Just Married!


The summer night breeze feels warm as we exit the church and climb into the back of our limousine. The driver closes the door and we begin the long drive from the church to our wedding reception at the downtown Hilton. Cindy tells me the wedding was beautiful and then whispers to me, "I will be the best wife a man could ever wish for" as we embrace in the back seat.

We are both just nineteen years old. Cindy is a vision of innocence but I know that inside her is a bad girl trying to get out. She stands 5'5" tall with long thin strawberry blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and flawless fair skin. Her angelic smile makes her appear much too young to be a bride.

I think about the driver watching us as I reach behind her back to unzip her dress. Cindy melts in my arms as the driver looks at the road ahead, catching a few quick peeks into his rear view mirror, as the top of her dress falls down her arms revealing a pure white satin camisole.

Cindy rarely wears a bra and her camisole was the only thing between me and her beautiful young breasts. I whisper into her ear asking if I should raise the privacy window but she responds softly, "Don't stop now."

The driver enjoys a great view my bride's tight tummy and topless 34B firm chest, but only for a brief moment before she turns and climbs onto my lap and begins to open my pants. As she reaches for my cock I can see the driver adjusting his mirror for a better view. He looks to be in his mid-thirties, a black man in good shape and wearing a wedding ring. As I feel her lips wrap around my cock I realize one of the perks of his job is having a front row seat to the show. As he patiently watches her giving me head, then slowly removing her panties she positions herself over my erect cock.

As Cindy rocks my world guiding my cock further inside her moist pussy I reach behind her and slowly lift up her dress and take it off. My motivation is to reveal her little white ass to our watchful driver so that he can truly appreciate her sweet little body. As she lends forward kissing me and filling my mouth with her tongue I spread her ass cheeks apart providing him with a view of my cock sliding up inside her juicy lips.

At a stop light I can hear and feel the vibrations of loud rap music playing as a truck full of guys pulls up next to us and Cindy quickly folds her arms and covers her tits with her hands. With tinted windows I assure her that they can't see us behind the glass but she sees them looking right at our door window as if they are looking right at her.

I feel myself getting even more aroused knowing there is a group of teens who might just possibly see my naked wife fucking me so I reach up and pull down her arms to reveal her tits to them and she resists by pulling back to keep her chest covered.

As we play tug of war with her arms I can feel my cock growing even harder up inside her love canal and Cindy soon realizes the mutual benefit of her playful exposure as a massive orgasm stills her breath away.

As she leans away from me her weaken arms fall down at her sides and her head tilts back, dangling her beautiful blonde hair down her back. I hold her tight around her waist until she places her hands back on my legs for support. I am still enjoying the motion of her riding my cock when the unexpected happens and the door window begins to automatically roll down at the exact moment the car begins to move forward.

The tug of war game begins again as I take hold of her wrists to keep her arms behind her as the window opens Cindy hears the music becoming much louder and raises her head up in shock to see she is now truly on display and unable to cover herself.

The window stops about half-way down and the view of her sitting on me topless gets an immediate response from outside as I hear them hoot and holler as the truck moves up closer and one of the guys hangs out his window for a better view of her.

At first Cindy struggles to free her hands but then she realizes how much I'm enjoying her public exposure and she turns towards the window and looks out at the many faces admiring her body and her predicament. It appears the limo driver told them he was going to roll down the window back at the light and they were all anxiously awaiting her exposure.

The truck moves up close along side of us as the driver of the truck tries to use the height of his vehicle to provide a better view for his friends looking down on us. Cindy sees the lust on her voyeurs faces as they discover my cock inserting into her pussy her inhibitions are lost as their unobstructed view of her continues.

Our driver lowers the door window all the way down providing them all with a full view as Cindy rides up and down my shaft fucking me like a porno star in one of our movies we watch at home, as her newfound audience watches from outside our window.

I look over to our driver and see that he is holding a video camera and while somehow managing to still drive the limo he is filming us and the guys outside watching the show. I would have never imagined anything like this could actually happen when Cindy pulls her hands free from my grip and sits up and looks out the window at the sex crazed men peering down at her, knowing what each one of them would do to her if given the chance, she yells out over the music,

"I'll do anything you want!"

I look out the window to see if they heard her, there are two young black guys in the cab and three more in the bed of the truck, all yelling for me to pull the car over. I look back a Cindy and her entire facial expression changes from hot passion to cold fear realizing her mistake.

I just laugh and say to her loud enough for them to hear me, "They all want to fuck my bride on our wedding night"

She starts to pull away from me and I pull her back hard, still fucking her I can feel myself about to cum and then violently I hold her down as I fill her hot cunt. The crowd outside goes fucking crazy knowing I just shot my load and hoping that they will be next.

Once I catch my breath I tell the driver to close the window, loose the truck and drive us to our reception. Cindy gets down on the floor to put on her wedding dress and says to me,

"I thought for a minute you were seriously going to share me with them."

I tell her that I didn't want to watch five guys fucking her even though the thought did cross my mind. I admit though I like hearing she considered it as a possibility. Which then gives me an idea and I tell the driver to find a dark street and park. I also ask him for his video camera.

I start filming Cindy and ask her to describe what it felt like having those men watching her being fucked. She said it was like she was fucking each one of them as she looked into their eyes she could feel them all over her body. It was an amazing experience she said.

The truck finally stops following us and our driver finds a dark empty lot down some deserted road and parks the limo. He stands outside our car door and I tell Cindy that it is only fair to reward the man who helped make that amazing experience possible.

I open the door and look up and tell him to unzip his pants and take out his cock. I then move over on the seat and motion for Cindy to move next to the door. I start filming her as she seems a little surprised at my willingness to share her with the limo driver but quickly moves over and reaches up and takes his cock into her hand.

It is the first time she has seen a black mans cock and she tries to hide her reaction as his 10 inches of meat springs out from his pants. She had put her clothes back on so as she takes his cock into her mouth I move behind her and start removing her dress but she immediately stops sucking him and asks,

"Do you want me to fuck him?"

I can hear the concern in her voice so I say, "I just want him to see your hot body."

Cindy reaches down and pulls her dress back off and turns towards him and accepts his cock back into her mouth. It is pretty hot watching her naked sucking a strangers cock, this is our first time experimenting and I certainly never expected to start on our wedding night.

I film her body and a close up of her mouth as she takes his cock deep down her throat for several minutes. I film him as he reaches down to her chest to squeeze her perky tits and pinches her bright pink nipples. In a deep voice I hear him say,

"Man this bitch knows how to suck cock!"

I then step out the opposite side of the limo to video his expression as he enjoys being sucked off but the night is so dark I can't see him through the camera lens standing only a few feet away. I decide since I'm out of the car to take a piss so I place the camera down on the seat and close the car door and walk about fifteen or twenty feet away from the limo.

As I am peeing I look back to where the limo is parked and instead all I can see is darkness. I think for a moment and then realize the driver must have gotten inside the car and closed the door. I finish peeing and walk back in the direction of the limo.

The consequences of leaving her alone are now rushing through my mind as I find my way back I can hear him grunting from outside the window and I know what is happening before I even open the door. Cindy is face down on the floor with her ass up in the air and he is positioned behind her on his knees forcefully fucking her pussy.

I knew right then I screwed up leaving her alone was his opportunity to say I gave my permission to fuck her. I'm sure she put up no resistance believing whatever lie he told her, and without me there to stop him, she willingly bent over and offered her pussy to him. He doesn't even bother to acknowledge my presence as I watch him fucking her. I guess his cock deep inside her pussy is all that needs to be said.

Alison has no idea that he manipulated her into fucking him and now I must accept her devotion to me by letting him finish. I pick up the camera and film them as my beautiful bride is used as a sex toy for his pleasure. His dark black cock slamming against her milky white ass makes for some great video which I'm sure I will be watching for years to come.

I guess I have learned one of life's great lessons; don't leave to take a piss when your wife has another mans cock in her mouth.

Driving to the reception we get our story straight on why we're so late. I can't imagine if we told the truth that Cindy fucked me with an audience watching and then fucked the limo driver and that we can cherish this happy moment forever, because we have it on videotape.

If the rest of our marriage is anything like the first hour, I'm in for the ride of my life!

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