Just Like...


I admit it. I might have indulged too much that evening and then surrounded by all the pungent smoke from my fellow concert goers I wasn't completely in control. I guess she might not have been either because, even though her singing was flawless especially when "...just like a white winged dove..." rang out in the crowded hall, by the time I saw her backstage she seemed a bit glassy-eyed.

Yeah, I had scored back stage passes from a local radio station and sure enough, even in my somewhat inebriated state, I was welcomed in. Oddly I had expected to continue in the imbibing once backstage but where I anticipated seeing endless booze and other mood altering substances everyone was either sipping from bottled waters, sodas or, for the band members, cups of tea.

I tried my best conceal my state as I hobnobbed with Mick, Lindsay and the rest. I was a bit more talkative than normal until she walked in. Immediately I noticed she seemed a bit unsteady so I stepped up and helped her sit down on the couch.

"Wow, I'm just so unaccustomed to all the smoke," she mumbled.

"Yeah and it's... it's... it's not cigarette smoke."

She smiled, "Who are you?"

Nervously I held up my pass and said, "Ah, ugh... backstage pass. Radio contest."

"Did you enjoy the show?"

I nodded, "After all these years... ah I mean to say... I mean, it was like back when I was..."

"When you were a kid? Wow, and buzzed as I am I almost forgot how much I ache. It's hell getting..." She suddenly fell silent dropping her head down into her hands.

"Are you okay?"

Blinking her eyes, "Is it hot in here? I need some fresh air."

Helping her up I held her arm to steady her as she walked to the door. I walked her through the hallway to a door with a big exit sign where a security guy opened the door for her.

"You okay Ms. Nicks?" the guard asked.

"Just need some air," she replied.

The guard eyed me suspiciously but held the door for both of us. Still holding her arm I helped her down a few steps into a small fenced in alleyway. A limo was parked off to one side but the driver must have been inside because we were alone.

Unbuttoning the top two buttons on her blouse she leaned back against the wall and said, "Oh that's better. I thought I was going to pass out. I guess I'm not is as good a shape as I thought I was."

"You look great for..."

"For what? I know, you were going to say for my age. How old do you think I am?"

"I know how old you are... I'm just a few years younger. But you, you look as good as you ever did."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm carrying a lot more than I did back then."

"Nah, not that I can see," I lied.

Cupping her breasts, "Look at these, there enormous now."

"I looked, and they look just great to me."

"Yeah I know you looked... yeah, like just now. Would you like to see them?"

"Yes," I said so quickly she jumped a bit.

"Wow, I guess I know a fan when I see one," she said opening her blouse and easing her shoulder straps down. She then slipped her breasts out over her bra.

They were large, sagging over the bra so that the nipples pointed downward. I just stared in awe of the incredible sight.

I heard her say, "Oh you really are a fan." When I looked up at her I saw she was looking down at my pants where my erection was obvious. "Would you like to touch them?"

Without a word I held my hands out, stopping just short of touching her. She grabbed them and pulled them onto her breast. I kneaded them for a moment and then moved my fingers to her nipples. They were large and firm, nearly as big around as a dime. Leaning forward, I touched my tongue to one of them and when she didn't protest I drew it into my mouth and began sucking.

After a few moments I heard her say, "Damn it must be thirty years since I've done this kind of..." She then grabbed my head pushing downward.

I dropped down onto my knees as she hiked up her skirt with one hand and pulled my head up against her. I felt the soft fabric of her panties brush on my face and could smell the musky scent of her. Pausing I breathed deep letting that wonderful fragrance permeate me.

She then pulled her panties aside giving me access to her delicate lips. I slowly began working my tongue into the tight slit feeling it opening as I pushed. As it slipped in deeper I was flooded with her taste, the earthy tanginess drew me in closer.

I moved my hands up, cupped her ass and worked my tongue in and out until she began to match my thrusts, pushing her hips back and forth. Slipping my tongue from her I worked it up the soft curves of her lips until I found the firm nub of her clit. She moaned as my tongue circled it.

"Yes, yes," she hissed, grabbing my head with her hands. She pressed her hips forward grinding onto me.

I continued, alternating between running my tongue around her clit, sucking her clit in between my lips and moving down and dipping my tongue into her pussy. Moving one hand from her ass, I slowly worked a finger into her and then a second. She was not as wet as I hoped so I pulled them out, put them in my mouth and then slipped them back into her.

With my fingers burrowed deep inside her I continued on her clit until she cried out, "I'm coming, I'm coming." I felt her pussy suddenly pulse around my fingers as she came. I stopped and slowly pulled my head away, leaving my fingers inside until the pulsations stopped. Pulling them out I stood up.

She immediately knelt down, worked my cock out of my pants and began stroking. It was embarrassing how quickly I felt the pleasure build and way too soon I arched my back and came, spurting my cum all over her breasts. Holding onto me she continued stroking until the last droplets fell onto her then she moved her head forward and touched her tongue to the tip of my cock.

Smiling, she stood up, leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. "Wow, that brought back some..."

"Hey Mike, what are you doing out here? I thought you had a backstage pass."

Shaking my head I looked over at my friend, "I did, I came out here with Stevie."

"Stevie? On a first name basis?"

"Yeah man, her and I just..."

"Just what? I had some security guy ask me if I knew you. Said you were jacking off on their limo."

"No man, I was here with her."

He pointed to the limo where a white fluid glistened on the black hood. Shaking my head I said, "No, she was out here with me. I swear."

"Right, you were out here with Stevie..."

Suddenly the door swung open and several band members including Stevie stepped down the stairs and headed for the limo. Just as she was climbing into the vehicle she looked at me and winked. The car door closed and the limo pulled away.

It was only later, when I reached into my pocket for my keys that I found a pair of panties. Running my fingers over them they felt like...

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