tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJust Off the Strip

Just Off the Strip

byMidnight Hour©

This one time, I was sitting on a side street just off the strip. It was two a.m. and I was drinking coffee. The action was slow, so I thought I'd start cruising. I was about to pull away, when I saw these two girls, both of them twenty, maybe twenty-one. Tourists. Blonde and brunette. They were walking like they were lost when they spotted me and headed in my direction.

Right off I could tell they were drunk. The blonde had her arm around the other one's shoulder, staggering slightly on her black three-inch heels. She was wearing white stockings that went up to just above her knees, a tiny little pleated skirt, and a tight top that showed off her midriff real nice. The brunette had on a pair of extra tight pants and a low-cut blouse. Her cleavage was busting to get out. They were both laughing hysterically.

They stopped by my window. 'You on?' said the blonde.

I smiled. 'I'm always on, ladies.'

That cracked them up. Drunks are so easy to entertain.

'Will you give us a ride?' asked the brunette. The blonde nudged her and snickered uncontrollably.

'Sure. Hop in.'

When they were in the back, I adjusted the mirror so I could see them both. 'Where to?'

'Take us where there's some fun,' the blonde whined. 'Everything's boring around here.'

'Tuesday night,' I explained. 'Not much going on, unless you know where to look.'

I figured I'd take them across town the long way; they wouldn't notice. While I was driving I kept glancing at them sitting close together in the back seat. The brunette was whispering something to the blonde, but the blonde kept saying no.

'Don't you think she should show me?' the brunette asked me.

'Terri! Shut up!' the blonde laughed, slapping her playfully on the leg.

'Show you what?' I asked.

'Lisa got a Brazilian done today,' Terri smiled. 'She won't show it to me.'

I sat up a little straighter. I've seen some pretty hot shit in the back of my cab, but it had been a while since I had a real live one. 'Well,' I said, smiling to myself, 'I think it's only fair that you should see it. I mean, you might be thinking of getting it done yourself, right?'

'That's right!' They laughed hysterically again. 'I might want it done, so I should see how it looks first.'

Terri was trying to pull Lisa's skirt up and peek. I was trying to concentrate on not crashing the cab.

'Come on, Lis. I wanna see.'

'I'm not showing you my pussy in a fucking cab,' said Lisa.

I shrugged. 'If you're worried about me, I promise I won't look.'

'There,' said Terri, 'he's not going to look. Now show me your beaver, you bitch.'

We came to a red light. The street was quiet; no other cars. I made as if I was watching the lights, but I could see the mirror from the corner of my eye. Lisa hesitated, then nodded. Terri pushed Lisa's skirt up over her thighs. I was watching fully now. She wasn't wearing any panties, and her smooth, pink lips were in plain sight. I got a stiff one right there and then. I could make out the very thin strip of straw-colored hair above her clit. She'd had the works alright.

Terri inspected it, and Lisa opened her legs wider to give her a better view. Then Lisa looked up at the mirror. When her eyes met mine, she closed her legs again. 'Hey! You promised you wouldn't look.'

'Ha!' Terri poked her in the ribs. 'Now a cabbie's seen your cunt, you slut.'

Lisa suddenly lifted her top, but only for a few seconds. She wasn't wearing a bra, either 'There. Now he's seen my tits, too.'

My cock strained against my jeans. Lisa's tits were small and looked juicier than Florida peaches. She had little button nipples that I could have sucked on all day.

When Terri had stopped giggling she said, 'So, what do you think, cabbie? Should I get a Brazilian too?'

'I don't know. I'd have to see yours to judge properly.'

She put her hand over her mouth, acting scandalized. 'You dirty son of a bitch! Did you just ask to see my pussy?'

I grinned. 'Yes.'

'I think that's fair,' said Lisa.

Terri didn't need so much encouragement. She lifted her ass, undid the front of her tight pants and slid them off completely. She was wearing a tiny little black thong. She opened her legs wide, pulled the thong aside and slouched a little in the seat. 'Well?'

She had a little triangle of bush, but her lips were shaved clean. I imagined sticking my tongue in there and making her squeal. I was so goddamn hard. I would have given anything to fuck them both.

I said, 'Looks perfect to me. I wouldn't bother getting anything done at all.'

'Wait a minute,' said Lisa. 'This isn't fair. He's seen your pussy, but not your tits. If he saw mine, he should see yours too.'

Staring at me in the mirror, a naughty little smile on her face, Terri opened her blouse and popped her tits out of her bra. They were bigger than a handful, and I guessed they'd swing about real nice when she was taking it on all-fours.

'I think we're getting the cabbie excited,' said Terri. 'What do you think, Lisa? Does he have a hard-on right about now?'

Lisa opened her legs again. 'I don't know,' she said, slipping a finger in her mouth then moving it down to her snatch. 'Maybe you should ask him.'

'Excuse me, cabbie?'


'My friend wants me to ask you if your cock is hard or soft at the present time.'

They were both laughing away, loaded and horny as anything. I could still barely believe what was happening. Cabbies tell each other stuff, most of it bullshit, but this one was turning out to be a keeper.

'Right now it's hard,' I replied.

'I told you,' said Terri. 'He likes watching us.'

Lisa was rubbing her clit in slow circles. 'I bet he'd like to see what's in your purse.'

Terri nudged her, giggling some more. 'God, you're such a whore tonight.' She leaned over and kissed Lisa full on the lips. Then she turned back to me. 'What do you say, cabbie? Should I show you what's in my purse?'

'Sure. Why not.'

I was shaking a little. We were starting to pass through a busier part of town. Anyone taking a look in the back of the cab could have seen them. And if we got pulled over by the cops, it was my ass just as much as theirs. I gotta admit, though, that turned me on even more.

Terri reached into her purse and pulled something out. Lisa was in hysterics. I didn't even know they made vibrators so small they could fit in a woman's purse. It was short but pretty thick; shiny, too, like it was made of metal. She twisted the bottom and I heard it start buzzing.

'This is my handy little pocket pleaser,' said Terri. 'You never know when you're going to need a little . . . spontaneous relief.'

I swallowed hard. My cock was almost tearing through my jeans.

Lisa had stopped laughing. She was rubbing her clit with a little more enthusiasm. 'Would you like to see how it works, Mr Cabbie?'

I nodded. We had stopped at a light. Pulling up next to us was an SUV; a couple of teenagers out for a drive in Mommy's car. I looked over. The passenger, some spotty kid with long hair and a bad moustache, was staring out at nothing. Then he happened to glance down into my backseat. I watched his mouth drop open, and he started grabbing at the kid driving.

I looked back in my mirror. Lisa was lying back against the door. Her little skirt was still around her waist, and her top was pushed up to reveal her tits. Terri, her own breasts hanging out and her pants around her knees, was busy sucking Lisa's nipples and stroking her stocking-clad thighs. I looked back at the two kids in the car. They were almost jumping out of their seats. The passenger was holding up his cell phone; I guessed to take a picture. I don't know it he got it, because the light went green and I put my fucking foot down and quickly turned off to the right.

I could hear Lisa moaning in the back. Once we were on a straight road I looked in the mirror again. Terri was kissing Lisa's neck, and she had a finger inside her, moving it gently in and out until she was nice and wet. Then she took the pocket vibrator and slid it slowly in.

'Turn it on,' said Lisa. She glanced at me again and pouted her lips in a kiss. I heard the buzz, followed by Lisa's squeal, as Terri switched on the vibe inside her.

The SUV had panicked me a little, and I'd turned off into a bad neighborhood. The buildings became filthier, the cars parked on the streets were shittier, and pockets of young men were gathered on the street in huddled groups. As I drove past one, I had to slow down at a corner. They instantly spotted what was happening in the back, and in two seconds I had the whole gang of them crowding round the window and trying the doors to get a look. It was a good thing I'd locked the doors centrally.

The girls didn't give a shit. Terri grabbed hold of her breasts and held them up, licking her lips. Lisa took hold of the pocket pleaser and kept on fucking herself with it.

'You want some of this?' Terri shouted.

The guys outside went crazy, telling them how they wanted to fuck their sweet asses and get down low on their little pussies. One guy even got his cock out, making the girls howl with laughter and getting them even more excited.

The road was clear and I sped off, sweating like hell, but feeling pretty goddamn wired too. The thought of watching them take on a gang of horny young men was almost too much for me.

'God, that guys cock was big!' said Terri, taking over fucking her friend again. 'I bet you wanted it in you, didn't you, slut?'

'Oh, yeah,' said Lisa breathlessly. 'Fuck me like you're using that guy's cock. Stick it all the way in.'

She closed her eyes and moved her hips back and forth as Terri slid the vibrator in and out. I had to stop at the end of another block, and this time there were hookers standing out on the corner. One, a tall black beauty in heels and hot pants, took a look at Terri and Lisa and started laughing herself stupid. He friend, a shorter redhead with huge tits, joined in. I had this crazy thought about picking them up and paying them to join in, but I just smiled and kept driving.

'Baby, go down on me,' said Lisa.

Terri put her face down into Lisa's snatch and starting lapping at her clit while still fucking her with the vibe. Lisa looked straight at me in the mirror. The expression on her face made me feel like I was going to burst any second. The sound of Terri lapping at Lisa's cunt made my mouth water.

'So good,' Lisa gasped. 'Yeah, right there. Oh, god.'

She held Terri's head between her legs, panting and moaning. Pretty soon she started moaning more intensely. I watched, mesmerised, as she started coming off like a goddamn bottle rocket. Her whole body convulsed and she threw her head back as she rode Terri's face. I was thinking that I was going to have to give the back seat a good clean after this.

When Terri came back up her lips and chin were shining wet. She wiped her mouth with the back of her arm.

'Mmmm, she tastes so fucking great,' she said to me.

It was no good. If I didn't let my cock out of my jeans right then I was risking serious injury. I had reached the other side of town, and I pulled into a small alley round the back of a strip club. I put the car in park, switched off the engine and unzipped. When I pulled my erection free, I breathed a sigh of relief. I looked in the mirror and started jerking off. I didn't care who saw me.

Lisa giggled, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. 'I think our poor cabbie is feeling a little left out,' she panted.

'I think you're right,' said Terri. She leaned forward over the seat and had a good look at my cock. 'Mmmm,' Terri purred. 'That's a nice big one.'

'I bet he'd like to stick it in you, Terri.'

Terri's large breasts jiggled as she took off her shirt and bra completely. She held them up, licking one of her nipples. 'What do you say? Would you like a little pussy, Mr Cabbie?'

I didn't have to answer; the look in my eyes must have said it all. Terri climbed into the front seat and, facing me, straddled my lap. I held her under the butt as she grabbed my cock and guided it to the entrance of her cunt. She was so wet that she managed to get all the way down in one go.

She fucked me slow at first, sliding up and down my shaft while I sucked on her tits. Her pussy was so tight it felt like fucking a virgin; though I knew for sure that this girl wasn't. When she was loosened up she took it a little faster. She was a screamer. I like women who make a lot of noise during sex. It turns me on even more. I looked out the windows to make double sure there was no one around; to someone passing by it might have sounded like a murder was taking place! Well, except for the dirty talk:

'Oh, yes, give it to me. Drive it in, baby. Oh, that's so fucking good.'

I put my thumb on Terri's clit and started rubbing it in circles. She gripped the back of my seat, eyes closed, grunting and still muttering 'fuck me' under her breath. The extra attention on her clit was too much, and I felt her close to coming. I took my thumb away and slowed her down. I could tell she liked being teased.

She started riding me again, and I continued rubbing her clit. After three times of almost bringing her off, then stopping, I reached around and found her little hole. Using some of the juice from her sweet young cunt, I pushed my finger into her butt. She bit her lip and groaned. It was the final straw for her, and as she slammed herself onto my cock, my finger wiggling back and forth in her ass, she came.

I had to hold on tight. She thrashed her head about, her whole body shaking and her pussy contracting around my cock. I was suddenly flooded with sex juice. Christ, she came almost as much as a man. I swear my pubes were soaked, and I could feel it oozing down onto my balls. The feeling of her pussy tightening around me made me lose control. I cried out as the come that had been building up pressure was finally released and my twitching dick unloaded inside her.

I almost blacked out for thirty seconds. When I opened my eyes I was seeing stars, and Terri was sitting on the passenger seat getting her breath back. I tried to shove my dick back into my jeans but I had to really force it in. It was still half-erect.

Lisa had put her clothes back on, and she leaned forward from the back.

'Well, this is definitely the most interesting cab ride I've ever had.'

'Fucking right,' said Terri.

They had both sobered up a little, and they looked as exhausted as I felt.

'So,' I said, pulling up my zip. 'Where to? Still wanna go where the action is?'

'I think I'd rather go back to the hotel,' said Lisa, glancing at her friend in the mirror.

'Me too,' said Terri. 'I could use a nice dip in the hot tub.' She smiled just slightly as she met my eyes in the mirror.

I turned the key in the ignition. This ride was on me.

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