, and I can see how soaked she is.

A minute later: The shaft is only half way in but it is glistening with her juices. He has been fucking my wife. His cock has already been buried in her soaking, cum hungry pussy.

And then another of his cock buried balls deep inside her. He is holding the camera with one hand and using the other to pull her hips. I imagine him fucking her pussy hard and deep the way she likes. Thrusting his hips against her and pounding that dirty pussy like it needs.

Minutes pass while I wait for more. I don't even pretend to do anything but stare at my tablet waiting eagerly to see what they are doing.

The next picture is of Mary on her back. Her knees are in the air and his cock is deep inside her. She is pinching and twisting her nipples with her eyes half closed. I imagined Mary moaning and screaming as he fucks her. Begging for that hard cock deep inside her, for him to empty his balls into her pussy. Telling him what dirty cum whore she is and how much she wants him to fill her up. I was grinding my teeth to resist the urge to reach down to my own cock.

Minutes pass like hours. Another pic. She is on her side. One leg is raised in the air and she is holding open her cum-filled pussy with one hand. His cum is leaking down over her inner thigh and dripping to her asshole, and she is looking into the camera and raising a finger full of cum to her smiling lips.

Mary: Miss you, baby. ❤️😘

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/17/18


Stop texting go see a lawyer and get rid the bitch before you get an STD from her. But then again you are pussy whipped and you'll do nothing.

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by Anonymous03/25/18


He can look forward to getting a permanent STD from his slut wife. 25% of the USA males between 14 and 44 have Herpes and HPV. So any of the guys that his wife meeting up with at a bar is likely to havemore...

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by AnnetteBishop12/09/17

Love sharing my activities

Love the ability to show my husband what’s going on when I’m traveling. We have great fun sharing photos and video. Smart phones are so much fun xoxoxoxoxo Annette

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by Silkess12/08/17

Loved it and lived it!

My fiancé isn’t as secure about himself as you are but he lets me play sometimes and I had a very similar night once texting him pics from a party. Loved your story!

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by dragonmann7212/08/17

The art of texting.

I won't join the fight about how dumb he was, my question would be how would she feel or like if he started texting pictures of him carpet munching or pounding some kitty and sending them to her?

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