tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust One Hour Ch. 01

Just One Hour Ch. 01


Debbie is my 20 something sister in law. She is as described, ultra thin, big tits (for such a small frame) long legs and a pouting arrogant mouth. I didn't make enough reference to who she was and how she acted in the story and that's a shame. So I'm doing it now.

She's a grade one cock teaser; no boyfriend doesn't need one but likes to dangle men on her finger. Like puppets I guess. Most guys I know hate her but at the same time would love to bang her brains out. And she knows it that's one of the frustrations with her.

Her condescending tone of voice and bitchy attitude has got her into scrapes before, but she would never admit it was anything she did wrong; she's perfect after all.

Every time I meet her and she acts all flirty and oh so coy and superior I just smile and know that some one some where is reading this story about the bitch and no doubt having a great time jerking off to it.

Thanks Debbie, it's so nice a man hater like you can give so much pleasure to so many.

She is very slim and I can imagine her at the point of exhaustion being used like a rag doll, long legs glistening her holes pounded over and over as the two men teach her a lesson about who is really in control and what you get for been a ultra bitch.(I think she secretly love that)

Debbie had blown out her third guy that night just before she decided to leave the club. He'd looked at her incredulous. He'd been polite charming even, and he'd was sure he was in here. But the long haired brunette had suddenly turned cold, in fact down right rude. He felt himself visibly shrink at her sarcastic put downs and it was only after she'd sauntered out of the bar did he wish he'd thrown his drink over her.

Debs adjusted her heels as she stood in the city street. She balanced on one teetering leg as she raised the other, hand holding her shin the heel up touching her butt. She adjusted the straps bending her waist over in her blue figure hugging dress; her cleavage exposed by the open plunging neck line.

There was a voice hailing her and she looked up to see a white cab pulling up. It was nearly 1 am and she sprang like a tiger to reach the car. She opened the door triumphantly as two other revellers sighed with frustration. They'd been waiting ages for a lift and some little tart just walks straight out into one.

"Tough!" Debbie thought to herself almost reading their minds, the frustrated expressions on their faces so explanatory.

The driver, a mid aged Asian man just nodded to her in welcome then nodded again as she told him her address. Debbie sat back her dress riding up, her long legs crossed. She could see the driver glancing in the mirror. She wriggled her butt on the seat her waif body stretching and yawing, her legs crossing and uncrossing flashing her white knickers.

She knew how much the fare should be, and reckoned she could get it for half. She would just be sooo sweet and innocent, confused even. The men all went ga-ga for that.

"Oh poor little me," she joked secretly to herself. "Little girl lost in the big bad city."

This man was staring more than usual and she thought maybe he'd not charge her at all.

She looked out of the window and frowned. This was the wrong part of town!

"Hey excuse me you're going the wrong way."

The man shook his head pointing saying this was the address. Debbie raised her voice to a high and mighty tone.

"I don't think it is! What kind of taxi driv..."

It was at this point she realized he might not be a taxi driver at all; just as his car dropped down a ramp into a dark under house garage.

Debbie shouted, anger turning to fear.

"What the... How dare you. I'll ohhhh!" The man pulled her out of the back seat pushing her towards a cellar door.

"Get down there you white slut." He snarled, his hands on her arms gripping her tightly.

Debbie stumbled in her heels, her waxed legs shinning in the almost pitch black. She struggled unable to see anything as he gagged her with a rag, both wrestling bodies panting in the darkness. She was unable to stop him binding her wrists and yelped as she felt herself pulled up by a rope so she stood stretched; her feet on tip toe the ceiling pulley creaking with rust.

Finally he turned on the light and she wriggled, her eyes blinking in the illuminated brick cell. She hadn't really caught a good look at him as he'd been facing away from her virtually all the time since she'd met him. And now she definitely couldn't.

The dark skinned man was wearing a rubber fetish mask his shirt stripped showing his hairy fat stomach.

Debbie was moaning her eyes wide in horror. Around the room were racks and shelves with bizarre equipment on. The man came close to her putting his fingers to his zipper lips. He unblocked her mouth putting a finger over her own young lips as he spoke.

"Just one hour that's all I want, and then if you're good you can go."

She yelled and he shook his head.

"No one will hear you, and if they did no one comes to anybody's aid in this part of town."

She tried to pull her arms free but just grunted with pointless effort.

"What do you want?" She asked knowing already what his answer would be. But even then she gave a desperate wail as he explained so graphically.

He'd smiled holding her cheeks in his hand. "What's your name?"

She answered.

"Well Debbie, I'm going to do and make you do disgusting things. Then when I've finished I'm going to stick my cock up every hole you've got."

Her face froze her voice a exasperated cough of disgust.

She began to plead and try to rationalize with him. "But why me, I've never done anything to..." The man stepped away leaving the gag out he wanted to hear her beg.

The driver replied as he searched. "Sometimes there isn't a reason. You may deserve it you might not. I only saw your very hot body bent double in the street and remember it was you who decided to jump in."

He picked up a little white kitchen timer setting it for 60 minutes, placing it on a self. "Shall we begin?"

T - Sixty minutes.

He started by ripping open the front of her dress. The soft blue fabric tore easily the noise sending a shiver down her back. She'd not worn any bra tonight and her excellent globe tits stood proud as always. Her brown firm nipples; so ideal for pressing out under her clothes to tease and torment were now goose pimpled. The cold air on her teats giving her a hair rising sensation.

He wasted no time in beginning to grope her, his fat thumbs pressing the nipple ends side ways then letting them spring back.

"There're so lovely and firm. Umm. Uh yes! Is that good Debbie? Do you like your big tits squeezed hard?" Debbie was biting her lips trying to twist her waist to loosen his grip. His head lowered and she groaned as she realised she was going to suckle him.

He opened his mouth sucking one tit end then the other. Then he began to run his tongue between both nipples his palms squeezing her cleavage together so that he could almost get both of them in his mouth at the same time.

"Awww stop no please!" She moaned looking down at his dark unshaven face, his lips nipping her boobs, tongue lapping. He squeezed the flesh admiring the softness of her skin. He then produced two nipple clamps out of his pocket.

Debbie had never seen...

Placing the suction cups over each nipple he sprang the latches down, her teats been held in a vice grip, the girl horrified.

"Oooooooaawwww! Oh! Oh God ugghh."

The clamps had a hoop attached to them and the man took a half foot rod which he pushed through each, connecting them together rigidly. At the desired length he tightened the clamps so they now locked on the rod. Debbie's tits were now tugged together to give her an ultra-deep cleavage.

The clamps bit hard on her tits the devices locked on the rod about 4 inches apart so her bust pointed straight ahead like some silicone bitch. He continued to cup and squeeze, smiling, pulling the melons towards him as he examined. He moved back to pick up a cane, swinging it in menacing swipes.


"No please no don't." She screamed the metal clamp rod rising and falling in turn with her heaving terrified bosom.

The man nodded. "Very well but you must be good. I want to taste your pussy and ass hole. And you better let me bitch or it's a caning first."

Debbie nodded back, what choice had she? His hand stroked down her body to her knickers. He hooked his thumb inside dragging them over her knees, Debbie panting heavily. She could only whimper as he dropped to his knees his hands on the inside of her thighs pushing out. She struggled to touch the floor her toes pressing hard to reach as her legs parted exposing her dark bush.

He began to lick her slit his hands pushing her thighs out firmly and commandingly.

"Keep your legs spread you witch; ummmmmmm!"

The masked man spread her dark haired hole, the pink flesh revealed inside. Debbie gave a moan as she felt his tongue flick her opening. Then he began to suck her bud and probe as deep as he could as he made slurping noises.

"Oooh uuuhhhh."

Debs groaned, his jaw pushing hard against her open pelvis. His hand pushed her thighs out wide and she looked down as she stood like a frog both long legs bent at the knees on tip toe allowing him room for access. The dirty bastard had his tongue deep inside her now. She could feel it like a snake darting around. His fingers had her flesh spread and his filthy deliberate noises only added to the humiliation.

He went further down under her, running his tongue on the soft tender flesh between her pussy and her anus, his licking finally caressing her rear hole. She could see his eyes wide looking up at her, his nose almost buried in her pussy as he tastes her ass. He was kissing her anus gently his expression ecstatic.

"Oooooooo oh, ohh ugggggg!" She wriggled the pulley creaking as it held her body taut.

His fingers pushed into her slit, then pressed on her ass hole. He began to jab two fingers into her pussy as he continued to make her spread wide. She grunted at the thrusts, biting her lip, closing her eyes, wishing it was all just a dream.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh! Oh god, oh god!"

He also grunted, but in satisfaction his eager fingers bending inside her, pressing her walls.

"Um, um yes, yes, yessssss!"

He looked up at her taking pleasure from her shocked expression. Her teeth gritted as he stabbed home. Moving away he searched on the shelf finding a strange object. It was white with a long bent rod the end a bulge of ribbed rubber.

"What's that?" Debbie asked nervously.

The masked man positioned the tip as her pussy his fingers spreading her labia.

"It's a love wand honey. It'll get deep up inside you and vibrate just at the right spots."

"No it's too long." She squealed the thing looking like surgical device.

"Quite bitch!" He snapped. "It has to be long to get all the way up."

With that he began to slowly ease the thin rod into her. She gave a whimper feeling the rigid plastic stick stiff and deep inside. He turned it on and the buried head began to vibrate.

"Uhhhhhh uh oh oh, oh ooooohhhhhh!" She moaned the sensations electric, her G-spot been pleasured.

"Ssstop pppleeeaseeee!" She shuddered; the wand was been twisted and rammed home. "Ugggggg shiiit ah, ah, ah!"

He began to bend it inside her. The wand itself was a crooked shape designed to reach were no cock could, and slowly she felt her canal explored and stretched.

The man was enjoying the view. The white stick was ten inches long and virtually only his gripping hand remained visible. Her beautiful dark eyes were vivid with revulsion the humming tip making her pupils widen as he found the ideal pressure spot.

"Ooooooooo! Awwwwwwwwwwww!"

Her legs were weakening her knees turning in, as she took most of her weight on her stretched arms. The wand was buzzing in places she never knew she had. He admired her tight pussy lips gripping the thin shaft, her face red with embarrassment and sensation.

"Ohh uggg unnnnnnnnnnn, God uh, uh. Awwwwwwwww stop!"

Her tits ached, the clamps and rod heavy. Her cervix and G-spot were taking the pressure from the vibrating head making her teeth chatter.

"Nnnnnnnnnnn! Oh oooohhhh shit agggg stop, stop uhhh!"

He retracted the wand bringing in to the last few inches of pussy where he knew her clitoral nerves would be. "Your ass is so cute," he said as she bucked unintentionally. "Tell me do you let anyone up there?"

Debbie began to pant heavily the fear evident.

"No I didn't think so. Ok this might be a struggle."

She tried to pull her arms free as he moved behind her the buzzing tip on her fleshy butt cheeks. She felt her butt been spread by his fingers. The humming head pressed on her anus sent a shiver up her spine. He pushed harder the end nudging her hole.

"Ooh god no uggh stop, stop." The terror filled her; the idea of that thing ten inches in was too much.

"No, no stop we can make a deal, sure, sure, just don't do anything to hurt me."

He looked back at his timer; nearly ten minutes gone, he still had a lot to do.

With a relieved sigh from Debbie he turned the wand off. He stroked her cheeks admiring the perfect white flesh her curved rear and hips sweating lucky to have escaped the examination. Standing up he pressed into her back his hands curling round to cup her clamped tits.

"Do you think you could take a cock up your rear? No? Well not yet anyway."

He lifted another strange object close to her face the tip almost touching her cute upturned nose.

He had a black butt plug in his hand. The thing was made of rubber shaped like a cone. It was 3 inches wide at its greatest width, narrowing to almost nothing then back out to a wide coned base. Like the shape of a spade on playing cards. He moved down her back, the plug greased and large.

"Oh God no don't put that uh, ugggg oh, ohhh, oooh arggggg!!" Pop!

With one continuous pressure her rectal muscles struggled then parted. She howled as the 3 inch width spread her anus, her sphincter clamping down around the narrow base once it was mercifully inside. She felt like she had a huge dump ready to drop, her body trying to push it out, her anus refusing to part again to let it.

"Awwww no please uhhh it's too uh much." She pleaded her body arching in discomfort.

He ran his finger along her arse crack over the exposed rubber end smiling.

"You'll get use to it." He reassured her.

Debs was struggling to stand the plug painful in her ass. She wriggled putting her weight on one heeled foot then the other all the while her arms tied above her head. The man began to unwind the pulley Debbie taking a more comfortable spread legged stance. Her arms was tired and felt numb as she brought her bound wrists down to her chest height. Around the room were pieces of furniture. Apart from the shelves there was a high backed chair and a single metal framed bed. The man held her waist from behind as she shuddered.

"Now Debbie you promised to be a good girl, well this is what I want you to do."

Debbie blushed as he explained. She'd only ever done that once before, and then she was very drunk. She felt the big plug in her ass, it seemed to be getting more uncomfortable her gut aching. Her tits were hurting the nipples going numb.

"Oh please, get these things off me," she moaned her body bending her hips full, legs wide and long.

The man was now sitting on the chair his pants off his legs open.

"The quicker you get started, the quicker I might consider it." He suggested as he held his half aroused cock, the fat scrotum and oily cock skin dark and unwashed.

The rope was still around her hands but loose now and she gingerly knelt between his legs. He looked down at her; rod bound cleavage deep and inviting her hips curling out. He couldn't see the plug but he knew it was still in place the expression in her eyes telling him it was feeling hot and intrusive. He pulled her head forward his cock now almost erect. To his surprise he didn't have to struggle with her, Debbie obediently opening her proud mouth and swallowing him.

"Ugghhhhhhh," he grunted, her lips sliding along his foreskin pushing it back so his purple cock head could touch her gums and teeth.


She wasn't taking enough! In fact she was been too submissive. He grabbed her hair holding it in a ball at the back of her head. He tugged her onto him his cock sliding deeper. She gargled, and whined her lashes springing open her eyes worried.

"Ugggg, uuggg, ugggggg!"

She choked as he pulled her head with both hands. His cock was going deeper but not deep enough. "Swallow, swallow!" he ordered. She coughed and spluttered. The man pinched her nose and she began to struggle for breath. She was revolted giving oral so disgusting to her.

"Suck harder bitch, show me you mean it!" She momentarily pulled free the cock springing out of her mouth spittle spattering her cute nose with saliva. "Uhhh!"

He stood allowing his pelvis to thrust out, making sure she would now have to service his full length. Debbie only had time to catch her breath before he pushed his wet saggy skinned cock back into her arrogant mouth. This time he held her tighter pulling her head further and further onto his horizontal member.

"Ug, ug good, good, ugggh yess."

He was feeling her tongue pushing back trying to stop his advance." That's it choke on it, choke and my dirty cock!"

Her cheeks bulged as she tried to accommodate all his length the saliva dripping from her lips and chin. "Mggghhh!" She again broke free for an instant coughing and retching.

"Oh God, oh God!" She exclaimed the cock touching her tonsils that time.

The man grinned but didn't force back in. He pushed her shoulders back so she knelt up straight her clamped tits pointing forward. Bent down she had eased the pressure on her nipples; now the rod and clamps pulled her teats, the gravity trying to take them to the floor.

"Spit onto your tits!" He snapped. She looked confused. "Down between your cleavage; do it!"

She spat with difficulty the fluid running between her bosoms to the clenched valley. He too spat and she gave a disgusted grunt feeling the warm lubricant pepper her skin.

He spread his legs curling his cock under the tit bar pushing it between her melons. She felt her breasts prized apart the cock tip appearing up like an animal out of its nest sniffing just below her neck.

He began to thrust slowly back and forth the saliva making his clenched tit fuck easier and more comfortable. Debbie could only stare down then around what could she do? Her hands were useless tied at her lap, the man didn't even need to push her tits together the clamp and rod making sure his fleshy wank tunnel was already as tight as possible.

He groaned and grunted slowly increasing speed. As he tit fucked her he taunted. "I'm gonna come bitch all over your pretty neck. Yes I bet you'd like that uggh!"

He cupped her sore boobs and she moaned.

"Ah, ah, look down at it, look at it," he said talking about his dirty cock. "Soon it'll be up your pussy!"

He began to thrust faster. He seemed to be talking to himself," that's it, uh that's it come on, lets go uhh, uhhh yes, yes."

Debbie was panting heavily adding to his massage. She tried to pull back and he almost affectionately held her in the small of her back keeping her upright.

"Nearly there Debbie, uggh, uggh oohh."

His cock now slapped up and down between her bust, the spittle long dried or rubbed away; sweat and his own pre-come was now doing the lubricating.

"Nearly there, after this there's something I've always wanted to do to a skinny chick like you." Debbie looked up at him an anxious captive. At that second he began to climax her innocent unknowing expression too much.

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