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Just Like Her Mother


I love reading the stories in this site, so after reviewing the agreements and all I have decided to submit a story...I hope you all enjoy and I look forward to the positive as well as the negative replies ( as to the story line and where I could improve my skills as a new writer). Thank you, so with that said...Let's begin....


Many years ago I married a woman who just knock me off my feet. Susan was like the most positive and caring person that I had met in a long time. She was what I needed at that time in my life, as I had not been in a relationship for a number of years. Just after a week of being together, we both knew we didn't want to be apart.

We planned a big wedding and did what had to be done to achive our desired wedding day. Since we were paying for it all ourselves, we did not cut corners on cost.

After five (5) months of meeting, we were married on a very hot September day. The wedding went off without any problems and so did the reception.

Susan was beautiful, her dress made her look and feel like a million dollars. As for myself,the tuxedo, did for me what Susan's dress did for her...I, too felt like a milliion bucks.

As Susan and I were anixous to get the honeymoon under way, we said our goodbye's and headed for our "secert" getaway. We were on our way to the Great Smoking Mountains.

As we were driving, Susan told me how happy this day had been for her. She informed me that she had some news to tell me. "Dan, we are going to have a baby". I was not only shocked, but thrilled as well. I had always wanted a child, yet didn't think it would come so soon in the marriage. "Susan,how long have you known?",I asked. Susan looked at me and said she was two months pregnant. She waited to tell me,she said so that I would not be scared off from marrying her. I reassured her that I loved her and will do the same with our child.

Unfortunately,life has a way of fooling people into a sense of security that when broken will drive some to maddness. You see,after only four months of marriage, Susan became ill and the discovery of cancer was to shorten her stay on this earth, in this marriage and to be taken away from her child and husband. Susan passed away after only a few days passed our daughter's first birthday. Marie and I were left to continue our lives without the woman we both have grown to love so much.

Marie had as best a childhood life as I could provide. She never wanted for anything. As her father,I worked hard to give her what she needed as will as some (if not all) of the things she wanted. I watched Marie grow into a beautiful young woman. She went off to college and received her degree as an attorney. She is very good at what she does.

After college Marie decided to stay at home with me and to work her way up the ladder at the office she worked at, hoping some day to be made a partner. While staying with me was no problem I knew I didn't want to stand in her way of building a relationship with one of the up and coming fine young men in town.

As time went on I realized Marie didn't go out very much. I figured it was due to her work schedule and court dates. Unbeknowest to me,it was her decision ( not lack of interest from men) to be home as much as possible.

We were having dinner together,as usual,one Friday evening when I asked her of her desire to date. "Dad, I stay home cause that is where I want to be. I often wondered why you, yourself don't date Dad". I at first didn't realize that she too, had noticed that I didn't date either.

For many years I fought the desires that I harbored for Marie. Watching her walking around the house in her panties and bra or panties and just a tight t-shirt. Nipples hard and looking like the sweetest strawberries one can dream of. She was my daughter and I had no right to... well it would be incest and I didn't want my Marie to ever leave me,so I kept the desires a secert, as far as I knew I had done a very good job in masking those desires,till now.

As we sit there the realization hit us both that it was each other that we loved so much and had no needed to bring any one else into it. We paid our bill and left to drive home. As I was driving, Marie moved closer to me. She rested her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear.."I love you so much Daddy... and I know you love me."
"Daddy, I want you to take me home and make love to me." You could had hit me with a brick, but as her sweet breath and soft, spoken words come out I could not control the erection that was stirring in my pants.

We arrived home and as soon as we entered to foyer, we both moved toward the other. Each of us wanting the other as only a man and woman could. I opened my arms to receive Marie. She fell into them just as I leaned down to give her a kiss that only a lover gives, not like a father would give to a daughter. It was hot, wet and alot of tongue. Very passionate and filled with many a years desires for her. She was beautiful, she was everything I had wanted for so many years.

Marie, during our kiss, reached down and run her hand along the front of my pants, feeling my cock grow for her. She kiss my face, undoing the buttons on my oxford shirt. The kisses trailed to the pecs on my chest, harder than I could ever remember. The belt released, the pants unzipped and there before I realized it was my daughter, on her knees, kissing and licking the underside of my hard 8" cock. God, was her mouth good. I asked her "How did you ever learned to suck a cock so good baby?" Looking up at me...she smiled and said ..."From you daddy, all those nights, listening to you jerking off in your room, when you thought I was a sleep... I was at your door, listening to the moans and groans coming from you,
saying all those hot, nasty things you were wishing we could do." " Your moans of telling me, oh god yes... Marie, go slow,please baby...take daddy's cock real slow and suck me...suck it like a straw...mmmmmmm god yes baby...Oh baby now move to my balls...lick them real slow babygirl... Let daddy enjoy that wonderful mouth of your's." I was shocked... I was shocked due to the realization that for so many years I didn't know Marie had been spying on me and in secert wanted it as much as I did....

to be cont

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